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1964 estimate

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)-Continued


Sources of funds 1. Customary staff services..

Subject to limitation: Deposits from 1962 1963

appropriations under the Independactual estimate

ent Offices Appropriation Act for

1964, for GSA programs only: Financing:

Not subject to limitation: ReimburseComparative transfers to other accounts. 579

ments (payments) from appropriaAdvances and reimbursements from other ac

tions and funds not included in the counts (-). -3,548 -9,159 -9,317

1.0.A. Act for 1964. Unobligated balance lapsing-

2. Automatic data processing services. ----- Not subject to limitation: Reimburse-

ments (payments) for services Limitation... 14,566 11,400 13,965

rendered to: Proposed increase in limitation due to

a. GSA program appropriations pay increases... 511

included in the 1.0.A. Act

for 1964. 1 Includes capital outlay as follows: 1962, $195 thousand; 1963, $175 thou

b. Other appropriations and sand; 1964. $173 thousand. Excludes adjustments of prior year costs of - $8

funds not included in the thousand.

1.0.A. Act for 1964. : Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows: Unpaid undelivered orders, 1961, $223 thousand (1962 adjustment, - $23 thousand): 1962, $285 thousand; 1963, $385 thousand; 1964, $485 thousand.

The accounting and record keeping system used in alloThis management fund provides services on a centralized cating costs among the various programs serviced through and integrated basis for all General Services Administra- this fund has been approved by the General Accounting tion programs:

Office. The system recognizes the emergence of automatic 1. Customary staff services.-(a) Financial management data processing as a service operation inherently distinct consisting of accounting, budget, audit, credit, insurance, from customary staff services and requiring separate and related financial services. (b) Management services project budgeting and financing treatment. However, for consisting of compliance and security, systems and pro-accounting convenience, ADP is financed through this cedures, and related management and office services.

fund instead of through a separate revolving fund. (c) Manpower resources consisting of personnel, fair employment, manpower utilization, and educational insti

Fair value of personal property received from other tutes. (d) Staff direction. (e) Legal services.

appropriations or funds without cost for use by General 2. Automatic data processing services.—Unified auto- Services Administration is as follows: 1962, $40 thousand; matic data processing services are provided as required 1963, $41 thousand; 1964, $43 thousand. for all GSA program operations through service centers

Estimated amounts available for 1964 from the various in each of 10 regional offices. Financing for these serv sources and comparable data for 1962 and 1963 are (in ices is derived as follows:

thousands of dollars):

Automatic data processing
Customary staff services

(excluded from limitation) 1962 1963 1964 1962 1963 1964 1962 1963 1964


com paSource of funds:

rable rable
rable rable

rable rable Operating expenses, Public Buildings Service.

3,955 4,616 4,843 3,376 3,855 4,062 579 761 781 Repair and improvement of public buildings..

956 1,038 1,293 879 937 1,191 77 101 102 Operating expenses: Federal Supply Service -

6.848 9,216 10,589

4,036 4,702 5,592 2,812 4,514 4,997 Utilization and Disposal Service.

788 861 964 717

769 870

72 92 94 National Archives and Records Service..

695 734 605 634 664

33 61 70 Transportation and Communications Service..

546 623 811


699 99 51 112 Strategic and critical materials.-

929 934

960 851 863 887 79 72 73 Reconstruction Finance Corporation liquidation fund.

42 25

42 25 Subtotal, limitation, customary staff services.

10,954 12,356 13,965 Sites and expenses, public buildings projects.

623 640
524 567


56 58 Additional court facilities.

15 124 85


5 Expansion of defense production.

644 519 427 628 504 411

16 15 16 Buildings management fund.

593 509

492 407

429 100 102 104 General supply fund...

532 515 533 423 400 414 108 115 119 Construction services fund.

270 310

10 10 10 Lead and zinc stabilization program.

91 160


5 10 Consoli lated working fun!, defense materials. 105 187 192 102 174 176


16 Commodity Credit Corporation fund..

105 109 112
101 98 100


13 National Capital Transportation Agency.

32 32 20 31 31

1 Civil Rights Commission.



31 National Aeronautics and Space Council..


16 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.


14 President's Commission on Campaign Costs..


5 Federal Radiation Council..


3 Other sources.


15 Subtotal, nonlimitation, customary staff services..

2,716 2,733 2,726 Total financing

17,692 21.070 23,282 13,670 15,089 16,691 4,022 5,981 6,591 Unobligated balance...

-78 Total obligations..

17,613 21,070 23,282 Summary: Subject to limitation.

