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(e) In addition to the appropriate disposal condition code from the table in

( paragraph (e) of this section, each item record, report, or listing of Department of Defense excess personal property shall also contain the appropriate supply condition code assigned before or at the time the item was declared excess, except item records, reports, or listings of contractor inventory when a determination is made that inclusion of the supply condition code is impractical. When available, civil agencies shall include the appropriate supply condition code in each item record, report, or listing of excess personal property. These codes, which provide additional material condition information for screening purposes, follow:


(30 FR 5823, Apr. 27, 1965. Redesignated at 42 FR 40849, Aug. 12, 1977, and amended at 45 FR 28113, Apr. 28, 1980; 47 FR 8192, Feb. 25, 1982; 47 FR 15797, Apr. 13, 1982; 53 FR 16103, May 5, 1988; 61 FR 41354, Aug. 8, 1996)

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National Capital Region, 7th District of Columbia, Mary

and D Streets, SW., Wash- land (Prince Georges and ington, DC 20407.

Montgomery Counties
only), Virginia (Prince Wil
liam, Loudoun, Fairfax and
Arlington Counties, and

City of Alexandria only). 1-General Services Adminis- Connecticut, Maine, Massa

tration, Boston Federal Of- chusetts, New Hampshire, fice Building, 10 Causeway Rhode Island, Vermont.

Street, Boston, MA 02222. 2-General Services Adminis- New Jersey, New York, Comtration, Jacob K. Javits

monwealth of Puerto Rico, Federal Building, 26 Fedt Virgin Islands. eral Plaza, New York, NY

10278. 3- General Services Adminis- Delaware, Maryland, Penntration, 9th and Market

sylvania, Virginia, West VirStreets, Philadelphia, PA ginia.

19107. 4-General Services Adminis- Alabama, Florida, Georgia,

tration, 75 Spring Street, Kentucky, Mississippi, SW., Atlanta, GA 30303. North Carolina, South

Carolina, Tennessee. 5 General Services Adminis- Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,

tration, 230 South Dearborn Minnesota, Ohio, Wiscon

Street, Chicago, IL 60604. sin. 64 General Services Adminis- lowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ne tration, 9001 State Line

baska. Road, Suite 308, Kansas

City, MO 64114. 7-General Services Adminis- Arkansas, Louisiana, New

tration, 819 Taylor Street, Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas.

Fort Worth, TX 76102. 8 General Services Adminis- Colorado, Montana, North

tration, Building 41, Denver Dakota, South Dakota, Federal Center, Denver, Utah, Wyoming.

CO 80225. 9 General Services Adminis- Arizona, California, Hawaii,

tration, 525 Market Street, Nevada, Pacific Ocean

San Francisco, CA 94105. Areas. 10 General Services Admin- | Alaska, Idaho, Oregon,

istration, GSA Center, Au- Washington. bum, WA 98002.

There are 13 demilitarization codes in use; however, the provisions of 810143.315-5(b)(2) apply only to items identified with five of the codes. The five codes and related demilitarization instructions are as follows:

Code and Demilitarization Instructions

C-MLI-Remove and/or demilitarize –

installed key point(s), or lethal parts, com

ponents, and accessories. DMLI-Demilitarize by mutilation (make

unfit for intended purpose) by melting, cutting, tearing, scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, or neutralizing. (As an alternative, burial or deep water dumping

may be a used when authorized.) E-MLI-Demilitarize by burning, shredding,

or pulping. F-MLI-Demilitarization instructions to be

furnished by the item manager. L-MLI–Demilitarize by mutilation (make

unfit for intended purpose) by melting, cutting, tearing, scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, or neutralizing. (As an alternative, burial or deep water dumping may be used when authorized.) This code will be applied only to items identified as being a component of a key point on a major end item.

[53 FR 16105, May 5, 1988)

8 101-43.4803 List of Government cor

porations (31 U.S.C. 846, 856). Wholly owned and mixed ownership Government corporations are not necessarily limited to those listed below.

(44 FR 27393, May 10, 1979]


Subpart 101-43.49-Illustrations of


Commodity Credit Corp.
Export-Import Bank of the United States.
Federal Crop Insurance Corp.
Federal Housing Adm.

SOURCE: 42 FR 40850, Aug. 12, 1977, unless otherwise noted.

8 101-43.4900 Scope of subpart.

This subpart illustrates forms prescribed or available for use in connection with subject matter covered in other subparts of part 101-43.

§ 101-43.4901 Standard forms.

Block 6, Furnish the name and address of the consignee.

Block 7, Show the location of property (building number, etc.).

Block 9, Show the signature of the authorized representative of the ordering agency and date.

Block 10, Furnish the full appropriation symbol and title (when appropriate).

Block 12, Enter the GBL number if furnished.

Block 13(a), Enter both the appropriate GSA control number and the holding agency's document and item numbers used to report the item to GSA as excess.

Block 14, For GSA use.

(a) The Standard forms illustrated in this section show their text, format, and arrangement, and provide a ready source of reference. The subsection numbers in this section correspond with the Standard form number.

