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Title 38, United States Code, “Veterans' Benefits," is a codification of laws in the field of veterans' affairs coming within the jurisdiction of this committee. The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, although not contained in title 38, also falls within the committee's jurisdiction and has been included in this publication.

This publication, first issued September 15, 1958, contains the exact text of all such laws, including amendments made through the 95th Congress. The current print is the eleventh edition since the original codification of title 38 in 1958.

The inclusion of compensation and pension tables, historical references and a ready-reference cross index makes this publication an essential source document for use by agencies and individuals concerned with veterans' affairs.

The committee is particularly indebted to members of the staff of the General Counsel of the Veterans' Administration and the Commitee's Editorial Director, Harold J. Carter, ably assisted by Walter Klingner and James R. MacRae, whose splendid services have made possible the prompt and accurate updating of this valuable publication.

Chairman, Committee on Veterans Affairs,

United States Senate.




This pamphlet contains all of the laws of general applicability in orce, as amended through the 2d session of the 95th Congress, which re administered by the Veterans' Administration, and includes tables hich should be of assistance to those desiring information about ich laws.

These laws are (1) title 38, United States Code (printed at pp. 3532); (2) sections 2–12 of Public Law 85–857 and section 306 of ublic Law 95-588, which contain provisions of law designed to ake the transition from former laws to title 38 (printed at pp. 2-387); (3) certain provisions of repealed law available to pensions on the rolls on June 30, 1960 and on December 31, 1978 (printed

pp. 388-403); (4) section 6 of the National Cemeteries Act of 1973 hich contain provisions of law designed to make the transition from rmer laws to title 38 (printed at pp. 405-406); (5) the Soldiers' id Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1910 (printed at pp. 407-427). A complete index to title 38, United States Code, is printed at iges 595–661. The tables referred to above are printed at pages 9-594.


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Tables showing a detailed analysis of the elements of entitlement compensation for service-connected disability, and compensation or pendency and indemnity compensation for service connected deaths .d certain other deaths are set forth on pages 429-439 and 453–456.


Tables providing a detailed analysis of the elements of entitlement pension for non-service-connected disability or death, or for service, d the historical development thereof, are set forth on pages 440-452 d 457-594.


Other major benefit programs are summarized in the paragraphs hich follow. Except as otherwise noted, each of these programs is ministered by the Veterans Administration.


In order to assist veterans to achieve a rapid social and economic adjustment to civilian life and thereby attain a higher standard of

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