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the ministry of the word, con, xiv. 1. 1. cal. 8. There are three persons in the Increased and strengthened by the Godhead, distinguished by personal proword, sacraments, and prayer, ib. Often perties, con. ii. 3. cat. 9, '10. The coweakened, but always gets the victory, equality of the persons proved, cat. 11. con. xiv. 3. Growing up in many to a

To him is due from all his creatures, full assurance, con. xiv. 3. cat. 80. Good whatsoever worship, service, or obediworks the fruit and evidence of true ence, he is pleased to require, con. ii. 2. faith, con, xvi. 2. cat. 52. Which is never Our duty to God, cat. 104, 108, 112, 116. alone, but always accompanied with all What contrary to it, cat. 105, 109, 113, other saving graces, and is no dead 119. Religious worship is to be given to faith, but worketh by love, con. xi. 2. God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, cat. 73.

and to him alone; and that only in the Fall of man, the nature and effects of it, mediation of Christ, con, xxi. 2. cat. 179,

con. vi. cat. 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29. Why 181. God is to be worshipped in that permitted, con. vi. 1. How all mankind way only which he hath instituted in concerned in it, con. vi. 3. cat. 22.

the scriptures, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. TO Falling away: See Perseverance.

glorify God, and fully to enjoy him for Family worship daily, required of God, ever, is the chief end of man, cat. 1. con. xxi. 6.

Good works. See Works. Fasting: Religious fasting, a duty, cat. Gospel. How the covenant of

grace is ad. 108. Solemn fasting a part of religious ministered under the gospel, con. vii. 6. worship, con. xxi. 5.

cat. 35. Without the gospel no salvaFellowship. See Communion.

tion, con. X. 4. cat. 60. In it Christ doth Foreknowledge. All things come to pass not dissolve but strengthen the obliga

infallibly according to the foreknow- tion to the obedience of the moral law, ledge of God, con. v. 2.

con, xix. 5. Believers under the gospel Forgiveness. See Pardon.

have a greater boldness of access to the Fornication committed after contract of throne of grace, than believers under

marriage, a just ground of dissolving the law did ordinarily partake of, con. the contract, con, xxiv. 5.

xx. 1. Fortune. To ascribe any thing to for- Government. See Church, Magistrate. tune, is sinful, cat, 105.

The Grace of God. Election is of God's Free-will. See Will.

mere free grace, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. How Frugality, a duty, cat. 141.

the grace of God is manifested in the

second covenant, con. vii. 3. cat. 32, Ef. G

fectual calling is of God's free and speGAMING. Wasteful gaming forbidden, cial grace, con. x. 2. cat. 67. Justifica. cat. 142.

tion is only of free grace, con. xi. 3. cat. Glory. The communion in glory with 70, 71. Adoption is an act of free grace,

Christ, which believers enjoy in this life, con. xii. cat. 74. The communion in con. xviii. 1, 2, 3. cat. 83. Immediately grace which believers have with Christ, after death, con. xxxii. 1. cat. 86. At the cat. 69. All saving graces are the work resurrection and day of judgment, con. of the Spirit, con. xiii, xiv, xv. cat. 32, 72, xxxii. 3. xxxiii. 2. cat. 87, 90.

75, 76, 77. And do always accompany The Glory of God the end of his decrees, faith, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. Perseverance in

con. iii. 3. cat. 12. The glory of his grace grace, con. xvii. cat. 79. Increase in the end of election, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. grace, con. xiii. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77. AssurThe glory of his justice the end of the

ance of grace, con. xviii. cat. 80, 81, decree of reprobation, con. iii. 7. cat. 13.

H The glory of his eternal power, wisdom, and goodness, the end of the creation, Harden. Why and how sinners are harcon. iv. 1. The manifestation of the dened, con. v. 6. Believers may have glory of his wisdom, power, justice,

their hearts hardened, con. xvii. 3. goodness, and mercy, is the end of all Head. The elect are inseparably united God's works of providence, con. v. 1. cat. to Christ as their head, con. xxv. 1. xxvi. 18. The end of God's appointing the 1. cat. 64, 66. He is the only head of the last judgment is the manifestation of church, con. xxv. 6. the glory of his mercy and justice, con. Hearing: What is required of those that xxxii. 10. To glorify God is the chief hear the word preached, con. xxi. 5. cat. end of man, cat. 1. God is glorified by 160. good works, con. xvi. 2.

