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325. Relinquishing title to lands in Alabama.

326. Adding lands to Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska.

327. Certain desert-land claimants to make final proof of entries.

328. Agricultural entries on coal lands in Alaska.

329. Consolidation of lands in Clearwater National Forest, etc.

333. Adding certain lands to Shoshone National Forest.

334. Adding certain lands to Minidoka National Forest.

335. Providing for sale of lands within Tenderfoot Lake, Wis.

337. Granting lands to Alabama for use of Searcy Hospital.

338. Establishing shooting grounds, game refuges, etc.

339. Exchange of lands within Rainier National Forest.

341. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1922.

342. Bridge across Red River of the North.

343. Exchange of property at Camp Henry Knox, Ky.

344. Disposition of arms and ammunition seized along Mexican border.

345. Use of funds for support of National Guard.

346. Exchange of Government lands in Hawaii.

347. Water system for Fort Monroe military reservation.

348. Payment of cost of transportation of supplies for Army.

350. Transportation for dependents of Army field clerks, etc.

352. Accounts of United States commissioners.

353. Amending sec. 17 of bankruptcy law,

354. Bridge across Columbia River.

355. Bridge across Escambia River at or near Century, Fla.

356. Registrants whose induction into service was not completed.

357. To advance Benjamin S. Berry to rank of major, Marine Corps.

360. Relief of Ellis B. Miller.

362. Pensions for certain members of former Life-Saving Service.

363. Marking anchorage grounds.

365. Bridge across Snake River, Wash.

367. Prosecution of draft deserters.

368. Repair, etc., of customs buildings in Porto Rico.

369. Relief of farmers who borrowed money for grain seed.

370. Relief of Richard P. McCullough.

371. Relief of Isaac C. Johnson, jr.

372. Lease of floating dry dock at New Orleans, La.

375. Masonic Mutual Life Association of District of Columbia.

376. Extension of time on oil and gas permits.

378. Lands in Coconino County, Ariz.

382. Adjustment of boundaries of Deschutes National Forest, Oreg.

383. To amend act for preferred homestead rights for ex-service men.

385. Granting lands to Leo N. Levi Memorial Hospital Association.

386. Change of certain streets in District of Columbia.

387. Permitting Montana to exchange cut-over timber lands.

388. Abandoned portions of railroad rights of way.

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