10,954 12,356 13,965 Not subject to limitation..

6,738 8,714 9,317 Unobligated balance..

-78 Grand total (summary).

17,613 21.070 23,282

com pa

com pa

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Obligations (from program and financing)

2,132 2,470 2,810 Increase (-) in gross unpaid obligations.

-105 -15 -25 1964 Gross expenditures..

2,027 2,455 2,785 estimate

Revenues and other receipts (from program
and financing).

2,045 2,440 2,810 17,659 Increase (-) in accounts receivable, net.

-66 -7 -10 11 156 Applicable receipts.

1,979 2,433 2,800 17,826 Budget expenditures..


22 -15 1,334 345 26 Central blueprinting, photostating, duplicating, and 102

distribution services are financed by a working capital 2,536

fund pending reimbursements (40 U.S.C. 293). To meet 80 the needs of General Services Administration and other 72 Federal agencies, the Joint Committee on Printing, U.S. 268

Congress, authorized the establishment of four field 148

printing plants in GSA regional offices in addition to the 23,282 plant in Washington, D.C. These printing plants and

all reproduction and distribution services provided by GSA at its regional offices and other field locations are financed through this fund.

Operating results. Surplus earnings are deposited into 2,543

miscellaneous receipts of the Treasury. Through June 3 2,392

30, 1962, a total of $87 thousand had been deposited, and 2,465 it is estimated that $45 thousand and $17 thousand will be

7.5 deposited in 1963 and 1964, respectively. $7,193 $4,961

Revenue, Expense, and Retained Earnings (in thousands of dollars)



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1961 actual

1962 actual

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1963 estimate



Financial Condition in thousands of dollars)-Continued

as part of rentals received from Government corporations pursuant

to law (40 U.S.C. 129); (2) reimbursements for services performed 1963 1964 in respect to bonds and other obligations under the jurisdiction of estimate estimate the General Services Administration, issued by public authorities,

States, or other public bodies, and such services in respect to such Government equity:

bonds or obligations as the Administrator deems necessary and in Non-interest-bearing capital:

the public interest may, upon the request and at the expense of the Start of year.

254 254 376 376 issuing agencies, be provided from the appropriate foregoing approAppropriation.


priation; and (3) appropriations or funds available to other agencies, Donations (capitalized),


and transferred to the General Services Administration, in connecProvision for unfunded leave liability

tion with property transferred to the General Services Administra(-)..


tion pursuant to the Act of July 2, 1948 (50 U.S.C. 451ff), and such

appropriations or funds may be so transferred, with the approval End of year.

376 376

376 of the Bureau of the Budget. Retained earnings

17 45 17 20 [Appropriations to the General Services Administration under

the heading “Construction, Public Buildings Projects" made in this Total Government equity-

271 421 393 396 Act shall be available, subject to the provisions of the Public

Buildings Act of 1959 for (1) acquisition of buildings and sites

thereof by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, including preAnalysis of Government Equity (in thousands of dollars)

payment of purchase contracts, (2) extension or conversion of

Government-owned buildings, and (3) construction of new buildings, Unpaid undelivered orders 1.

in addition to those set forth under that appropriation: Provided,

11 29 29 29 Unobligated balance.

-15 -90 -107

That nothing herein shall authorize an expenditure of funds for Unfunded leave liability.

-9 -25 -25 -25

acquisition, extension or conversion, or construction without the Invested capital and earnings..

281 432 479 499

approval of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and

House of Representatives.] Total Government equity.

271 421


[Expenditures heretofore made pursuant to contract or stipulation from, and unexpended obligations heretofore incurred against,

appropriations under the heading “Construction, Public Buildings 1 The changes in these items are reflected on the program and financing schedule. Projects” in prior Appropriation Acts for the purposes of acquisition

of buildings and sites thereof by purchase, condemnation, or otherObject Classification (in thousands of dollars)

wise, including prepayment of purchase contracts, are hereby

ratified.) 1962


Funds available to the General Services Administration shall be available for the hire of passenger motor vehicles.

No part of any money appropriated by this or any other Act for 11 Personnel compensation:

any agency of the executive branch of the Government shall be Permanent positions...

1,173 1,522 1,782

used during the current fiscal year for the purchase within the Positions other than permanent.


continental limits of the United States of any typewriting machines Other personnel compensation.