Heaven, the state of the blessed, con, Gluttony, a sin, cat. 139.

xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 86, 90. God. The light of nature showeth that Hell, the state of the damned, con. xxxii.

there is a God, con. xxi. 1. cat. 2. What it 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 29, 86, 89. The meaning declares concerning him, and of our of these words in the Creed, He descendduty to him, con. i. 1. xxi. 1. It is not ed into hell, cat, 50. sufficient to give that knowledge of God, Hereticks to be rejected, cat. 105. and of his will, which is necessary unto Holiness. God is most holy in all his coun. salvation, con. i. 1. cat. 2. The attributes sels, works, and commands, con. ii. 2. or perfections of God, con. ii. 1, 2. cat. 7, Man was created holy after the image of 101. There is but one only God, con. ii. God, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. But by the tal]

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he became wholly defiled, con. vi. 2. sin is imputed to all his posterity.** Believers are, by the sanctifying Spirit vi. 3. The obedience and satisfacti: of Christ, quickened and strengthened of Christ is imputed to believers, om. I. to the practiceof holiness, con. xiii. 1, 3. 1. cal. 70. His righteousness is impaio cat. 75. And are made perfectly holy to them, cat. 71, 77. in heaven, con. xxxii. 1. cat. 86, 90. See Incarnation of Christ, con. viii. 2. cat.: Sanctification.

39. The Holy Ghost equal with the Father, Incest discharged, cat. 139. Incestnons

con. ii. 3. cat. 11. He is promised to the marriages, which are within the degree elect in the covenant of grace, con. vii. of consanguinity or affinity forbiddes 3. cat. 32. By him they are united to in the scriptures, can never be made Christ, con, xxvi. 1. For by him the re- lawful, con. xxiv. 4. demption purchased by Christ is applied Unjust Inclosures and depopulations for to them, con. viii. 8. xi. 4. cat. 58, 59. By bidden, cat, 142. him they are effectually called, con. x. I. Increase of grace is from a continual supcat. 67. And have faith wrought in their ply of strength from the sanctifyin: hearts, con. xiv. 1. cat. 59, 72. He is Spirit of Christ, con. xiii. 1, 3. cat. 75, 11. given to them in adoption, con. xii. cat. Innocency. The state

of man in inno74. And applying the death and resur- cency, con. ir. 2. cat. 17, 20. rection of Christ to them, by his power- Infants, how saved, con. x. 3. Infants ful operation, they are sanctified, con.. one or both believing parents are to be xiii. i. cat. 75. Having repentance baptized, con. xxviii. 4. cat. 165. wrought, and all other saving graces Ingrossing commodities to inhance their infused into their hearts, con. xiii. 1. cat. price, unlawful, cat. 142. 32, 75, 76, 77. Through the continual Inspiration. The books of the old and supply of strength from him, believers New Testament are given by inspiratiun grow in grace, con. xiii. 3. cat. 75. The of God, con. i. 2. But the Apocrypba is outward means are by him made effec- not of divine inspiration, con. i. 3. tual to the elect for salvation, con. vii. 5, Intercession. How Christ makes inter6. xxv. 3. cat. 155, 161. Prayer is to be cession,.cat. 55. It is a part of his pries!made by his help, con. xxi. 3. cat. 182. ly office, cat. 44. He makes intercession, Ability to do good works is from him, that the redemption which he hath con. xvi. 3. Assurance of faith is attain

purchased may be applied to all belier. ed by his witnessing with our spirits ers, con. viii. 8. cut. 55.

And their perst. that we are the children of God, con. verance depends upon his continual in. xviii. 2. cat. 80. By his abiding within tercession for them, con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. believers, they are secured from falling Joy in the Holy Ghost the fruit of assurtotally away from the state of grace, and ance, con. xviii. 1, 2. cat. 83. Believers, are kept by the power of God through by falling into some sins, may grieve the faith unto salvation, con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. Hope of glory, con. xviii. 1. cat. 83. The of their comfort, con. xvii. 2. xviii. 4. hope of hypocrites, con. xviii. 1.

Judge. Christ the judge of the world, Jumiliation of Christ, con. viii. 2, 4. cat. con. viii, 1, 4. xxxiii. 1. How he shall

46. In his conception and birth, cat. 47. come at the last day, cat. 56. In his life, cat. 48. In his death, cat. 49. The Judgments of God upon sinners in After death, cat. 50.

this world, con. v. 6. cat. 28, 83. How beHypocrisy. Making profession of religion lievers may bring temporal judgments

in hypocrisy, or for sinister ends, sinful, on themselves, con. xvii. 3. God is just cat. 1 3. The hypocrite's hope, con. and terrible in his judgments, con. ii. 1. xviii. 1.

