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1962 actual

1964 estimate


Object Classification (in thousands of dollars) -- Continued General and special funds:


estimate [For expenses necessary to enable the President to provide for

COMMERCE, AREA REDEVELOPMENT carrying out the purposes of the Public Works Acceleration Act, ADMINISTRATION- Continued including services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August

24 Printing and reproduction...

8 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), but at rates for individuals not to exceed $75

25 Other services -

31 per diem, $400,000,000.]

Services of other agencies.

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)
26 Supplies and materials.

31 Equipment....

1962 1963 1964
estimate estimate

Total, Area Redevelopment Administra-

525 Program by activities:

277,000 1. State and local projects.

ALLOCATION ACCOUNTS 2. Direct Federal projects.


3,000 3. Administration...

11 Personnel compensation:
Permanent positions...

Positions other than permanent..

29,195 Total obligations...

Other personnel compensation.

New obligational authority (appropriation)...

Total personnel compensation.-

12 Personnel benefits..

1,120 21 Travel and transportation of persons.

999 These funds enable the President to relieve unemploy: 23 Rent, communications, and utilities

22 Transportation of things....


633 ment and spur economic expansion in eligible areas of

24 Printing and reproduction..

59 high unemployment or low income. This is accomplished 25 Other services...

8,470 Services of other agencies

by accelerating both Federal assistance to local public
works and Federal public works projects. The program

Services of Revolving fund, Corps of

635 is carried out by the Federal agencies responsible for the

26 Supplies and materials.

7,699 several portions of the program and is coordinated by the 31 Equipment..


32 Lands and structures... Secretary of Commerce with the assistance of the Area

43,142 41 Grants, subsidies, and contributions.

269,331 Redevelopment Administration. 1. State and local projects.-Grants are made to eligible


364,355 State and local governments for public works, primarily Deduct quarters and subsistence charges..

90 water and sewage systems, waste treatment works, hos

Total allocation accounts..

364, 265 pital additions, and related health facilities. Grants are made for 50% of the project costs, although areas of most

Total obligations..

400,000 severe unemployment are eligible for grants up to 75%. The local recipients are required to increase local expenditures for public works by at least the amount of the local Obligations are distributed as follows:

Reserved for future allocations...contribution.


Commerce, Area Redevelopment Adminis2. Direct Federal projects.—Public works projects which


525 are the direct responsibility of Federal agencies are accel Agriculture..

29,445 erated in eligible areas. Such projects cover a wide Commerce, other.

15,175 Defense Civil Functions.

10,450 variety of activity including improvement of facilities,

Health, Education, and Welfare

87,235 small flood control and erosion projects, forest and other


38,260 conservation work, and recreation facilities, etc.


1,800 3. Administration.-Funds are provided for those ad Post Office.

2,950 Treasury.

800 ministrative expenses which cannot be absorbed by the

Housing and Home Finance Agency.

177,000 agencies responsible for the larger programs and by the

Veterans Administration..

350 coordinating agency.

Tennessee Valley Authority.

A supplemental appropriation for 1963 is anticipated
for separate transmittal.

Personnel Summary
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

[blocks in formation]

1962 actual

Proposed for separate transmittal:

Section 44 of the Alaska Omnibus Act (73 Stat. 151) PUBLIC WORKS ACCELERATION

authorizes grants to the State of Alaska for a 5-year

period ending June 30, 1964, to facilitate assumption by Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

the State of responsibilities hitherto performed in Alaska

by the Federal Government. 1963 1964 estimate estimate These funds are to enable the President (a) to make

grants to the State to assist in financing functions transProgram by activities:

ferred from the Federal Government and (b) to finance 1. State and local projects.

300,000 15,500 2. Direct Federal projects.

174,000 6,000

continued Federal operations for an interim period when 3. Administration....


the State requests a delay in transfer of functions. In

June 1959, the State requested that the Federal GovernTotal obligations.

