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presbyteryfhall try each candidate, as to his knowledge of the Latin language; and of the original languages in which the holy scriptures were written. They shall examine him, on the arts and sciences; on theology, natural and revealed; and on ecclefiaftical history. And in order 10 make trial of his talents to explain and vindicate, and practically to enforce the doctrines of the gospel, the prefbytery shall require of him, an -exegefis on some common head of divinity ; a

presbyterial exercise; a lecture or explication of a portion of scripture; and a popular sermon, or other similar exercises, to be held, at several fucceflive sessions, till they fall have obtained satisfaction, as to his piety, literature and aptnefs to teach in the churches. Sect. IV. That the most effectual measures

may be taken, to guard against the The Study of admission of insufficient men into the Divinity must continue at least sacred office, it is recommended, two Years be- that no candidate, except in extrafore License.

ordinary cases, be licensed; unless,

after his having completed the usual course of academical studies, he shall have ftudied divinity at least two years, under some approved divine, or professor of theology.

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er Tim. 3. ?apt to teach. See also the foregoing quo tations, f See letter a.


Sect. y. Before the presbytery Engagements proceed to license the candidate, the required Probationers, moderator shall require of him the before License: following engagements: viz.

1. Do you believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testament, to be the word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice ?

2. Do you fincerely receive and adopt the confession of faith of this church, as containing the system of doctrine taught in the holy scriptures?

3. Do you promise to study the peace, unity, and purity of the church?

4. Do you promise to submit yourself, in the Lord, to the government of this presbytery, or of any other presbytery in the bounds of which

you may be ?

Sect. VI. The candidate having answered

these questions in the affirmative, Manner of liensing.

and the moderator having offered

up a prayer fuitable to the occafion, he Thail address himself to the candidate, to the following purpose: “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by that authority which he hath given to his church for its edification, we do license you to preach the gospel, wherever God in his providence may call you: and for this purpose, may the blessing of God rest upon you, and the Spirit of Christ fill your heart. Amen.And record shall be made of the licen: sure, in the following form: viz.

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day of

the presbytery of

Having received Form of sufficient testimonials, in favour of License

of his having gone through a regular course of literature; of his good moral character ; and of his being in the communion of the church; proceeded to take the usual parts of trial for his licensure: And he having given fatisfac-tion, as to his accomplishments in literature; as to his experimental' acquaintance with religion ;. and as to his proficiency in divinity, and other ftudies; the presbytery did, and hereby do express their approbation of all these parts of trial :: And he having adopted the confession of faith, of this church; and fatisfactorily answered the questions, appointed to be put to candidates to be licensed ; the presbytery did, and hereby do license him, the said

to preach the gora pel of Christ, as a probationer for the holy ministry, within the bounds of this presbytery, or wherever he shall be orderly called: Sect. VII. When any candidate shall, by the

permislion of his presbytery, remove Testimonials of without its limits, an extract of this

record; accompanied with a presby. terial recommendation, Ggned by the clerk, shall be his testimonials, to the presbytery under whole. care he shall come.

a Probationer.

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Of the Election and Ordination

of Bishops or Pastorsa. Sect. I.


CHEN any probationer or pro

bationers, shall have preachA Church dispo, ed fo much to the satisfaction of sed to prepare a Call in order to any congregation as that the people Ordination, shall ask the allikancel appear prepared to elect a pastor, of a Minister. the session shall folicit the presence and counsel of some neighbouring minister, to aslift them in conducting the election contemplated, unless highly inconvenient on account of distance : In which case they may proceed without such affistance.

Sect. II. On a Lord's day, immediately after The Day for public worship, it shall be intimated preparing the Call fall be from the pulpit, that all the members previously ap of that congregation are requested pointed on a Lord's Day. to meet, on

ensuing, at the church, or usual place for holding public worship; then and there, if it be

a The contents of the first eight fections of this chapter and of feveral other parts of the form of government, especially the whole of the fifteenth chapter, do not, it is apprchended, need to be explicitly and directly supported by the words of scripture. They relate to those circumstances and arrangements in the of

agreeable to them, to proceed to the election of a paftor, for that Congregation.

Sect. III. On the day appointed, the minister, The Minister whose affiftance has been obtained, shall receive the Votes of none shall preach a sermon, at the usual but regular season for public worship, and after Members, and who punctually sermon, he shall announce to the peoSupport of the ple, that he will immediately proceed Church, to take the votes of the electors of that congregation, for a pastor if such be their desire ; and when this defire shall be expreflcd, by a majority of voices, he shall then proceed to take the votes for a paftor. In this election no person shall be entitled to vote, who refuses to submit to the cenfures of the church, regularly administered ; or who does not contribute his just proportion, according to his own engagements, or the rules of that church, to all its neceffary expences.

Seat. IV. When the votes are taken, if it When the people appear that a great proportion of

a are not unanimous the people are averse from the canthe Minister shall didate, who has a majority of votes, certify the number and circumstances and cannot be induced to concur in of the diffentients. the call, the afliling minister fhall endeavour to diffuade the congregation from


der of God's house, which, though useful to be specified in a formula of church government, are and must be left, in a great measure, to human prudence, alliked by some general directione of scripture.

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