The last judgment, what, con. xxxiii. I. Hypostatical. See Personal.

Appointed for angels and men, con, viii.

4. xxxiii. 1. cat. 88. The end of its apI

pointment is the manifestation of God's Idleness unlawful, cat, 139, 142. Idolatry, mercy and justice, con. xxxiii. 2. Christ

all the kinds of it forbidden, cat. 105, shall be the judge, con. viii. 4. xxxiii. 1. 109. All monuments of idolatry ought How he shall come to judge the world, to be removed, cat. 108.

cat. 56. Why he would have us certaip. Jests. Perverting the scripture to profane ly persuaded of it, con xxxiii. 3. Why jests, sinful, cat. 113.

the time of it is concealed, con. xxxiii. 3. Jesus, why so called, cat. 41. See Christ. cat. 88. The judgment of the rightevus, Ignorant, not to be admitted to the Lord's con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 90. The judgment of table, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173.

the wicked, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 89. Image. Man made after the image of Judicial law. See Law. God, in knowledge, righteousness, and The Justice of God fully satisfied by holiness, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. This image

Christ's obedience and death, con. viii. is renewed by sanctification, cat. 75. 5. xi. 3. cat. 38, 71. It is manifested in And fully perfected in heaven, con. xxxii. the works of providence, con, v. l. In the i. cat. 86, 90.

justification of sinners, con. xi. 3. In Image-worship of all kinds discharged, the last judgment, con. xxxiii. 2. cat. 109.

Justice in contracts and commerce bo Iinputation. The guilt of Adam's first tween man and man, cat. 141, 142,

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ustification, what, con. xi. 1. cat. 70. All xix. 2. Binding all, as well justified per. the elect, and they only, are justified, sons as others, con. xix. 5. Christ, in the con. iii. 6. Whom God did from all eter- gospel, having not abolished, but inuch pity decree to justify, con. xi. 4. But strengthened the obligation to the obe. they are not justified till the Holy Spirit dience of it, ib. And although no man doth in due time actually apply Christ since the fall can, by the moral law, atunto them, ib. How justification is of tain to righteousness and life, con. xix. God's free grace, con. xi. 3. cat. 71. Faith 6. cat. 94. Which Christ alone hath puris necessarily required for justification, chased for the elect by his perfect obe. cat. 71. But it justifies a sinner only as dience, con. viii. 5. Yet it is of great use it is an instrument, by which he receiv. to all, con. xix. 6. cat. 95. The use of it eth Christ and his righteousness, con. to the regenerate, con. xix. 6. cat. 97. xi. 1, 2. cat. 73. The exact justice, and The use of it to the unregenerate, cat. rich grace of God, are both glorified in 96. Not contrary to the grace of the the justification of sinners, con. xi. 3. gospel, but doth sweetly comply with it, Justification the same under the Old con. xix. 7. The Spirit of Christ subTestament as under the New, con. xi. 6. duing and enabling the will of man It is inseparably joined with sanctifica- unto a free and cheerful obedience to tion, cat. 77. How they differ, ib. Those the will of God, con. xix. 7. cat. 32. that are justified are perfectly freed in Unnecessary Law-suits to be avoided, cat. this life from the revenging wrath of 141, 142. God, that they never fall into condem. Liberty. Christian liberty, what, con. XX. nation, con. xvii. 1. cat. 77, 79. But cor- 1. Wherein it is enlarged under the ruption remaining in them, con. vi. 5. gospel, ib. The end of Christian liberty, xiii. 2. cat. 78. They fall into many sins, con. xx. 3. Liberty to sin inconsistent con. xvii. 3. cat. 78. Which God con- with it, ib. It is not intended to destroy tinues to forgive, upon their humbling ecclesiastical or civil powers, but to supthemselves, confessing their sius, begg- port and preserve them, con. xx. 4. ing pardon, and renewing their faith Neither are men thereby allowed to puband repentance, con. xi. 5.

lish opinions, or maintain practices,

that are contrary to the light of nature, K

or to the known principles of Christian. 1* Keys. The power of the keys, what, con. ity, or such as are destructive of the Xxx. 2.

