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This finding list includes titles of the books in the classes of Music, Fine Arts and Photography in the Virginia State Library. The titles are arranged alphabetically under a few leading subject headings. In the index at the end the names of authors, editors, translators, and subject words of titles are arranged in one alphabet.


[Allen, W. F.] Slave songs of the United States. 1871. ML3556 A42. 1 Preface signed: W. F. Allen, C. P. Ware, L. M. Garrison. Apthorp, W. F. The opera, past and present; an historical sketch. 1901. ML1700 A65.

2 Contents.-Beginnings.-The Eu

ropean conquest.-Gluck.-Mozart.

-The Italians.-The French school. The Germans.-Wagner.-The development of the art of the operasinger. The present. Appendix: Peri's preface to Euridice. Gluck's preface to Alceste. Baker, Theodore. A biographical dictionary of musicians, comp. and ed. by Theodore Baker; with portraits from drawings in pen and ink by Alex Gribayédoff. 1900. ML105 B16. Beethoven, Ludwig van. Beethoven's letters (1790-1826) from the collection of Dr. Ludwig Nohl. Also his letters to the Archduke Ru


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The literature of national music. 1579. ML128 N3 E5.

tunes. Sacred music.-Musical in



Contents.-National music.-Nasongs. - Poetry.




Brahms. With illustra



Erb, J. L.

tions and portraits. 1905. ML 410 B8 E6.


Appendix A: List of compositions, p. 149-172.

Appendix B: Bibliography, p. 173

179. Estienne, C. Lettres sur La Musique. 1854. ML60 E81.


Ferris, G. T. The great Italian and French composers.


1882. ML390

21 Piccini,

Contents.-Palestrina. Paisiello, and Cimarosa.-Rossini.Donizetti and Bellini.-Verdi.Cherubini and his predecessors.— Mehul, Spontini, and Halévy.-Boieldieu and Auber.-Meyerbeer.Gounod, and Thomas.-Berlioz.

-Great singers. 1881-82. ML400 F39. 22

Contents.-[1st ser.] Faustina Bordoni. Catarina Gabrielli. Sophie Arnould. Elizabeth Billington and her contemporaries. Angelica Catalani. Giuditta Pasta. Henrietta Sontag. 2d ser. Maria Felicia Malibran. Wilhelmina Schröder-Devrient. Giulia Grisi. Pauline Viardot. Fanny Persiani. Marietta Alboni. Jenny Lind. Sophie Cruvelli. Theresa Titiens.

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and critical estimates of its greatest masters. 1884. ML700 F48. 24 Finck, H. T. Chopin and other musical essays. 1889. ML60 F49.

25 Contents. Chopin, the greatest genius of the pianoforte. How composers work. Schumann, as mirrored in his letters.-Music and morals.-Italian and German vocal styles.-German opera in New York. -Edvard Grieg. 1906. ML410 G9 F4.


Bibliography: p. [127]-128. "Edvard Grieg's works": [129]-130. Forkel, J. N. Life of John Sebastian Bach; with a critical view of his compositions. Tr. from the German. 1820. ML410 B1 F8. 27 Gilman, Lawrence. Edward MacDowell. 1906. ML410 M12 G5. 28 "Edward MacDowell's works":

p. [79]-80. Grau, Robert. Forty years observation of music and the drama; profusely illustrated from photographs and prints. 1909. ML429 G82. 29

The great German composers. 1882. ML390 G78. 30

Grove, Sir George. A dictionary of music and musicians (A. D. 14501889) by eminent writers, English and foreign. With illustrations and woodcuts. Ed. by Sir George Grove. With appendix, ed. by J. A. F. Maitland, and index by

Mrs. Edmund Wodehouse. 1900. 4 v. and index. ML100 G881 Ref. 31 The illustrations include specimens of music.

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"Reading list" at end of chap


Hart, George. The violin: its famous makers and their imitators, with numerous wood engravings from photographs of the works of Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, and others. 1835. ML802 H322. 35 Haweis, H. R. Music and morals. 15th ed. 1888. ML60 H395. 36

Contents.-1st book. Philosophical: Music, emotion, and morals.2d book. Biographical.-3d book. Instrumental.-4th book. Critical: Music in England.