50 74 except in accordance with regulations issued pursuant to the pro-

visions of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of Total personnel compensation... 1,254 1,574 1,856

1949, as amended. 12 Personnel benefits..--

89 114 136

Not to exceed 2 per centum of any appropriation made available 21 Travel and transportation of persons



to the General Services Administration for the current fiscal year by Payment to interagency motor pools



this Act may be transferred to any other such appropriation, but 22 Transportation of things..



no such appropriation shall be increased thereby more than 2 per 23 Rent, communications, and utilities

25 36 37

centum: Provided, That such transfers shall apply only to operating 24 Printing and reproduction..


2 2 expenses, and shall not exceed in the aggregate the amount of 25 Other services

122 100

100 $2,000,000. 26 Supplies and materials.

455 540 600

Appropriations available to any department or agency during the 31 Equipment.



current fiscal year for necessary expenses, including maintenance or

operating expenses, shall also be available for (a) reimbursement to Total costs...

2,106 2,460 2,790

the General Services Administration for those expenses of renovaChange in selected resources.



tion and alteration of buildings and facilities which constitute

public improvements, performed in accordance with the Public Total obligations

2,132 2,470 2,810

Buildings Act of 1959 (73 Stat. 479) or other applicable law, and (b) transfer or reimbursement to applicable appropriations to said

Administration for rents and related expenses, not otherwise proPersonnel Summary

vided for, of providing subject to Executive Order 11035, dated July 9, 1968, directly or indirectly, (such] suitable general purpose space

[as may be required by] for any such department or agency, in the Total number of permanent positions..

262 300 350 District of Columbia or elsewhere. Average number of all employees.

228 284 329 [No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be used Number of employees at end of year.

251 290 340 for the payment of rental on lease agreements for the accommodaAverage GS grade.

4.6 4.8 4.9 tion of Federal agencies in buildings and improvements which are to Average GS salary

$4,973 $5,473 $5,533 be erected by the lessor for such agencies at an estimated cost of Average salary of ungraded positions..

$5,415 $5,363 $5,314 construction in excess of $200,000 or for the payment of the salary

of any person who executes such a lease agreement: Provided, That

the foregoing proviso shall not be applicable to projects for which a GENERAL PROVISIONS

prospectus for the lease construction of space has been submitted

to and approved by the appropriate Committees of the Conresss The appropriate appropriation or fund available to the General in the same manner as for public buildings construction prgoject Services Administration shall be credited with (1) cost of operation, pursuant to the Public Buildings Act of 1959.] (Independent protection, maintenance, upkeep, repair, and improvement, included | Offices Appropriation Act, 1963.)

[blocks in formation]
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Enacted or recommended in this document:
Repair and improvement of public buildings -
Construction, public buildings projects --
Sites and expenses, public buildings projects.
Expenses, U.S. Court facilities..
Acquisition of land and building, Chicago, III.
Additional court facilities..
Construction, Federal Office Building Numbered 7, Washing-

ton, D.C...
Hospital facilities in the District of Columbia..
Construction, Federal Office Building Numbered 6, Washing-

ton, D.C. .
Construction, public buildings..
Construction, U.S. Mission Building, New York, N.Y.
Sites and planning, public buildings outside the District

of Columbia --
Refunds under Renegotiation Act (interest)
Strategic and critical materials.

[blocks in formation]

Balance of anticipated pay increase supplement included above..

Total, appropriations...-
Revolving and management funds:

Buildings management fund..
Construction services, public buildings.
General supply fund..
Administrative expenses, foreign aid procurements.
Abaca fiber program..
Defense production guarantees, defense materials activities..
Advances and reimbursements, defense materials activities..
Federal Facilities Corporation fund..
Reconstruction Finance Corporation liquidation fund.
Working capital fund....
Administrative operations fund.

Total, revolving and management funds.
Proposed for separate transmittal:
Appropriations other than pay increase supplementals:
Sites and expenses, public buildings projects..

Anticipated pay increase supplemental appropriations-
Revolving and management funds:

General supply fund.
Federal telecommunications fund.