Committed to church-officers, peace and order of the church, ib. ib. The civil magistrate may not as- Liberty of conscience, what it is, and what sume this power, con. xxiii. 3.

repugnant to it, con. xx. 2. Making, men King. Christ the King of his church, con. the lords of our faith and conscience

xxx. 1. How he executeth the office of unlawful, con. XX. 2. cat. 105.
a king, cat. 45. What meant by the Life. Eternal life purchased by Christ's
coming of his kingdom, cut. 191.

perfect obedience to the law, con. viii. 5. Knowiedze. God's knowledge is infinite, T'he tree of life was a pledge of the coveinfallible, and independent upon the

nant of works, cat. 20. The life of any creature, con. ii. 2. The knowledge

not to be taken away except in case of which may be had of God and of our publick justiee, lawful war, or necessary duty to him by the light of nature, con. defence, cat. 136. i. l. xxi. 1. cat. 1. The scriptures are Light of nature, what may be known of only sufficient to give that knowledge God and of our duty to him by it, con. i. of God and of his will which is necessary 1. xxi. 1. cat. 2. It is not sufficient to unto salvation, ib.

make us wise unto salvation, con, i. 1. x.

4. xxi. 1. cat. 2, 60. It is of the law of L

nature that a due portion of time be set LABOUR is to be moderately used, cat. 135, apart for the worship of God, con. xxi. 7. 136.

Wanton Looks sinful, cat. 139. Land-marks not to be removed, cat. 142. Lord's prayer. See Prayer. Law. The Ceremonial Law, what, con. Lord's supper. The institution, nature,

xix. 3. It is abrogated now under the and ends of it, con. xxix. 1. cat. 168. New Testament, con. xix. 3. xx. 1. How Christ not offered up to his father, nor the covenant of grace was administered ac real sacritice for sin made in it, con.

under the law, con. vii. 5. viii. 6. cat. 31. xxx. 2. The mass abominably injurious The Judicial Law expired with the state is hrist's one only sacrifice, ib. The

of the Jews, con. xix. 4. And obliges no outward elements in this sacrament are further than the general equity of it re- not to be adored, con. xxix. 4. They still quires, ib.

remain truly bread and wine, con. xxix. The Moral Law, what, cat. 93. Given to 5. The doctrine of transubstantiation

Adam with a power to fulfil it, con. iv. 2. is repugnant not only to the scripture, xix. 1. cat. 92. The ten commandments but even to common sense, and has the sum of it, con, xix, 2. cat. 98. Though been and is the cause of gross idolatries, believers are not under it as a covenant, con. xxix. 6. How Christ hath appoint. con, xix. 6.

And are not able perfectly ed bread and wine to be given and reto keep it, cat. 149. Yet it continues to ceived in the sacrament, con. xxix. 3. cat. be a perfect rule of righteousness, con. 169. It is only to be administered by a

minister of the word lawfully ordained, not make void the magistrate's just and con. xxvii. 4. cat, 176. It is not to be re- legal authority, con. xxiii. 4. ceived by any one alone, con. xxix. 4. It Man, how created, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. His is to be received in both kinds, ih. What state before the fall, con. iv. 2. cat. 17, 20. relation the elements in this sacrament His fall, and the effects of it, con. vi. cat. have to Christ crucified, con. xxix. 5. 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. His state by Ilow Christ is present there, con. xxix. the covenant of grace, con. vii. 3—6. cat. 7. cat. 170. How believers feed on him 30—35. Man's chief end, cat. 1. therein, ib. What preparation is re- Man-stealing discharged, cat. 142. quired for receiving it, cat. 171. Doubt. Marriage, the end of it. con. xxiv. 2. cat. ing may consist with an interest in 20. Between more than one man and Christ, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81. And one woman at a time, unlawful, con. therefore should not hinder from par- xxiv. 1. cat. 139. Lawful for all sorts of taking of the Lord's supper, cat. 172. people who are capable to give their But the ignorant and scandalous are consent, con. xxiv. 3. And who are withnot to be admitted, con. xxix. 8. cat. 173. out the degrees of consanguinity or af. What duties required in the time of re- finity forbidden in the scriptures, con. ceiving, cat. 174. What duties after re- xxiv. 4. But marriages within those ceiving, cat. 175. Frequent attendance degrees can never be made lawful, ib. on it a duty, cat, 175, 177. The agree- Protestants should not marry with inment and difference between the Lord's fidels, Papists, or other idolaters, con. supper and baptism, cat, 176, 177.

