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Motor, truckload.
Motor, less than truckload.
Van (unpacked, uncrated personal or Govern-

ment property).
Driveway, truckaway, towaway.
Military Airlift Command (MAC).
Parcel post, surface.
Parcel post, air.
Government trucks, for shipment outside local

delivery area. Small package carrier. Rail, carload". Rail, less than carload". Freight Forwarder. LOGAIR (commercial air charter service-Air

Force controlled). Organic military air. Through Government bill of lading (TGBL). Air freight, air express, air charter (commer

cial). Expedited air freight. Scheduled truck service (applies to contract

carriage, guaranteed traffic routings and/or

scheduled service). Air freight forwarder. Quicktrans (commercial air charter service

Navy controlled). SEAVAN, Water, river, lake, coastal (commercial). Bearer, walk-thru (customer pickup of mate

rial). Intratheater airlift service. MSC (Military Sealift Command controlled

contract or arranged space). Government watercraft, barge, lighter. RORO (roll-on, roll-off) service. ARFCOS (Armed Forces Courier Service). United Parcel Service. Military official mail (MOM). Express mail. Pipeline. Local delivery by Government or commercial

truck including deliveries between air or water terminals and adjacent activities. Within CONUS, the local delivery area is defined in tariffs governing local application of carrier service as filed with regulatory au thorities.

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D. SIGNATURE. Self-explanatory.
E. DATE. Julian date of reply.

34. THIS IS A SURVEY DOCUMENT. Place an “X” in the proper block.

35. DATE. Julian date on which part II is completed.

36. TO. Name and address (include ZIP Code) of the office to which the TDR claim package is to be mailed.

37. RESPONSIBILITY. The transportation officer or appropriate receiving personnel would normally make this determination based on findings and factual evidence available, checking the appropriate block. When there is insufficient evidence to make such a determination, check "Other" and enter “Unknown.'

38. EXCEPTION NOTED ON CARRIER'S DELIVERY RECEIPT. Place an “X” in the proper block.

39. DOCUMENT ATTACHED?. Place an "X" in the proper block, and list the documents in block 43.

40. PHOTOGRAPH ATTACHED?. Place an “X” in the proper block.

41. INSPECTION DATA. Place an “X” in the proper block. Attach required report or waiver, or provide oral waiver information in block 43.

42. DISPOSITION DATA. Place an “X” in the proper block. Attach the required documents or provide other explanation in block 43.

43. REMARKS. Provide detailed information or any other data which will aid the claims office in filing claim. Information or data shall deal with facts and shall not reflect personal opinions unless substantiated by documentation; e.g., affidavits or certified statements. List the documents attached to support the claim.

44. DISTRIBUTION OF COPIES. Name and address (including ZIP Code) of office to receive a copy.

45. A. NAME OF PREPARER. Self-explanatory.

B. TITLE. Self-explanatory.

C. TELEPHONE NO. Show both the commercial and FTS telephone numbers of the person signing in block 45D.

D. SIGNATURE. Self-explanatory.

46. ACTION BY REVIEWING OFFICIALS. Sections, A, B, C, and D under this block are for use in connection with inventory and financial adjustments of accounts in accordance with individual service/agency regulations. Sections E and F will be completed by an official authorized to approve the report for use as a survey document and/or inventory and financial adjustment of accounts or when individual agency or service regulations require approval by an official other than the individual shown in block 45.

47. ACTION BY CLAIMS OFFICE. For use by claims office, as required (primarily for DOD).

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Container, commercial highway lift (PTTC).
Engine container.
Engine cradle or dolly.
Loose, not packaged.
Multiwall container (formerly referred to as tri-

ple wall or tri-wall secured or attached to a

warehouse pallet). Mixed (more than one type of shipping con

tainer). Piece. Pail. Palletized unit load (other than code MW). Reel. Roll. Roll-on/roll-off trailer, Sack, paper. Skid box. Skid. Sheet. Spool. Suitcase. Tub. Trunk. Tube. Unitized (unitized cargo on roll-on/roll-off vehi

cles is considered roll-on/roll-off). Van chassis. Vehicle. Vehicle in operating condition. SEAVAN-TOTE. Wrapped. Container, CONEX (second position, based

on CONEX serial number, will be assigned

as follows): 00001 to 99999 100000 to 199999 200000 to 299999 300000 to 399999 400000 to 499999 500000 to 599999 600000 to 699999 700000 to 799999 800000 to 899999 900000 to 999999


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Leakage, spoilage, or evaporation.
Improper documentation.
Status "W" cargo (MTMC terminal use only).
Improper loading or stowing.




