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In the Houfe of a Pharifee, Mary Magdalen anoints CHRIST'S Feet, and washeth them with her Tears.

Luke AND one of the Pharifees defired him that he

vii. 36.

would eat with him. And he went into the Pharifee's Houfe, and fat down to Meat.

37. And behold, a Woman in the City, which was a Sinner, when fhe knew that Jefus fat at Meat in the Pharifee's Houfe, brought an alabafter Box of Ointment,

38. And ftood at his Feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his Feet with Tears, and did wipe them with the Hairs of her Head, and kiffed his Feet, and anointed them with the Ointment.

39. Now when the Pharifee which had bidden him, faw it, he fpake within himself, faying, This Man, if he were a Prophet, would have known who, and what manner of Woman this is that toucheth him: for fhe is a Sin


40. And Jefus answering, faid unto him, Simon, I have fomewhat to fay unto thee. And he faith, Master, fay on. 41. There was a certain CREDITOR which had two DEBTERS: the one owed him five hundred Pence, and the other fifty.

42. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore which of them will (a) LOVE him most?

43. Simon anfwered and faid, I fuppofe that he to whom he forgave moft. And he faid unto him, Thou haft rightly judged.

(a) 2 Cor. v. 14. For the Love of Chrift conftraineth us, because we thus judge, that if one DIED for all, then were all DEAD.

1 Pet. i. 8. Whom having not feen, ye LOVE; in whom though now ye fee him not, yet BELIEV ING, ye rejoice with Joy unfpeakable, and full of Glory.

44. And he turned to the Woman, and faid unto Simon, Seeft thou this Woman? I entred into thine Houfe, thou gavest me no Water for my Feet: but fhe hath washed my Feet with Tears, and wiped them with the Hairs of her Head.

45. Thou gavest me no Kiss: but this Woman, fince the Time I came in, hath not ceafed to kiss my FEET.

46. Mine

46. Mine Head with Oil thou didst not anoint: but this Woman hath anointed my Feet with Ointment.

47. Wherefore I fay unto thee, Her SINS, which are many, are FORGIVEN; for

* See Pages 97, 98. Of the LovE

fhe * LOVED Much: but to
whom little is forgiven, the of God.
fame LOVETH little.

48. And he faid unto her, Thy SINS are FORGIVEN. 49. And they that fat at Meat with him, began to fay within themselves, Who is this that FORGIVETH SINS alfo?

50. And he faith unto the Woman, Thy FAITH hath SAVED thee; go in Peace.


CHRIST being asked whether but few fhould be faved, commands all to ftrive to enter in at the ftrait Gate; and defcribes the Doom of all formal Profeffors.

Luke AND he went thro'

xiii. 22.

the Cities and Villages, teaching and journeying towards Jerufalem. 23. Then faid one unto him, Lord, are there FEW that be SAVED? And he faid unto them,

24. STRIVE TO ENTER in at the (a) STRAIT GATE: for many, I fay unto you, will feek to enter in, and fhall not be able.

25. When once the Mafter of the House is rifen up, and hath SHUT to the DOOR, and ye begin to ftand without, and to knock at the Door, faying, (b) Lord, Lord, OPEN unto us; and he fhall


Of the Spiritual Warfare.

xxiii. II.

(4) Joh. TAKE good HEED felves, that ye Love the Lord your God.

Pfalm iv. 4. Stand in AWE, and SIN not: commune with your own Heart upon your Bed, and be ftill.

Pf. xxxix. 1. I faid I will TAKE HEED to my Ways, that I fin not with my Tongue: I will keep Wicked is before me. my Mouth with a Bridle, while the

Pf. cxix. 9. Wherewith fhall a young Man cleanse his Way? by TAKING HEED thereto according to thy Word.

(b) Job xxvii. 8. For what is the HOPE of the HYPOCRITE, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his Soul?

