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Q. 51. What was the estate of Christ's exaltation ?

A. The estate of Christ's exaltation comprehendeth his refurrection", ascension', fitting at the right hand of the Father", and his coming again to judge the world".


Q. 53. How was Christ exalted in his resurrection ?

A. Christ was exalted in his resurrection, in that, not having seen corruption in death (of which it was not possible for him to be held") and having the very same body in which he suffered, with the essential properties thereof” (but without mortality and other common infirmities belonging to this life) really united to his soul, he rose again from the dead the third day by his own

of the earth. Pfal. 16. IO. hath raised up, having loosed compared with Acts 2. 24, 25, the pains of death : because it 26. Rom. 6. 9.

was not possible that he should k i Cor. 15. 4. And that be holden of it. Pfal. 16. 10. he rose again the third day, For thou wilt not leave my according to the scriptures. soul in hell; neither wilt thou

1 Mark 16. 19. So then, suffer thine holy one to see after the Lord had spoken un- corruption. to them, he was received up p Luke 24. 39. Behold my into heaven.

hands and my feet, that it is I m Eph. 1. 20. And set him myself: handle me and see; at his own right hand.

for a spirit hath not flesh and n Acts 1. 31. The same Jee bones, as ye see me have. sus who is taken up from you q Rev. 1. 18. I am he that into heaven, shall so come in liveth and was dead; and belike manner as ye have seen hold I am alive for evermore. him

go into heaven. Acts 17, Amen; and have the keys of 31.

hell and of death. o Acts 2. 24. Whom God

power'; whereby he declared himfelf to be the Son of God', to have satisfied divine justice', to have vanquished death, and him that had the power of it', and to be Lord of quick and dead". All which he did as a public person", the head of his church', for their justification”, quicken. ing in grace?, support against enemies', and to assure them of their resurrection from the dead at the last day

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Q. 53. How was Christ exalted in his afcenfion?

r John 10. 18.

No man

on of the dead. For as in Atakech it from me, buc I lay dam all die, even fo in Chrift it down of myself: I have shall all be made alive. power to lay it down, and I

y Eph. 1. 20. 22. 23. And have power to take it again, gave him to be the head over

f Rom. 1. 4. And decla- all things to the church, which red to be the Son of God with is his body, the fulness of him power, according to the Spi• that filleth all in all, Col. 1. rit of holiness, by the refúr18. rection from the dead.

2 Rom. 4. 25. Who was t Rom, 8. 34. Who is he delivered for our offences, and that condemneth? it is Christ was raised again for our justi. that died, yea rather that is ri. fication. sen again, who is even at the a Eph. 2. 1, 5, 6. Even right hand of God.

when we were dead in fins, v Heb. 2. 14. That through hath quickened us together death he might destroy him with Christ. Col. 2, 12. that had the power of death, bi Cor. 15. 25, 26. For he that is the devil.

must reign, till he hath put w Rom, 14. 9. For to this all enemies under his feet. end Christ both died, and rose, The last enemy that fhall be and revived, that he might be destroyed is death. Lord both of the dead and ei Cor. 15. 20. But now living.

is Christ risen from the dead, X I Cor. 15. 21, 22. For and become the firft-fruits of fince by man came death, by them that slept. man came also the refurre&i

A. Christ was exalted in his ascension, in that having, after his resurrection, often

appeared unto, and conversed with his apostles, fpeaking to them of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God", and giving them commission to preach the gospel to all nations ; forty days after his resurrection, he, in our nature, and as our head', triumphing over enemies”, visibly went up into the highest heavens, there to receive gifts for men, to raise up our affections thither', and to prepare a place for us", where himself is and shall continuç till his second coming at the end of the world!

Q. 54. How is Chrift exalted in his fitting at the right hand of God?

d AAs 1. 2, 3. Until the high, he led captivity captive, day in which he was taken up, aud gave gifts unto men. after that he through the Ho- h Acts 1. 9, 10, 11. While ly Ghost had given commande they beheld, he was taken up, ments unto the apostles whom and a cloud received him out he had chosen. To whom al- of their fight. Pfal. 68. 18. so he shewed himself alive af. Thou hast afcended on high; ter his passion, by many infal. thou hast received gifts for lible proofs, being feen of men; yea, for the rebellious them forty days, and speaking also, that the Lord God might of the things pertaining to the dwell among them. kingdom of God.

i Col. 3. 1. 2. If ye then be e Mat. 28. 19, 20. Go ye risen with Christ, seek thofe therefore and teach all nations, things which are above, where &c. Mark 16. 15.

