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should in like manner have each realized His promise to themselves, be truly as well as nominally one with Him, whether it be, as it ought to be, the pillar and ground of truth, holy and without blemish, or whether it be gone astray after its idols, and antichrist sits enthroned in the midst of it.

March 27, 1842.



O LORD God Almighty, we thank Thee that Thou hast brought us safely to see another return of this day, and to share in the services of Thy church in commemoration of Thy blessed Son's resurrection. Grant to us all, that these services may not pass away wholly without fruit; that this and others of the festivals of the church may find us every year not less but more fit and disposed to celebrate them worthily, and more thankful to Thee for the benefits which they are intended to celebrate.

We pray of Thee to forgive us for all our inattention and carelessness during Thy worship this day. Teach us to feel that such inattention is a mark of the state of our souls; that we attend to all that we care for, and that if we do not

attend to Thy word, and to our prayers and praises of Thee, it is because our hearts are indifferent to Thee. Grant that we may feel our own state more truly, and then the tidings of salvation will not be heard with indifference.

If we have derived any good from any part of the public worship this day, grant that it be not lost to us. Encourage every thought of good which thou hast put into our minds, and strengthen every such thought, and add to them. Let not the thoughts and pleasures of our daily life steal them from us, but let them be kept alive to bring forth fruit daily. Let Thy word be continually more plain to us, and more welcome; let it be continually more and more pleasant to us to pray to Thee. Encourage our great weakness by some of

. Thy gracious answers to our prayers, that feeling the comfort of Thy help we may not fail ever to ask for it.

We pray to Thee for all our relations and friends in all places. May this day have been to them all a day of happiness and spiritual blessing. Assist us to remember them in our prayers, according to our bounden duty, praying for them and for us that we may be drawn together to Thee and kept with Thee always. Give Thy blessing upon our particular work here, and bless this school. Grant to us Thy spirit of wisdom, that we may use the means which Thou hast put within our reach, and that we may be truly benefited by all our teaching, and learn to know Thee and Thy Son Jesus Christ.

Bring home to our hearts with power the lesson of Thy Son's resurrection.

Grant that we may have our resurrection likewise, from the death of sin first, and also from the death of the body. Grant that we may hear Thy Son's call with joy, and obey it, when He bids us to arise from the death of sin to the life of righteousness, and when He bids us come out of our graves and come to judgment. May we too rise from death, and be with Thy Son ever.

Finally, we give Thee our humble thanks for all Thy goodness to us, as this day, so always. We bless Thee for all our many earthly blessings, our health and strength and plenty. Above all, we bless Thee for our spiritual blessings, and for the means of grace which Thou hast vouchsafed to us in the holy communion.

May all of us who went this day to Thy holy table retain Thy blessing in our hearts, filling us with love to Thee, and to one another. May we not be of the number of those who draw back from where they once stood, but of those who puslı forward to win their crown.

God be merciful to us sinners, and bless us, and

give us grace to follow our Lord Jesus Christ in life and in death, and to hold fast to Him in faith, and to cast our sins down, and to take up our cross daily at the foot of His cross, and to put our whole trust in Him to forgive us and to heal us.

Blessed be Thy holy name now and evermore, and hear us, and grant our petitions for the sake of Jesus Christ, our only Saviour and Redeemer.


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Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou

forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons.

The veriest stranger who ever attends divine service in this chapel is apt to be struck with the peculiar character of the congregation here assembled. He sees almost the whole congregation to consist of persons in early youth, and exhibiting the various stages of youth, from the earliest boyhood to the very edge of manhood. He thinks too that those here assembled are not like a common congregation, the majority of whom are fixed for life, or at least for a term of which there is no definite limit, to the place where they are now assembled.

But our congregation will of necessity within a few years be all scattered to the four

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