9. Will God hear his CRY when Trouble cometh upon him?

Pf. xcv. 10. Forty Years long was I grieved with this Generation, and faid,

anfwer and fay unto you, I know you not whence you


26. Then fhall ye begin to fay, We have EATEN and DRUNK in thy Prefence, and thou haft taught in our Streets.


27. But he fhall fay, I tell you, I know you not whence you are; DEPART from me, all ye Workers of INIQUITY. 28. There fhall be WEEPING and of TEETH, when ye fhall fee Abraham, and Ifaac, and Jacob, and all the Prophets in the KINGDOM of GOD, and you yourfelves thruft out. 29. And they fhall come from the Eaft, and from the Weft, and from the North, and from the South, and fhall fit down in the KINGDOM of God.

30. And behold, there are laft which fhall be firft, and there are firft which fhall be laft.

31. The fame Day there came certain of the Pharifees, faying unto him, Get thee out, and depart hence: for Herod will kill thee.

32. And he faid unto them, Go ye ye and tell that Fox, Beand hold, I caft out DEVILS, I do CURES to-day and tomorrow, and the THIRD Day I fhall be PERFECTED.

33. Nevertheless, I muft walk to-day and to-morrow, and the Day following: for it cannot be that a Prophet PARISH out of Jerufalem.

faid, It is a People that do ERR in
their Heart, and they have not
known my ways.

11. Unto whom I (ware in my Wrath, that they fhould not ENTER into my Reft.

Pf. xviii. 41. They cried, but there was none to SAVE them: even unto the Lord, but he answered

them not.

Pf. cxxv. 4. Do good, O Lord, unto thofe that be good, and to them that are upright in their


5. As for fuch as turn afide unto their CROOKED WAYS, the Lord fhall LEAD them forth with the Workers of INIQUITY: but Peace fhall be upon Ifrael.

Prov. V. 21. For the WAYS of Man are before the EYES of the Lord, and he pondereth all his


Chap. xvi. 2. All the Ways of a Man are clean in his own Eyes: but the Lord weigheth the SPIRITS. Ifai. xxix. 13. Wherefore the Lord faid, Forafmuch as this People draw near me with their MOUTH, and with their Lips do honour me, but have removed their HEART far from me, and their FEAR towards me is taught by the Precept of Men:

Chap. Iviii. 1. Cry aloud, fpare not, lift up thy Voice like a Trum pet, and fhew my People their Tranfgreffions, and the Houfe of Jacob their Sins.

2. Yet they feek me daily, and delight to KNOW my WAYS, as a Nation that did Righteoufnefs, and forfook not the Ordinance of their GOD: They ask of me the Ordinances of JUSTICE: they take delight in APPROACHING to GOD.

Fer. vii. 3. Thus faith the Lord of Hofts, the God of Ifrael, Amend your WAYS and your Doings, and I will caufe you to dwell in this Place.

4. TRUST ye not in lying Words, faying, The Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord, the Temple of the Lord, are these.

8. Behold ye TRUST in LYING WORDS that cannot profit. 9. Will ye Steal, Murder, and


commit Adultery, and fwear fally, and burn Incenfe unto Baal, and walk after other Gods, whom ye know not;

10. And come and ftand before me in this Houfe, which is called by my Name, and fay, We are delivered to do all thefe ABOMINATIONS? Chap. xi. 20. But, O Lord of Hofts, who JUDGEST RIGHTEOUSLY, that TRIEST the Reins and the Heart, let me fee thy Vengeance on them; for unto thee have I revealed my Cause.

Ezek. xxxiii. 30. Alfo thou Son of Man, the Children of thy People ftill are talking again't thee by the Walls, and in the Doors of the Houfes, and fpeak one to another, every one to his Brother, faying, Come, I pray you, and hear what is the WORD that cometh forth from the Lord.

31. And they come unto thee as thy People cometh, and they fit before thee as my People, and they HEAR thy Words, but they will not Do them: for with their Mouth they fhew much LovE, but their Heart goeth atter their CovETOUSNESS.

1 Cor. iv. 20. For the KINGDOM of GOD is not in WORD, but in POWER.

Chap. xiii. 1. Though I fpeak with the Tongues of Men and of Angels, and have not CHARITY, I am become as founding Brafs, or a tinkling Cymbal.

2. And though I have the Gift of Prophecy, and understand all Myfteries, and all Knowledge; and though I have all Faith, so that I could remove Mountains, and have no CHARITY, I am nothing.

3. And though I bestow all my Goods to feed the Poor, and though I give my Body to be burned, and have not CHARITY, it profiteth me nothing.