(b) The Standard forms illustrated in this $ 101-43.4901 may be obtained by submitting a requisition in FEDSTRIP/ MILSTRIP format to the GSA regional office providing support to the requesting activity.


8 101-43.4901-120 Standard Form 120,

Report of Excess Personal Property.

$ 101-43.4901-120A Standard Form

120A, Continuation Sheet (Report of Excess Personal Property).

1. A separate transfer order shall be prepared for each different property location.

2. The transfer order normally shall be prepared by the ordering agency.

3. Complete shipping instructions or Government bills of lading must be furnished with each transfer order.

4. If reimbursement is required, the total fair value for the quantity requested must be shown below each item description in column C.

5. Four copies of the transfer order shall be mailed to the appropriate GSA regional office, Attention: Federal Supply Service Bureau. When prior GSA approval is not required, only one copy of the transfer order shall be mailed to the GSA regional office.

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[53 FR 16105, May 5, 1988]

[42 FR 40850, Aug. 12, 1977, as amended at 44 FR 55377, Sept. 26, 1979; 45 FR 28117, Apr. 28, 1980; 50 FR 31370, Aug. 2, 1985]

§ 101-43.4902 GSA forms.

[blocks in formation]

(a) GSA forms in this section show their text, format, and arrangement and provide a ready source of reference.

(b) GSA forms in this section may be obtained initially from the General Services Administration, National Forms and Publications Center, 4900 South Hemphill Street, Warehouse No. 4, Dock No. 1, Forth Worth, Texas 76115. Agency regional or field offices should submit future requirements to their Washington headquarters office which will forward consolidated annual requirements to the General Services Administration (CAIR), Washington, DC 20405.

(53 FR 16106, May 5, 1948]

[blocks in formation]

101-44.001-3 Donable property. 101-44.0014 Donee. 101-44.001-5 (Reserved] 101-44.001-6 Local government. 101-44.001-7 (Reserved) 101-44.0018 Motor vehicle. 101-44.001-9 No commercial value. 101-44.001-10 Public agency. 101-44.001-11 Public body. 101-44.001-12 Service educational activity. 101-44.001-13 State. 101-44.001-14 State agency. 101-44.002 Requests for deviations.

Subpart 101-44.1-General Provisions

1. Availability, GSA Form 1539 will be furnished to agencies upon request to GSA regional offices shown in $101-43.4802. Information of a local or limited nature concerning the use of the form not covered in paragraph 2, below, will be furnished by GSA regional offices for customer agencies located in their areas.

2. Guidelines for use of GSA Form 1539.

a. To obtain maximum benefits from GSA Form 1539, agencies shall submit the completed form to the appropriate GSA regional office immediately upon determination of the need. The expiration date of a normal 180-day screening period should be shown in block 5 of GSA Form 1539. However, if this length of time is unacceptable, an earlier date should be shown.

b. Agencies are requested to restrict the use of GSA Form 1539 to:

(1) A single line item which, as a general rule, has a total acquisition cost of more than $1,000, and

(2) An item not currently listed in GSA excess property catalogs or bulletins.

c. To assist the appropriate GSA regional office in locating and offering the agency an available excess item which will meet the specific need, block 1 (item description) of GSA Form 1539 must fully describe the item required and indicate the minimum acceptable condition code.

d. Nationwide requirements originating at agency headquarters may be submitted to the General Services Administration (FBP), Washington, DC 20406.

101-44.101 Withdrawal of donable property. 101-44.102 Responsibilities of holding agen

cies. 101-44.103 (Reserved] 101-44.104 Costs incurred incident to dona

tion. 101-44.105 Assistance in major disaster re

lief. 101-44.106 [Reserved] 101-44.107 Donation of property withdrawn

from sale. 101-44.108 Donation of special categories of

property. 101-44.108-1 Medical materials and supplies

and shelf-life items. 101-44.108–2 Donation of aircraft. 101-44.1083-101-44.108-4 (Reserved] 101-44.108–5 Bedding and upholstered fur

niture. 101-44.108-6 Tax-free alcohol or specially de

natured alcohol. 101-44.108_7 Franked and penalty envelopes

and paper with official letterhead. 101-44.108-8 (Reserved] 101-44.108-9 Donation of vessels. 101-44.108–10 (Reserved) 101-44.109 Donation screening period. 101-44.110 Transfer orders for surplus per

sonal property. 101-44.111 Preparation and processing of

transfer orders. 101-44.112 Approval or disapproval of trans

fer orders. 101-44.113 Rejection of property approved

for transfer. 101-44.114 Pickup or shipment. 101-44.115 Overages and shortages. 101-44.116 Certification of screeners. 101-44.117 Recovery of property for Federal

use. 101-44.118 Nondiscrimination. 101-44.119 (Reserved]

[blocks in formation]

Subpart 101-44.2-Donations to Public

Agencies and Eligible Nonprofit Tax-
Exempt Activities

Sec. 101-44.000 Scope of part. 101-44.001 Definitions of terms. 101-44.001–1 Agricultural commodity. 101-44.001–2 (Reserved)

101-44.200 Scope of subpart. 101-44.201 Authority. 101-44.202 State agency plan of operation. 101-44.203 Allocation of donable property.

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