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BULLETIN (Issued Quarterly) APRIL, 1912

Vol. 5, No. 2




Books relating to Printing, Book Industries, Libraries and Bibliography in the Virginia State Library

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This finding list includes titles of the books in the classes of Printing, Book Industries, Libraries, and Bibliography in the Virginia State Library. The titles are arranged alphabetically under a few leading subject headings. In the index at the end the names of authors, editors, translators, and subject words of titles are arranged in one alphabet.


Bouchot, H. F. X. M. The book: its printers, illustrators, and binders, from Gutenberg to the present time. With a treatise on the art of collecting and describing early printed books, and a Latin-English and English-Latin topographical index of the earliest printing places. Ed. by H. Grevel. 1890. Z4 B76.


"Containing one hundred and seventy-two fac-similes of early typography, book-illustrations, printers' marks, bindings, numerous borders, initials, head and tail pieces, and a frontispiece."

First translated into English by E. C. Bigmore and issued in 1887 under title: The printed book; its history, illustration and adornment.

"The art of describing and cataloguing incunabula" (p. [322]-351) is a translation of Anton Einsle's Incunabel bibliographie, Wien, 1888.

Davenport, C. J. H. The book, its history and development. Illustrated. 1908. Z4 D28.


Hitchcock, F. H. The building of a book; a series of practical articles written by experts in the various departments of book making and distribution, with an introduction by Theodore L. De Vinne; ed. by F. H. Hitchcock. [1906] Z4 H55. 3

Contents.-Introduction, by T. L. De Vinne.-The author, by G. W. Cable. The literary agent, by P. R. Reynolds.-The literary adviser, by F. W. Halsey.-The manufacturing department, by L. L. Walton.-The making of type, by L. B. Benton.— Hand composition and electrotyping, by J. S. Cushing.-Composition by the linotype machine, by F. J. Warburton.-Composition by the monotype machine, by P. Nathan. -Proof-reading, by G. L. Miller.Paper making, by H. W. Mason. Presswork, by W. J. Berwick.-The printing press, by O. L. Raabe.Printing ink, by J. A. Ullman.The printer's roller, by A. S. Burlingham.-The illustrator, by C. D. Williams.-Half-tone, line, and color plates, by E. M. Gill.-The

wax process, by R. D. Servoss.Making intaglio plates, by E. Latham.-Printing intaglio plates, by G. W. H. Ritchie.-The gelatine process, by E. Jacobi.-Lithography, by C. Wilhelms.-Cover designing, by A. Richards.-The

by J. E. Bray.-Selling at retail, by W. Snyder.-Selling by subscription, by C. S. Olcott.-Selling at auction, by J. Anderson, jr.-Selecting for a public library, by A. E. Bostwick.Rare and second-hand books, by C. E. Goodspeed.

cover stamps, by G. Becker.-Book Putman, G. H. Books and their cloths, by H. P. Kendall.-Book leathers, by E. C. Bartlett.-The binding, by J. F. Tapley.-Special bindings, by H. Blackwell.-Copyrighting, by F. H. Hitchcock.Publicity, by V. Burnett.-Reviewing and criticising, by W. Littlefield. -The travelling salesman, by H. A. Thompson.-Selling at wholesale,

makers during the middle ages; a study of the conditions of the production and distribution of literature from the fall of the Roman empire to the close of the seventeenth century. 1896-97. 2 v. Z4 P99. 4

Bibliography: v. 1, p. xvii-xxvii.


Autographs, Shorthand, Paleography.

kels. 242 D67.


Anderson, Thomas. History of short- sale conducted by Stan V. Henhand, with a review of its present condition and prospects in Europe and America. 1882. Z53 A55.


"Supplementary lists of writers on shorthand": p. 193-210.

"American authors": p. 226-228. "American shorthand writers": p. 228-230. "London newspaper reporters': p. 266-272. "London shorthand writers" p. 273-276. Baer, J., & co. Catalogs. Z42 B14. 6 Burnham, T. O. H. P. Catalogue of

the valuable collection of autographs of T. O. H. P. Burnham, including scarce Revolutionary broadsides of Sir Henry Clinton and Burgoyne, capitulation of Charleston, etc., with fine specimens of such names as Major Ben. Church, Generals Braddock, Burgoyne, Carlton. To be sold at auction, May 25th, and 26th. Charles F. Libbie & co. auctioneers. 1888. Z42 B96. 7 Dodd, Mead & co. Catalogs. Z42 D63.


