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Revenue, Expense, and Retained Earnings (in thousands of dollars)-Continued

Analysis of Government Equity and Undrawn Authorizations

(in thousands of dollars) 1962

1963 1964 actual estimate estimate

1961 1962



actual actual estimate estimate Net loss (-) for the year: Realized.


-873 -747 Contingent liabilities on guarantees Unrealized, -197 -693 -507 outstanding ?


5,485 5,094 7.780 Unobligated balance.

324 1,794 155 126 Net loss (-) for the year.-2,002 -1,566 -1,254 | Invested capital.---

2,479 1,693 3,159 4,247 Analysis of deficit (-):


9,476 8,973 8,407 12,153 Deficit (-), start of year:

Less undrawn authorizations. -7,970 -8,029 -6,129

-17,998 -18,304 -18,176

-514 -711 -1,405 Total Government equity.- 1,506 944 2,278 3,454 Total deficit (-), start of year... -18,512-19,015-19,580 1 The changes in these items are reflected on the program and performance Appropriation for restoration of capital im

1,500 1,000 5,000

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)
Deficit (-), end of year:
-18,304 -18,176 -13,923


1963 1964 Unrealized.

-1,405 -1,911

actual estimate estimate Total deficit (-), end of year.

-19,015 -19,580 -15,834
33 Investments and loans...

4,875 4,450 6,675 43 Interest.

619 660 572 Financial Condition (in thousands of dollars)

Total obligations..

5,493 5,110 7,247

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1963 1964 Program by activities:


estimate estimate Resource development studies (obligations)-- 1,117 810

17 Financing:

Program by activities:

Resource development studies (obligations)-- 388 47 Unobligated balance brought forward (-)--- -12 -275

-17 Unobligated balance carried forward..... 275



Unobligated balance brought forward (-)--- -124
New obligational authority (appropriation) 1,380

Unobligated balance lapsing----

New obligational authority.

540 237
This Commission was created to formulate a compre-
hensive and integrated plan of development for the land
and water resources in certain major river basins in the

New obligational authority:

540 Southeastern United States. It is expected that the re Reappropriation.

237 port of the Commission will be completed, reviewed by affected States and Federal agencies and submitted to the President in calendar year 1963. The act creating the This Commission was created to formulate a compreCommission provides that it will cease to exist within hensive and integrated plan of development for the land 90 days after submission of its report to the President. and water resources in 8 major river basins within

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formed in connection with the investigation of aircraft accidents by the Civil Aeronautics Board, to travel performed directly in connection with care and treatment of medical beneficaries of the Veterans Administration, or to payments to interagency motor pools where separately set forth in the budget schedules.

Sec. 103. No part of any appropriation contained in this title shall be available to pay the salary of any person filling a position, other than a temporary position, formerly held by an employee who has left to enter the Armed Forces of the United States and has satisfactorily completed his period of active military or naval service and has within ninety days after his release from such service or from hospitalization continuing after discharge for a period of not more than one year made application for restoration to his former position and has been certified by the Civil Service Commission as still qualified to perform the duties of his former position and has not been restored thereto.

SEC. 104. No part of any appropriation made available by the provisions of this title shall be used for the purchase or sale or real estate or for the purpose of establishing new offices outside the District of Columbia: Provided, That this limitation shall not apply to programs which have been approved by the Congress and appropriations made therefor.

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18 88 40 5



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Sec. 301. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act, or of the funds available for expenditure by any corporation or agency included in this Act, shall be used for publicity or propaganda purposes designed to support or defeat legislation pending before the Congress.

SEC. 302. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act, or of the funds available for expenditure by any corporation or agency included in this Act, shall be used to pay the compensation of any employee engaged in personnel work in excess of the number that would be provided by a ratio of one such employee to one hundred and thirty-five, or a part thereof, full-time, part-time, and intermittent employees of the corporation or agency concerned: Provided, That for purposes of this section employees shall be considered as engaged in personnel work if they spend half time or more in personnel administration consisting of direction and administration of the personnel program; employment, placement, and separation; job evaluation and classification; employee relations and services; wage administration, and processing, recording, and reporting.

[SEC. 303. No part of any appropriation contained in this or any other Act, or of any funds available for expenditure by any corporation or agency, shall be used for construction of fallout shelters unless the specific projects have been authorized by appropriate Committees of the Congress. ]

[SEC. 304. None of the funds provided herein shall be used to pay any recipient of a grant for the conduct of a research project an amount for indirect expenses in connection with such project in excess of 25 per centum of the direct costs.]


Sec. 102. Where appropriations in this title are expendable for travel expenses of employees and no specific limitation has been placed thereon, the expenditures for such travel expenses may not exceed the amounts set forth therefor in the budget estimates submitted for the appropriations: Provided, That this section shall not apply to travel performed by uncompensated officials of local boards and appeal boards of the Selective Service System, to travel per

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Enacted or recommended in this document-Continued
Revolving and management funds:

Investigations (revolving fund), Civil Service Commission..
Export-Import Bank of Washington fund...
Liquidation of certain Reconstruction Finance Corporation

assets, Export-Import Bank of Washington..
Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation fund, Farm Credit

Short-term credit investment fund, Farm Credit Adminis-

Banks for cooperatives investment fund, Farm Credit Ad-

Federal Home Loan Bank Board revolving fund...
Federal Savings and Loan_Insurance Corporation fund,

Federal Home Loan Bank Board...
Advances and reimbursements, National Science Foundation.
Revolving fund, Small Business Administration..
Reconstruction Finance Corporation liquidation fund, Small

Business Administration....
Advances and reimbursements, Smithsonian Institution..
Power proceeds, Tennessee Valley Authority fund.
Power program, appropriations, and nonpower proceeds,

Tennessee Valley Authority fund...
Nonpower programs, appropriations, and nonpower proceeds,

Tennessee Valley Authority fund.

Total, revolving and management funds...
Proposed for separate transmittal:
Appropriations, other than pay increase supplementals:
Acquisition and construction of radio facilities, United States

Information Agency.--
Anticipated pay increase supplemental appropriations..
Authorization to expend from debt receipts: Export-Import
Bank of Washington fund...

Total, proposed for separate transmittal -
Total, other independent agencies..


101 20, 101



54 5,726

36 5,526

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