[blocks in formation]

MSCVAN (MSC leased/controlled SEAVAN or

MILVAN). MILVAN SEAVAN. (Second position identifies the loading data

and loaded capacity as follows): Loaded to capacity by ocean carrier. Loaded to capacity by military terminal. Loaded to capacity by military shipping activ

ity. Loaded to capacity by vendor/commercial

supplier. Loaded to capacity by contract shipment con

solidation facility. Loaded to less than capacity by military ship

ping activity, loading completed by contract

shipment consolidation facility. Loaded to less than capacity by military ship

ping activity. Loaded to less than capacity by vendor/com

mercial supplier. Loaded to less than capacity by contract ship

ment consolidation facility.

DG ..

Improper loading, stowing, lashing, blocking,

and bracing.
Materials handling equipment.
Marine Casualty.
Rough handling.
Water damage.
Concealed damage.

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101-41.100 Scope of subpart. 101-41.101 Examination of payments, settle

ment of claims, and review of require

ments. 101-41.102 GSA responsibilities and func

tions. 101-41.103 Procedures, conditions, and limi

tations relevant to the delegation of authority to perform prepayment audits of

selected transportation bills. 101-41.104 Procedures and standards for uti

lizing EDI.

(a) GSA forms referenced in this part are for optional use by executive agencies; however, their use is recommended in the interest of efficiency and economy in Government operations,

(b) Except for GSA Form 3080 (Household Goods Carrier Evaluation Report), GSA forms may be obtained initially from General Services Administration, National Forms and Publications Center, Warehouse 4, Dock No. 1, 4900 South Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76115. Agency field or regional offices should submit future requirements to their Washington, DC headquarters office which will forward consolidated annual requirements to the GSA National Forms and Publications Center.

(c) GSA Form 3080 is only available through GSA regional offices as provided in $ 101-40.205.

Subpart 101-41.2-Passenger Transpor

tation Services Furnished for the Account of the United States

(51 FR 24343, July 3, 1986, as amended at 52 FR 21034, June 4, 1987)

§ 101-40.4903 Optional forms; availabil

ity. (a) Optional Form 280 (Rev. 3-80), Uniforin Tender of Rates and/or Charges for Transportation Charges, is designed to expedite the handling of rate tenders.

(b) Courtesy copies of Optional Form 280 may be obtained from the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service, Office of Policy and Agency Liaison, Regulations and Policy Division (FFY), Washington, DC 20406. Carriers may duplicate this form or have it printed commercially.

101-41.200 Scope and applicability of sub

part. 101-41.201 (Reserved] 101 41.202 Standard forms relating to pas

senger transportation. 101-41.202–1 SF 1169, U.S. Government

Transportation Request. 101-41.202–2 SF 1170, Redemption of Unused

Tickets. 101-41.202–3 SF 1113, Public Voucher for

Transportation Charges. 101-41.2024 [Reserved) 101-41.202–5 Procurement of standard forms 101-41.205 Special procedures for preparing agency-stocked tickets for

by agencies and carriers. 101-41.203 Procurement of passenger trans

portation services. 101-41.203-1 Procurement from carriers. 101-41.203–2 Use of cash. 101-41.203–3 Quantity (bulk) ticket pur

chases. 101-41.2034 Reduced rate services. 101-41.203-5 Joint procurement of rail trans

portation and accommodations. 101-41.203-6 Air excess baggage service. 101-41.204 Contracts, tenders, and charters. 101-41.204-1 Contracts. 101-41.204-2 Tenders. 101-41.204-3 Procurement and billing of con

tract or tender service. 101-41.2044 Procurement and billing of

charter service.

