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collect my scattered essays into a body, and go

so far as to say, that the whole together would make a respectable volume; in which even men of letters might perhaps pick up something of novelty and entertainment. I have so far complied with these flattering suggestions, as to take the last five letters, printed in the European Magazine, on LITERARY RESEMBLANCE; to which

I have added a few others on the same

subject, and present them, in this more


regular form,-to you, with certain expectation of a favorable reception:-not without diffidence to the PUBLIC.

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L E T T E R I.


He remarks, which I sent you a few

days ago, on a passage in Pope's tranflation of Homer, have engaged me so far in the consideration of LITERARY RESEMBLANCE or IMITATION, and the subject is so curious and interesting, that perhaps you will indulge me while I pursue it a page or two further.

In a periodical • paper, begun 1752, are cited many passages from Pope, said never to have been taken notice of, as


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66 evidently borrowed, though they are


Superior Beings, when of late they
A mortal mắn unfold all nature's 1dw,
Admir'd such wisdom in an earthly shape,
And shew'd a Newton, aš sve lhew an ape.

Essay on Man, Ep. II. V. 31.

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Simia cælicolùm risusque jocusque Deorum est
Tunc homo, quum temere ingenio confidit, et audet
Abdita naturæ fcrutari, arcanaque Divûm.


When the loose mountain trembles from on high, - Must gravitation cease? when you go by

Or fome old temple, nodding to its fall,
for Chartre's head reserve the hanging wall.

Essay on Mani, Ep. IV. V.'123.

If a good man be passing by an infirm building just in the article of falling, can it be expeëied that God thouiá fufpend the force of gravitation till he is gone by, in or'der to his deliverance ?

Wollaston, Rel. Nat.

Chads of thought and passion, all confused,
Still by himself abused, or disabused;
Created half to rise, and half to fall,
Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all;


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