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equipment, and that is no longer in current production. Interagency transfer of IT equipment that is not outdated with an OAC per component of less than $1 million, is permitted if the holding agency learns of a potential user outside of the screening process. Agencies may interagency screen and transfer excess IT equipment without GSA approval.

(d) Make available for surplus donation or subsequent sale, excess IT equipment not exchanged, sold, reassigned or transferred.

(e) Consistent with the limitations of any applicable license

(1) Make available for reassignment within the agency IT software that is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was acquired;

(2) Make available for interagency transfer, excess IT software not exchanged or sold, if the holding agency learns of a potential user outside of the screening process (GSA does not require interagency screening of IT software);

(3) For excess IT software not reassigned, transferred, exchanged, or sold, either:

(i) Return it to the licensor, or

(ii) Destroy it after a duly authorized agency official determines in writing that destruction is the most cost-effective disposal approach.

(d) Agencies shall offer excess IT equipment that is not outdated and has an OAC per component of $1 million or more to other Federal agencies by:

(1) Notifying other excess IT coordinators of the availability of the IT equipment;

(2) Fully and accurately describing the IT excess equipment by providing the following information:

(i) Condition code as defined in 41 CFR 101-43.4801;

(ii) Manufacturer's name;
(iii) Equipment type and model;

(iv) Description, including the supplier's nomenclature for the component;

(v) List of elements removed from each component, if applicable;

(vi) Description of available software, engineering drawings, manuals, etc; and

(vii) Contractor-held equipment, if applicable.

(3) Allowing agencies 15 days to assess their need for the excess IT equipment.

(e) Agencies may conduct exchange/ sale transactions of IT equipment and software not transferred to another agency without GSA approval. (Exchange/sale transactions for IT equipment may be initiated in parallel with interagency screening, but screening of exchange/sale transactions with OAC per component of $1 million or more shall be completed prior to concluding an exchange/sale transaction.) When an agency determines that IT equipment will be replaced by exchanging or selling it, the agency shall follow the contracting policies and procedures in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the policies and procedures on exchange/sale contained in 41 CFR part 101–46. IT software transactions must be consistent with the limitations of any applicable license.

(f) Agencies shall make available for surplus donation or subsequent sale, in accordance with 41 CFR parts 101-44 and 101-45, excess IT equipment not exchanged, sold, reassigned, or transferred.

(g) Agencies shall apply the policies and procedures of this subpart 101-43.6 to IT equipment used by grantees and contractors when IT equipment is

(1) Acquired by the contractor or grantee under a contract or grant and


§ 101-43.603 Procedures.

(a) Each agency head shall designate an agency point of contact for managing the disposition of IT equipment and software. Each agency shall submit the name, address, and phone number of this individual to the General Services Administration MKS, 18th & F Streets, NW., Washington, DC 20405. GSA will maintain a list of these coordinators on the IT Policy Home Page. The URL is

(b) GSA will convene meetings with agency points of contacts periodically to discuss emerging issues relating to the disposition of excess IT resources.

(c) Agencies shall

(1) Establish procedures for the reassignment of IT equipment and software within the agency; and

(2) Obtain approval from the agency Chief Information Officer before reassigning outdated IT equipment.

the terms vest title in the Government ents during the fiscal year being reor the Government is obligated or has ported. Interagency report control the option to take over title;

number 0154-GSA-AN has been as(2) Furnished to the grantee or con- signed to this report. Negative reports tractor by the Government (Transfer of are required. excess IT equipment to agency project (1) The report shall reference FPMR grantees shall be conducted in accord- 101-43.4701(c) and shall provide the folance with 41 CFR 101-43.314.); or

lowing data: (3) Operated by the grantee or con- (i) The name and address of each retractor as part of a Government-owned cipient; or Government-controlled facility.

(ii) The status of each recipient; i.e., (h) Agencies may request GSA to re- cost-reimbursement contractor, fixedview another agency's decision to price contractor, project grantee, etc. transfer excess IT equipment. Requests (If the recipient acquired Federal pershall be sent to the General Services sonal property of the types specified in Administration MKS, 18th & F Streets, this $101-43.4701(c) under two or more NW., Washington, DC 20405.

arrangements; e.g., cost-reimburse

ment contract and project grant, each Subparts 101-43.7-101-43.46 arrangement shall be specified in the [Reserved]

report); and

(iii) The total original acquisition

cost of all property furnished to each Subpart 101-43.47-Reports

recipient, identified by each applicable 8 101-43.4700 Scope of subpart.

two-digit FSC group.

(2) The Administrator will submit a This subpart prescribes the require

report to the Senate and to the House ments for reporting to GSA on matters

summarizing and analyzing the reports pertaining to the general area of utili

of the executive agencies. zation and disposal of personal property.

