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YOKE, (1) s. The hiccough. West.

See Yex.

(2) v. To itch.

(3) s. A pair of oxen.

(4) s. One of the two parts of the working day. Kent. YOKE-FELLOW, s. A husband or wife.

YOKEL, S. A country bumpkin.
YOKEY, adj. Tawney. Devon.
YOKLE, s. An icicle.

YOKLET, S. An old name in Kent

for a little farm or manor. 30KYNGE, part. a. Itching. YOKY-WOOL, s. Unwashed wool. Devon.

YOLDE, pret. t. Yielded.

YOLD-RING, S. The yellow-hammer. North.

YOLE, v. To yell.

30LE, S. Christmas; yule. YOLK, S. (1) The state or condition

of wool, after being shorn from the sheep, and before it is washed. East.

(2) The grease of wool. Northampt.

YOLT, S. A newt. Glouc.

30MERE, v. To lament; to moan.
YON, pron. That. Var. d.
YOND, adj. Furious; savage. Spens.
YONDERLY, adj. Reserved. Yorksh.
YONE, adj. Yon.

YONSTE, S. Favour; affection.
"The very yonste and good wyl
that I bere to you ward." Cax-
ton's Reynard the Foxe.
YONT, prep. Beyond. North.
YOON, 8. An oven. Var. d.
YOPER, s. A hare-courser.

Thou art so earnest still to follow yopers, that make so much haste to devour a simple hare.

Howard, Man of Newmarket, 1678.

YOPPUL, S. Unnecessary talk. South. 3ORE, 8. (4.-S.) Mercy. See Ore.

Oft-sythes scho sygkyd sore,
And stilly scho sayed, Lord, thy gore.
Seven Sages.

YORKPENCE, 8. A copper coinage

of the reign of Henry VI. YORNEN, adj. Made of yarn.

A paire of yornen stockes

To keepe the cold away,

Within his bootes the Russie weares.
Turberville's Epitaphes and
Sonnettes, 1569.

YORP, v. To talk boisterously.
Leic. See Yaup.
YOSKE, v. To hiccough.

30skyng cometh in many maneris,
either whiles of excess of etyng, either
of drynkyng, that masith the stomac
to ful.

The Four Humours of Man, MS. xv Cent. YOT, v. To unite closely. Dorset. YOTE, v. To pour in; to water, or soak. West.

YOUGH, 8. An ewe. Norf.
YOUK, v. To sleep. A term in

YOUL, v. To yell; to bark ex-
YOWL, Jcessively. Norf.
YOULRING, 8. The yellow-hammer.
YOUNKER, S. A youth.
YOUT, v. To yell. Yorksh.
YOUTHLY, adv. Youthful.
YOVE, pret. t. Given.

Yow, v. To reap, gathering the

corn under the arm. Devon. YoWER, S. An udder. Craven. YOWER-JOINT, s. A joint near the

thigh of the horse, opposite the hock. Craven.

YOWLEY, 8. The yellow-hammer.

Yowr, v. To yelp. West.
YowSTER, v. To fester. North.
YowT, v. To yelp. Midl. C.
30XE, 8. The hiccough.

YOYSTER, v. To frolic; to laugh.

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(2) A compartment of a thresh-
ing floor for the wheat threshed,
but not winnowed.

ZILTER, S. A salting tub. Somers.
ZLEARE, v. To slide. Somers.
ZOAT, adj. Silly. Wight.
Zock, S. A blow. West.
ZOG, (1) v. To doze. Dev.

(2) s. Moist land. Somers. Zoo-zoo, s. The wood-pigeon. Glouc.

ZOTY, 8. A fool. South. ZOWERSWOPPED, adj. Ill-natured. Exm.

ZowL, S. A plough. Exm. See Sull. ZUCHES, 8. Stumps of trees. ZWAIL, v. To swing the arms. West.

ZWIR, v. To turn. West.

ZWODDER, 8. A drowsy and stupid state of body or mind. Somers. Zwop, adv. With a noise.


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