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4.14 Occupancy Classifications

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4.1.4 Occupancy Classilications

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4.1.5 Accessible Buildings Additions

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(3) Where substantial alteration occurs to a build. ing or facility, then each element or space that is stered or added shall comply with the applicable provisions of 4.1.1 to 4.1.4 of 4.1, Minimum Requirements, except to the edent where it is struc: turally impracticable. The altered builting or lacility shall contain:

(a) Al least one accessible route complying with 4.3. Accessible Route, and 4.1.6(a):

(b) Al least one accessible entrance complying with 4.14. Entrances. Il additional entances are attered then they shall comply with 4.1.6la); and

(c) The following toilet lacilities, whichever is greator:

(1) Al last one toilet facildy for each sex in the altered building complying with 4.22. Toilet Rooms and 423. Bathrooms, Bathing Facilities, and Shower Roarns.

(ü) Al least one toilet facility for each ser on each substantially altered Noor, where such facilities are provided complying with 4.22. Toilet Rooms; and 4.23, Bathrooms, Bathing Facilities, and Shower Rooms

41.6 Accessible Bulldings: Allenalons

(1) General Alterations to existing buildings or facilities shall comply with the following

(a) N existing elements, speca, essential features, a common areas are attend then each such akened clement space, feature, or area shall comply with the applicable prou'sions of 4.1.4 of 4.1, Minimum Requirements.

(b) If power.dwen vertical access equipment leg, escalator) is planned a installed where none ersted previously or if new stairs (other than stairs installed to meet emergency exit requirements requir. ing major structural changes are planned or installed where none existed previously then a means of accesok vertical access shall be provided that com. plies with 4.7. Curd Ramps: 4.8. Ramps: 4.10. Elevators: or 4.11. Platform Lits: except to the extent where it is structurally impracticable in transit lacilities.

(c) | alterations of single elements, when con sidered together, amount lo an alteration of a space of a building or facility the entire space shall be muck accessibk.

(d) No aleration of an existing element space, or area of a building shali impose a requirement for greater accessibility than that which would be required for new construction For example, if the clevators and stairs in a building are being attered and the elevators are, in turn being mack accessible, then no accessibility modifications are required to the stairs connecting levets connected by the elevator.

(e) if the akeration work is limited solely to the clectrical mechanical or plumbing system and does not involve the alcation of any elements and spaces required to be accessible under these standards, then 4.1.643) does not apply

In Mo new accessibility aterations will be required of existing elements or spaces previously constructed or altered in compliance with earlier standards issued pursuant to the Architectual Barriers Act of 1968, s amended

(9) Mechanical rooms and other spaces which normally are not frequented by the public or employees of the building or facility or which by nature of the use are not required by the Architec. tural Barriers Ad to be accessible are excepted from the requirements of 4.1.6.

(2) Where a building or facilny is vacated and is Locally attered then it shall be altered to comply utth

(d) In making the determination as to what con. stitutes substantial ateration the agency issuing standards for the facility shall consider the total cost of all alterations (including but not limited to electri. cal mechanical plumbing, and structural changes) for a building or facility within any awekre (12) month period for guidance in implementing this pro vision an alteration to any building or jacility is to be considered substantial if the total cost for this twelve month period amounts to 50 percent or more of the full and fair cash value of the building as defined in 3.5. EXCEPTION: If the cost of the elements and spaces required by 4.1.613)(a). (6), or (c) exceeds 15 percent of the total cost of all other alterations, when a scheduke may be established by the standard setting and/or funding agency to provick the required improvements within a 5.gear period EXCEPTION: Consideration shall be given to providing accessible elerrents and spaces in each allered building or lacility complying with:

4.6. Parking and Passenger Loading Zones, (it) 4.15. Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers,

4.25. Storage

428, Alarms (u) 4.31. Telephones,

4.32, Sealing, Tables, and Wort Surfaces, (ul) 4.33. Assembly Areas.

(4) Special technical provisions for alterations to existing buildings or facilities:


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