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the article on “How Fire Insurance Rates are Made,” and of two articles on “Fire Prevention,” published in 1907; and to The Fire Insurance Society of Philadelphia for the privilege of reprinting parts of an address given before the Society, in 1906, on “State Supervision and Regulation of Fire Insurance Companies.” The material of the foregoing articles, however, has been reclassified, and numerous additions have been made. My thanks are also due to the many officials and representatives of insurance companies who have shown me the utmost courtesy in offering suggestions and in furnishing me with “forms” and other information.

Finally, I have to acknowledge, with much gratitude, the intelligent help of Mr. Bruce D. Mudgett, Instructor in Insurance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also under great obligation to Mr. Robert Riegel, who has so cheerfully assisted in the laborious task of reading the proof, verifying the citations and data, and preparing the index. But I need hardly add that these gentlemen are in no way responsible for any mistakes which this book may contain.


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