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and regulations as may be promulgat- 8581.1 Time for filing. ed by that office, provided that the

Protests of United States nationals claimant qualifies under section 202(a)

relating to awards made by the Comof the War Claims Act of 1948, as mission during the 10 calendar days amended.

immediately preceding the May 17,

1967, expiration date of the Commis8580.6 Claims by corporation in excess of

sion's authority to grant awards for $10,000.

war damage losses which occurred A statement under oath is required during World War II under the provifrom corporations filing claims in sions of Pub. L. 87-846, approved Octoexcess of $10,000, disclosing the aggre

ber 22, 1962, which amended the War gate amount of Federal tax benefits

Claims Act of 1948, as amended, auderived by such corporation in any

thorized by section 615 of Pub. L. 94prior tax year or years resulting from

542, approved October 18, 1976, shall

be filed with the Commission on or any deduction or deductions claimed for the loss or losses with respect to

before February 7, 1977. which such claim is filed. Pursuant to

$ 581.2 Information required for filing the Act, such Federal tax benefits

protests. shall be the aggregate of the amounts

(a) No official form is required for by which the claimants' taxes for such

filing a protest. Protests shall be filed, year or years under chapters 1, 2A, 2B,

in writing, signed by the claimant or 2D, and 2E of the Internal Revenue

his legal representative. The protest Code of 1939 (53 Stat. 4), or subtitle A

shall include: (1) The name of the of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

claimant as set forth in the Commis(68A Stat. 4, 26 U.S.C. 1 et seq.) were

sion's decision issued on the claim decreased by reason of such loss or

under Pub. L. 87-846; (2) the claim losses.

number previously assigned by the

Commission; (3) the grounds for the $ 580.7 Procedure for determination of

protest, amount of increase in the claims.

award requested, together with all The procedures set forth under documentation and legal argument 8 531.5, Subchapter C of this chapter, which the claimant wishes the Comshall be applicable to claims filed pur

mission to consider in determining the suant to Title II of the War Claims merits of the protest; (4) a specific reAct of 1948, as amended by Pub. L. 87- quest for a hearing, if desired. 846.

(b) Notice to the Foreign Claims Set

tlement Commission, the Department [30 FR 13870, Nov. 2, 1965)

of State, or any other governmental

office or agency, prior to the enact§ 580.8 Hearings.

ment of the statute authorizing the Hearings procedures as provided for protests referred to herein shall not be under $ 531.6, Subchapter C of this considered as a timely filing of a prochapter, shall be applicable to claims test under Pub. L. 94-542. under this subchapter.

8 581.3 Hearings. PART 581-FILING OF PROTESTS AND

(a) Upon specific written request, PROCEDURES THEREFOR

made at the time of filing the protest, the Commission may grant the claim

ant a hearing for the presentation of Sec.

oral testimony and argumentation in 581.1 Time for filing. 581.2 Information required for filing pro

support of the protest. tests.

(b) Hearings shall be held upon not 581.3 Hearings.

less than seven days notice.

(c) Hearing procedures as provided AUTHORITY: Pub. L. 94-542.

for under $ 531.6(b)-(d), Subchapter C SOURCE: 41 FR 49094, Nov. 8, 1976, unless of this chapter shall be applicable to otherwise noted.

protests under this subchapter.

(d) Hearings may be stenographical ly reported either at the request of the claimant or upon the discretion of the Commission. Claimants making such a request shall notify the Commission at the time of filing the protest. When a stenographic record of a hearing is or dered at the claimant's request, the

cost of such reporting and transcription is his responsibility.

(e) Subsequent to the hearing, if any, the Commission will issue a final determination on the protest within the remaining 30 days from the date of filing of the protest, and no appeal from such determination shall be granted.




