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101-27.406 Disposition of stock.

Stocks of slow-moving items which are not otherwise determined to be eligible for continued stockage shall be eliminated through normal attrition and shall not be replenished. The successive actions indicated in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section, shall be taken, as necessary, to remove stocks of inactive items from inventory.

(a) Transfer stock to other offices where needed within the agency.

(b) Transfer stock to other agencies as follows:

(1) Centrally managed items to the agency managing the item for credit; or

(2) Agency program items to agencies requiring them.

(c) Dispose of remaining stocks, as excess, after actions taken in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, in accordance with subpart 101-43.3.

8 101-27.502 Criteria for return.

Any GSA stock item to be returned to GSA by an agency which has no current or future requirements for that item shall meet the following conditions:

(a) The minimum dollar value per line item, based on the current GSA selling price, shall be:

(1) $130 for hand tools, FSG 51, and measuring tools, FSG 52; and

(2) $450 for items in all other Federal supply groups and classes except for tires and tubes, FSC 2610; tool kits, FSC 5180; laboratory supplies, FSCs 6630 and 6640; Standard forms, FSC 7540; paints, dopes, varnishes, and related products, FSC 8010; preservatives and sealing compounds, FSC 8030; adhesives, FSC 8040; boxes, cartons, and crates, FSC 8115; and subsistence items, FSG 89, which are not returnable and shall be considered excess, and shall be processed in accordance with part 101-43 of this chapter.

(b) The minimum remaining shelf life of this material shall be 12 months at the time of receipt by GSA.

(c) The material shall not be a terminal or discontinued item.

(d) The material shall be in either condition code A or condition code E.

Subpart 101-27.5-Return of GSA

Stock Items

SOURCE: 35 FR 12721, Aug. 11, 1970, unless otherwise noted.

(35 FR 12721, Aug. 11, 1970, as amended at 44 FR 39393, July 6, 1979; 56 FR 11939, Mar. 21, 1991]

8101-27.500 Scope and applicability of

subpart. This subpart sets forth policy and procedures for the return to GSA for credit of items which are in long supply or for which no current or future requirements are anticipated. The provisions of this subpart 101–27.5 are applicable to all executive agencies. Federal agencies other than executive

§ 101-27.503 Allowable credit.

Allowable credit for activities returning material that is accepted by GSA will be reflected in billings by GSA and will be commensurate with the condition of the material received.

(a) Credit will be granted at the rate of 80 percent of the current GSA selling price after acceptance by GSA for new, used, repaired, or reconditioned material which is serviceable and issuable to all agencies without limitation or restriction (condition code A).

(b) Credit will be granted at the rate of 60 percent of the current GSA selling price for items which involve limited expenses or effort to restore to serviceable condition, and which is accomplished in the storage activity where the stock is located (e.g., a deficiency in packing or packaging which restricts the issue or requires repacking or repackaging (condition code E)).

(c) No credit will be given for material returned to GSA which does not meet the above criteria or which was returned to GSA without prior approval.

(b) Upon receipt of material authorized for return by GSA, the offering activity will be provided verification of receipt and a report of any discrepancies. When the discrepant condition is attributable to carrier negligence, subsequent credit allowed by GSA will be reduced by the amount to be paid the agency by the carrier for any damages incurred. A notice of credit will be provided the offering activity through credit entries on the monthly billing statement from the supporting GSA finance center.

(c) When offers of material that have been authorized by GSA for return are withdrawn, offering activities shall report such cancellation to the GSA region that was designated to receive the offered material.

(56 FR 11939, Mar. 21, 1991)

[41 FR 3859, Jan. 27, 1976, as amended at 44 FR 39394, July 6, 1979; 56 FR 11939, Mar. 21, 1991]

8 101-27.504 Notice to GSA.

When an activity elects to offer material to GSA for credit, the activity shall submit offers in accordance with chapter 4 of the FEDSTRIP Operating Guide or chapter 9 of MILSTRIP (DoD 4000.25-1-M).

(56 FR 11939, Mar. 21, 1991)

8 101–27.506 Determination of accept

ability for credit. Returned material will be examined by GSA upon receipt to determine acceptability for credit. Returned material which is unacceptable for credit will be deemed to have been declared excess by the returning activity, and will be disposed of by GSA as excess or surplus in the name of the activity, in accordance with part 101-43 of this chapter. The returning activity will be officially notified of the disposal action taken by GSA.

8 101–27.505 Notice to activity.

GSA will provide notice to the offering activity of an acceptance/rejection decision for an offer and verification of material receipt for accepted offers.

