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phen.-Report of the British copyright commission of 1878.-The Monkswell introduced into Parliament on behalf of the British society of authors, November 26, 1890.-Analysis of the Monkswell bill, by Walter Besant.-Analysis of the Pearsall-Smith scheme, by G. H. Putnam.-Report of the Berne copyright convention of September, 1887.-Report of the copyright convention of South America held at Montevideo, January 11, 1889. Henry Clay's report to the U. S. Senate, in favor of international copyright, February 16, 1837. -Cheap books and good books, by Brander Matthews. International copyright and the prices of books, by G. H. Putnam.-Copyright, monopolies, and protection, by G. H. Putnam.-Summary of the existing copyright laws of the more important countries of the world.-The contest for international copyright, by G. H. Putnam.-Extracts from the speeches of Senators Platt, Evarts, and Hiscock in the copyright debate in the Senate, 1891.The vote in the House of representatives, December 3, 1890, by which the copyright bill was passed.-The vote in the Senate, March 4, 1891, by which the copyright bill passed. U. S. Congress. House. Committee on patents. To amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright. Report. [To accompany H. R. 28192.] 1909. Z642 U673.


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2. Directions for the registration of copyrights, under the laws of the United States.

3. Copyright enactment (U. S.) 1783

4, pt. 1. Text of the convention creating the International copyright union, 1887.

4, pt. 2. Instructions for registration for copyright protection within the British dominions.

4, pt. 3. Rules and forms relating to copyright registration in Canada. 5. Copyright in England. 6. Copyright in Canada. 7. Foreign copyright laws. 8. Copyright in Congress.

9. The provisions of the U. S. Copyright laws, with a summary of some parallel provisions of the copyright laws of foreign countries.

10. Memorandum draft of a bill to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright.

11. Copyright in Japan.

12. The copyright bill, S. 6330; H. R. 19853, 59th Cong., 1st sess., compared with copyright statutes now in force and earlier U. S. copyright enactments.

14. Copyright law in force July 1, 1909.

15. Rules and regulations for registration of claims to copyright.

-International copyright union: Berne convention, 1886; Paris convention, 1896; Berlin convention, 1908. Report of the delegate of the United States to the International conference for the revision of the Berne copyright convention, held at Berlin, Germany, October 14 to November 14, 1908. 1908. Z64.2 U59. 278

(Its Bulletin no. 13.) "Reprinted from 60th Congress, 2d session. House of representatives, Document no. 1208."

Report by Thorvald Solberg, register of copyrights.

Includes text in English and French of "Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works. signed at Berlin, November 13, 1908."

Appendix: 1. Text of the Convention creating the International copyright union, September 5, 1887,

together with additional articles,


at Paris, May 4, 1896. tional copyright union.

II. Bibliography of the Interna

BOOK INDUSTRIES AND TRADE. Printing, Binding, Publishing and


Adam, Paul. Practical bookbinding, | Caspar, C. N. J. M. Caspar's direc

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"Plan: Genesis (Creation); 1. engraved stamps; 2. parchment and paper; 3. playing cards; 4. engraved block-books; 5. cast types.-Exodus (Propagation); 1. Europe; 2. Asia; 3. Africa; 4. America; 5. Australia. Leviticus (Law); 1. typefounder; 2. compositor; 3. pressman; 4. paper; 5. ink.-Numbers (Famous (Second


birth); 1. machine-made types; 2. printing machines; 3. composition rollers; 4. stereotype; 5. composing machines."

"A chapter on Judges" [bibliography of the Genesis of printing]: p. [99]-103.

The Book buyer & seller; a monthly journal for publishers, dealers, librarians and collectors. v. 1, nos. 1-4. January to April, 1892. 1892. Z284 B72.


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tory of the American book, news and stationery trade, wholesale and retail, comprising [also the] theory and practice of the book trade and kindred branches; hints and suggestions; trade bibliographies, trade journals, etc.; a vocabulary of terms employed in the book trade, literature and the graphic arts, etc. [also] a list of 2,500 periodicals. Z475 C34. 35 Chicago. University. Press. Manual of style; being a compilation of the typographical rules in force at the University of Chicago press, to which are appended specimens of types in use. 1906. Z253. C57.


Clegg, James. The international directory of booksellers and bibliophile's manual, including lists of the public libraries of the world, publishers, book collectors, learned societies and institutions, universities and colleges; also bibliographies of book and library catalogues, concordances, bookplates, etc., etc. Ed. by James Clegg. [6th ed.] 1903. Z282 C6 D6. Cockerell, Douglas. Bookbinding and the care of books: a handbook for amateurs, bookbinders & librarians, with drawings by Noel Rooke and other illustrations. 1902. Z271 C66.



Curwen, Henry. A history of book

sellers, the old and the new. With portraits and illustrations. [1873.] Z325 C98. 39 Contents.-Booksellers of olden times.-The Longman family.Constable, Cadell, and Black.John Murray.-William Blackwood. -Chambers, Knight, and Cassell.Henry Colburn.-The Rivingtons, the Parkers and James Nisbet.Butterworth and Churchill.-Edward Moxon.-Kelly and Virtue.Thomas Tegg.-Thomas Nelson.Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.Charles Edward Mudie.-W. H.

Smith and son.-Provincial booksellers. Dana, J. C. Notes on bookbinding for libraries. 1906. Z271 D25.

40 "A few of the best books on bookbinding, paper and leather": p. 112-114.

