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II. God hath all life', glory', goodness, blesfedness", in and of himself; and is alone in and unto himself all-fufficient, not standing in need of any creatures which he hath made", nor deriving any glory from them, but only manifesting his own glory, in, by, unto, and upon them : he is the alone fountain of all being, of whom, through whom, and to whom, are all things; and hath most fovereign dominion over them, to do by them, for them, and upon them, whatsoever himself pleaseth". In his fight all things are

for ever.

II. a John 5. 26. For as the giveth to all life, and breath, Father hath life in himself, so and all things. hath he given to the Son to f Job 22. 2, 3. Can a man be have life in himself.

profitable unto

God as he that b AAs 7. 2. And he faid, is wise may be profitable unto Men, brethren, and fathers, himself? Is it any pleasure to hearken; The God of glory ap- the Almighty that thou art peared unto our father Abra- righteous ? or is it gain to him ham, when he was in Meso- that thou makest thy ways perpotamia, before he dwelt in fect? Charran.

g Rom. II. 36. For of him, c Plal. 119. 68. Thou art and through him, and to him, good, and doelt good, teach me are all things : to whom be glory thy ftatutcs.

Amen. d i Tim. 6. IS. Which in h Rev. 4. 11. Thou art worhis times he Mall Thew, who is thy, O Lord, to receive glory, the blessed and only Potentate, and honor, and power; for the King of kings, and Lord thou hast created all things, of lords. Rom. 9. 5.-Who is and for thy pleasure they are, over all, God blessed for ever. and were created. Dan. 4. 25, Amen.

35.- The Most High ruleth in e Acts 17. 2.4, 25. God that the kingdom of men, and gimade the world, and all things veth it to whomsoever he will. therein, secing that he is Lord -And all the inhabitants of of heaven and earth, dwelleth the earth are reputed as nothing: pot in temples made with and he docth according to his hands ; neither is worshipped will in the army of heaven, and with men's hands, as though he amon the inhabitants of the needed any thing, feeing he carth; and none can stay bis

open and manifeft'; his knowledge is infinite, infallible, and independent upon the creature"; so as nothing is to him contingent or uncertain'. He is most holy in all his counsels, in his works, and in all his commands". To him is due from angels and men, and every other creature, whatsoever worship, service or obedience, he is pleased to require of them".

III. In unity of the Godhead there be three persons of one substance, power, and eternity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the


hand, or fay unto him, What the things that come into your doest thou ? See 1 Tim. 6. 15, mind, every one of them. on the letter d

m Pfal. 145. 17. The Lord i Heb. 4. 13. Neither is there is righteous in all his ways, and any creature that is not mani- holy in all his works. Rom 7. fest in his light: but all things 12. Wherefore the law is hoere naked, and opened unto the ly, and the commandment ho.. eyes of him with whom we ly, and just, and good. have to do,

n Rev. 5. 12, 13, 14. Saying k Rom. 11. 33, 34. O the with a loud voice, Worthy is the depth of the riches both of the Lamb that was llain to receive, wisdom and knowledge of power, and riches, and wisdom, God! how unsearchable are his and strength, and honor, and judgments and his ways past glory, and blessing.And every finding out ! -For who hath creature which is in heaven, and krown the mind of the Lord ? on the earth, and under the or who hath been his counsel. earth, and such as are in lor ? Pfal. 147. 5. Great is our the sea, and all that are in Lord, and of great power : his them, heard I, saying, Blessing, understanding is infinite. and honor, and glory, and pow

I Acts 15, 18. Known unto er be unto him that liteeth upon God are all his works from the the throne, and unto the Lamb beginning of the world. Ezek. for ever and ever-And the II. 5. And the Spirit of the four beasts said, Amen, And Lord fell upon me, and faid un. the four and twenty elders fell to me, Speak, Thus faith the down and worshipped him that Lord; Thus have ye said, O liveth for ever and ever. House of Ifrael; for I know

Holy Ghost". The Father is of none, neither begotten nor proceeding; the Son iş eternally begotten of the Father'; the Holy Ghost eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son.

с н А Р.


Of God's Eternal Decree.

OD from all eternity did by the most wife

and holy counsel of his own will, freely and unchangeably ordain whatloever comes to


III. o 1 Jolan 5.9. For there munion of the Holy Ghost, be are three that bear record in with you all. Amen. heaven, the Father, the Word, p John 1. 14, 18. And the and the Holy Gholt; and these Word was made flesh, and three are one. Mar. 3. 16, 17. dwelt among us (and we And Jesus, when he was bap- beheld his glory, the glory as tized, went up straightway out of the only begotten of the Faof the water; and lo, the hea. ther) full of grace and truth. vens were opened unto him, and No man hath seen God at any he saw the Spirit of God, de- time, the only begotten Son, scending like a dove, and light. which is in the bosom of the ing upon him.-And lo, a voice Father, he hath declared bim. from heaven, laying, This is 9 John 15. 26. But when my beloved Son, in whom I am the Comforter is come, whom well pleased. Mat. 28. 19. Go I will send unto you from the ye therefore and teach all nati- Father, even the Spirit of truth, ons, baptizing them in the which proceedeth from the name of the Father, and of the Father, he thall testify of me. Son, and of the Holy Ghoft. Gal. 4. 6. And because ye are 2 Cor. 13. 14. The grace of sons, God hath sent forth the our Lord Jesus Christ, and Spirit of his Son into your the love of God, and the come hearts, crying, Abba, Father,

passo; yet fo as thereby neither is God the author of fin', nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures, nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather ella. blished

