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1967 actual

1968 estimate 1959 estimate



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Other Services-Con.

Installation of floor tile, both buildings...
Replacement of wooden walkway to flagpole, roof of main building-----
Installation of heating and cooling system and related work, main

building ---
Improved lighting, bookstacks, main building.
Construction changes, cellar areas, annex.
Replacement of garage doors, main building.....
Pointing exterior stonework, main building
Roof repairs, main building.
Replacement of book conveyor, annex..
Replacement of three passenger elevators in bookstacks, main

Fireproofing pipe and duct openings, annex.-..-.
Modernization of four bookstack elevators, annex...
Installation of bronze hand railings, stairs, west front, main

building -
Equipment for bookstacks, main building..
Installation of fire sprinkler systems, cellar areas, annex.
Air conditioning deck No. 1, south, annex....
Repairs to marble floor tile, main building...
Clean and refinish bronze doors, main building.-
Replacement of book conveyor between main building and

Supplies and materials.

Materials cleaning and handling equipment...
Replacement of tractor.

Replacement of paper baler...
Land and structures:

Care of grounds...
Snow removal...
Resurfacing west dirveway and east parking lot, main building.
Improve lighting, grounds surrounding main building -
Repairs and replacements, sidewalks surrounding main building-
Total obligations..


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Mr. ANDREWS. The next appropriation item appears on page 100 of the committee print and on page 135 of the justifications, “Library Buildings and Grounds, Structural and Mechanical Care." You are asking for $985,000, which seems to represent a small net reduction below the current year's appropriation.

We will insert pages 135 through 142 in the record.

(The pages follow :) 1968 appropriation in annual act---

$996, 900 Wage-board pay supplemental------

22,000 Total appropriations—1968--

1, 018,90 DEDUCTIONS Maintenance and repair, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems decreased from $31,100 to $15,600.----

15. This allotment is decreased due to dropping two nonrecurring items allowed for 1968, not required for 1969 : $9,500 for cleaning of air-handling systems, rare book stacks, main building, and $6,000 for installation of new preheat coils, annex building. The regular annual amount of $15,600 asked for 1969 is the same

amount as allowed for the fiscal years 1967 and 1968. Improved lighting, office areas, both buildings: 4th year allotment to

improve the lighting in various offices and work spaces, both build

ings -----Clean and restore ceiling decorations, main building : 5th year allotment of improvement program----


DEDUCTIONS-continued lodernization of 4 bookstack elevators, annex: Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969-----

$80,000 nstallation of bronze handrailings, stairs, west front, main building : Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969.------

2,000 oof repairs, main building: Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969.------

5,000 ointing exterior stonework, main building: Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969--

30,000 quipment for bookstacks, main building: Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969.-

17,500 aterials handling and cleaning equipment: Several items of equipment allowed as replacements for obsolete equipment and to supplement existing equipment, allowed for 1968, not required for 1969

6, 100 eplacement of tractor : Nonrecurring item allowed for 1968, not required for 1969.------

5, 500 Total deduction-----

------- — 221, 600 Base for 1969.-

797, 300


8, 200

age-board increases authorized by Public Law 763, 83d Congress...

Under the provisions of Public Law 763, 83d Cong., 62 laborers and mechanics on the library buildings and grounds roll are compensated on a wage-board, prevailing rate basis. Public Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates.

An increase of $6,600 is requested for 1969 to meet on a full-year basis the cost of increased wage rates established as a result of a general survey of government and industrial employees in the Washington metropolitan area, conducted during the past year. The new rates went into effect Oct. 22, 1967, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 85-872, 85th Cong. This increase is necessary in order that the library buildings and grounds wage-board employees may be compensated on a full-year basis in the fiscal year 1969 in accordance with present prevailing rates.

An increase of $1,600 is requested for 1969 to meet the cost of within-grade promotions and other changes falling due in that year, authorized by Public Law 763 under the wage-board system,

for employees compensated under that act. prtime and holiday pay allotment-increased from $120,700 to


2, 120


The additional amount of $2,120 for 1969 is to cover on a fullyear basis the increased cost incurred under this allotment as a result of wage-rate changes which went into effect on Oct. 22, 1967 and only had to be met on an 8-months basis in the fiscal year

1968. htwork and Sunday differential pay-increased from $12,800 to 13,800 ------

This increase is necessary to meet the cost on a current expenditure basis of work performed under this allotment. Costs under this allotment have been gradually increasing over the past several years, due to annual wage-rate increases provided by law, and the point has now been reached where a realistic adjustment under this allotment is necessary. above the stated annual rate allotment-increase..