De Vinne, T. L. The invention of printing. A collection of facts and opinions descriptive of early prints and playing cards, the block-books of the fifteenth century, the legend of Lourens Janszoon Coster, of Haarlem, and the work of John Gutenberg and his associates. Illustrated with fac-similes of early types and wood-cuts. Z126 D49. Dupont, P. F. Histoire de l'imprimerie. 1854. 2 v. Z124 D93. 42



Vol. 2, appendix: Legislation, p. 521-536; Bibliographie, p. 537-556; Tableau chronologique, p. 557-612. Goldsmid, E. M. A bibliographical

sketch of the Aldine press at Venice, forming a catalogue of all works issued by Aldus and his successors, from 1494 to 1597, and a list of all known forgeries or imitations, translated and abridged from Ant. Aug. Renouard's "Annales de l'imprimerie des Aldes," and rev. and cor. by Edmund Goldsmid. 1887. 3 v. in 1. Z232 M3 G6.


Contents.-v. 1. Aldus Manutius -v. 2. Andrea d'Asola & Paulus Manutius.v. 3. Aldus the younger,


-A complete catalogue of all the publications of the Elzevier presses at Leyden, Amsterdam, the Hague, and Utrecht, with introduction, notes, and an appendix containing a list of all works, whether forgeries or anonymous publications, generally attributed to these presses. 1885-88. 3 V. in 1. Z232 E5 W9.

44 Hardie, Martin. English coloured books. [1906.] Z1023 H38. 45 [Hoe, Robert.] A short history of the printing press and of the improvements in printing machinery from the time of Gutenberg up to the present day. 1902. Z245 H7 H7.

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[Medicott, Mary] Abbreviations used in book catalogues. 1906. Z118 M45. 51

"Compiled from a list in the Library journal, vol. 12, 1887. as prepared by E. H. Woodruff...with additions from publishers' catalogues and other sources." "Reprinted with additions from the Boston book company's Bulletin of bibliography, vol. 4, no. 6, January, 1906."

Newark. Free public library. Bookbinding. An exhibition of the materials, tools and processes of bookbinding, with examples of plain and ornamented bindings. In the free public library of Newark, New Jersey, February 6, to February 27, 1905. 1905. Z274 N53. Prideaux, S. T. Modern bookbindings, their design and decoration. 1906. Z269 P95.



Quaritch, Bernard. An illustrated cat46 alogue of books printed during the

fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. U. S. Government printing office.

Part 1. (With sixty facsimiles), comprising examples of xylography & typography. Offered at the net prices affixed. 1908. Z240 Z9 Q1. 54 Ringwalt, J. L. American encyclopædia of printing. Ed. by J. Luther | Ringwalt. 1871. Z118 R58. 55 Rosenthal, Ludwig. Incunabula typographica and bibliography of the books printed before 1501. Catalogue cv, published by Ludwig Rosenthal's antiquariat. 1903. Z240 R83.


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Thomas, Isaiah. A catalogue of publications in what is now the United States prior to the revolution of 1775-6. 1874. Z208 T451. 59

-The history of printing in America. With a biography of printers, and an account of newspapers. To which is prefixed a concise view of the discovery and progress of the art in other parts of the world. In two volumes. 1810. Z208 T45. 60

U. S. Bureau of engraving and printing. Annual report of the director. Library has 1907, 1909, 1910. Z232 U5. 61

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Manual of style for the use of copy editors, proof readers, operators, and compositors engaged in the production of the Congressional record. 1st ed., December, 1908. Prepared under direction of the public printer, 1908. 1908. Z253 U584. 63 U. S. Printing investigation commission. Preliminary report of the Printing investigation commission, in compliance with public act 217, 58th Congress, 3d session, together with supplementary acts relating thereto. 1910. Z232 U6 U776.

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Contents. v. 1. Hearings.-v. 2. Appendix and Preliminary report: Letter of inquiry to executive departments; Replies of departments; Surplus copies of departmental editions of government publications; Preliminary report of Printing investigation commission (59th Cong., 1st sess. Senate rpt. 2153); Regulations of Joint committee on printing; Index.

Waddey, Everett, company, Rich-
mond, Va. Specimens of type for
book printing, used in the printing
house of the Everett Waddey com-
nany. Richmond, Va.
Z250 W11.

1907. 66

Watkins, G. T. Bibliography of printing in America; books, pamphlets and some articles in magazines relating to the history of printing in the New World, comp. by George T. Watkins, with notes. 1906. Z205 W35. 67

Weeks, S. B. The press of North

Carolina in the eighteenth century. With bibliographical sketches of printers, an account of the manufacture of paper and a bibliography of the issues. 1891. Z209 N75 W4. 68


American library association. A. L. A. Rules-Advance edition. Condensed rules for an author and title catalog. Prepared by the Cooperation committee of the American library association, 1883; revised by the Advisory catalog committee, 1902; issued by the Library of Congress. 1902. Z695 A51. 69 -Handbook. Library has 1905 to date. Z673 A5H. 70 -List of subject headings for use in dictionary catalogs, prepared by a committee of the American library association. 2d ed., rev., with an appendix containing hints on subject cataloging and schemes for subheads under countries and other subjects. 1904. Z695 A51S2.


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Budlong, M. C. A plan of organization for small libraries. Methods of work, lists of supplies and aids. 1910. Z665 B92. 80 Cannons, H. G. T. Bibliography of library economy; a classified index to the professional periodical literature relating to library econ omy, printing, methods of publishing, copyright, bibliography, etc. 1910. Z666 C21. Catalog rules: author and title entries. Comp. by committees of the American library association and the (British) library association. American ed. 1908. Z695 A52C.


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