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contract authority is provided in the basic law and therefore to avoid double accounting, the budget and the committee print table treat this $6,975,000 appropriation now requested as a so-called nonadd item. That seems to be the reconciling explanation, is that correct?

Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir. Between the committee print table and our table.

Mr. ANDREWS. Referring further to the summary tabulation on page 6, just briefly run down that list and identify which items are more or less mondatory under existing law; which are discretionary; just enumerate so that the facts will appear here in one place in the record. Enumerate the specific items making up all the items which I see listed at $145,250. Do the same thing just briefly with respect to the special nonrecurring maintenace items which are said to total $455,200. You need not go into details at this point; merely recite



Mr. HENLOCK. On page 6, mandatory increases are those items listed under personnel compensation, starting with "Increased pay costs" down through the entry “Pay above stated annual rate,” those mandatory items total $423,615 out of the total of $438,265 requested for personnel compensation increases.

Mr. ANEREWS. All of those items there under personnel compensation are mandatory?

Mr. HENLOCK. With the exception of the two new jobs which amount to $14,650.

The first three items, under the annual maintenance items, which total $53,785, are mandatory. Everything else from there down is discretionary.

Mr. ANDREWS. Where is that?

Mr. HENLOCK. That is under "Annual maintenance" $53,785 covers the mandatory items. If you add them, Mr. Chairman, the mandatory items come, in all, to $477,400. The discretionary items come to $10.620,700.

Mr. ANDREWS. That $477,400 is a total of the $438,265 less $14,650 ? Mr. HENLOCK. That is correct.

Mr. ANDREWS. Plus the next three items under "Other annual maintenance," items totaling $53,785 ?

Mr. HENLOCK. That is correct.


Mr. ANDREWS. All other items, $145,250; what does that include? Is it mandatory?

Mr. HENLOCK. No, sir. We have a summary breakdown of those tems. I can run through it with you, if you wish. I do not know whether you want that statement in the record. If so, we will insert it.

Mr. ANDREWS. Put this in the record at this point.

(The information follows:) Annual maintenance items of increase, 1969----

$145, 250 Capitol buildings: Maintenance of business machines and equipment-increase due to cost to defray maintenance and service contracts required for upkeep of electronic and data processing equipment acquired in 1967 for handling, in a modern and expeditious manner, preparation of payrolls and related data and related accounting information --------

5,000 Capitol Grounds : Increased cost of maintenance of underground

sprinkler systems-many having been installed over 35 years
ago. Now have 7,275 sprinkler heads. Increase of $2,000 will pro-
vide for replacement of about 500 heads a year--------

2.000 Senate office buildings and Senate garage: (6 items of increase) -

20, 050 House office buildings : Annual painting increased from $35,000 to

$40,000; elevator and escalator maintenance increased from $13,-
655 to $20,555 ; maintenance, air-conditioning systems; $2,800
increase to cover rising costs, $1,000 to maintain system in 2 new
underground garages, $1,000 to cover added cost for annual re-
placement of new improved type of filters installed in Cannon
Building, under first remodeling phase----

16, 700 Capitol Power Plant: Purchase of electrical energy increased from

$1,355,000 to $1,400,000; purchase of coal increased from $310,-
000 to $332,000; general annual repairs increased from $85,000
to $100,000_-----

$2,000 Library buildings and grounds : Supplies and materials increased

from $35,000 to $42,500; equipping part of bookstacks with map
cases, annex (continuation of program started in 1963) in-
creased from $11,000 to $23,000----


--------Total annual maintenance items, increase_

145, 250 Mr. HENLOCK. Under “Capitol buildings" there is an increase of $5,000 for maintenance of business equipment and machines used in the office. The main increase comes about because in 1967 we acquired electronic data processing equipment for handling in a modern way, our payrolls and other related data and accounting data. Maintenance service contracts have to be entered into each year from now on. We estimate this will increase our costs by $5,000.

Under “Capitol Grounds," there is a small increase of $2,000. We now have 7,275 sprinkler heads in the underground sprinkler systems Many of those were installed 35 years ago and we should have an orderly replacement program. Our estimate provides for replacement of 500 sprinkler heads a year.

Mr. ANDREWS. You consider that mandatory?
Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir.
Under the “House office buildings”
Mr. ANDREWS. Just 1 minute.

Mr. HENLOCK. Mr. Chairman, the $2,000 increase is not required by law. It is an item, however, that we consider mandatory for our operation.

Mr. ANDREWS. Your subsequent need for it?
Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir.
Mr. ANDREWS. I can understand why they might need attention.
What about Capitol buildings at $5,000 ?

Mr. HENLOCK. We feel that is a mandatory item. We must keep our electronic computer equipment in continuous dependable operating condition.

Mr. ANDREWS. What abont the Senate Office Building and Senate garage; this is their problem?

Mr. HENLOCK. That is right. We have listed those in our total for the Architect of the Capitol.

Mr. ANDREWS. House Office Buildings?

Mr. HENLOCK. We have a small increase of $5,000, under this appropriation in our annual painting item. That is due to a wage-rate increase which will go into effect this May.

