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Mr. Roor. In the increase in the amount of the base bid which has gone up, as I say, $152,000, since our 1966 statement.


Mr. Andrews. The automatic fire sprinkler system cost $254,000. That was not in last year's estimate; was it? Mr. Roor. That was not provided; no, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. Why wouldn't it be, or why wasn't it, mentioned last year?

Mr. RooF. Mr. Campioli, I believe, can explain the item better than I. It is an item that we decided to do as a result of our overall work on the Hill, trying to correct all the fire hazards and we have a similar system in the Rayburn Building. It was felt we should also have one here.

Mr. ANDREWS. Didn't you contemplate automatic sprinklers when you first thought about the construction?

Mr. Roof. We contemplated only the part of the system that would make it possible to install the sprinkler system later.

Mr. CAMPIOLI. Mr. Chairman, we had given the associate architects instructions at the time that the plans and specifications were being checked by our office, to provide for the connections for the future sprinkler system in the contract work. We had left the sprinkler systems out at the time. There was doubt in our office at that time as to the validity of a sprinkler system in garages to fight gasoline fire with water. However, since that time the fire marshall has indicated notwithstanding that it is a requirement for buildings of this type.

However, we found that the associate architects had not carried out our instructions to provide the connections for the future sprinkler system in the contract work. We therefore had to issue a supplement to the contractor to provide the connections to the street mains and to tap into the building in order that the future sprinkler system installation can be awarded under a separate contract.

Mr. ANDREWS. Is this prime contractor going to do the work?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. The prime contractor is just going to make the connections to the street mains.

Mr. ANDREWS. Will he be paid extra for that?
Mr. CAMPIOLI. Yes, sir.

Mr. ANDREWS. How many more items will you come in with next year in addition to these?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. As of this time, it doesn't appear that we should have any substantial increase over what we have now submitted since the project is reported at 90 percent completion and the contractor actually claims it is 93 percent complete. There appears little that can come up at this time unless there are changes requested in areas such as the maintenance shop area.

Mr. ANDREWS. Changes requested by whom?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. Well, we have had an indication already that the Clerk of the House wants to have some changes made in the area that he is going to occupy.

Mr. ANDREWS. Will his quarters be over there?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. His property custodian's quarters will be in the maintenance shop area.

FACILITIES IN THE UNDERGROUND GARAGES Mr. ANDREWS. What facilities are provided? How many spaces ? What square footage for what other facilities, and so on?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. The garages, except for one-half of the top level of the garage on square 637, provides parking facilities for cars. The upper half of the top level in 637 provides a maintenance shop area which will be occupied by the property custodian, the superintendent of the House Office Buildings, the majority and minority clerks, and facilities of that type. Mr. ANDREWS. Do you mean they will have their offices over there?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. They will have some of their shop areas and maintenance shops, which are now in the basement of the Cannon House Office Building. They will be moved over to these shop areas as permanent locations and make way for the work to be done in the Cannon House Office Building.

Mr. ANDREWS. Who makes allocation of space in the new buildings? Mr. CAMPIOLI. The House Office Building Commission.

As far as areas are concerned, the shop area amounts to 58,270 square feet. The net parking area is 467,980 square feet. The gross area of the entire garage structures is 553,586 square feet.

Mr. ANDREWS. How many parking places will be available ?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. 1,268 as of this morning, if the additional space requested by the Clerk of the House is granted.

Mr. ANDREWS. How many floors will the buildings have?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. Three full stories both squares except that a half of one story on square 637 will be for shops.

Mr. ANDREWS. Will the building be heated and air conditioned ?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. There will be no heat except for the area where the shops are located.

Mr. ANDREWS. Any air conditioning? Mr. CAMPIOLI. Only in the shop areas. Mr. ANDREWS. What about connections with the office buildings? Mr. CAMPIOLI. There is a pedestrian tunnel between the garage in square 691 and the existing connecting tunnel between the Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings, and there are also tunnel connections between the garage in square 637 and the Rayburn House Office Building. There is also an interconnecting tunnel between the two garages.

Mr. ANDREWS. Any escalators ?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. No, sir; except in the new pedestrian-tunnel to the Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings.

Mr. ANDREWS. Which two? Mr. CAMPIOLI. On the upper level between the garage in square 691 and the Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings.

Mr. ANDREWS. There will be an escalator?
Mr. CAMPIOLI. Yes, sir; one pair.

