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operation of the catalytic converter and electronic/computerized emission components.

(57 FR 53283, Nov. 9, 1992]

8 101-38.503 Compliance with State in

spection programs. (a) When required by State motor vehicle administrations, executive agencies will comply with all Federallymandated motor vehicle emission inspection programs. Federal agencies will reimburse State activities for the cost of these emission inspections, unless the State waives the inspection fee.

(b) Motor vehicles authorized to display State, Commonwealth, territory, or District of Columbia license plates in accordance with $$ 101–38.200(f) and 101-38.204 will comply with required State mechanical and emission inspections. The cost of these inspections, including associated certificates or stickers, will be the responsibility of the using agency.

motor vehicle accidents are listed below. Accident reports pertaining to agency-owned or -leased vehicles shall be processed in accordance with applicable agency directives. Accident reports pertaining to GSA Interagency Fleet Management System vehicles shall be processed in accordance with 41 CFR part 101–39, subpart 101-39.4.

(a) Standard Form 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report, should be completed at the time and on the scene of the accident, insofar as possible, regardless of the extent of damage to the vehicle. A Standard Form 91 should be carried at all times in Government-owned and -leased motor vehicles.

(b) Standard Form 94, Statement of Witness, should be carried at all times in Government-owned and -leased vehicles and should be completed by persons who witness an accident. Standard Form 94 has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under OMB control number 3090-0033.

(58 FR 65291, Dec. 14, 1993]

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8 101-38.702 Storage.

Government-owned, -rented, and -leased motor vehicles of an agency should be stored so as to provide reasonable protection from pilferage or damage. In the interest of economy, open storage should be used whenever practicable and feasible. The determination as to whether or not it is "practicable or feasible to use open storage space or a particular type of storage space at a particular location must be made by the agency after considering the nature of program demands and special requirements at that location. All unattended Government-owned or -leased motor vehicles should be locked, unless they are stored or parked in a closed building or enclosure.

(51 FR 11684, Apr. 4, 1986; 51 FR 15481, Apr. 24, 1986)

(2) SF 97 will be used only when motor vehicles owned by the Government are sold to parties who intend to title the vehicle for operation on highways. Vehicles that are either not designed to operate on highways or are deemed as not legal for operation on highways will be conveyed using an appropriate bill of sale or award document, such as Optional Form 16, Sales Slip-Sale of Government Personal Property, or SF 114, Sale of Government Property-Bid and Award. Vehicles commonly included in this category include construction equipment, farm machinery, and certain military design vehicles.

(3) All SF 97 certificates and copies shall be stocked as an accountable form and serially numbered with preprinted numbers assigned by the printing activity. Each agency shall have an accountable officer who will be responsible for the requisition, storage, and issuance of SF 97. Certificates showing erasures or strikeovers may be considered invalid by State motor vehicle agencies and may not be honored. Proper precautions shall be exercised by agencies to prevent blank copies of SF 97 from being obtained by unauthorized persons.

(4) Standard Form 97 is a 4-part set printed on continuous feed paper. The original certificate is produced on secure paper to readily identify any attempt to alter the form. Upon completion, the original SF 97 shall be furnished to the purchaser or donee. One copy of SF 97 shall be furnished to the owning agency. Another copy of the SF 97 shall be furnished to the contracting officer of the agency effecting the sale or transfer of the motor vehicle. The disposition of the fourth copy shall be assigned by the owning agency.

(b) These requirements are not subject to the provisions of Public Law 96– 511, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (FIRMR) 41 CFR 201–9.202-2, Interagency Reports Management Program. (Also see 41 CFR 101-45.303–3.)

8 101-38.702–1 Procurement of parking

accommodations. Before acquiring other than temporary parking accommodations in urban centers (see § 101–18.102), agencies shall determine the availability of Government-owned or -controlled parking space in accordance with the provisions of $ 101–17.101-6.

& 101-38.703 Sale of motor vehicles.

GSA will not solicit trade-in bids when purchasing new motor vehicles for replacement purposes under the consolidated program. Used vehicles that are being replaced will be disposed of by sale as set forth in part 101-46.

Subpart 101-38.8-Fleet Credit


§ 101-38.800 General.

(a) Standard Form (SF) 149, U.S. Government National Credit Card, and SF 149A, U.S. Government Fleet Credit Card, are authorized for use by Federal

encies to obtain services and supplies at service stations dispensing items provided by contractors listed in the Defense Fuel Supply Center publication, “Government Vehicle Operator's Guide Your Guide to Service Stations for Gasoline, Oil, and Lubrication" (DFSCH 4280.1). Activities requiring copies of the publication should submit

(57 FR 24762, June 11, 1992, as amended at 62 FR 328, Jan. 3, 1997)

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requests to: Commander, Defense Fuel Supply Center, Attention: DSFC: OD, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA 22304-6160.

(b) Charges for the SF 149 are processed manually by DFSC contractors. The SF 149 A is designed for acceptance at electronic point of sale (EPOS) terminals in addition to manual processing. The SF 149 and SF 149A may not be used at customer activated terminals (i.e., at the fuel pump) except at fueling facilities dispensing alternative fuels where no other option exists.

(c) The SF 149 and SF 149A are the only Governmentwide credit cards approved for use by Federal agencies using IFMS vehicles for the procurement of motor fuel (including alternative fuels) and services at service stations and refueling sites dispensing items provided by the contractors listed in the Defense Fuel Supply Center publication referenced in paragraph (a) of this section. However, agencies are not required to use the SF 149 or SF 149A for motor vehicles used for purposes in which identification as Government vehicles would interfere with the performance of the functions for which the vehicles were acquired and are used. Motor vehicles included in the exception for the use of SF 149 and SF 149A are listed in $$ 101–38.200(f) and 101-38.204.