Mr. Andrews. IVhat are you going to paint ?

Mr. HENLOCK. Mr. Ridgell proposes painting some suites in the Rayburn Building and some in the Longworth Building. Since that building will be occupied for some time even if we remodel it, the 1969 estimates include funds for some painting of suites in that building.

We have increased our elevator and escalator maintenance item by $6,900, increasing that annual maintenance item from $13,655 to $20,555. For air-conditioning maintenance we ask a $2800 increase to meet rising costs; $1,000 for maintenance of the two new underground garage systems in Squares 637 and 691 which have recently been placed in operation, and $1,000 for annual replacement of a new improved type of filters installed in the Cannon Building under the first phase of remodeling of that building.

Mr. ANDREWS. You consider these repairs urgent?
Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir.
Mr. ANDREWS. You consider this $16,700 mandatory?

Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir. Under the Capitol powerplant we ask an increase of $82,000, which we certainly consider an urgent item. This increase occurs under three items: For purchase of electric energy we are increasing our annual allotment from $1,355,000 to $1,400,000. We actually are exceeding our allotment by nearly $90,000 this year, based on the way costs are presently running.

Mr. ANDREWS. Does that mean you are using more power or that costs have gone up?

Mr. HENLOCK. The costs have not gone up per kilowatt hour. It is a gradual increase in annual use of electrical energy. Coal has gone up a slight extent, increasing that allotment from $310,000 to $332,000. Our general annual repairs for the plant are running around $100,000 whereas our present annual allotment is only $85,000. We have $12 million invested in our plant equipment, and over two-thirds of it is more than ten years old.

We do not see how that increase can be deferred. That is, the total of $82,000.

Under "Library buildings and grounds,” there is an increase of $19,500. The Librarian has urged that we increase the supplies and materials allotment by $7500—or from $35,000 to $42,500: Allotments

you have given us since 1963 for equipment of part of the book stacks in the annex with map cases are increased from $11,000 to $23,000 to help relieve congestion. We feel that is a much-needed request.

Mr. ANDREWS. In other words, you feel that all the $145,250 requested here for these items under annual maintenance items are urgently needed ?

Mr. HENLOCK. Yes, sir, we do.

Mr. ANDREWS. I see at the top of the page you have got annual maintenance items of increase, 1969, $145,200. You total them up and it is $145,250.

Mr. HENLOCK. Mr. Chairman, on page 4, we show the total increase to be $145,250.

Mr. ANDREWS. I am talking about the top of this exhibit here. Mr. HENLOCK. I am sorry. It is my error. The correct figure is $145,250.

Mr. ANDREWS. But do you want $200 or $250 ?
Mr. HENLOCK. $250.

Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Henlock, of the total gross increase requested as shown on page 6, that is, the $11,098,100, how much of that total relates to items which this committee normally considers? How much relates to the two Senate items which we do not normally consider?

Mr. HENLOCK. The Senate items total $160,700. I believe we recorded that in our previous statement.

SPECIAL NONRECURRING MAINTENANCE INCREASES You also asked an explanation of the $455,200 increase for nonrecurring maintenance items. We have a breakdown of those items for the record.

These are special nonrecurring items.
Mr. ANDREWS. We will insert this list in the record at this point.

(The list follows:) Special nonrecurring items of increase, 1969------


$455, 200


14, 200 28, 000


Capitol Buildings : Replacement of 2 compressors serving air

conditioning system in Senate side of Capitol and 2 serving

House side of Capitol-in continuous service since 1938------
Capitol Grounds: Repairs to grotto (repairs last made in 1948),

$12,000; seraping and cleaning rust and loose scaling paint
from metal stairs, railings, and other metal surfaces in Taft

Memorial, accepted by Congress in 1959–$2,200.-------------
Senate Office Buildings (1 item)----

-------House Office Buildings: Installation of a prefilter system in Rayburn Bldg, air-conditioning system, to offset effects of air pollution and take advantage of design improvements developed in

industry since 1961.-
Capitol Power Plant: Completion of program of replacement of

stokers in 3 large steam generators at plant in service since
1954; 3-year program (1967-69) originally estimated to cost
$110,000; work actually being accomplished at total cost of
$105,000; saving effected through purchase of stokers and in-
stalling them by use of our own powerplant personnel acting
under supervision of a qualified representative of the manufac-

turer of the stokers-------
Library buildings and grounds-structural and me-
chanical care :

Installation of floor tile, both buildings.---------- 4,000
Clean and restore ceiling and wall decorations, main

building (program in effect since 1963) -----------
Improved lighting, office areas, both buildings (pro-
gram in effect since 1964)----

Resurfacing west driveway and east parking lot,
main building-----

Replacement of wooden walkway, main building

Improved lighting, grounds surrounding main
building ------

Materials handling and cleaning equipment.------- 4,000



152, 000

Total -----
Library buildings and grounds-furniture and furnishings: In-

crease in items of repairs to office machines and equipment;
annual purchase of office furniture, equipment and office ma-
chines ; typewriter replacement; 18 other items (largest item
being $62,000 for equipment and office machines for Card

238,000 455, 200

Total, special nonrecurring items of increase------------

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