Normally, it is necessary to provide, annually, for one additional day's pay above the regular 260-basic workdays per year, since usually the extra day falls on a basic workday (Monday to Friday). This allotment is determined by deducting 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays from the total of 365 calendar days in a normal year. Last year (leap year), one additional day fell on a Saturday and the other on a Sunday, resulting in the elimination of the need for this allotment for 1968. For 1969, the additional day falls on a basic workday, necessitating the need for restoration of this allotment for 1969.


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Increased pay costs due to Public Law 90–206 "Federal Salary Act

of 1967", approved Dec. 16, 1967------

Increases authorized by this act went into effect Oet. 8, 1967.
In order to cover the full-year cost in the fiscal year 1969, an

additional amount of $740 is requested.
Payment to employees' life insurance fund-increased from $1,000

to $1,600 --------

This item is required to cover the cost of the government's payment to employees' life insurance fund required by Public Law 598, 83d Cong. The increase of $600 is due to additional costs resulting from enactment of Public Law 90-206, which provides for additional amounts of insurance for all Federal employees and establishes a new minimum insurance coverage of $10,000

for those employees whose annual basic salary is $8,000 or less. Contribution to retirement fund-increased from $31,500 to $33,040.

This item is required to cover the cost of Government contribution to retirement fund required by Public Law 854, 84th Cong.

The additional cost results from increase in basic pay rates. Supplies and materials increased from $35,000 to $42,500.-------

The increase of $7,500 which we are now requesting is needed to assure an adequate stock of a variety of engineering, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and other essential materials and supplies used for the maintenance of the 2 library buildings. Constant space adjustments require considerable construction work which consumes numerous items of supplies and materials, costs of building materials continue to climb, and accelerated deterioration in the buildings as they get older increases the demand for more supplies and materials for maintenance purposes. The use of fluorescent tubes has increased as a result of the improved lighting program, and these are more expensive than incandescent lamps. Expenditures for necessary supplies and materials over the last few fiscal years have been as follows: 1965, $35,000 ;

1966, $36,000; 1967, $40,500. Equip part of bookstacks with map cases, anner-increased from

$11,000 to $23,000 -----

This increase is requested to provide an allotment of $23,000. instead of the usual amount of $11,000, for the purchase of 230 5-drawer map case sections to relieve crowding, provide growth space, replace obsolete equipment, and offset to some extent recent increases in map case costs. Previous annual allotments of $11,000 have permitted the purchase of 125 map case sections in sufficient quantity to house approximately 62,500 maps, somewhere near the annual map acquisition rate a few years ago. In recent years, however, annual acquisitions have exceeded that figure considerably, as follows: 1965, 88,000; 1966, about 116,000; 1967—over 109,000, and future acquisitions are expected to maintain this pace. As a result, present cases are overcrowded and there is no

room for growth space. Installation of floor tile, both buildings_

Floor tile for 2 locations, both in the annex, are requested under this heading: (1) Installation of resilient tile on the bare concrete floor of the east-west corridor between the elevator lobbies, fourth floor, annex ($1,000); (2) Replacement of industrial asphalt tile floor in the annex receiving room with a mineral composition floor, and the replacement of the wooden subfloor with a concrete slab to prolong wear ($3,000). The existing floor, which was installed over 10 years ago, is now badly deteriorated, due to heavy use, including the use of fork lift trucks and other

materials handling equipment. Clean and restore ceiling and wall decorations, main building -----

This item is requested to permit the continuation of a program started in 1963, which has resulted in the effective cleaning and restoration of various decorated ceiling and wall areas, primarily in the west front of the main building, ground, 1st and 2nd floors. Funds provided in 1968 will complete this work in tbe west-south and west-north corridors, ground floor, and those requested for 1969 would be used for other parts of the same floor.

12. 4




ADDITIONS-continued proved lighting, office areas, both buildings.-

The amount requested under this allotment, which is the same as allowed for 1968, is needed to assure the uninterrupted continuance of the lighting improvement program started in 1964. With funds available through 1967, obsolete and inadequate lighting fixtures in the following principal areas have been replaced : Perimeter office areas, 1st and 2nd floors, Annex; offices and reading rooms, ground floor, main building; and several smaller spaces where an urgent need existed. The allotment allowed for fiscal 1968 is being used to improve the lighting on the entire annex 3d floor, which includes the manuscript reading room.