xxiv. 3. Nor such as are godly with mots, cat, 112, 113.

those that are notoriously wicked, ib. A Love. Election is of God's free love, con. contract of marriage may be dissolved

iii. 5. cat. 13. Which is unchangeable, for adultery or fornication committed con. xvii. 2. cat. 79. And therefore true after the contract, con. xxiv. 5. The believers can neither totally nor finally bond of marriage can only be dissolved fall away from the state of grace, ib. for adultery after marriage, and such The sense of God's love is attainable in wilful desertion as cannot be remedied, this life, cat. 83. See Assurance. Love con. xxiv. 5, 6. Undue delay of marto God is a duty, ca 104. Which the riage, prohibiting of lawful, and dislight of nature showeth, con. xxi. 1. To pensing with unlawful marriages, are love the Lord our God with all our sinful, cat. 139. Vows of perpetual single heart, &c. is the sum of our duty to him, life are sinful spares in which no Chriscat. 102. Love to God is necessary to tian may entangle himself, con, xxii. 7. the right performance of the duty of cat. 139. Those who have not the gift prayer, con. xxi. 3. cat. 185. Love to God of continency ought to marry, cat. 138 and the brethren is necessary to right

The duties of married persons, cat. 139, communicating, cat. 168, 171, 174. True

141. believers are never utterly destitute of The Mass abominably injurious to Christ's the love of Christ and the brethren, con. one only sacrifice, con. xxix. 2. xviii. 4. Wherein love towards our Means. God in his ordinary providence neighbour consists, cat. 135, 141, 144, 147. maketh use of means; yet is free to What contrary to it, cat. 136, 142, 145, work without, above, and against them 148. It is the sum of our duty to man, at his pleasure, con. v. 3. The outward cat, 122.

and ordinary means of salvation under Lying sinful, cat. 145.

the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. Under the

gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. 35, 154. The dili. M

gent use of them is required in order to

escape the wrath of God, cat. 153, How MAGISTRATES appointed by God, con. xxiii. they are made effectual, con. xxv. 3. cat.

1. For what end, ib. Lawful for Chris. 155, 161, 182. Trusting in means sinful, tians to accept the office of a magistrate, cat. 105.

Unlawful means not to be con. xxiii. 2. The duty of the civil ma- used, ib. gistrate, con, xxiii. 2. cat. 129. con. XX. 4. False Measures unlawful, cat. 142. Read the scriptures letter r. The sins of Meat to be moderately used, cat. 135, 136. the magistrate, cat. 130, 145. He may Mediator. See Christ. wage war upon just and necessary occa. The Mercy of God, con. ii. 1. cat. 7. It is sions, con. xxiii. 2. His power in church. manifested in his works of providence, affairs stated, con. xxiii. 3. The duty of con. v. 1. It is of God's free love and the people towards their magistrates, mercy that the elect are delivered from con. xxiii. 4. cat. 127. Their sins against sin and misery, and brought to an estate them, cat. 123. Ecclesiastical persons of salvation by the second covenant, cat. not exempted from obedience to the 30. God is merciful to penitent sinners civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. The Pope in Christ, con. xv. 2. cat. 76. For whose hath no power or jurisdiction over ma- sa ke mercy is to be prayed for, cat. 180. gistrates or their people, ib. The ma. Works of mercy are to be done, even on gistrate is not to be opposed in the law. ful exercise of his power, upon pre- Merit. No merit in good works for par.

the Lord's day, con. xxi. 8. cat. 117. tence of Christian liberty, con. xx. 4. don of sin or eternal life; and why, con. Intidelity or difference in religion dotb vi. 5. Nor can we merit the outward

blessings of this life, cat. 193. But we just and good, and what he is able to are to trust in the merits of Christ, cat. perform, ib. An oath is to be taken in 174. Who appearing in the merit of his the plain and common sense of the obedience and sacrifice, maketh inter- words; and, in things not sinful, it cession for his people, cat. 55.

binds to performance, though to a man's Messiah. The elect under the Old Testa- own hurt, or made to hereticks, con.

