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From the Records, the JOURNALS of both Houses, origi-

nal MANUSCRIPTS, scarce Speeches, and TRACTS; all
compared with the several Cotemporary Writers, and con-
nected, throughout, with the History of the Times.


H A N D S.

- Juvat integros accedere Fontes.


From the first Meeting of the Long Parliament November 3, 1640, to

their Recess, in September 1641.

L 0 N D 0 N,
Printed, and sold by WILLIAM SANDBY, against St. Dunstan's

Charch, Fleet-street. MDCCLIII.

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E now present to the World
Five Volumes more of the
Parliamentary History of

England; and tho' the general Aim and Intention of this work is so fully set forth in the Preface to the first, that it might seem unnecessary to offer further on the Subject, yet the Interesting Crisis we are now upon demands the Reader's Attention to a few Observations on some of the principal Contemporary Collectors and Historians of that Age.

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AND first, Mr. Rufoworth: Whose Miftakes, in the Times we have pass’d over, have been already taken Notice of; but most of these seem to be owing rather to the Negligence and Ignorance of Transcribers, than to any partial Intention of his own, Nevertheless, in his Colleftions, almost all the


any Attack

Proceedings of the House of Lords, in the Parliament we are now upon, are omitted, except where they concurr'd with the

prevailing Party of the Commons: And upon those Authorities it appears, that there were very few Instances of


the Just and Legal Prerogatives of the Crown, , but what stood great Debate amongst the Peers; a Negative being put upon many Motions for their Concurrence with the Commons; others carried by a single Vote; and Protests enter'd in Form by the alternate Minorities: And most of these after the Bishops had either voluntarily absented themfelves, or were removed from their Seats in Parliament; which Proceedings are here duly entered in their



The next is Dr. Nalfon: Who, in his Collections, seems to have taken as much Pains in detecting the Mistakes of Mr. Rupbworth, as Mr. Tyrrel has done those of Dr. Brady, in the former Part of this Work; but tho’ these consist of two large Volumes in Folio, yet they proceed no farther than January 1641; and abound so much with Party-Prejudice, as renders a Search through them

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