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8 101-29.301-2 Federal Standardization

Handbook. The Assistant Administrator for Federal Supply and Services will issue and maintain on a current basis a "Federal Standardization Handbook." The Federal Standardization Handbook sets forth operating procedures and applicable definitions used in the development of Federal product descriptions under the Assigned Agency Plan described therein. Federal agencies shall adhere to the provisions of the handbook in the development and coordination of Federal product descriptions.

§ 101–29.301-3 Availability of Federal

product descriptions. The Assistant Administrator for Federal Supply and Services will promulgate and maintain on a current basis the “Index of Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item Descriptions." The Index lists Federal product descriptions which have been printed and distributed, including those which are mandatory for use, and identifies the sources from which these

(a) Federal executive agencies shall evaluate the effectiveness of their Federal product descriptions by:

(1) Establishing a system for obtaining user critiques of products acquired using those descriptions; and

(2) Establish a method whereby the preparing activity can locate and communicate with the users.

(b) The system shall encourage users to communicate with acquisition organizations regarding:

(1) The user's essential requirements;

(2) Product suitability for use in the user's environment;

(3) Product failures and deficiences;

(4) The needs of the logistics system; and

(5) Suggestions for corrective actions.

(c) Acquisition organizations shall designate a central point in each agency to evaluate and respond to user critiques and take corrective action on reasonable complaints and suggestions.

(d) At the time of the periodic review, the responsible preparing activity shall consider available user evaluations, the results of market research and analysis, and all reported deviations from the product description. Information, such as the following shall be examined in the review process:

(1) Whether the product description is still needed in its present form and scope or whether a more simplified one can be used;

(2) The existence of voluntary standards or other Government product descriptions that may better reflect current requirements;

(3) The need to convert Federal and agency specifications covering commercial or commercial-type products to CID's; and

(4) The currency and applicability of reference documents included in the product description.

volved in using the applicable description.

(2) The total amount of the purchase is less than $10,000. (Multiple small purchases of the same item shall not be made for the purpose of avoiding the intent of this exception. Further, this exception in no way affects the requirements for the procurement of items available from GSA supply distribution facilities, Federal Supply Schedule contracts, GSA procurement programs, and certain procurement sources other than GSA that have been assigned sup ply responsibility for Federal agencies as provided in subparts 101–26.3, $ 101– 26.4, and $ 101-26.5).

(3) The items are purchased in foreign markets for use of overseas activities of agencies.

(4) The products are adequately described in voluntary standards or in standards mandated by law.

(5) The acquisition involves a onetime procurement.

(6) A Federal product description is not currently available and is not expected to be available within a reasonable time of the scheduled acquisition action.

(7) The product is available only from a single source or is produced to a single manufacturer's design.

(8) The product is unique to a single system.

(9) The product (excluding military clothing) is acquired for authorized resale.

(b) If the purchase involves the following, Federal product descriptions do not need to be used except to the extent they are applicable, in whole or in part:

(1) Items required in construction of facilities for new processes or new installations of equipment;

(2) Items required for experiment, test, or research and development; or

(3) Spare parts, components, or material required for operation, repair, or maintenance of existing equipment.

Subpart 101-29.4-Mandatory Use

of Federal Product Descriptions

8 101-29.401 Federal product descrip

tions listed in the GSA Index of Federal Specifications, Standards

and Commercial Item Descriptions. (a) Federal product descriptions shall be used by all Federal agencies in the procurement of supplies and services covered by such descriptions, except as provided in $ 101–29.402 and 8 101-29.403.

(b) The order of preference in selecting Federal product descriptions for acquisition shall be:

(1) Any Federal product description adopting voluntary standards.

(2) Commercial item descriptions.

(3) Federal specifications and standards.

§ 101-29.403 Federal product descrip

tion exceptions and tailoring.