ment believed in the promised Messiah, xxii. 4. cat. 113. But it cannot oblige to by whom they had full remission of sins, sin, ib. and eternal salvation, con. vii. 5. viii. 6. Obedience is due to God in whatsoever crit. 34,

he is pleased to command, con. ii. 2. The Ministry given by Christ to the visiblo cat. 104. Christ hath performed perfect

church, con. xxv. 3. The maintenance obedience to the law for us in our na. thereof a duty, cat. 108. A minister of ture, con. viii. 4. cat. 38, 39, 48, 97. And the gospel is one sufficiently gifted, and by it purchased an everlasting inheri. also duly approved and lawfully called tance in the kingdom of heaven for the and ordained to that office, con. xxvii. 4. elect, con. viii. 5. cat. 38. His obedience xxviii. 2. cat. 158. By such only the word is imputed to believers, con. xi. 1. cat. 70. is to be read publickly and preached, He hath not abolished, but much and the sacraments dispensed, con. strengthened the obligation to the obe

xxvii. 4. xxviii, 2. cat. 156, 158, 159, 169. dience of the moral law, con. xix. 5. Moral law. See Law.

Good works done in obedience to God's Mortification. The regenerate have the commands are the fruits and evidences

corruption of nature mortified through of a true faith, con. xvi. 2. cat. 32. How Christ, con. vi. 5. And the several lusts the sincere though imperfect obedience of the body of sin, con. xiii. 1. Beliey. of believers is accepted and rewarded, ers draw strength from the death and con xvi. 6. Obedience is due to the lawresurrection of Christ for the mortify- ful commands of a magistrate, con. xxiii. ing of sin, cat. 167.

4. cat. 127, 128.

Offices of Christ, of Mediator. See Me. N

diator. His prophetical office, cat. 43. ; The Name of Christ. That prayer be ac- priestly, cat. 44. ; and kingly, cat. 45.

cepted, it is to be made in the name of The Old Testament in Hebrew is that to Christ, con. xxi. 3. cat. 178. What it is which the church is finally to appeal in to pray in the name of Christ, cat. 180. controversies of religion, con. i. 8. The Why prayer is to be made in his name, administration of the covenant of grace cat. 181.

under the law is called the Old TestaThe Name of God is only that by which ment, con. vii. 5.

men ought to swear, and therein it is to The Ordinances of God given by Christ to be used with all huly fear and reverence, the visible church, con. xxv. 3. The orcon. xxii. 2. How the name of God dinances under the law, con. vii. 5. cat. ought to be used, and how it is profan- 34. Those under the gospel, con. vii. 6. ed, cat. 112, 113, 114, 190.

cat. 35. Which are fewer, and adminisNature. See Corruption, Original Sin, tered with more simplicity, and less outLight of Nature.

ward glory ; yet in them grace and salThe two Natures of Christ. See Christ, vation are held forth in more fulness, Incarnation, Personal Union.

evidence, and efficacy, ib. All God's orThe New Testament in Greek is that to dinances, especially the word, sacra,

which the church is finally to appeal in ments, and prayer, are the outward and controversies of religion, con. i. 8. The ordinary means of salvation, cot. 154. administration of the covenant of grace How they are made effectual, con. xxv. under the gospel is called the New Tes- 3. cat. 155, 161, 182. The neglect, contament, con. vii. 6.

tempt, or opposing them, sinful, cat. 109. Neighbour. See Charity, Love.

Original corruption. See Corruption. Niggardliness sinful, cat. 142.

Original sin. See Sin. 0

P An Oath, what it is, con. xxii, 1. It is PAPISTS. Protestants should not marry

a part of religious worship, ih. The with Papists, con. xxiv. 3. name of God is that by which men Pardon. See Sin. ought only to swear, con. xxii. 2. cat. 108. Passions to be restrained, cat. 135, 136. Vain or rash swearing by his name is to Passover, one of the types and ordinances be abhorred, con. xxii. 2. cat. 113. Yet, by which the covenant of grace was ad. in matters of weight and moment, an ministered under the law, con. vii. 5. cat. oath is warrantable under the New Tes. 34. tament. con. xxii. 2. A lawful oath, im- Patience. Patient bearing of the hand of posed by lawful authority, oug to be God a duty, cat. 13.5. Patient hearin and taken, ib. It is a sin to refuse it, con. forgiving of injuries a duty, ib. xxii. 3. A man must swear nothing but Peace of conscience. See Conscience. what he is fully persuaded is truth; Pedo-baptis!n. See Infants. neither may he bind himself by oath to Perseverance of saints. They whom God any thing but what he believes to be hath accepted in Christ can never to.

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