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"History is (Philosophy teaching by Examples."


Youth's History of thej

UNITED STATES. By Jams I Mohteith, author of the National Geographical Series. An elementary work upon the catechetical plan, with Maps, Engravings, Memoriter Tables, etc. For the youngest pupils.

2. Wlllard's School History, for Grammar Schools and Academic classes.

Designed to cultivate the memory, the intellect, and the taste, and to sow the seeds of virtue, by contemplation of the actions of the good and great.

3. Wlllard's Unabridged History, for higher classes pursuing a complete

course. Notable for its clear arrangement and devices addressed to the eye, with a series of Progressive Maps.

A. Summary of American History. A skeleton of events, with all the prominent facts and dates, in fifty-three pages. May be committed to memory verbatim, used in review of larger volumes, or for reference simply. "A miniature of American History."

CUP! RWn 1. Berard's School History of England, combining

L-llULrtllU* an interesting history of the social life of the English

people, with that of the civil and military transactions of the realm. Eeligion, literature, science, art, and commerce are included.

2 Summary of English and of French History. PRANQF

A series of brief statements, presenting more points of ■ limiwhn attachment for the pupil-s interest and memory than a chronological table. A well-proportional outline and index to more extended reading.


Ricord's History of Rome. A story-like epitome of this Interesting and chivalrous history, profusely illustrated, with the legends and doubtful portions so introduced as not to deceive, while adding extended charm to the subject

fiFNFRAI Wlllard-s Universal History. A vast subject 10 arranged U k II k I Iimm and illustrated as to be less difficult to acquire or retain. Its

whole substance, in fact, is summarized on one page, in a grand " Temple of

Time, or Picture of Nations.

2 General Summary of History. Being the Summaries of American, and of English and French History, bound in one volume. The leading events in the histories of these three nations epitomized in the briefest manner.

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