(d) GSA will provide centralized management and control of the SF 149 and SF 149 A programs. Inquiries concerning the policy and administration of these programs shall be directed to the General Services Administration, ATTN: FBF, Washington, DC 20406.

(e) Federal agencies are responsible for the establishment of administrative controls to ensure that the fuel and services procured by using the SF 149 and SF 149A are for the official use of the agency and that administrative controls are maintained to prevent unauthorized use. The General Services Administration, ATTN: FBF, Washington, DC 20406, will provide assistance in establishing ordering procedures and management reporting systems pertaining to the SF 149 and SF 149A.

(f) The SF 149 and SF 149A may be used for any properly identified U.S.

$ 101-38.901 General.

From the data submitted by Federal agencies on Standard Form 82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data, GSA will prepare and issue the “Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Report." This report is a summary of the data submitted by agencies and is used to evaluate and analyze operations and management of the Federal motor vehicle fleet. GSA supplies copies of this report to the Congress, Federal agencies, and to other organizations upon request.

101-38.902 Records.

Each owning agency is responsible for developing adequate accounting and reporting procedures to ensure accurate reporting of inventory, cost, and operating data needed for the management and control of motor vehicles.

$ 101–38.903 Reporting of data.

(a) Federal agencies shall use Standard Form 82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data, to report vehicle inventory, cost, and operating data to GSA. Interagency Report Control Number

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1102-GSA-AN has been assigned to this reporting requirement.

(b) The Standard Form 82 is divided into three sections. Sections I and III of the form are for reporting data relating to agency-owned and -leased vehicles and are to be completed by all agencies. Section II of the form is for reporting data for large fleets of agency-owned vehicles. Detailed instructions for preparation of this form are located on the reverse of the form.

(1) Each owning agency shall submit a Standard Form 82 to the General Services Administration, ATTN: MTV, Washington, DC 20405 within 75 calendar days after the end of the fiscal year.

(2) Agencies shall report data for domestic fleets and foreign fleets on separate Standard Forms 82.

(3) If any vehicles are loaned to another executive agency during the reporting period, the owning agency shall report all data pertinent to the loaned vehicles.

(4) If accountability for a vehicle is transferred from one owning agency to another during the reporting period, each agency shall report those data appropriate to the period of time during which it retained accountability.

8 101-38.4900 Scope of subpart.

This subpart provides the means for obtaining forms prescribed or available for use in connection with subject matter covered in part 101–38.

(59 FR 41411, Aug. 12, 1994)

8 101-38.4901 Obtaining standard and

optional forms. Standard and optional forms referenced in part 101-38 (except SF 149 and SF 149A) may be obtained through the General Services Administration, Inventory and Requisition Management Branch, Attn: FCNI, Washington, DC 20406, or through regional GSA Federal Supply Service Bureaus. GSA regional offices will provide support to requesting activities needing forms.

[59 FR 41411, Aug. 12, 1994)

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101–39.100 General. 101-39.101 Notice of intention to begin a

study. 101–39.101–1 Agency cooperation. 101–39.102 Determinations. 101-39.102–1 Records, facilities, personnel,

and appropriations. 101-39.102–2 Effective date of determination. 101-39.103 Agency appeals. 101-39.104 Notice of establishment of a fleet

management system.

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101-39.200 Scope. 101-39.201 Services available. 101-39.202 Contractor authorized services. 101-39.203 Obtaining motor vehicles for

short-term use. 101-39.203-1 Obtaining motor vehicles while

on temporary duty (TDY) travel. 101-39.204 Obtaining motor vehicles for in

definite assignment. 101-39.205 (Reserved) 101-39.206 Seasonal or unusual require

ments. 101-39.207 Reimbursement for services. 101-39.208 Vehicles removed from defined


Subpart 101-39.3—Use and care of GSA

Interagency Fleet Management System Vehicles

101-39.300 General. 101–39.301 Utilization guidelines. 101-39.302 Rotation. 101-39.303 Maintenance. 101-39.304 Modification or installation of ac

cessory equipment. 101-39.305 Storage. 101-39.306 Operator's packet. 101-39.307 Grounds for withdrawal of vehi


§ 101-39.001 Authority.

Section 211 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, (40 U.S.C. 491), requires that the Administrator of General Services will, to the extent that he determines that so doing is advantageous to the Government in terms of economy, efficiency, or service, and after consultation with, and with due regard to the program activities of the agencies concerned, (a) consolidate, take over, acquire, or arrange for the operation by any executive agency of motor vehicles and other related equipment and supplies for the purpose of establishing fleet management systems to serve the needs of executive agencies; and (b) provide for the establishment, maintenance, and operation (including servicing and storage) of fleet management systems for transportation of property or passengers, and for furnishing such motor vehicles and related services to executive agencies. The exercise of this authority is subject to regulations issued by the President, which are set forth in Executive Order 10579, dated November 30, 1954.

Subpart 101–39.4-Accidents and Claims

101-39.400 General. 101-39.401 Reporting of accidents. 101-39.402 Recommendations for discipli

nary action. 101-39.403 Investigations. 101-39.404 Claims in favor of the Govern

ment. 101–39.405 Claims against the Government. 101–39.406 Responsibility for damages. 101-39.407 Accident records.

§ 101-39.002 Applicability.

The regulations in this part apply to all executive agencies of the Federal Government to the extent provided in the Act.

Subparts 101-39.5-101-39.48 [Reserved)

Subpart 101-39.49–Forms

101–39.4900 Scope of subpart. 101–39.4901 Obtaining standard and optional

8 101-39.003 Financing.

(a) Section 211(d) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act, 1949, as amended, provides that the


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