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formance of the four functions with which the Office is charged by law. They are (1) the sale of Government publications produced by the Government Printing Office; (2) the compilation of catalogs and indexes of Government publications; (3) the distribution of Government publications to designated depository libraries; and (4) the mailing for members of Congress and other Government agencies of certain Government publications authorized by them.

As is true of other operations of the Government Printing Office, all of the functions required of the Office of the Superintendent of Documents are of a service nature and there is no control over the volume of work that we are called on to perform.


The only function which produces revenue is the sale of Government publications, from which we realized income last year for return to the U.S. Treasury of $7,079,061, an amount which exceeded our appropriation by approximately $654,000. Based on sales to date, which are about 4 percent ahead of the comparable period last year, we expect the income from the sales program for fiscal 1968 to be approximately $7,500,000.

For fiscal year 1969, we must provide for a continuation of the steady, uncontrollable growth in the demand for the purchase of publications which has been evident in every recent year.

We know, also, that there must be a continued expansion of the depository library program as authorized by the Depository Library Act of 1962.

To the limit of our available space and facilities, we must also be prepared to meet the heavy demands made on us by other agencies and the Congress for the mailing of publications, a demand which is continuously increasing and which we have not been able to meet in the past as fully or as promptly as desired.


In accordance with the authorization of this committee, a year ago, the ZIP coding of the addresses on the 1,300 mailing lists that we must maintain, which total between 2,500,000 and 3 million names, was completed on schedule, as of December 31, 1967. We accomplished this by utilizing rental equipment and temporary personnel hired for a special intermediate work shift.

A contract has been awarded for the conversion of our largest single mailing list of approximately 875,000 names from speedaumat plates to magnetic tape, and processing for updating and addressing. This first significant step in modernizing the mailing lists maintained by our Office, will provide for improved servicing of these lists in the next 12 months. It will also make it possible for us to extend to a wider public audience our notification service regarding the availability of newly issued Government publications.


Our total requested appropriation for 1969 is $8,112,200, an overall increase of $608,000 over the 1968 appropriation.

For the established programs of publications sales, compilation of catalogs and indexes of Government publications, and distribution of publications for other Government agencies and Members of Congress, the increased amount requested is $257,322. This increase has been more than offset, however, by the amount of funds that were requested for certain programs in 1968 that will not be required in 1969, with the result that there is a net decrease for these established programs in 1969, amounting to $12,478.

INCREASE FOR DEPOSITORY LIBRARY PROGRAM The estimated cost of operating the depository library program in 1969, will require an increase of $314,680 over the amount appropriated for this program in 1968. There are now 945 depository libraries, 24 of which have been designated since July 1, 1967, and that number can increase under existing legislation to a total of approximately 1,350. We estimate that there will be an additional 40 depositories designated during fiscal 1969. To overcome delays in the mailing of an increased volume of publications under the expanding depository program, we are requesting authorization to hire six additional print. ing plant workers.



The demands made by other Government agencies for the mailing of publications have increased to the point where we can no longer meet the requested mailing schedules, despite the use of almost con. tinuous orertime work. Many of these publications are dated periodicals or regulatory material, for which timely mailing is essential. We are now utilizing to the fullest extent all of the space and equipment available for the performance of this operation. In order to provide this necessary service in an adequate manner, we request authorization to establish an additional 8-hour intermediate work shift to be devoted exclusively to addressing and mailing operations. The personnel cost of an additional 36 printing plant workers and machine operators necessary to man this work force would amount to $214,084 and is included in the 1969 estimates.

INCREASE REQUESTED FOR THREE ADDITIONAL SALES OFFICES The significant success of the two experimental branch sales outlets for Government publications now in operation in Chicago, Ill., and Kansas City, Mo., is indicative of the public response and demand for this service of our Office. We should like to be in a position to extend the decentralized sale of Government publications to other principal cities of the United States, as part of the system of Federal informa

ion centers being established by the General Services Administration, under the President's program for improving Government service.

We are, accordingly, requesting $61,714 to establish in 1969 not more han three additional branch bookstores in cities where Federal infornation centers are now operating or being opened. This amount would nclude the salaries of not more than two bookstore clerks for each uchi new branch established, as well as the cost of necessary fixtures and equipment. The extension of this program would necessitate an increase in the amount authorized for travel, which would be required for surveying sites, training personnel, stocking the branches and providing for the audits required by the General Accounting Office. $5,800 of the increased amount requested for travel would be devoted to this improvement in service.