Donaldson, Thomas. The collection of autographs of the late Col. Thomas Donaldson of Philadelphia. To be sold October 26th, 1899. Catalogue compiled and

Draper, L. C. An essay on the autographic collections of the signers of the Declaration of independence and of the Constitution. From vol. Xth, Wisconsin historical society collections. Rev. and enl. 1889. Z 42 D75.


Goodspeed's book shop. Catalogs. Z42 G65.


Smith, G. D. Catalogs. Z42 S64. 12 Wright, Andrew. Court-hand re

stored: or, The student's assistant in reading old deeds, charters, records, etc., neatly engraved on twenty-three copper-plates, describing the old law hands, with their contractions and abbreviations. With an appendix; containing the ancient names of places in Great Britain and Ireland; an alphabetical table of ancient surnames; and a glossography of Latin words found in the works of the most eminent lawyers, and other ancient writings. 6th ed., cor. 1822. Z113 W 95. 13 With the introductions to the first edition. 1773, and to the 4th and 5th editions.




Bowker, R. R. Copyright, its law and its literature. Being a summary of the principles and law of copyright, with especial reference to books, with a bibliography of literary property by Thorvald Solberg. 1886. Z551 B78. 14 Cobbett, William. The democratic judge: or, The equal liberty of the press, as exhibited, explained, and exposed, in the prosecution of William Cobbett, for a pretended libel against the king of Spain and his embassador, before Thomas

M'Kean, chief justice of the state of Pennsylvania. By Peter Porcupine [pseud.] 1798. Z657 C65. 15 Duniway, C. A. The development of freedom of the press in Massachusetts. 1906. Z657 D93.

16 "Bibliographical notes": p. 175


[Hay, George.] An essay on the liberty of the press; respectfully inscribed to the republican printers throughout the United States. By Hortensius [pseud]. 1799. Reprinted, 1803. Z657 H42. 17 Jenner, W. A. The octopus; reaching for books. Considerations upon the pending copyright bills, particularly in reply to the publishers' arguments; upon the subjects of importation; labor interests; foreign laws; completeness of the Library of Congress; control of retail prices; and a renewal term to authors. 1908. Z642 J43. 18

-The publisher against the people, a plea for the defense; an examination of the proposed new copyright law. [1907?] Z642 J44


Jobard. J. B. A. M. Organon de la propriété intellectuelle. 1851 Z551 J62. 20 Macfie, R. A. Copyright and patents for inventions. Pleas and plans for cheaper books and greater industrial freedom, with due regard to international relations, the claims of talent, the demands of trade, and the wants of the people. Compiled by R. A. Macfie. Being a sequel to "Recent discussions on


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Library has v. 2. Contents.-v. 1. Essay on the origin & progress of literary propEvidence erty, by Lord Dreghorn. given to the Royal commission on copyright in favour of royalty republishing. Extracts, notes, & tables illustrating these subjects, copyright of design, etc.-v. 2. Exposure of the patent system by M. M. Chevalier. Evidence from bluebooks, 1829, 1851, 1864, 1865, 1871, 1872. Extracts & notes illustrating patents and copyright.

Putnam, G. H. International copyright considered in some of its relations to ethics and political economy. An address delivered January 29, 1878, before the New York free-trade club. 1879. Z552 P99.

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The nature and origin of copyright, by R. R. Bowker.-The evolution of copyright, by Brander Matthews. -Literary property: an historical sketch, by G. H. Putnam.-Development of copyright in England, by R. R. Bowker.-Summary of the history of copyright in the U. S. (by R. R. Bowker) U. S. copyright law of July, 1870.-Hawley copyright bill of January, 1885.-Report of the International copyright bill of the House Committee on patents, by W. E. Simonds.-U. S. copyright act of March, 1891.-Analysis of the Copyright act of March, 1891, by G. H. Putnam.Digest of the copyright law of Great Britain, by Sir James Ste

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