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The run upon the bankers

272 The description of an Irish feaft A French epigram on fasting

277 A translation of it

ib. An excellent new song on a feditious pamphlet 278 Carberie rupes

in comito tu Gorgagens apud Hibernicos 279 A translation of Garberia rupes

280 Upon the plot discovered by Harlequin, the Bishop of Rochester's French dog

282 Joan cudgels Ned Stella at Wood-park

ib, A quibbling elegy on Judge Boat

287 Epitaph on the fame

289 A receipt to restore Stella's youth

ib. Judge Whitshed's motto on his coach

291 Sent by Dr Delany to Dr Swift

292 The answer

ib. A quiet life and a good name

294 Riddles

296~-307 Verses on Judge Whitfhed

307 On the same On the same

ib. A fimile on the want of silver in Ireland

ib. On Wood the ironmonger

309 Wood an insect

310 To Quilca, a country-house of Dr Sheridan

312 Horace, ode 14. book i. paraphrased, and in{cribed to Ireland

313 On reading Dr Young's fatires, called the Universal Paffion

315 The Dog and Thief

317 Advice to the Grubstreet verse-writers On seeing verses written upon windows in inns ib. Another

ib. Another

ib. Another

ib. A paftoral dialogue between Richmond-lodge and Marble-hill

320 Defire and Poffeffion

324 On censure The furniture of a woman's mind

327 Clever Tom Clinch going to be hanged




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