(a) Within 20 workdays after receipt of an offer to return material, GSA will notify the offering activity of acceptance or rejection of the offer.

(1) For accepted offers, GSA will inform the offering activity of the GSA material return facility (storage activity) to which the material shall be shipped. Prior to shipment of the material authorized by GSA for return, activities shall verify the declared condition. (If the offering activity considers that the transportation costs of sending the material to the GSA material return facility are excessive in relation to the value of the material and withdraws the offers, the GSA region that was designated to receive the offered material shall be notified accordingly.)

(2) For rejected offers, GSA will so inform the activity offering the material and give the reason for nonacceptance.

8 101-27.507 Transportation and other

costs. Transportation costs for the movement of material to GSA and handling costs for preparation and shipment shall be paid by the activity shipping the material to GSA.



Sec. 101-28.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 101-28.1 [Reserved]

Subpart 101-28.2-Interagency Cross

Servicing in Storage Activities

101-28.200 Scope of subpart. 101-28.201 Applicability.

fense (DOD) and GSA and extends the provisions of the agreement to provide cross-servicing between the civilian agencies of the Government.

101-28.202 GSADOD cross-servicing agree

ment. 101-28.202–1 Request for services. 101-28.202–2 Cancellation of cross-servicing

arrangements. 101–28.202-3 Cross-servicing rates. 101–28.2024 Reimbursement for services. 101-28.203 Definitions. 101–28.203–1 Government storage activity. 101-28.203-2-101-28.203-3 (Reserved] 101-28.2034 Contact point.

[29 FR 15998, Dec. 1, 1964)

Subpart 101-28.3-Customer Supply


101-28.300 Scope of subpart. 101–28.301 Applicability. 101-28.302 Mission of customer supply cen

ters. 101-28.303 Benefits provided by customer

supply centers. 101-28.304 Item selection and stockage cri

teria. 101–28.304-1 Types of items. 101–28.304-2 Determining items to be

stocked. 101–28.305 Prices of customer supply center

items. 101-28.306 Customer supply center (CSC) ac

counts and related controls. 101–28.306-1 Establishment of a CSC account

by a customer activity. 101-28.306-2 Use of customer supply centers. 101–28.306-3 Limitations on use. 101–28.3064 Expiration or cancellation. 101-28.306-5 Safeguards. 101-28.306-6 Sensitive items. 101–28.306–7 Responsibility for operation.

101-28.201 Applicability.

(a) The policies and procedures established by this subpart 101-28.2 are primarily applicable to storage activities within the United States. Executive agencies shall make every effort to utilize available Government storage services of other executive agencies to avoid new construction of storage facilities, acquisition of temporary space, and unnecessary transportation of supplies, material, and equipment to distant storage points. Whenever feasible, the policies and procedures shall be used to cross-service storage and warehousing requirements in overseas storage activities. Available storage services of executive agencies shall be made available for cross-servicing the requirements of other Federal agencies when requested. Other Federal agencies are encouraged to participate in crossservicing arrangements.

(b) The provisions of this subpart 10128.2 do not apply to ocean terminals, Government storage activities financed under industrial funds, activities concerned with the storage and handling of bulk fuels (petroleum products), and storage functions performed by GSA for the Federal Preparedness Agency.

AUTHORITY: Sec. 205(c), 63 Stat. 390; 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

8 101-28.000 Scope of part.

This part prescribes policy and procedures for the economical and efficient management of warehousing and related activities by executive agencies.

[35 FR 7050, May 16, 1970, as amended at 42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977)

$ 101-28.202 GSA/DOD cross-servicing


[29 FR 15998, Dec. 1, 1964)

Subpart 101-28.1 (Reserved

Subpart 101-28.2-Interagency

Cross-Servicing in Storage

An agreement between GSA and DOD has established procedures to be followed in the cross-servicing of storage and warehousing services between Government agencies. Copies of the agreement, containirig a listing of minimum services to be provided, responsibilities of agencies operating storage facilities, responsibilities of requesting agencies, and agency contact points to determine storage availability, may be obtained from the General Services Administration (FFN), Washington, DC 20406.

$ 101–28.200 Scope of subpart.

This subpart prescribes policies and procedures to be followed in the crossservicing of storage and warehousing services between executive agencies of the Government. It implements the provisions of the cross-servicing agreement between the Department of De

(42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977)

8 101-28.202–1 Request for services.