§ 101–29.402 Exceptions to mandatory

use of Federal product descriptions. (a) Federal product descriptions do not need to be used under any of the following circumstances:

(1) The purchase is required under a public exigency and a delay in obtaining agency requirements would be in

8 101-29.403–1 Authorization of excep

tions. When the exceptions listed in $10129.402 do not apply and an applicable indexed product description is desired

for use in procurement but does not Subpart 101-29.5-Use of and Opmeet an agency's essential needs, ex- tional Use of Federal Product ceptions to the product description to

Descriptions and Agency effect procurement may be authorized

Product Descriptions as follows: (a) All exceptions to Federal tele

§ 101-29.501 Optional use of interim communications standards require Federal specifications. prior approval by the Assistant Admin

Interim Federal specifications are for istrator for Information Information Resources

optional use. All agencies are urged to Management, General Services Admin

make maximum use of them and to istration, Washington, DC 20405.

submit suggested changes to the pre(b) Preparing activities may des

paring activity for consideration in ignate specific product descriptions

further development of the specificathat require approval of exceptions by

tions for promulgation as Federal specthe preparing activity before use.

ifications or commercial item descrip(c) Exceptions to Federal product de

tions. Interim revisions or interim scriptions that do not require prior ap amendments to Federal specifications proval under paragraphs (a) and (b) of

are for optional use as valid exceptions this section may be authorized by the

to the Federal specifications so revised acquiring agency if:

or amended and must, therefore, be (1) Justifications for exceptions are specifically identified by symbol and subject to review before authorization date in the invitation for bids or reand that such justification can be fully quest for proposal. substantiated if post audit is required; (2) Notification of exception or rec

8 101–29.502 Use of Federal specifica

tions and interim Federal specificaommendation for change to the Federal

tions in Federal construction conproduct description is sent promptly to

tracts. the preparing activity and the General Services Administration (FCO), Wash

When material, equipment, or servington, DC 20406.

ices covered by an available Federal

specification or interim Federal speci(A statement of the exception with a jus

fication are specified in connection tification and, where applicable,

with Federal construction, the Federal ommendation for revision or amendment to

specification or interim Federal specithe description)

fication shall be made part of the spec

ification for the construction contract, g 101-29.403–2 Agency responsibility

subject to provisions in SS 101–29.402, relative to exceptions to Federal

101–29.403, and 101–29.501. product descriptions. Each agency taking exceptions shall § 101-29.503 Agency product descrip

tions. establish procedures whereby a designated official having substantial pro- When a Federal product description curement responsibility shall be re- is not available, existing agency prodsponsible for assuring that Federal uct descriptions should be used by all product descriptions are used and pro- agencies consistent with each agency's visions for exceptions are complied procedures for establishing priority for with.

use of such descriptions.





§ 101-29.403-3 Tailoring of Federal

product descriptions. Product descriptions prepared to define and impose performance characteristics, engineering disciplines, and manufacturing practices such as reliability, system safety, quality assurance, maintainability, configuration management, and the like shall be tailored in accordance with their specific application in acquisitions.

101-30.000 Scope of part.
101-30.001 Applicability.

Subpart 101-30.1-General

101_30.100 Scope of subpart.
101-30.101 Definitions.
101-30.101-1 Civil agency item.

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8 101-30.100 Scope of subpart.

This subpart defines the objectives of the Federal Catalog System, and assigns responsibilities for its operation. The basic principles and procedures of the Federal Catalog System are contained in published cataloging handbooks and manuals described in subpart 101-30.2.

§ 101-30.101 Definitions.

As used in this part 101-30, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth in this $ 101-30.101.

8 101-30.101-3 National stock number.

The national stock number (NSN) is the identifying number assigned to each item of supply. The NSN consists of the 4-digit Federal Supply Classification (FSC) code and the 9-digit national itern identification number (NIIN). The written, printed, or typed NSN configuration is 1234-00-567-8901. The following terms are elements of the 13-digit national stock number:

(a) Federal Supply Classification (FSC) is a 4-digit number which groups similar items into classes.

(b) National Codification Bureau (NCB) code is a 2-digit number designating the central cataloging office of the NATO or other friendly country which assigned the national item identification number (NIIN) and is used as the first two digits of the NIIN.

(c) National item identification number (NIIN) is a 9-digit number composed of the NCB code number (2-digits) followed by 7 other nonsignificant digits.

8 101-30.101-1 Civil agency item.

Civil agency item means an item of supply in the supply system of one or more civilian agencies, which is repetitively procured, stocked, or otherwise managed (includes direct delivery requirements as well as items stocked for issue).

(46 FR 35644, July 10, 1981)

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