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This compilation supplements but does not supersede Senate Document No. 131, 72d Congress, entitled "Federal Laws Relating to Veterans of Wars of the United States.” The Supplement contains all Federal laws of a general and permanent nature relating to veterans' relief (including those administered by other agencies of the Government, as well as by the Veterans' Administration) which have been enacted from July 21, 1932, to and including January 1, 1937, and all Executive Orders (which include Veterans Regulations promulgated pursuant to Title I, Public No. 2, 73d Congress, March 20, 1933). It also contains notes of decisions, regulations, and opinions rendered since the publication of Senate Document No. 131, with respect both to the laws embodied in the original volume and the laws and regulations which have since been enacted or promulgated.

The Supplement follows the plan of the original volume, making it possible to turn from the original work to the corresponding section in the Supplement, or the reverse, without consulting the index. The two volumes should thus be used in conjunction in order to obtain complete information relative to a particular section.

New section numbers have been used in the Supplement for the purpose of inserting new material, decimals being used in some instances where the original document did not permit of numerical expansion at a particular point. A list of new sections appears at the beginning of each chapter or sub-chapter.

No inference of construction is to be drawn from the arrangement of the laws and cross-references embodied herein.

JAMES T. BRADY, Solicitor, Veterans' Administration.

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