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4.20 Alarms

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4.26 Hendrits, Grab Bin and Tub and Shower Serta 4.26.1° General All handraila grab bars, and tub and shower sents required to be accessible by 4.1, 48, ar 4.9 shall comply with 4.26 4.26.2 Slous and Spacing of Grab Burs and Handrake. The diameter or width of the gripping sur faces of a handrail or grab bu shall be 1.1/4 in to 1.1/2 in (32 mm to 38 mm), or the shape shall provide m equivalent gripping surface. I handraits or grab bars are mounted adjacent to a wall, the space between the well and the grabber shall be 1.1/2 in (38 mm) (see Fig. 39(a). (b), and (c)). Handrails may be located in a recens in the recen is a maximum of 3 in (75 mm) deep and extends at least 18 in (455 mm) above the top of the raid (see Fig 39(d)). 4.26.3 Structural Strength. The structural strength of grab bars, tub and shower seats, fasteners, and mounting devices shall meet the following specification:

(1) Bending stress in a grab bar or sau induced by the maómum bending moment from the application of 250 br (1112N) stem be less than the allowable stress for the material of the grab bor or sent

(2) Shed stress induced in a grab bar a ser by the application of 250 W. (1112N) shall be less than the allowable shear stress for the material of the grab bar or sest I the connection between the grab bar or seat and its mounting bracket or other support is con sidered to be fully restrained, then direct and torsional show stresses shall be totaled for the combined shear stress, which shall not exceed the allowable sheer stress

4.28.1 General Alarm systems required to be accessible by 4.1 shall comply with 4.28. 4.28.2* Audible Alarms I provided audible emergency alarms shall produce a sound that exceeds the prevailing equivalent sound level in the room at space by at least 15 decibels or exceeds any max: imum sound level with a duration of 30 seconds by 5 decibers, whichever is louder. Sound levels for alarm signals shall not exceed 120 decibels 4.26.3* Visual Alarms. It provided, electrically powered internally illuminated emergency exit signs shall hash as a visual emergency alarm in conjunction with audible emergency alarms. The flashing frequency of visual alarm devices shall be less than 5 Hz K such alarms use electricity from the building as a power source, then they shall be installed on the same system as the audible emergency alarms.


1.2 Alarms

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