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FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF EXTENSION BULLETINS WHIOH WILL BE SENT YOU UPON APPLICATION FREE OR FOR THE PRICE LISTED: Vol. I, No. 1. University Extension Service. Free. Vol. I, No. 2. Extension Lecture Service. Free. Vol. I, No. 3. Correspondence Courses. Free. Vol. I, No.

4. Bureau of Public Discussion. Free. Vol. I, No. 6. The Rural Playground. Harold D. Meyer. Price 25c. Vol. I, No. 7. Attainable Standards in Municipal Programs. Edited by Howard

W. Odum. Price 60c. Vol. I, No. 8. The League of Nations. Debate Handbook. Compiled by E. R.

Rankin. Price 50c. Vol. I, No. 10. The Parent-Teacher Association. Harold D. Meyer. Price 50c. Vol. I, No. 11. The Church and Landle88 Men. L. G. Wilson and Others. Free. Vol. I, No. 12. A Study Course in Southern Literature. A Program for Women's

Clubs. C. A. Hibbard. Price 50c. Vol. I, No. 13. Contemporary Literature. A Program for Women's Clubs. J. F.

Royster. Price 50c. Vol. I, No. 14. Play Production for Amateurs. F. H. Koch and Others. Price 50c.


and Washington Anniversaries. Price 10c. Vol. I, No. 11. Selectipies for Speaking in the Public Schools: II. The Present

Orisis. Price 10c. Vol. I, No. 12. Ameriqın Ideals in American Literature-A Syllabus. Price 10c. Vol.

I, No. 14. National Ideals in British and American Literature. Price 50c. Vol. I, No. 16. The Community Pageant. An Agency for the Promotion of Democe


Price 10c. Vol. II, No. 4. The American Unirersity and the New Nationalism. Free. Vol. II, No. 5. A Syllabus of Comparative Government and National Ideals.

Price 25c. Vol. II, No. 6. Reconstruction and Citizenship. Free. Vol. II, No. 7. Studies in the Social and Industrial Condition of Women as Af.

fected by the War. Price 10c. Vol. II, No. 9. Sanitation in the South. Price 25c. Vol. III, No. 1. Studies in Citizenship for Women. For Women's Clubs. Price 25c. Vol. III, No. 2. Country Home Comforts and Conveniences Series. Parts I and


Vol. III, No. 4. Physical Education. Free.
Vol. III, No. 5. Community Music.

Vol. III, No. 7. Our Heritage. A Study through Literature of the American

Tradition. For Women's Clubs. Price 35c. Vol. III, No. 8. The Consolidation of Rural Schools. Price 25c. Vol. III, Nos. 9 & 10. Derelopment of Form Water Power, Country Home Comforts

and Conveniences. Series No. I, Part III. Free. Vol. IV, No. 1. Constructive Ventures in Government : A Manual of Discussion

and Study of Woman's New Part in the Newer Ideals of

Citizenship. For Women's Clubs. Price 50c. Vol. IV, No. 2. Construction of Farm Telephone Lines. Country Home Comforts and Conveniences. Series No: I, Part IV.

Free. Vol. IV, No. 4. Library Extension Service. Free. Vol. IV, No. 5. Community and Government. A Manual of Discussion and Study

of the Newer Ideals of Citizenship. Price 50c. Vol. IV, No. 6. Music in the Public Schools. Free. Vol. IV, No. 7. A Study Course in Modern Drama. For Women's Clubs. Price 50c. Vol. IV, No. 8. Community Music Methods and Materials. Free. Vol. IV, No. 9. High School Contests. Free. Vol. IV, No. 10. A Study Course in American Literature. For Women's Clubs.

Price 50c.



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ANNOUNCEMENT For several years a lecture bureau has been conducted for the purpose of aiding schools and other organizations in obtaining speakers to discuss with them the problems incident to their daily activities and to interest them in those things which look to the upbuilding of the State and the cultivation of the finer things of the spirit. It has offered and continues to offer lectures on national and international politics and on the problems of citizenship and social welfare.

