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Mr. ANDREWS. We will let you read it without interruption. You will find it, gentlemen, in the book before you.

GENERAL STATEMENT Mr. STEWART. Very briefly, Mr. Chairman and members of the committee; I have with me this morning Mr. Campioli, the Assistant Architect of the Capitol; Mr. Henlock, my administrative officer; Mr. Roof, my executive assistant; Mr. Rubel, my coordinating engineer; Mr. Clancy, the supervising engineer of the Capitol Building; Mr. Pincus, my landscape architect; Mr. Ridgell, the superintendent of the House Office Buildings; Mr. Durkin, assistant to Mr. Henlock; and Mr. Raines, assistant to Mr. Roof.

I would like first to read to the committee my opening, general statement, which is short, then hold myself in readiness to answer questions; but would like to permit my assistants to testify on the various individual items of increase, where they are familiar with the detail. Mr. ANDREWS. That is always in order.

Mr. CAMPIOLI. Mr. Chairman, may I add the name of Mr. Valenti our Assistant Superintendent of Construction, to the list of those accompanying Mr. Stewart.

Mr. ANDREWS. Proceed.

Mr. STEWART. For 1967, appropriations totaling $14,281,000 havi been provided under the Architect of the Capitol in the regular annua Appropriation Act; $18,000 in the Supplemental Appropriation Act 1967; and $185,700 for pay supplementals has been requested for in clusion in the Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1967–a tota of $14,484,700.

For 1968, appropriations totaling $15,523,200 are requested—a ne increase of $1,038,500 over the total of $14,484,700 for 1967. The ne increase of $1,038,500 results from increases totaling $2,222,995, offse by decreases totaling $1,184,495. The principal items of decrease resul from omission of appropriation requests for 1968 of special nonrecu ring items, totaling $842,900, allowed for 1967 under the “Librar buildings and grounds” appropriation, not required for 1968.

The gross increase of $2,222,995 requested for 1968 results froi increases of $712,840 in the item of personnel compensation ; $35,85 in the item of personnel benefits; $47,400 in annually recurring maii tenance items; $1,176,900 in nonrecurring maintenance items; an $250,000 in nonrecurring construction items.

Of the $712,840 in the item of personnel compensation, $208,455 is f increased pay costs for wage board employees required by Públic La 763, 83d Congress; $64,300 for increased pay costs authorized by Publ Law 89,504, Federal Salary and Fringe Benefits Act of 1966; $33,37 for within-grade salary advancements and other changes authorize by the Classification Act of 1949, as amended; $147,430 for overtin pay increased cost; $9,800 for nightwork differential increased cos $3,800 for Sunday premium pay increased cost; $9,000 for tempora, labor increased cost; $236,680 for 42 additional positions—threef the Capitol Grounds; four for the Senate Office Buildings; 30 for ti House Office Buildings, of which 28 are required to staff the ne underground garages in squares 637 and 691, and two for additio


Of the $35,855 in the item of personnel benefits, $29,355 is for Government contribution to the civil service retirement fund, required by Public Law 854, 84th Congress; $3,500 for payment to the employees life insurance fund, required by Public Law 598, 83d Congress; and $3,000 for payment to the employees' health benefits fund, required by Public Law 86–382, 86th Congress.

Of the $47,400 for annually recurring maintenance items, $1,500 is for the Capitol Buildings; $2,400 for Capitol Grounds; and $43,500 for Library Buildings and Grounds items.

Of the $1,176,900 for nonrecurring maintenance items, $13,200 is for the Capitol Grounds; $520,000 for Senate Office Buildings; $50,000 for the Capitol Power Plant; and $593,700 for the Library Buildings and Grounds, structural and mechanical care, and furniture and furnishings items.

The only funds requested for construction items are $250,000 to liquidate contract authority under the Capitol Power Plant expansion of facilities program authorized by Public Law 85–895, 85th Congress.

No funds have been included for the Library of Congress James Madison Memorial project, authorized by Public Law 89–260, 89th Congress, as the preliminary plans and estimates of cost for the project, scheduled for completion April 17, 1967, must first be reviewed and approved by the House Office Building Commission, the Senate Office Building Commission, the Joint Committee on the Library, and the James Madison Memorial Commission, under the terms of the authorization act, before further funds for the project may be requested by the Architect of the Capitol.

No funds have been requested for the extension of the west-central front of the Capitol, as the Architect of the Capitol has not thus far this session been directed by the Commission for the Extension of the Capitol, in charge of the project under the terms of Public Law 242, 84th Congress, as amended by Public Law 406, 84th Congress, and Public Law 248, 88th Congress, to submit a request for funds for such extension.

The annual appropriation items under the Architect of the Capitol are primarily for maintenance of buildings occupied by the Congress and for heat, light, power and air conditioning, and general housekeeping services for the Congress, and each year include items considered necessary to render proper service to the Congress and to maintain properly the buildings and equipment of the legislative establishment.


INCREASE REQUESTED FOR FISCAL YEAR 1968 With your permission, I would like to insert at this point pages 5 and 6 of our justifications which show a summary breakdown of the increases and a comparative table of the 1967 appropriations and 1968 appropriation requests.

Summary of increases The gross budget increase of $2,222,995 requested for 1968 is summarized as

follows: Personnel Compensation:

Increased pay costs, wage-board employees, authorized by Public Law 763, 83d Congress .--

$208, 455 Increased pay costs authorized by Public Law 89-504,

Federal Salary and Fringe Benefits Act of 1966"_ 64, 300 Within-grade salary advancements and other changes authorized by the Classification Act....