(53 FR 16102, May 5, 1988, as amended at 62

FR 34012, June 24, 1997) [42 FR 56003, Oct. 20, 1977) 8101-43.4701 Performance reports.

Subpart 101-43.48-Exhibits (a)-(b) (Reserved]

8 101-43.4800 Scope of subpart. (c) In accordance with section 202(e) of the Federal Property and Adminis

This subpart 101–43.48 exhibits infortrative Services Act of 1949, as amend

mation referenced in the text of part

101-43 that is not suitable for inclusion ed (40 U.S.C. 483), an annual report, in

elsewhere in that part. letter form, of personal property obtained as excess property or as prop- [42 FR 40849, Aug. 12, 1977) erty not excess to the owning agency but determined to be no longer re

8 101-43.4801 Excess personal property quired for the purposes of the appro

reporting requirements. priation from which it was purchased, (a) The table shown in paragraph (d) and subsequently furnished to a recipi- of this section shows the excess perent other than a Federal agency in any sonal property groups and classes remanner within the 50 States, the Dis- portable to the General Services Adtrict of Columbia, the Commonwealth ministration. Property which meets of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the following criteria is to be reported: Guam, American Samoa, Common- (1) The condition code as defined in wealth of the Northern Mariana Is- paragraph (e) of this section is the lands, and the Trust Territory of the same as or better than the minimum Pacific Islands, shall be submitted by reportable disposal condition code each executive agency to the General shown in the last column. For example, Services Administration (FBP), Wash- code 9 indicates that property in that ington, DC 20406, within 90 calendar group or class coded 1 through 9 is redays after the close of each fiscal year. portable. The report shall include only those (2) The acquisition cost (or standard items furnished to non-Federal recipi- price) of the line item is $1,000 or more, except that a line item in FSC group 71 will be reported to GSA if it has an acquisition cost (or standard price) of $500 or more.

(b) With respect to aircraft and aircraft components and accessories:

(1) The table in paragraph (d) of this section states that line items as specified herein shall be reported when in FSC classes 1510, 1520, 2810, 2840, or any class in FSC group 16. In agencies other than DoD, all line items in these classes shall be reported when dollar and condition criteria are met. In DoD, air

craft in FSC class 1510 which are in the Cargo/Transport, Observation, Antisub, Trainer, or Utility series, all aircraft in FSC class 1520, and line items in the other classes which are components of these aircraft shall be reported when dollar and condition criteria are met.

(2) Items in FSC classes 1510 and 1520 held by DOD or other agencies shall be reported to the General Services Administration (9FB), San Francisco, California 94105.

(c) The table follows:

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3690 specialized ammunition and

ordance machinery and related

equipment. 37. Agricultural machinery and equipment 38. Construction, mining, excavating, and All

highway maintenance equipment. 39. Materials handling equipment

All 40. Rope, cable, chain and fittings

All 41. Refrigeration, air conditioning, and air All

circulating equipment. 42. Firefighting, rescue, and safety equip All

ment. 43. Pumps and compressors

All 44. Furnace, steam plant, and drying All

equipment; and nuclear reactors. 45. Plumbing, heating, and sanitation All

equipment. 46. Water purification and sewage treat- All

ment equipment. 47. Pipe, tubing, hose, and fittings

All 48. Valves

All 49. Maintenance and repair shop equip | All except ment.

4921 torpedo maintenance, repair,

and checkout specialized equip

4923 depth charges and underwater

mines maintenance, repair, and

checkout specialized equipment.
4925 ammunition maintenance, ro
pair, and

and checkout specialized
4927 rocket maintenance, repair, and

checkout specialized equipment.
4931 fire control maintenance and re

pair shop specialized equipment. 4933 weapons maintenance and re

pair shop specialized equipment. 51. Hand tools

All 52. Measuring tools

All 53. Hardware and abrasives

All 54. Prefabricated structures and scaffold- All

ing. 55. Lumber, millwork, plywood and veneer All 56. Construction and building materials All 58. Communication, detection, and coher- All except ent radiation equipment.

5810 communications security equip

ment and components.
5811 other cryptologic equipment and

59. Electrical and electronic components .. All
60. Fiber optics materials, components, All

assemblies, and accessories. 61. Electrical wire, and power and dis- All

tribution equipment. 62. Lighting fixtures and lamps

All 63. Alarm, signal, and security detection All

65. Medical, dental, and veterinary equip- All except
ment and supplies.

6505 drugs and biologicals
6508 medicated cosmetics and

66. Instruments and laboratory equipment All
67. Photographic equipment

All except

6770 film, processed 68. Chemicals and chemical products All 69. Training aids and devices


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(d) The appropriate disposal condition code from the table below shall be assigned to each item record, report, or listing of excess personal property:

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quisition cost.

179–165 0-98-19

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