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This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1962, to December 31, 1962. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Stewart L. Udall served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. James K. Carr served as Under Secretary; Messrs. Frank P. Briggs, John A. Carver, Kenneth Holum, and John M. Kelly served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. D. Otis Beasley served as Administrative Assistant Secretary; Mr. Frank J. Barry served as Solicitor of the Department of the Interior. Mr. Edward W. Fisher served as Deputy Solicitor.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as "69 I.D."

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Page 28Footnote 4, Barkeley Pipeline Construction, Inc., should read

Barkley Pipeline Construction, Inc. Pages 43, 45 and 47—Top heading Henley Construction Company, should

read Henly Construction Company. Page 113—Top heading, Estate of Harry Colby, June 20, 1962, should read

Estate of Harry Colby, June 29, 1962 Page 159—Footnote 24, Urban Plumbing and Heating Company, IBCA-43

(November 21, 1956), 63 I.D. 381, 56-1 BCA par. 1102, should read Urban Plumbing and Heating Company, IBCA-43 (November 21, 1956), 63 I.D.

381, 56–2 BCA par. 1102. Page 181—Case of Elizabeth Holmes MacDonald, Hugh John MacDonald,

A-27711, Decided October 30, 1692, should read Decided October 30, 1962.



Page 230



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Page Alaska, State of.--

190 Eugenia Bate----Allied Contractors, Inc., appeal Ford-Fielding, Incorporated, apof...

147, 222 peal of_ Andersen, Erhardt Dahl, appeals Four Corners Oil & Minerals Co., ofcond

70 Paul F. Catterson.Anderson, Bruce..

169 Gonsales, Charles B. et al., WestAutrice C. Copeland.

1 ern Oil Fields, Inc., et al.---Bate, Eugenia----

230 Gray, Raymond F... Belco Petroleum Corporation, Gulf Oil Corporation et al.----Charles Getzler----

3 Harold Ladd Pierce et al--Bolander, Ray D. Company, Inc., Harry Colby, estate of appeal of--

223 Heply

Construction Company,
Brooks and Mixon, appeal of--- 84, 119 appeal of..
Brown, Melvin A.-

131 Hugh John MacDonald, ElizaBruce Anderson -

169 beth Holmes MacDonald. Cassady, Wilbur B. and Mary A.

James Franklin Macer Crow AlCassady, and Farmers Insur

lotee No. 377 estate of ---ance Group, claims of.------ 193 La Rue, Sr., W. Dalton et al---Catterson, Paul F., Four Corners Lawrence Edwards.

Oil & Minerals Company----- 22 Lichtenwalner, Milton H. et al.. Charles B. Gonsales et al., Liss, Merwin E----

Western Oil Fields, Inc. et al. 236 MacDonald, Elizabeth Holmes, Charles Getzler, Belco Petroleum

Hugh John MacDonald -----Corporation.

3 MacDonald, Hugh John, ElizaCheney-Cherf and Associates, ap

beth Holmes MacDonald.----peal of.----

102 Macer, James Franklin Crow AlColby, Harry, estate of----

113 lottee No. 377, estate of-----Copeland, Autrice C-----

1 Marjorie May Copperfield UnCopperfield, Marjorie May Unal

allotteed Osage Indian (Relotted Osage Indian (Re

stricted), estate of.. stricted), estate of..

143 Melvin A. Brown.--C. W. Trainer--

81 Merritt-Chapman & Scott CorD. L. Moffitt Company, appeal of 161 poration, appeal of.. Duncan Miller, appeal of..

25 Merwin E. Liss---Eastern Maintenance Company, Miller, Duncan, appeal of-----appeal of------

215 Milton H. Lichtenwalner et al--Edwards, Lawrence_

95 Moffitt, D. L. Company, appeal Elizabeth Holmes MacDonald,

of Hugh John MacDonald.--. 181 Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Wagner-Erhardt Dahl Andersen, appeals Otis A. Roberts--of-----

70 Otis Williams and Company apEstate of Harry Colby


peal of

35 120 95 71 171




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11 171 25 71

161 186 91


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