33, 375 Overtime pay increased cost..

147, 430 Nightwork differential increased cost...

9, 800 Sunday premium pay increased cost....

3, 800 Temporary labor increased cost--------

Additional positions:

Capitol Grounds: 3 gardeners, wage-
board 6.--.

-- -------------
Senate Office Buildings: 4 Air-condi-

$17, 160
tioning mechanics (2-WB-10; 2-
WB-9) ----

26, 250
House Office Buildings:

To staff 2 new garages: 3 foremen

(1 WB-8, 1 WB-1, 1 WB-6);
4 assistants (2 WB-6, 2 WB-5);
15 attendants (WB-4); 1 labor
foreman (WB-5); 1 labor leader

(WB-4; 4 laborers (WB-3)-----
Additions to air-conditioning

force; 2 mechanics (WB-10).-- 158, 554
Capitol Power Plant: i electrician

(WB-12); 2 maintenance mechanics
(WB-11); 2 operating engineers

34, 716
236, 680

$712, 840 Other annual maintenance items:

Contribution to retirement fund, Public Law 854, 84th Cong -----

29, 355
Payment to life insurance fund, Public Law 598, 83d
| Cong.-.-..

3, 500
Payment to health benefits fund, Public Law 86-382,
86th Cong -------

3,000 All other items..

47, 400

83, 255 Special nonrecurring maintenance items:

Capitol Grounds, Senate Office Buildings, Capitol
Power Plant...

583, 200
Library buildings and grounds..-------

593, 700

1, 176, 900 Special nonrecurring construction items: Expansion of facilities, Capitol Power Plant-Liquidation of contract authority.-------- 250, 000

Total gross increase requested for 1968.--- ------- 2, 222, 995


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Mr. ANDREWS. I might mention the totals pending before us. They appear in the front of the committee print book, pages III to VI.

This shows the total appropriations to date for 1967 are $207,676,833, including the GAO. The budget request for 1968 is $231,311,132. The requests before us are $23,634,299 above the 1967 appropriations to date. And they are $20,360,039 above the appropriations for 1967 including pending pay supplementals, which may be adjusted before finally enacted. These figures, as I say, do include the General Accounting Office.

Mr. ANDREWS. As to the Architect of the Capitol, according to page V for items considered by this committee, your request for 1968 totals $12.289,700.

Mr. STEWART. That is right. Mr. ANDREWS. An increase of $578,600 over 1967 appropriations to date.

Mr. STEWART. That is right.

Mr. ANDREWS. I take it that those figures differ from the ones that you mentioned because yours include certain Senate items for which you are responsible but which we do not consider or put in the bill as reported. That is correct?

Mr. STEWART. That is correct. Mr. ANDREWS. We also consider the Botanic Garden, for which you ask $614,500, an increase of $109,900 over 1967 appropriation; is that correct?

Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS JAMES MADISON MEMORIAL BUILDING Mr. ANDREWS. You say that no funds are now requested for the Madison Memorial Library project. Mr. STEWART. That is right.

Mr. ANDREWS. How much of the $500,000 previously appropriated for plans and estimates have you left unobligated and also unexpended ?

Mr. Roof. Mr. Chairman, the contract with the architects and engineers for preliminary plans and estimates of cost amounted to $435,000. I believe in addition to that we have obligated $5,000 with the District of Columbia to make site surveys, and $16,000 for exhibits consultants. That leaves a balance of roughly $44,000.

Mr. ANDREWS. It would be more than that, would it not? Your contract was $435,000?

Mr. RooF. Right. In addition, we have received permission to hire exhibits consultants for the work with the James Madison Memorial Commission for $16,000. That is also included in the total obligation of $456,000.

Mr. ANDREWS. You have the balance of the $500,000 where?
Mr. RooF. $44,000 unobligated balance.
Mr. ANDREWS. You see no further need for any of this money?
Mr. ROOF. Just our usual administrative expenses that we have.

Mr. ANDREWS. Before you can ask for any construction money, as I understand it, your plans must be cleared by the House Office Building Commission, Senate Office Building Commission, the Joint Committee on the Library, and the James Madison Memorial Commission; is that right?

Mr. Roof. That is correct.

Mr. Chairman, the plans on this are due to be ready within about a week, sometime this week in fact. Mr. Stewart will present them to these three committees or commissions and if they approve the plans, we will then be in a position to request construction and further planning funds. A model is also being prepared.

Mr. ANDREWS. How much will you pay for the model, $35,000 ?

Mr. Roof. The cost of the model is included in the $435,000. It is in the lump-sum price.

Mr. ANDREWS. What firm drew the plans and produced the model ?

Mr. Roof. It was the architects known as DeWitt, Poor & Shelton and their associates.

Mr. ANDREWS. Have they done other work on Capitol Hill?
Mr. STEWART. Yes, sir.
Mr. ANDREWS. What?

Mr. STEWART. They have done the extension of the east front of the Capitol and the preliminary plans on the west front.

Mr. ANDREWS. Where are they located ?
Mr. STEWART. They have a Washington office.
Mr. ANDREWS. Home office ?

Mr. STEWART. The home offices are in Dallas, New York, and Atlanta.

Mr. ANDREWS. What is the general plan and style that the architects have come up with in connection with this new Library building? What would it look like?

Mr. CAMPIOLI. It will be a simplified, modernized classic design, if ! we can use the term. It will have no classic detail but materials, propor- ! tions, and configuration will be in keeping with the Federal architec- ! ture of Capitol Hill, as required by the authorization act.

Mr. ANDREWS. Do you plan to use all of the vacant lots just south of the main Library building?

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