475,000 25,000

ment continue operation of 17 primary and intermediate Financing:

airports, and allocations were made to the Federal Unobligated balance brought forward (-) -

-25,000 Aviation Agency for this purpose. Unobligated balance carried forward..


The $3 million requested for 1964 is the maximum New obligational authority (proposed

authorized by law. supplemental appropriation)


Object Classification in thousands of dollars)

1962 1963 1964 Under existing legislation, 1968.-A proposed supple

actual estimate estimate mental appropriation to finance the program to its authorized level is anticipated to meet the public works

TRANSITIONAL GRANTS TO ALASKA needs of areas eligible under the Accelerated Public Reserved for future allocations.....

3,000 Works Act.


Permanent positions. ---

265 272 General and special fund:

Other personnel compensation..



Total personnel compensation.

336 344

12 Personnel benefits.-Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)


20 21 Travel and transportation of persons.


44 22 Transportation of things.


1962 1963 1964
actual estimate estimate
23 Rent, communications, and utilities.


21 25 Other services...

62 26 Supplies and materials.

103 100 Financing:

32 Lands and structures...

112 Comparative transfers to other accounts.

603 942

41 Grants, subsidies, and contributions.. 5,363 2,407
Unobligated balance brought forward (-) -1,545 -942
Unobligated balance carried forward....


6,015 3,017

15 Deduct quarters and subsistence charges...

17 New obligational authority....

Total obligations.-

6,000 3,000 3,000 This program is being administered by the National Science Foundation under Salaries and expenses and by Obligations are distributed as follows: the Department of Agriculture under Salaries and ex

Reserved for future allocations....

3,000 Bureau of the Budget...

5,363 2, 407 penses, Agricultural Research Service (special foreign

Federal Aviation Agency

637 593 currency program), as indicated by the above comparative transfers.


ALLOCATION ACCOUNTS General and special funds:

Total number of permanent positions..



33 Average number of all employees...


Number of employees at end of year.


33 For grants to the State of Alaska to assist in accomplishing an Average salary of ungraded positions

$8,009 $8,071 orderly transition from Territorial status to statehood and to facilitate the assumption of responsibilities hitherto performed in Alaska by the Federal Government, and for expenses of providing Federal services or facilities in Alaska for an interim period, as

authorized by law (73 Stat. 151), $3,000,000. (Department of the
Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

(Permanent, indefinite, special fund)
1962 1963 1964

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) actual estimate estimate

1962 1963 1964

actual estimate estimate Program by activities: 1. Grants to Alaska

5,363 2,407 3,000 2. Operation and maintenance of intermediate

Financing: airports.....

637 593

Unobligated balance brought forward (-)--- -89 -90 -90

Recovery of prior year obligations (-).
Total obligations

6,000 3,000 3,000
Unobligated balance carried forward.

90 90 90 Financing: New obligational authority (appropriation).

6,000 3,000 3,000 New obligational authority...

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Enacted or recommended in this document:

Disaster relief.
Expenses of management improvement..
Foreign assistance:

Military assistance orders.


Development grants....
Surveys of investment opportunities...
International organizations and programs.
Supporting assistance.
Contingency fund.
Alliance for Progress
Social Progress Trust Fund.
Administrative expenses (Agency for International

Administrative and other expenses (State)
Refugees and migrants..

President's Fund for Asian Economic Development.
Peace Corps.
Investment in Inter-American Development Bank
Loans to the International Monetary Fund.
Public works acceleration..
Translation of publications and scientific cooperation..
Defense aid, special fund.

[blocks in formation]




1,500 79,009 451,942 223,438 135,445 384,000


912 73,909 356,942 223,438 150, 445 339,000

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

8,914 2,055 9,171 50,972

18,087 200,000

[blocks in formation]

29,637 200,000 200,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 2,0


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

354,578 3,060,489 2,232,534 4,971,595 | 2,2

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Revolving and management funds:

Revolving fund, Defense Production Act...
Foreign assistance-economic:

Alliance for Progress-development loans.
Development loans-revolving fund..
Development Loan Fund (liquidation account)
Foreign investment guarantee fund...
Advance acquisition of property--revolving fund..
Office of Inspector General, foreign assistance, State.