Lecture courses, in whole or in part, or individual lectures on miscellaneous topics are furnished wherever there is a demand for them, whatever the size of the community. Many of these lectures are illustrated with stereopticon slides. Practically the whole University faculty is available for lecture service.

Teachers' meetings, chambers of commerce, parent-teacher associations, boards of trade, factories, women's clubs, Y. M. C. A. centers, farmers' conventions and meetings, debate clubs, school boards, community organizations, study clubs, American Legion, Rotary, Kiwanis, Civitan, Lion, and Goodfellow clubs, and other organizations may secure lectures by applying for them. Also this lecture service and the University's resources of instruction are available to other educational institutions. Addresses for special occasions such as school and college commencements will be supplied upon application. Programs of lectures other than those suggested in this bulletin may be arranged to meet local desires by conference or correspondence.

APPLICATION AND TERMS Application for lectures should be addressed to Bureau of Lectures, University Extension Division, Chapel Hill, N.C. Since the lecturers are members of the faculty and are not able to leave the University at all times, the application should contain the date and a first and second choice of lecturer and subject.


The traveling and incidental expenses of the lecturer are defrayed by the organization for which the lecture is made. Upon his return to the University, the lecturer submits an account of his expenses to the Extension Division which forwards this to the organization in the form of a bill.

In order to obtain the best results from these lectures, it is suggested that a series of three or more be provided for wherever possible, and that a regular schedule at intervals of a month or some other convenient period of time be arranged. If a single organization or community is unable to meet the entire expenses of such a series it would be well to combine with a neighboring organization or community and thereby reduce the expenses, as the lecturer could speak at two or possibly three neighboring places on the same trip.

It is understood that all lectures are free to the public unless the Extension Division gives the local organization permission to charge an admission fee.


Application for commencement speakers should be made at least a month in advance and when possible first and second choice should be indicated. The same terms apply as for other lecture service.

FUNCTION OF UNIVERSITY LECTURER "It is the function of the university extension lecturer to present in the most attractive way practicable the best thoughts of the best minds and hearts of our time and to interpret to the average man and woman the movement and the forces that are operating all about us."-Butler.


FLOYD HENRY ALLPORT, A.B., Ph.D., Associate Professor of

1. Psychology in Business and Industry (2 lectures).
(a) The Human Factor in Marketing and Manufacturing Pro-

(b) The Selection and Adjustments of Personnel.
2. The Psychology of Personality (2 lectures).

(a) What is Personality and how can it be Measured?

(b) How can we Improve our Personalities? 3. The Formation of Character in Childhood. (For parents and


WILLIAM STANLEY BERNARD, A.M., Professor of Greek.

1. Masterpieces of the Great Painters. (Illustrated)
2. Masterpieces of the Great Sculptors. (Illustrated)
3. Architecture: Historical Styles. (Illustrated)
4. The Greek Drama.

a. Its Origin, Development, Technique, Meaning.

b. Euripides; The Modern. 5. What is Art? (Illustrated) 6. Robert E. Lee's Contribution to the Ethics of War. (1-4 singly or

in series.) John MANNING BOOKER, Ph.D., Professor of English. 1. English Imperial Ideals. (A sympathetic presentation of English

ideals of government as they are working out in the British Empire. In three lectures: a. The White Colonies; b. The Black

Dependencies; c. Ireland. 2. English Imperial Ideals (the above in one lecture). 3. Lord Dunsany's Plays. 4. William Butler Yeats. 5. Leonard Merrick. 6. Galsworthy. 7. The Fiction-making Mind (Illustrated from Boccacio and Mau

passant). 8. The Irish Plays. 9. The Dramatic Monologue (Illustrated from Tennyson and Brown

ing). 10. Hamlet. 11. Man and Woman in Recent English Drama. (Two lectures :

Outside the Marital Union; b. Marriage.)


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