tickets for passenger transportation services. 101-41.205–1 Use of teletype ticketing equip

ment. 101-41.205–2 Use of preprinted rail ticket

stock. 101-41.206 Special procedures for automatic

payment of carrier charges for passenger

transportation services. 101-41.207 Use, preparation, and disposition

of GTR'S (SF 1169). 101-41.207-1 Use of GTR's. 101-41.207-2 Preparation of GTR's. 101-41.207-3 Disposition of spoiled or can

celed GTR'S. 101-41.207-4 Accountability for GTR's. 101-41.208 Validation and honoring of

GTR's. 101-41.208-1 Validation of GTR's and identi

fication of travelers. 101-41.208-2 GTR identification on tickets

and coupons. 101-41.208-3 Honoring GTR's. 101-41.2084 Issuance and use of sleeping or

parlor car tickets when accommodations

are not assigned. 101-41.208–5 En route honoring of GTR's for

rail and sleeping or parlor car services. 101-41.208–6 En route honoring of GTR's for

sleeping or parlor car services only. 101-41.208–7 Honoring of GTR's by bus driv

ers. 101-41.209 Unused transportation services or

accommodations. 101–41.209–1 Reporting unfurnished or un

used transportation services or accom

modations. 101-41.209-2 Adjustments for unfurnished or

unused transportation services or accom

modations. 101-41.2093 Cancellation of reservations. 101-41.2094 Denied boarding compensation. 101-41.210 Ticket refund procedures. 101-41.210–1 Exchanged or returned tickets. 101-41.210_1a Agency monitoring and proc

essing of exchanged ticket refunds. 101-41.210-2 Unused or unreturned tickets. 101-41.210-3 Agency processing of SF 1170

claims. 101-41.210–3a Carrier processing of SF 1170

claims. 101-41.2104 Agency processing of SF 1170 re

funds. 101-41.210-5 Agency processing of SF 1170

claims for which the carrier failed to re

fund or otherwise satisfy the claim. 101-41.210-5a Carrier refund for unused tick

ets when SF 1170 has not been received. 101-41.210-5b Payment to carrier for subse

quent use of ticket for transportation or second refund through the use of an SF 1170 after an initial refund to GSA for un

used expired ticket. 101-41.210-5c Alternative unused ticket re

fund procedures.

101-41.210-5d Agency recovery of carrier re

funds sent directly to GSA. 101-41.210-6 Refund procedures covering un

used transportation services billed by

foreign-flag carriers. 101-41.211 Lost or stolen GTR's; lost Gov

ernment excess baggage authorization/

tickets (GEBAT). 101-41.211–1 Reporting of GTR's lost or sto

len before presentation to carrier. 101-41.211–2 Disposition of recovered GTR's

previously reported lost or stolen. 101-41.211-3 Billing charges for GTR's lost

by carrier. 101-41.211-4 Disposition of GTR's previously

certified lost by carrier. 101-41.211-5 Billing charges for air excess

baggage coupons lost by carrier. 101-41.212 Accountability for tickets or cou

pons. 101-41.213 Carrier entries on GTR's. 101-41.214 Billing and payment of passenger

transportation charges. 101-41.214-1 Carrier billing form. 101-41.214-2 Factual support of charges

billed. 101-41.214-3 Carrier machine punching on

GTR's. 101-41.2144 Carrier notations on GTR's. 101-41.214-5 Preparation of carrier billing

form. 101-41.2146 Submission of carrier bill with

supporting data. 101-41.214-7 Cross-reference on billings for

additional or supplemental services.

Subpart 101-41.3-Freight Transportation

Services Furnished for the Account of the United States

101-41.300 Scope and applicability of sub

part. 101-41.301 [Reserved) 101-41.302 Standard forms relating to ship

ment, transportation, and delivery of

property. 101-41.302–1 Listing of forms. 101-41.302-2 Description and distribution of

Government bills of lading. 101-41.3023 Terms and conditions governing

acceptance and use of GBL's. 101-41.302 4 General instructions for the

preparation of GBL's and common prob

lem areas. 101-41.302–5 Pickup and delivery services. 101-41.302-6 Special services. 101-41.302-7 GBL correction notice. 101-41.303 Conversion of commercial bills of

lading to GBL'S. 101-41.303–1 Necessity for conversion. 101-41.303-2 Conversion of commercial bills

of lading. 101-41.303_3 Lost commercial bills of lading. 101-41.303 4 Lost original commercial bills

of lading subsequently recovered. 101-41.304 Exception to the use of GBL's.