More, however, remains to be done. Improvements are needed in office areas on the ground floor, annex, and on the 1st floor, main building, to cite but 2 examples. To attain the primary objectives of this program, which are to raise the foot-candles in offices and certain reading rooms from a low of 8 in some places to at least 75, the minimum requirement for library work, and to improve the quality of the lighting by use of modern, efficient fixtures, it is estimated that $150,000 will be needed to complete the program-$30,000 per year for fiscal years 1969, 1970 and 1971. rurfacing west driveway and east parking lot, main building-----

The driveway to the west ground floor entrance, main building, was last resurfaced in 1952, while the parking lot at the east side of the main building was done in 1956. Due to cracks, pits and other defects, both areas need to be resurfaced again. Also, resurfacing of the east parking lot is expected to correct leaks through the ceiling into the cafeteria below. Both areas are heavily used, with the east parking lot being especially subject to heavy use as this space serves as the loading and unloading zone for trucks making deliveries and pickups at the mail and receiving rooms which abut the parking lot. lacement of wooden walkway, main building roof-----

This item is requested to replace a wooden walkway on the roof of the main building, west front, which leads from an access door in the roof to the flagpole and 2 elevator machine rooms on the roof. The walkway is in constant use by the guards, who attend to the raising and lowering of the flag, by elevator mechanics for access to the elevator machine rooms, and for other purposes, such as roof inspections. The walkway is considered a safety hazard due to faulty decking, which cannot be properly protected under ice and snow conditions, and inadequate handrails. Since it is constructed of wood and exposed to various weather conditions, it is also a maintenance problem.

It is proposed to replace the walkway with a metal one, suitably designed to eliminate the hazards and defects of the present one. rored lighting, grounds surrounding main building

The lighting on the grounds, consisting of 28 standards about 70 years old, do not provide adequate illumination to afford proper protection under present-day conditions. In addition, many of the standards are badly corroded after nearly 70 years of exposure to the weather, they are inadequately wired, and the lanterns on top of the standards are no longer weather-proof, which results in frequent and abnormal lamp failures. It is proposed to increase the number of lamp standards from 28 to 40, equip them all with efficient fixtures, and recondition existing standards where possible or replace those beyond effective repair. New standards would be skillfully executed reproductions of the original design. erials handling and cleaning equipment.------

In order to provide more efficient cleaning services in both buildings, the following items of equipment are requested: (a) 2 battery-operated power sweepers, one for each building, for large open spaces, such as cellars, the pedestrian tunnel, and corridors ($2,500); () 4 medium-sized vacuum cleaners, 4 medium-sized floor polishers, and twelve mop carts, all to replace old, wornont equipment now beyond economical repair. ($1,500).

14, 000

60, 000


+187, 700

Total estimate for 1969.

985, 000

Mr. ANDREWS. I believe the items on pages 135, 136, and 137 down to the last item on page 138 more or less speak for themselves. They involve either a deletion of nonrecurring items provided in the 1968 bill or the so-called mandatory items similar to those we have encountered in earlier appropriations. Suppose you begin with the last item on page 138.


Mr. HENLOCK. That is an increase in the annual allotment for supplies and materials from $35,000 to $42,500. The costs are constantly mounting under that particular item. In 1965 the expenditure for supplies and materials were $35,000; in 1966 they were $36.00"; and in 1967 actually $40,500. So what we are attempting to do is adjust our allotment to meet actual current cost increases that hare occurred in this particular item.

Mr. ANDREWS. While we are talking about the grounds, did you ever finish the sidewalk project, Dr. Mumford ?

Dr. MUMFORD. The sidewalk, yes. There is an item in here for the driveway to the west front entrance of the main building and the east parking lot.

Mr. ANDREWS. We will get to that in a minute.
Now what is the next item?


Mr. HENLOCK. The next item is to equip part of the bookstacks with map cases in the annex. We increased the item from $11,000 to $23,00 You have been giving us annual allotments for a number of years ir order to try to relieve congested conditions and also to provide a.. commodations for increased acquisitions of maps. According to the estimates given us, Dr. Mumford cannot operate successfully under the old allotment of $11,000. Perhaps he may wish to amplify o! that item.

Mr. ANDREWS. All right, Dr. Mumford.

Dr. MUMFORD. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Our receipts of im. portant maps continue to increase. We weed out the duplicates ir. special projects during the summer and throughout the year, bor nevertheless the total number of maps to be housed does increase. A: you can appreciate, maps are important to the Government and f: lise generally.

As Mr. Henlock said, we have had an item of $11,000. This is a'. increase over what we have had. The program has been going on fi: a good many years.

Mr. HENLOCK. Since 1963.

Mr. ANDREWS. Haven't you had more money in this program tka you are asking for in this request?

Dr. MUMFORD. Not annually.

Mr. ANDREWS. You are talking about acquisitions that have increased ?

Dr. MUMFORD. Yes, they have been increasing. Mr. ANDREWS. I would think in a library the size of the Library Congress you have a constant demand or need for additional sheltre and cases.

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