Christ fitteth on the right f Heb. 6. 20. Whither the hand of God. forerunner is for us entered, k John 14. I, 2. I go to even Jesus, made an high prepare a place for you. priest for ever. --See also let. 1 Acts 3. 21. Whom the

heaven must receive until the g Eph. 4. 8. Wherefore he times of reftitution of all faith, 'When he ascended up on things.

ter d.

A. Christ is exalted in his fitting at the right hand of God, in that as God-man he is advanced to the highest favour with God the Father", with all fulness of joy", glory', and power over all things in heaven and earth'; and doth gather and defend his church, and subdue their enemies; furnisheth his ministers and people with gifts and graces, and maketh interceflion for them".

Q. 55. How doth Christ make interceffion?
Ā. Chrift maketh interceffion, by his appear-

A. , ing in our nature continually before the Father in heaven', in the merit of his obedience and sacrifice on earth', declaring his will to have it applied to all believers", anfwering all accufati.


m Phil


Where. throughout.
fore God also hath highly exal- r Rom. 8. 34.
ted him, and given him a Heb.

9. 24.

For name which is above every Christ is not entered into

the holy places made with n Acts 2. 28. Thou shalt hands, which are the figures make me full of joy with thy of the true; but into heaven countenance. Compared with, itself, now to appear in the Pfa. 16. 11.

presence of God for us. o John 17. 5. And now O t Heb. 1. 3. When he had Father, glorify thou me with by himself purged our fins, fat thine own self, with the glory down on the right hand of the with I had with thee before Majesty on high, the world was,

v John 17. 9, 20, 24. p Eph. I. 22. And he hath put Father I will that they also all things under his feet, and whom thou hast given me be gave him to be head over all with me where I am; that things to the church, 1. Pet. they may behold niy glory

which thou hast given me. 9 Eph. 4. 11. 12. Psa. I10.

3. 22.

ons against them"; and procuring for them quiet of conscience, notwithstanding daily failings*, access with boldness to the throne of grace', and acceptance of their persons? and services'.

Q. 56. How is Christ to be exalted in his coming again to judge the world?

A. Christ is to be exalted in his coming again to judge the world, in that he, who was unjustly judged and condemned by wicked men', shall come again at the last day in great power', and in the full manifestation of his own glory, and of his Father's, with all his holy angels, with a fhout, with the voice of the archangel, and with

w Rom. 8. 33, 34. Who ritual house, an holy priesthood fhall lay any thing to the to offer up fpiritual sacrifices charge of God's elect? It is acceptable to God by Jesus God that justifieth : Who is Christ. Rev. 8. 3, 4. he that condemneth? It is b Acts 3. 14, 15. But ye Christ that died, yea, rather denied the Holy One, and that is risen again, who is even the Just, and defired a mur. at the right hand of God, who derer to be granted unto you, also maketh interceffion for us. and killed the Prince of

* 1 John 2. 1, 2. If any life. man fin, we have an advocate c Mat. 24. 30. And then with the Father, Jesus Christ shall all the tribes of the earth the righteous. Roni. 5. I. mourn, and they shall see the

y Heb, 4. 15, 16. Let us Son of nian coming in the therefore come boldly unto the clouds of heaven, with power throne of grace, that we may and great glory. obtain mercy, and find grace to d Luke 9. 26. For whohelp in time of need.

foever shall be ashamed of me, 2 Eph. 1. 6. To the praise and of my words, of him shall of the glory of his grace, the Son of man be ashamed, wherein he hath made us ac- when he shall come in his own cepted in the Beloved.

glory, and his father's, and a I Pet. 2. 5. Ye also as of the holy angels. Mat. 25. lively stones are built up pi- 31.



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