Gal. vi. 3. For if a Man think himself to be SOMETHING, when he is NOTHING, he deceiveth himself.

2 Tim. iii. 5. Having a FORM of GODLINESS, but denying the POWER thereof: from fuch turn away.

Titus i. 16. They PROFESS that they KNOW God; but in Works they DENY him, being abominable and disobedient, and unto every good Work reprobate.

Rev. iii. 14. And unto the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans, write, Thefe Things faith the AMEN, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the Creation of God;

15. I know thy Works, that thou art neither COLD nor HOT: I would thon wert cold or hot.

16. So then because thou art LUKE-WARM, and neither cold nor hot, I will fpue thee out of my Mouth :

17. Becaufe thou fayft, I am rich, and increased with Goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miferable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

Prov. iv. 23. KEEP thy HEART with all Diligence: for out of it are the Iffues of LIFE.

2 Cor. v. 9. Wherefore we LABOUR, that whether prefent, or absent, we may be accepted of him.

Chap. x. 3. For though we walk in the Flesh, we do not wAR after the FLESH:

4. (For the Weapons of our WARFARE are not CARNAL, but MIGHTY through God to the PULLING down of STRONG-HOLDS)

5. CASTING down IMAGINATIONS, and every high Thing that exalteth itself against the KNOWLEDGE of God, and bringing into CAPTIVITY every THOUGHT to the Obedience of Chrift.

Ephef. v. 15. See then that ye walk CIRCUMSPECTLY, not as Fools, but as Wife,

[blocks in formation]

Chap. vi. 1o. Finally, my Brethren, be STRONG in the Lord, and in the Power of his MIGHT.

11. Put on the whole ARMOUR of God, that ye may be able to stand against the Wiles of the Devil.

12. For we wreftle not against Flesh and Blood, but against Principalities, against Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this World, against fpiritual Wickedness in High Places:

13. Wherefore take unto you the whole ARMOUR of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the EVIL Day, and having done all, to ftand. Phil. ii. 12. Work out your own SALVATION with Fear and Trembling.

13. For it is God which worketh in you, both to WILL and to Do of his good Pleasure.

2 Tim. ii. 3. Thou therefore endure HARDNESS, as a good SOLDIER of Jefus Chrift.


No Man that warreth, entangleth himself with the Affairs of this Life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a Soldier.

1 Cor. ix. 24. Know ye not that they which RUN in a RACE, run all, but one receiveth the PRIZE? fo run, that ye may OBTAIN.

25. And every Man that STRIVETH for the Maftery, is temperate in all things: Now they do it to obtain a corruptible CROWN, but we an incorruptible.

26. I therefore fo RUN, not as uncertainly fo FIGHT I, not as one that beateth the Air:

27. But I keep under my BODY, and bring it into SUBJECTION: left that by any means, when I have preached to others, I my self should be a CAST-AWAY.

Heb. iv. 11. Let us labour therefore to enter into that Rest, left any Man FALL after the fame Example of Unbelief.

Chap. vi. 12. Be not SLOTHFUL, but Followers of them, who through Faith and Patience inherit the Promises.

Chap. xii. 1. Wherefore feeing we alfo are compaffed about with fo great a CLOUD of Witneffes, let us lay afide every WEIGHT, and the SIN which doth fo eafily befet us, and let us RUN with PATIENCE the RACE that is set before us,

2. Looking unto Jefus, the Author and Finisher of our FAITH; who for the Joy that was fet before him, endured the CROSS, defpifing the SHAME, and is fet down at the right Hand of the Throne of GOD.

3. For confider him that endured fuch CONTRADICTION of SINNERS against himself, left ye be wearied, and FAINT in your Minds. 1 Pet. iv. 18. And if the Righteous fcarcely be SAVED, where shall the UNGODLY and the SINNER appear?

2 Pet. i. 10. Wherefore the rather, Brethren, give Diligence to make your CALLING and ELECTION fure: for if ye do these Things, ye shall

never FALL:

11. For fo an Entrance fhall be miniftred unto you abundantly, into the everlasting KINGDOM of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift." Rev. xxi. 7. He that OVERCOMETH fhall INHERIT all things, and I will be his GOD, and he fhall be my Son.

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