Total, revolving and management funds..
Proposed for separate transmittal:
Appropriations, other than pay increase supplementals:

Disaster relief

Public works acceleration..
Authorizations to expend from debt receipts: Revolving fund,

Defense Production Act...

[blocks in formation]

Total, proposed for separate transmittal.
Total, Funds Appropriated to the President..

7,019,530 10,519,605 6,497,639 11,290,798 8,376,152 14,265,408 8,

1 Excludes balances of outstanding undelivered military assistance orders reflected as balances under the military functions appropriations in th and 351.


other appropriations or funds available to the agencies or corporations of the Department such sums as he may deem necessary, to be available only in such emergencies for the arrest and eradication of foot-and-mouth disease, rinderpest, contagious pleuropneumonia, or other contagious or infectious diseases of animals, or European fowl pest and similar diseases in poultry, and for expenses in accordance with the Act of February 28, 1947, as amended, and any unexpended balances of funds transferred under this head in the next preceding fiscal year shall be merged with such transferred amounts;

Meat inspection: For carrying out the provisions of laws relating to Federal inspection of meat, and meat-food products, and the applicable provisions of the laws relating to process or renovated butter, [$25,000,000] $28,502,000.

Special fund: To provide for additional labor to be employed under contracts and cooperative agreements to strengthen the work at research installations in the field, not more than $1,000,000 of the amount appropriated under this head for the previous fiscal year may be used by the Administrator of the Agricultural Research Service in departmental research programs in the current fiscal year, the amount so used to be transferred to and merged with the appropriation otherwise available under “Salaries and expenses, Research". (5 U.S.C. 511-512, 524, 5410-541e, 563-564, 565a, 576, 2131; 7 U.S.C. 135–135k, 145–148a, 1480-164a, 166-167, 281–283, 391, 394-396, 401-404, 421-422a, 424-425, 427, 427i, 428a, 429-431, 433–434, 436-437, 851-855, 1292, 1651-1656, 1704, 1901-1906; 15 U.S.C. 69e; 16 U.S.C. 581-581a, 581f, 590a-5906, 590f, 590k; 18 U.S.C. 287; 19 U.S.C. 1201, 1306; 20 U.S.C. 191194; 21 U.S.C. 71-91, 94-96, 98, 101-105, 111-114c, 114e-131, 151-158, 342a, 346-346a; 26 U.S.C. 4817, 7235c; 31 U.S.C. 725a; 42 U.S.C. 14766-1476d, 1483, 1891-1893; 45 U.S.C. 71-74; 46 U.S.C. 466a-4666; 48 U.S.C. 1409m-14090; 49 U.S.C. 1474(a), 1509; 46 Stat. 67, 76 Stat. 129–132, 169, 437, 663, 762; Department of Agriculture and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE General and special funds:

SALARIES AND EXPENSES For expenses necessary to perform [agricultural] research [relating to production, utilization, and home economics, to control and eradicate pests and], plant and animal [diseases, and to perform related inspection, quarantine and regulatory work] disease and pest control, and meat inspection: Provided, That not to exceed $75,000 of the appropriations hereunder shall be available for employment pursuant to the second sentence of section 706(a) of the Organic Act of 1944 (5 U.S.C. 574), as amended by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a): Provided further, That appropriations hereunder shall be available for the operation and maintenance of aircraft and the purchase of not to exceed two for replacement only: Provided further, That appropriations hereunder shall be available pursuant to title 5, United States Code, section 565a, for the construction, alteration, and repair of buildings and improvements, but unless otherwise provided, the cost of constructing any one building (except headhouses connecting greenhouses) shall not exceed [$15,000] $25,000, except for [four] five buildings to be constructed or improved at a cost not to exceed [$30,000] $50,000 each [and one building to be constructed at a cost not to exceed $50,000], and the cost of altering any one building during the fiscal year shall not exceed ($5,000) $10,000 or [5] 10 per centum of the cost of the building, whichever is greater: Prorided further, that the limitations on alterations contained in this Act shall not apply to a total of $100,000 for [conversion of animal disease and parasite research] facilities at Beltsville, Maryland:

Research: For research and demonstrations on the production and utilization of agricultural products, [home economics] nutrition and consumer use of agricultural and associated products, and related research and services, and for acquisition of land by donation, exchange, or purchase at a nominal cost not to exceed $100, [$77,473,000; plus additional amounts for research as follows: $325,000 for staffing new research laboratories, $670,000 for research on cost of production, and $4,875,000 for expanded utilization research; and plus the following amounts, to remain available until expended, for construction, alteration and equipping of facilities: $395,000 for soil and water research facilities at Sidney, Montana, $450,000 for poultry research facilities at East Lansing, Michigan, $400,000 for Mandan, North Dakota, $125,000 for the Southern Piedmont soil and water facility, $585,000 for Tucson, Arizona, $500,000 for the regional tree fruit and nut crops station in the Southeast, $165,000 for the research station at Carbondale, Illinois, and $160,000 for improvement of heating, water and electrical systems at the Agricultural Research Center at Beltsville, Maryland, in all, $86,123,000] $90,554,000: Provided, That the limitations contained herein shall not apply to replacement of buildings needed to carry out the Act of April 24, 1948 (21 U.S.C. 113(a)). Provided further,

That the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to acquire approximately two-tenths of an acre of land at Pasadena, California;

Plant and animal disease and pest control: For operations and measures, not otherwise provided for, to control and eradicate pests and plant and animal diseases and for carrying out assigned inspection, quarantine, and regulatory activities, as authorized by law, including expenses pursuant to the Act of February 28, 1947, as amended (21 U.S.C. 114b-c), [$58,055,500] $65,148,000, of which $1,500,000 shall be apportioned for use pursuant to section 3679 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, for the control of outbreaks of insects and plant diseases to the extent necessary to meet emergency conditions: Provided, That[, $150,000 shall be available, notwithstanding the foregoing limitations, for the construction and equipping of facilities and acquisition of the necessary land therefor by purchase, donation, or exchange: Provided further, That] no funds shall be used to formulate or administer a brucellosis eradication program for fiscal year [1964] 1965 that does not require minimum matching by any Štate of at least 40 per centum: Provided further, That, in addition, in emergencies which threaten the livestock or poultry industries of the country, the Secretary may transfer from

[blocks in formation]


1962 actual

1963 estimate


AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE-Continued products of desired quality at minimum costs. Increased

attention has been given to the production of agricultural General and special funds-Continued

products having industrial uses. The proportion of farm SALARIES AND EXPENSES—Continued

research funds going into basic research has steadily in

creased, and is currently estimated at 38% of the total Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) --Continued

funds for research. This basic research undergirds the other research efforts.

(b) Utilization research and development.-Chemical, estimate

physical, and biological research is conducted to develop

increased industrial uses of farm products, and new and Financing-Continued Unobligated balance carried forward..

2,750 1,880

improved foods, feeds, and fabrics; and to develop imUnobligated balance lapsing --


proved methods for processing agricultural commodities.