II. Although God knows whatsoever may or can come to pass, upon all supposed conditi

1. a Eph. 1:11. In whom al have heard of him, and declare so we have obtained an inheri- unto you, that God is light, tance, being predestinated ac. and in him is no darkness at all. cording to the purpose of him

Eccl. 7. 29. who worketh all things after c Ads 2. 23. Him being the counsel of his own will: delivered by the determinate Rom. II. 33. O the depth of the counsel and foreknowledge of riches both of the wisdom and God ye have taken, and by knowledge of God! how un- wicked hands have crucifica searchable are his judgments, and flain. Mat. 17. 12. But and his ways past finding out! I say unto you, that Elias is Heb. 6. 17. Wherein God, wil. come already, and they knew ling more abundantly to shew him not, but have done unio unto the heirs of promise the him whatsoever they lifted ; immutability of his counsel, likewise shall also the Son of confirmed it by an oach. Rom, man suffer of them. Afts 4. 27, 9. 15, 18. For he faith to Mo, 28. For of a truth against the fes, I will have mercy on whom holy child Jesus, whom thouhait I will have mercy; and I will anointed, both Herod and Pon. have compaflinn on whom I tius Pilate, with the Gentiles, will have compaflion. There and the people of Israel, were fore hath he mercy on whom gathered together, for to do he will bave mercy, and whom whatsoever thy hand and thy he will he hardeneth.

counsel determined before to -b Jam. 1. 13, 17. . Let no be done. John 19. 11. Jcsus man say when he is tempted, answered, Thou couldnt have I am tempted of God; for God no power at all againit me. CXcannot be tempted with evil, cept it were given thee irom, neither tempteth he any man. above : therefore he that deliEvery good gift, and every per- vered me unto thee hath the, fect gift is from. ahove, and greater fin. Prov. 16. 33. cometh down from the Father The lot is caft into the lap; of lights, with whom is no va. but the whole disposing thereriableness, neither shadow of of is of the Lord, Acts 21 tyrning. 1. Jonn 1. 5. This, 23, 24. compared with v. 34. theo is the message which we

ons“; yet hath he not decreed any thing because he foresaw it as future, or as that which would come to pass, upon such conditions.

III. By the decree of God, for the manifeftation of his glory, fome men and angels are predestinated unto everlafting life, and others fore-ordained to everlasting deaths.

thee up:

II. d Ads 15. 18. Known might stand, not of works, unto God are all his works from but of him that calleth ;the beginning of the world. As it is written, Jacob have I I Sam. 23. TI, 12. Will the loved, but Efau have I hated. men :f Keilah deliver me up in- - So then, it is not of him that to his hand? Will Saul come willech, nor of him that rundown, as thy fervant hath neth, but of God that she weth heard? O Lord God of Israel, mercy. Therefore hath he I befeech thee, tell thy servant. mercy on whom he will bave And the Lord faid, He will mercy, and whom he will he come down. Then said Da, harjeneth. vid, Will the nien of Keilah Ill. f 1 Tim. 5. 21. I charge kleliver me and my men into thee before God and the Lord the hand of Saul! And the Jesus Christ, and the elect anLord faid, They will deliver gels. Mat. 25. 41. Then shall

Mat. 11, 21, 23. Wo he fay also unto them on the unto thee Chorazin, wo unto left hand, Depart from me, ye thee Bethsaida ; for if the cursed, into everlasting fire, mighty works which were prepared for the devil and his done in you had been done in angels. Tyre and Sidon, they would g Rom. 9. 22, 23. What if have repented long ago in God, willing to Mew bis wrath, fackcloth and ashes. And thou, and to make his power known, Capernaun, which art cxalted endured, with much long-fuf. unto heaven, shalt be brought fering, the vessels of wrath fitdown to hel; for if thc migh- ted to destruction :-And that ly works which have been he might make known the done in thee, had been done in riches of his glory on the velo Sodon), it would have remain. Sels of mercy, which he had ed until this day.

afore prepared unto glory? e Rom. 9. 11, 13, 16, 18. Eph. i. 5, 6, Having preFor the children being not yet deftinated us unto the adopForn, neither having done any tion of children by Jesus good or evil, that the purpofe Christ to himself, according to of God accordir:g to election the good pleasure of his will,

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