[blocks in formation]

Classification and declassification of national se

curity information ...........................
Exemption of certain financial interests ............
Nondiscrimination on the basis of handicap in

programs and activities receiving or benefiting

from federal financial assistance ........
Procedures and criteria for resolving questions in-

volving moral character or loyalty of applicants
for and holders of National Science Foundation

Nondiscrimination in Federally-assisted programs

of the National Science Foundation-effectu-
ation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964..
Availability of records and information ................
Privacy Act regulations..
Government in the Sunshine Act Regulations of

the National Science Board..
Fellowship Review Panel ...........

..................... Keeping of records and furnishing of reports in

connection with weather modification activities.
Compliance with the National Environmental

Policy Act .......
Patents .............
Project notification and review system; notifica-

tion to states of award information .........
Conservation of Antarctic animals and plants.........
NSF conflict-of-interests rules and standards of

conduct: Introduction and general provisions ......
Conflicts or potential conflicts in handling pro-

posals and awards...........
Representational restrictions and involvement

with proposals and projects during and after

NSF service..........
Other conflicts rules ...........
Rules for consultants, board members, and other

“special employees”



650 660



670 680






146 155




RT 601-CLASSIFICATION AND concerned with classified information

(b) Encouraging Foundation person

nel to challenge those classification Sec.

decisions they believe to be improper. 601.1 Purpose.

(c) Issuing directives that ensure 601.2 Classification authority.

classified information is used, proc601.3 Security program. 601.4 Classification Review Committee.

essed, stored, reproduced and trans601.5 Derivative classification.

mitted only under conditions that will 601.6 Downgrading and declassification.

provide adequate protection and pre601.7 Mandatory declassification review.

vent access by unauthorized persons. 601.8 Access to classified materials. 601.9 Access by historical researchers and

(d) Recommending to the Director former Presidential appointees.

appropriate administrative action to

correct abuse or violation of any proviAUTHORITY: E.O. 12065, 43 FR 28949, June 28, 1978.

sion of these regulations, including noSOURCE: 45 FR 1422, Jan. 7, 1980, unless

tification by warning letters, formal otherwise noted.

reprimand, and to the extent permit

ted by law, suspension without pay 8 601.1 Purpose.

and removal. Pursuant to Executive Order 12065 and Information Security Oversight 8601.4 Classification Review Committee. Office Directive No. 1, the National The Security Officer (Information) Science Foundation (Foundation) chairs the Foundations's Classification issues the following regulations. The Review Committee which has authori. regulations identify the information to

ty to act on all suggestions and combe protected, prescribe classification,

plaints with respect to the Foundadeclassification, downgrading, and

tion's administration of the regulasafeguarding procedures to be fol

tions. The Assistant Directors and the lowed, and establish a monitoring

Heads of other offices reporting to the system to ensure the regulations' effectiveness.

Director serve as members of the Com

mittee. All suggestions and complaints 8 601.2 Classification authority.

including those regarding overclassifiExecutive Order 12065 removed the

cation, failure to classify, or delay in Foundation's prior authority for origi

declassifying not otherwise resolved, nal classification of national security shall be referred to the Committee for information as "SECRET” and “CON resolution. The Committee shall estabFIDENTIAL”. In any instance where a lish procedures to review and act Foundation employee develops infor- within 30 days upon all appeals remation that appears to warrant classi- garding requests for declassification. fication because of its national secu The Committee is authorized to overrity character, the material will be af- rule previous determinations in whole forded protection and sent to the Ad- or in part when in its judgement, conministrative Services Branch (ASB). tinued protection is no longer re. Upon determination that classification quired. If the Committee determines is warranted, ASB will submit such

will submit such that continued classification is rematerial to the agency that has appro

quired under the criteria of the Execupriate subject matter interest and clas

tive Order, it shall promptly so notify sification authority.

the requester and advise him that he 8 601.3 Security program.

may file an application for review with

the Foundation. In addition, the ComThe Chief, Administrative Services

mittee shall review all appeals of reBranch, is responsible for conducting a

quests for records under section 552 of security program that ensures effec

Title 5 U.S.C. (Freedom of Informative implementation of Executive

tion Act) when the proposed denial is Order 12065, to include:

(a) Maintaining active training and based on their continued classification orientation programs for employees under Executive Order 12065.

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