Hensel, Sebastian. The Mendelssohn family (1729-1847) from letters and journals, by Sebastian Hensel. With eight portraits from drawings by Wilhelm Hensel. 2d rev. ed. Tr. by Carl Klingemann and an American collaborator, with a notice by George Grove. 1882. 2 v. ML385 H52.


The letters are for the most part by Felix Mendelssohn and his sister, frau Fanny Hensel. Hogarth, George. Memoirs of the musical drama. 1838. 2 v. ML1700 H71. 38 Holland, H. S. Memoir of Madame Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt, her early art-life and dramatic career. 18201851. From original documents, letters, MS. diaries, &c., collected by Mr. Otto Goldschmidt. [By] H. S. Holland and W. S. Rockstro. 1891. 2 v. ML420 L7 H7.


Holmes, Edward. The life of Mozart, including his


1845. ML410 M9 H8. 40 "The works of Mozart": D. [355]-364.

Hood, George. A history of music in New England: with biographical sketches of reformers and psalmists. 1846. ML200 H77.


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Huneker, J. G. Chopin; the man and his music. 1900. ML410 C54 H9. 45

Bibliography: p. 391-396. -Mezzotints in modern music; Brahms, Tschaikowsky, Chopin, Richard Strauss, Liszt and Wagner. 1905. ML390 H93. 46 Karasowski, Maurycy. Frederic Chopin; his life, letters, and works. With portrait. Tr. from the German by Emily Hill. 1879. 2 v. ML 410 C54 K3. 47

List of Chopin's works, following p. 373. Krehbiel, H. E. Studies in the Wagnerian drama. 1891. ML410 W13 K8. 48 Kreissle von Hellborn, [Heinrich] The life of Franz Schubert. Tr. from the German of Kreissle von Hellborn by Arthur Duke Coleridge. With an appendix by George Grove. 1869. 2 v. ML410 S3 K83.


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Bibliography: r 257-263. [Macchetta], Mrs. B. R. [(Tucker)] Verdi: Milan and "Othello." Being a short life of Verdi, with letters written about Milan and the new opera of Othello; represented for the first time on the stage of La Scala theatre, Feb. 5, 1887. By Blanche Roosevelt [pseud.] 1887. ML410 V4 M2. 53 Mapleson, J. H. The Mapleson memoirs 1848-1888. 2d ed. 1888. 2 v. ML429 M29. 54 Mees, Arthur. Choirs and choral music. 1901. ML1500 M49. 55

Contents. Among the Hebrews and Greeks. In the early Christian church.-In the mediæval church. After the reformation.The mystery. Bach.-The oratorio. Handel.-Other choral forms. -Amateur choral culture in Germany and England.-Amateur cho

ral culture in America.-The chorus and the chorus conductor. Moscheles, Charlotte (Embden). Recent music and musicians as described in the diaries and correspondence of Ignatz Moscheles... and adapted from the original German by A. D. Coleridge. 1873. ML 410 M84 M8. 56

Nohl, Ludwig. Beethoven depicted by his contemporaries. By Ludwig Nohl. Tr. from the German by Emily Hill. 1880. ML410 B4 N833. 57

-Life of Haydn, by Louis Nohl. Tr. from the German by G. P. Upton. 1883. ML410 H4 N8. 58 -Life of Mozart; by Louis Nohl, tr. from the German by J. L. Lalor. 1888. ML410 M9 N82. 59

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"Catalogue of Schumann's published compositions": p. 217-221. Bibliography: p. 222-223.

Porter, W. S. The musical cyclopedia: or, The principles of music considered as a science and an art; embracing a complete musical dictionary, and the outlines of a musical grammar, and of the theory of sounds and laws of harmony; with directions for the practice of vocal and instrumental music, and a description of musical instruments. 1834. ML108 P84. 62

Written under the supervision of Lowell Mason. cf. Pref.


Praeger, F. C. W. Wagner as I knew him. 1892. ML410 W1 P9. Rimbault, E. F. Bibliotheca madrigaliana. A bibliographical account of the musical and poetical works published in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, under the titles of madrigals, ballets, ayres, canzonets, etc., etc. 1847. ML120 G7 R5.

64 Ritter, F. L. Music in America. New ed. with additions. 1890. ML200 65 R62.

"Musical examples": p. 508-513. -Music in England. 1883. ML285 R61. 66 "Musical examples": p. [213]


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