Subpart 101-41.4-Standards for the Pay

ment of Charges for Transportation Services Furnished for the Account of the United States

101-41.400 Scope and applicability of sub

part. 101-41.401 Payment of transportation bills. 101-41.402 Payment prior to Government

confirmation of satisfactory service. 101-41.402–1 Joint standards for advance

payment of charges for transportation

services. 101-41.402-2 Limitations on advance pay

ment of charges for transportation services.

Subpart 101-41.5-Claims by the United States Relating to Transportation Services

101-41.304-1 Local storage,

storage, drayage, and haulage. 101-41.304-2 Limited authority to use com

mercial forms and procedures. 101-41.305 Procedures governing shipments

accorded transit privileges. 101-41.305-1 General instructions for prepar

ing GBL's involving transit. 101-41.305–2 Transit records; processing and

distribution. 101-41.3053 GBL's covering free or surren

dered transit. 101-41.3054 Billing for transit shipment. 101-41.305-5 Paying office action on transit

billings. 101-41.306 Disposition of GBL forms upon

delivery of property to carrier for ship

ment. 101-41.307 Lost GBL'S. 101-41.307–1 Substitute document. 101-41.307-2 Certification of substitute docu

ment. 101-41.307–3 Payment of substitute docu

ments. 101-41.307-4 Lost original GBL's recovered

before settlement. 101-41.307–5 Lost original GBL's recovered

after settlement. 101-41.307-6 Lost GBL's and freight waybills

(original). 101-41.308 Accountability for GBL's. 101-41.308-1 Agency control. 101-41.308–2 Disposition of unused GBL's. 101-41.309 Factual support of charges. 101-41.309-1 International shipments. 101-41.309–2 Motor carrier or freight for

warder destination storage in transit of

household goods or mobile dwellings. 101-41.310 Billing and payment of freight

and express transportation charges. 101-41.310-1 Carrier billing forms. 101-41.310-2 Preparation of carrier billing

forms. 101-41.310-3 Separate billing for household

goods shipments. 101-41.3104 Presentation and payment of

carrier's bills. 101-41.311 Reporting of carrier voluntary re

funds. 101 41.312 Exception to usual billing and

payment procedures. 101-41.313 Availability of forms. 101-41.313-1 GBL forms. 101-41.313-2 Carrier billing form. 101-41.313-3 GBL correction notice. 101-41.314 Contracts and tenders. 101-41.314-1 Contracts. 10141.314-2 Quotations and tenders. 101-41.314-3 Procurement and billing of

services under contract or tender.

101-41.500 Scope and applicability of sub

part. 101-41.501 Definitions. 101-41.502 Examination of payments and ini

tiation of collection action and assertion

of claims. 101-41.503 Refunds and/or protests to claims. 101-41.504 Collection action by other means. 101-41.505 Deposition of collections. 101-41.506 Transportation debts administra

tively determined to be due the United

States. 101-41.507 Disclosure to consumer reporting

agencies and referrals to collection agencies.

Subpart 101-41.6-Claims Against the

United States Relating to Transportation

101-41.600 Scope and applicability of sub

part. 101-41.601 Definition. 101-41.602 Statutory limitations on filing of

claims. 101-41.603 Presentation of claims. 101-41.603–1 Filing requirements for claim

ants. 101-41.603–2 Form of claims. 101-41.603-3 Documentation required for

claim settlements. 101-41.603 4 Where to file transportation

claims. 101-41.604 Payment of transportation

claims. 101-41.604_1 Transportation claims payable

by agencies. 101-41.604—2 Transportation claims not pay

able by agencies. 101-41.605 GSA processing of direct settle

ment claims. 101-41.605–1 Acknowledgments. 101-41.605-2 Processing claims certified for

payment. 101-41.6053 Disallowed claims.

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