The present location of the Chicago branch bookstore is not readily accessible to the public and provides inadequate space for publications display and for providing service to the customers. We have requested, and the Joint Committee on Printing has approved, the relocation, when funds are available, of that branch, from the 14th floor of the Federal Building, to suitable space on the first floor, as a part of, or adjacent to, the Federal information center. $3,700 of the increase requested for equipment would be used to defray the cost of that relocation.

TRAVEL LIMITATION INCREASE The present limitation of $2,700 for travel is inadequate to meet the needs of the Office of the Superintendent of Documents. Apart from the increase that authorization to open new branch bookstores would necessitate, we have also included in the estimate for 1969 an increase of $1,500 for travel to permit the inspection and audit of established bookstores, the inspection of depository libraries, a more adequate direction of the depository library program and to permit officials of our Office to take advantage of opportunities for inspecting new machinery, equipment, and operating procedures as a means of effecting improvements in the performance of our functions.


We are requesting an increase of $8,100 to meet the expense of a new telephone system designed for improved handling of an average of over 1,000 telephone calls that are received each day by the inquiries section of our Office.


The increased amount of $18,780 for postage on administrative mail, reflects the increased postal rates recently inaugurated.

The new postal rates are also responsible for an increase of $11,394 in the request for postage required for mailing publications to the already established depository libraries.

INCREASE FOR PUBLICATIONS-DEPOSITORY LIBRARIES For the estblished 945 depository libraries plus an estimated 40 additional to be designated in 1969, an increase of $251,400 is requested for the printing of the publications required for this distribution.

For a continuation of the implementation in 1969 of that portion of the 1962 Depository Library Act requiring the distribution of certain Government publications not produced by the Government Printing Office, we have included $1,950 to cover the cost of mailing an estimated 150,000 new publications in that category.

RESERVE FOR CONTINGENCIES We are again including in our request for 1969 the reserve for contingencies, amounting to $200,000. This has proved extremely valuable in past years in avoiding the necessity for budgetary amendments. We have prepared the 1969 estimates with the assumption that they will be adequate to avoid the necessity for requesting use of the reserve for contingencies in that year.


There is a greater public interest in the publications of the U.S. Government today than at any other time in our history. We expect to sell more than 76 million publications in 1969, and estimate that income from that sale for return to the U.S. Treasury will reach $8 million. The continued increase in the cost of operating this service and in the cost of all of the other functions for which the Office of the Superintendent of Documents is responsible, and which produce no revenue, make it imperative that early consideration be given to a revision of the formula used in establishing the prices of Government publications offered for sale, which has remained unchanged for many years. We are taking initial action to have a complete review of the pricing formula made.


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Breakdown of 1969 budget increases requested
Personnel compensation :

Annual within-grades for 1969--
Additional personnel compensation for part of year for fiscal year

1968 pay raise----------
Hourly increases approved by the Public Printer for printing
plant workers (Adm. Order No. 307)--

---------Additional personnel :

Bookstores, 6 employees--
Depository Library Unit, 6 employees.

Intermediate shift, 36 employees..
Salary for one extra day in fiscal year 1969--

[merged small][ocr errors]

Less: Equivalent of 16 employees not needed for ZIP-coding

program --

[ocr errors]

Total personnel compensation -






Personnel benefits : Increase requested for contributions for retire

ment, health benefits, and life insurance. Travel and transportation of persons: Increase requested for inspec

tion of depository libraries, inspections of new machinery and equipment, and for opening and maintaining 3 new bookstores--Rent, communications, and utilities :

Rentals: Amount needed to cover increased cost of rentals of

equipment Postage:

Amount needed to pay postage costs on mailings of depository

copies of GPO material to estimated 40 additional libraries

in 1969------
Amount needed to pay postage costs on mailings of depository

copies of Non-GPO material to estimated 40 additional

libraries in 1969----
Amount needed to pay postage cost on Non-GPO material to

be received from additional Government agencies, esti-
mated 150,000 copies.---
Amount needed to pay postage costs of depository copies

of GPO material mailed to established libraries.-----
Amount needed for depository mailings due to postage rate

increases ------
Amount needed for official mailings due to postage rate

increases -------
Telephone service: Amount needed for installation of new tele-

phone system for Reference Section-
Utilities: Additional amount needed to cover heat, light and

power costs--

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Total rent, communications, and utilities--



Printing and reproduction :

Additional amount needed to cover printing costs of depository

library copies of GPO material for presently established

libraries -----------------------
Additional amount needed to cover printing costs of depository

library copies of GPO material for estimated 40 new libraries
in fiscal year 1969----

Total printing and reproduction----

51, 10)

251. 400

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