Requests for storage and warehousing services shall be in accordance with the procedures set forth in the GSA DOD cross-servicing agreement. Arrangements incident to the furnishing of services, specific limitations, terms, and conditions shall be agreed to directly by the activities concerned.

rates established by the agency for internal use. However, special rates may be negotiated to cover actual or estimated costs for large, bulk lots of material when the applicable rates appear inequitable, subject to the approval of the appropriate program official for the civilian agency, and the Assistant Secretary of Defense (I and L) when DOD is involved.

(42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977)

(42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977)

[blocks in formation]

8 101-28.202-2 Cancellation of cross

servicing arrangements. (a) Accepted requests may be canceled by the requesting agency prior to delivery of supplies, material, and equipment to the storage activity when logistical developments make cancellation necessary or cancellation is in the best interest of the Government. The agency which accepted the request shall be informed of the cancellation in writing as soon as possible.

(b) Cancellation of arrangements in facilities to be inactivated or disposed of by an operating agency may be made as provided for in the GSA

DOD agreement. Also, after supplies, material, and equipment have been received at a storage activity, cancellation may be made when unforeseen emergencies arise which justify such cancellation. Advice of these necessary cancellations shall be in writing to the agency owning the material sufficiently in advance to allow the owning agency the maximum amount of time to make other arrangements for their property.

(c) When a facility in which crossservicing is being accomplished is to be transferred from an operating agency to another agency, the operating agency shall inform the agency owning the property at least 90 days before the transfer. The agency owning the property shall negotiate with the agency gaining the facility for

facility for continued cross-servicing of the property at the facility. The agency gaining the facility shall continue the cross-servicing arrangements unless they are contrary to the best interest of the Government.

8 101-28.203–1 Government storage ac

tivity. A Government activity or facility utilized for the receipt, storage, and issue of supplies, materials, and equip ment, including storage of reserve or excess stocks or intransit storage. The activity may be either Government owned or leased, and it may be either Government operated or contract operated.

[42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977)

88 101-28.203–2-101–28.203-3 (Re


§ 101-28.203–4 Contact point.

The point within the headquarters of a military service or civilian agency to which requests should be forwarded. Coordination necessary with various organizational elements within a military service or civilian agency shall be accomplished by the contact point.

(42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977]

8 101-28.202–3 Cross-servicing rates.

Normally, charges for services rendered will be based upon the standard

[42 FR 2317, Jan. 11, 1977]

[blocks in formation]

g 101-28.301 Applicability.

This subpart is applicable to all activities that are eligible to use customer supply centers. Eligible activities include executive agencies, elements of the legislative and judicial branches of the Government, and cost reimbursable contractors. Customer supply centers are for the use of activities located within the market area of a customer supply center as determined by GSA.

$ 101–28.304-1 Types of items.

Items stocked in customer supply centers are based on customer agency requirements for common use expendable items. In addition to administrative type items commonly used in Government offices, janitorial supplies, handtools, and other industrial-type items are stocked when required to meet the mission-related needs of the activities supported by the CSC.

8 101-28.302 Mission of customer sup

ply centers. Customer supply centers are retail supply distribution outlets established by GSA to provide efficient, economical support of frequently needed common-use expendable items for the accomplishment of customer agency missions.

8 101–28.303 Benefits provided by cus

tomer supply centers. The customer supply centers (CSCS) provide the following:

(a) Overall savings to the Federal Government through volume purchases.

(b) Quick and easy catalog item selection and simplified order placement by telephone, mail, electronic mail, or customer walk-in for urgent agency requirements.

(c) Next business day shipment to the customer for most orders.

(d) Same day pick up of emergency walk-in and telephone orders.

(e) Immediate stock availability information for all telephone and walk-in orders.

(f) Extensive inventory designed to meet the needs of customer agencies within the geographic area served by each CSC.

§ 101-28.304–2 Determining items to be

stocked. (a) Each CSC will stock administrative items normally required by Federal agencies for day-to-day operations. In addition to those items, each CSC will stock additional items as determined by the requirements of the activities within the geographic area it serves.

(b) Regional FSS offices will canvass customer agencies periodically to identify items for which there is an official need within their support area.

(c) Customer agencies may request that specific items be stocked by their support CSC. The requests must be submitted in writing to the appropriateFSS Bureau Director and must be signed by a customer agency official at a level of responsibility (division director or higher) acceptable to the GSA Regional Administrator. All requests must indicate the expected monthly usage of the item requested. Each request will be evaluated and the submitting activity notified of the results of the evaluation.

§ 101-28.305 Prices of customer supply

center items.

The selling price of a CSC item is an average price which is calculated automatically by the CSC computer at the time the item is ordered. Items stocked in CSCs that are obtained from GSA

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