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Week Ending Friday, March 30, 1990

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater Nomination of Philip C. Jackson, Jr., on Lithuanian Independence

To Be a Member of the Oversight March 26, 1990

Board of the Resolution Trust

Corporation We have been urging a peaceful dialog to March 26, 1990 resolve this issue. The Soviets themselves have publicly and privately assured us that The President today has announced his they have no intention of using military

intention to nominate Philip C. Jackson, Jr., force to resolve the issue. We have also to be a member of the Oversight Board of urged that neither side undertake any ac- the Resolution Trust Corporation for a term tions which could preclude the continuation of 3 years. This is a new position. of this dialog. It is incumbent that both Currently Mr. Jackson serves as an adsides maintain open communication and not junct professor at Birmingham Southern take any actions that can be misinterpreted. College in Birmingham, AL. Prior to this he

While I do not want to hypothesize on served as vice chairman of Central Bankany eventual outcomes, it is clear that any shares of the South in Birmingham, AL. He efforts to coerce or intimidate the Lithuani- is married, has three children, and resides an people is bound to backfire. Further ac- in Birmingham, AL. tions will not lead to a lessening of the tensions, could have adverse international repercussions, and could be counterproductive for U.S.-Soviet relations.

Accordance of the Personal Rank of Note: The statement was read by Press Sec- Ambassador to Frederic V. Malek retary Fitzwater during his daily press While Serving as Director of the 1990 briefing and was extracted from the tran- Economic Summit script of his remarks.

March 26, 1990

The President today accorded the person

al rank of Ambassador to Frederic V. Malek Appointment of James D. Wolfensohn

in his capacity as director of the 1990 ecoas a Member of the Board of Trustees

nomic summit. of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Currently Mr. Malek serves as president Performing Arts

of Northwest Airlines in Minneapolis, MN. March 26, 1990

Mr. Malek is married, has two children, and

resides in McLean, VA. The President has announced his intention to appoint James D. Wolfensohn to be a member of the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Smithsonian Institution, for the re- Remarks to the African Development mainder of the term expiring September 1, Bank Roundtable 1996. He would succeed Joe L. Allbritton March 27, 1990

Currently Mr. Wolfensohn serves as president of James D. Wolf, Inc., in New York, Being told in advance that this distinNY. He is married, has three children, and guished group was here, I just wanted to resides in New York, NY.

stop over and say a quick hello. I hope your

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