Mr. ANDREWS. You say there will be an escalator between the garage and the Longworth and Cannon House Office Buildings?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. Yes, sir.
Jr. ANDREWS. How many escalators?
Mr. VALENTI. One, sir.

EVENING OPENING OF THE CAPITOL Mr. ANDREWS. How is the evening opening of the Capitol Building operating? : Mr. Roor. For the last season, which started April 17 and ended September 5, there were a few days that weren't counted, but this is essentially correct; 88,310.

Mr. ANDREWS. Let's put that in the record. ". (The document follows:)

Daily count of visitors to the Capitol between the hours of 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. during

the period Apr. 17 through Sept. 5, 1966

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Apr. 17... Apr. 23 Apr. 24... Apr. 30 May 1.. May 7 May 8... May 14 May 15 May 21 May 22... May 28 May 29... June 4 June 5 June 11 June 12... June 18 June 19... June 25 June 26.. July 2 July 3... July 9 July 10. July 16 July 17. July 23 July 24. July 30 July 31. Aug. 6 Aug. 7. ... Aug. 13 Aug. 14... Aug. 20 Aug. 21. Aug. 27 Aug. 28. Sept. 3 Sept. 4 and 5, 1966...

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1. 325
1, 192
1, 379
1, 227

1, 246
1. 153

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Total visitors.


I No count.
Note.-Daily average, 631; weekly average, 4,415.

Mr. ANDREWS. Have you started a program this year?
Mr. Roof. Yes, sir; we have.
Mr. ANDREWS. Does it seem to be a popular program, Mr. Architect?

Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir; however it seems to come in waves. Weather conditions sometimes have an influence on it and then again there may be some activity of interest going on further uptown that they may want to go to on a particular evening.

For instance, here is the report starting with April 14, this month. That evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., there were 217, but on April 15, there were 859. April 16, 435. April 17, 227. April 18, 145. April 19, 198. April 20, 153. On April 21, 226. On April 22, 873. On April 23, 509. Total, 3,942 people. That is a 10-day period.

Mr. ANDREWS. I would say it is a popular program.
Have you had any problems as a result of the night opening?

Mr. STEWART. None that have been reported as yet. Those who visit the building in the evening seem to be well-mannered and they have responded well to directions of the police.

PARKING FACILITIES ON CAPITOL HILL Mr. ANDREWS. Suppose you update the list of parking places available on the House side of the Capitol that you put in the record last year.

Mr. STEWART. We have the complete list here.
Mr. ANDREWS. Insert it in the record,
(The document follows:)
Parking facilities, Capitol buildings and grounds, April 1967

Assigned by the Superintendent of the House office buildings, under direc-
tion of the House Office Building Commission :

Spaces Rayburn Building Garage -------------------------------------- 11, 580 Cannon Building Garage---


Garage spaces now available.-----
Garages under construction in two Squares south of Longworth and

--- 1,881 Rayburn buildings.

----- 1,276

Total garage spaces now available and estimated to be available
by Summer of 1967.

[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors] paces on plaza, streets, and lots assigned by the Sergeant at
Arms of the House :

Capital Plaza curb------
Capitol Plaza center---
Southeast triangle--

Congressional Drive----
Southwest Drive.
Southeast Drive.
East Capitol Street (for press)-
Parking Lot No. 1 by Congressional Hotel-------
Parking Lot No. 4, triangle south of Rayburn Building-
Parking Lot (square 639) to be available in May 1967------


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Total spaces House side (including those in garages and parking

lot under construction)--

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*Ia addition, 25 spaces are used to house Capitol Grounds maintenance equipment.



Assigned by the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration:

Xew Senate Office Building garage-
Senate garage (formerly Legislative garage) under fountain west of

Old Senate Office Building----


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Surface spaces on streets or parking lots, assigned by the Sergeant at
Arms of the Senate :
Capitol Area (reserved spaces):

Capitol Plaza -----
Maryland Avenue Drive---
Northeast Drive---
Northwest Drive.
East Capitol Street (for press)---


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Parking lot:

First and D Street, NE., square 723 (used for Senate employees

on first-come, first-served basis)-----

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Total Senate spaces on streets and lots------
Total spaces—Senate side---------

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Total spaces estimated to be available after completion of additional Hou

garages and parking lot now under construction Total spaces after completion of additional House garages and parking lot now under construction : House side.Senate side

----- 4.0

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Grand total-House and Senate sides (including those now avail

able and those under construction)---

---------- 5,9

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