1,646 4,579 -12

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800 729

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1962 actual


1. General agency supervision.-The Administrator of General and special funds:

the Agency is responsible for the general supervision and

coordination of all Agency activities and directly reSALARIES AND EXPENSES

sponsible for several activities administered by constituFor necessary expenses of the Office of the Administrator, includ ents of the Agency under delegation of authority. These ing services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 include: urban renewal, urban planning assistance, and (5 U.S.C. 55a), at rates not to exceed $75 per diem for individuals; the open-space land program which have been delegated to and purchase of two passenger motor vehicles for replacement only; the Urban Renewal Commissioner; and the programs of [$14,500,000] $ 16,675,000: Provided, That necessary expenses of inspections and of providing representatives at the site of projects college housing loans, public facility loans, public works being planned or undertaken by local public agencies pursuant to planning advances, housing for the elderly loans, and title I of the Housing Act of 1949, as amended, projects financed certain liquidating activities which have been delegated through loans to educational institutions authorized by title IV of the Housing Act of 1950, as amended, projects and facilities financed

to the Community Facilities Commissioner. The Adby loans to public agencies pursuant to title II of the Housing ministrator serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors Amendments of 1955, as amended, urban planning financed through of the Federal National Mortgage Association and as grants to State and local government agencies pursuant to title VII Chairman of the National Voluntary Mortgage Credit of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended, and reserves of planned public works financed through advances to municipalities and other

Extension Committee. public agencies pursuant to title VII of the Housing Act of 1954, 2. Directly administered programs and activities. These as amended, shall be compensated by agencies or institutions include: (a) a consolidated investigation and compliance by the payment of fixed fees which in the aggregate will cover the costs of rendering such services, and expenses for such purpose shall

staff serving the entire Agency, (b) staff assistance to the be considered nonadministrative; and for the purpose of providing national and regional committees engaged in the program such inspections, the Administrator may utilize any agency and to stimulate the use of private funds for Federal Housing such agency may accept reimbursement or payment for such serv Administration insured and Veterans Administration ices from such institutions, or the Administrator, and shall credit such amounts to the appropriations or funds against which such

guaranteed mortgage loans, (c) community disposition charges have been made, but such nonadministrative expenses shall

activities which are explained in detail under public not exceed [$3,250,000) $3,650,000. (5 U.S.C. 133y-16; 42 U.S.C.enterprise funds, and staff expenses in connection with 1451; 12 U.S.C. 1749; Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1963.) (d) urban studies and housing research and (e) the lowProgram and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

income housing demonstration program provided in the

Housing Act of 1961 (42 U.S.C. 1436). The research and

1964 demonstration programs are explained on succeeding estimate estimate

pages. Program by activities:

3. Community facilities programs. These include staff 1. General agency supervision.

1,610 1,781 2,050 expenses for (a) college housing loans, (b) public facility 2. Directly administered programs and activities.

loans, (c) public works planning advances, (d) housing for

1,086 1,124 1,300 3. Community facilities programs.

4,657 5,593 6,395 the elderly loans, and (e) liquidating activities described 4. Urban renewal programs.

11,465 13,633 15,850 under public enterprise funds. Also included are staff ex5. Urban transportation programs.

94 189

195 6. Services performed for other agencies. 1,547 1,770 1,985

penses for project inspection and audit, which provides for Total program costs, funded ?

financial audit and construction progress inspection of

20,459 24,089 27,775 Change in selected resources


college housing and public facility projects financed from Total obligations....

20,557 24,089 27,775


4. Urban renewal programs.-These include staff exFinancing: Comparative transfers from other accounts

penses for (a) urban planning assistance, (b) urban renewal .

-352 -145

activities, and (c) the open-space land program, all of Advances and reimbursements (-):

which are described on succeeding pages. Also included For emergency preparedness functions.

-175 From other accounts..

-7,605 -9,300 -10,925

are costs of (d) site representation and inspection of urban Unobligated balance lapsing

renewal projects and financial audits of urban renewal and New obligational authority

12,726 14,644 16,675 urban planning assistance projects from funds obtained

through fees. New obligational authority:

5. Urban transportation programs.--These include staff Appropriation.

13,050 14,500 16,675 expenses for the program of demonstration grants and Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public

public facility loans in support of urban transportation Buildings Service," General Services Administration (75 Stat. 353 and 76 Stat.

authorized by the Housing Act of 1961, as amended (42 728) (-)...

-324 -146

U.S.C. 1453 and 1492). These activities are described in Appropriation (adjusted)

12,726 14,354 16,675 connection with the urban renewal fund and public facility Proposed supplemental due to pay in

loans set forth under public enterprise funds. 290

All funds available to the Administrator for operating I Includes capital outlay as follows: 1962, $341 thousand; 1963, $170 thousand; or staff expenses are consolidated in a single operating 1964, $246 thousand.

Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows: Unpaid undelivered orders, 1961, expense fund managed under this appropriation title as $56 thousand (1962 adjust ments, - $11 thousand); 1962, $143 thousand; 1963, $143 thousand; 1964, $143 thousand.

authorized by 12 U.S.C. 1701(c)(3).




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