(c) Nutrition and consumer use research. Studies are New obligational authority

160,558 174,826 184,204 made of nutrition, consumer use and food economics, and

clothing and housing. New obligational authority:

(d) Contingency research fund.-Beginning in 1962, $1 Appropriation

159,630 169,178 184,204 million is available to meet urgent research needs that Transferred to (-)

develop unexpectedly during the year, when such needs "Operating expenses, Public Buildings

cannot be met by redirection of resources from other Service, " General Services Administration (75 Stat. 353 and 76 Stat. 728)-

-72 -45

projects. "Salaries and expenses, general adminis

The 1964 estimates include increases for staffing retration" (76 Stat. 1212)


search laboratories recently authorized by Congress; for Appropriation (adjusted)

a nationwide food consumption survey; and for research

159,558 169, 130 184,204 Reappropriation..-

1,000 1,000

on water management and engineering, livestock, and Proposals due to pay increases:

insect problems. These are partially offset by decreases Supplemental appropriation...


due to elimination of 1963 construction items. Transfers from “Special milk pro

2. Plant and animal disease and pest control.-(a) Plant gram," Agricultural Marketing Service.


disease and pest control.-Provision is made (1) through

port-of-entry inspection to exclude from this country 1 Includes capital outlay as follows: 1962, $7,396 thousand; 1963, $6,900 thou

destructive insects, plant diseases, and nematodes that sand; 1964, $9,200 thousand.

cause great damage to agricultural crops in other parts * Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows:

of the world; (2) to cooperate with States in eradicating adjustments

or preventing spread of crop pests that become established Stores.

in this country; and (3) to assist States in suppressing Unpaid undelivered orders. 7,830


8, 134 7,959 7, 459 Advances.-

incipient and emergency outbreaks of crop pests when Total selected resources.. 9, 109

and where they occur. Increases proposed in 1964 for 9,404 9, 229 8,729

strengthening plant quarantine protection necessary at The Service conducts basic and applied research relating ports-of-entry because of increased travel and shipping to the production and utilization of agricultural products, and to meet the cost of space rentals at international research on nutrition and consumer use, and carries out airports are more than offset by a reduction in the plant those control and regulatory programs of the Department pest control activities relating to the eradication of the which involve enforcement of plant and animal quaran fire ant and gypsy moth pests. The volume of workload tines, meat inspection, the control of diseases and insect is indicated in the following table in thousands): pests of animals and plants, and related work.

1960 actual 1961 actual 1962 actual 1. Research-(a) Farm research.- Improved breeding, Inspections at ports of entry:



137 feeding, and management practices are developed for



60 farm livestock, poultry, and domestic fur animals. Prac Vehicles from Mexico.

22,657 24,250 24,753 tical methods are sought for control of diseases and Baggage, pieces of

22,025 22,637 23,514 parasites affecting them.

Interceptions of unauthorized plant ma-


385 Investigations are conducted to improve varieties of food, feed, fiber and other plants, and to develop new

(b) Animal disease and pest control.-Programs are crops; to improve crop-production practices, including conducted to exclude communicable diseases of foreign methods to control plant diseases and nematodes; and to origin from this country; to prevent the spread of diseases improve chemical, biological, and other methods for con- through interstate shipments of livestock or distribution trol of harmful pests affecting farm production,

of impure or impotent veterinary biologics; to control and Research is conducted to improve fertilizers, soil man

eradicate livestock diseases; and to maintain, through agement, irrigation, and conservation practices; to study a marketing agreement with manufacturers and handlers, hydrologic problems of agricultural watersheds; to deter- adequate supplies of hog cholera virus and serum for mine the relation of soils to plants, animals, and human

protection of swine. The estimates for 1964 propose

increases for more adequate animal inspection and quarannutrition; and to apply engineering principles to improve tine at ports to reduce the hazard of introduction of efficiency and reduce costs of agricultural production. foreign animal diseases; expansion of the hog cholera

Continuous review is maintained to emphasize work eradication program and activities relating to veterinary which will meet the problems of agricultural surpluses. biologics under the Virus Serum Toxin Act. Funds are The research is aimed at the profitable production of an requested for continuation of the screwworm eradication adequate supply of food, feed, fiber, and other agricultural program in the Southwest. The increases are partially











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