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Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

! Includes capital outlay as follows: 1962, $38 thousand; 1963, $70 thousand; 1964, $55 thousand.

Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows: Unpaid undelivered orders, 1961, 11 Personnel compensation: Permanent posi

$13 thousand (1962 adjustments, - $8 thousand); 1962, $261 thousand; 1963. $218

thousand; 1964. $266 thousand. tions...


41 12 Personnel benefits.


2 25 Other services..

10 10 10

This appropriation provides for improving management 26 Supplies and materials..

69 80

80 of transportation, communication, and public utility

services in all civilian agencies, protecting the GovernTotal obligations..--

142 132 134 ment's interests in cases before regulatory bodies, and for

providing assistance to civilian agencies in each of these Personnel Summary

specialized fields.

Fair value of personal property received from other Total number of permanent positions...


5 appropriations or funds without cost for use by GSA is as Average number of all employees...



follows: 1962, $2 thousand; 1963, $1 thousand; and 1964, Number of employees at end of year.


5 5 $1 thousand. Average GS grade..


8.5 1. Transportation services.—Plans and procedures for Average GS salary.

$7,107 $8,882 8,882 Average salary of ungraded positions.

$4,930 $4,930

$4.936 improving transportation practices and operations in

civilian agencies are developed; reasonable rates are negotiated with carriers; the Government's interest as a user

is protected in proceedings before regulatory bodies; and TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS procurement assistance, rates, routing, and related seryACTIVITIES

ices are supplied to executive agencies.

2. Communication services.-Plans are developed for a General and special funds:

Federal communications system for general and national

defense use, compatible with Department of Defense OPERATING EXPENSES, TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS communication systems. Studies of equipment utilizaSERVICE

tion, service, rates and economic factors are made, For necessary expenses of transportation, communications, and contracts negotiated, and management and control of other public utilities management and related activities, as provided operations are provided. by law, including services as authorized by section 15 of the Act 3. Motor vehicle management.-Governmentwide policies of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), at rates not to exceed $75 per diem for individuals, [$4,097,000) $5,870,000. (Independent Offices

and procedures are developed for improving the overall Appropriation Act, 1963.)

efficiency of the operation of the Government-owned

1962 actual

1963 estimate



Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) General and special funds-Continued



New obligational authority: motor vehicle fleet, and assisting the various Federal Appropriation

850 agencies with motor equipment management.

Transferred to "Operating expenses, Transpor

tation and Communications Service" (-). -850 4. Public utilities services.--Negotiations are conducted with public utilities companies on behalf of executive Appropriation (adjusted)-

0 agencies and technical assistance is rendered in connection with regulatory proceedings.

Representation services are provided the Department
of Defense in public utility cases generally and in proceed- Intragovernmental funds:
ings relating to the semiautomatic ground environment
system (SAĞE).

Proposed for separate transmittal:
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)


Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) actual estimate estimate



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11 Personnel compensation--Permanent posi

Program by activities–Continued tions...


34 2. Inventory management: 12 Personnel benefits..

(a) Rotation of materials.

12,437 4,000 5,000 21 Travel and transportation of persons.

(b) Storage of materials.

11,677 10,070 11,000 (c) Disposal of materials.

687 1,000 1,400 Total obligations.--


Total, inventory management.--- 24,801 15,070 17,400
Personnel Summary

3. National industrial equipment reserve:

(a) Transportation, processing, and Total number of permanent positions.



1,919 1,608 1,510 Average number of all employees.


4 Number of employees at end of year.



4. Operating expenses: Average GS grade

9.6 8.8 8.2
(a) Service direction.-.-

345 438 458 Average GS salary.

$7,597 $7,828 $7,497
(b) Program...

1,530 1,700 1,742 (c) Administrative operations..

929 934 960 Total, operating expenses.


Total program costs, funded 1.

33,742 21.650 23,870 Change in selected resources ?..

-1,810 -3,550 4,275 General and special funds:

Total obligations.----

31,932 18,100 28,145 STRATEGIC AND CRITICAL MATERIALS For necessary expenses in carrying out the provisions of the Stra

Financing: tegic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act (50 U.S.C. 98-98h),

Unobligated balance brought forward (-)--- -1,238 -260 -260 during the current fiscal year, for transportation and handling,

Recovery of prior year obligations (-)

-260 within the United States (including charges at United States ports),

Unobligated balance carried forward

260 260 260 storage, security, and maintenance of strategic and other materials

Unobligated balance lapsing.-

9,283 acquired for or transferred to the supplemental stockpile established pursuant to section 104(b) of the Agricultural Trade Development

New obligational authority

39,977 18,100 28,145 and Assistance Act of 1954 (7 U.S.C. 1704(b)), [not to exceed $2,000,000] for carrying out the provisions of the National Indus New obligational authority: trial Reserve Act of 1948 (50 U.S.C. 451-462), relating to machine Appropriation..

40,000 18,000 28,145 tools and industrial manufacturing equipment for which the Gen

Transferred to “Salaries and expenses, Office eral Services Administration is responsible, including reimburse

of Administrator" (5 U.S.C. 630d) (-)--- -23 ment for security guard services, services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), and not to exceed Appropriation (adjusted): [$3,000,000] $3,190,000 for operating expenses, ($18,000,000]

General fund.

39,977 $28,145,000, to be derived from sales of strategic and critical ma

Special fund..

18,000 28,145 terials: Provided, That no part of funds available shall be used for Proposed supplemental due to pay inconstruction of warehouses or tank storage facilities: Provided

creases (special fund)..

100 further, That during the current fiscal year the General Services Administration is authorized to acquire leasehold interests in property, for periods not in excess of twenty years, for the storage, security,

1 Includes capital outlay as follows: 1962, $36 thousand; 1963, $230 thousand;

1964, $50 thousand. Excludes adjustment of prior year costs, $63 thousand. and maintenance of strategic, critical, and other materials and equip 2 Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows: Unpaid undelivered orders, ment held pursuant to the aforesaid Acts provided said leasehold 1961, $9,819 thousand (1962 adjustments, - $706 thousand) 1962. $7,303 thousand; interests are at nominal cost to the Government: Provided further, 1963, $3,753 thousand; 1964, $8,028 thousand. That during the current fiscal year, there shall be no limitation on the value of surplus strategic and critical materials which, in accordance with section 6(a) of the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock

The Defense Materials Service acquires and adminPiling Act (50 U.S.C. 98e(a)), may be transferred without reim

isters national stockpile inventories pursuant to the Stratebursement to stockpiles established in accordance with said Act: gic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act, and has Provided further, That any receipts from sales during the current custody of the supplemental stockpile established by the fiscal year shall be promptly deposited into the Treasury except as Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of otherwise provided herein: Provided further, That during the current fiscal year materials in the inventory maintained under the

1954. Programs are administered in accordance with Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended, and, after compliance guidelines established by the Office of Emergency Planwith the disposal requirements of section 3(e) of the Strategic and ning.. This Service also administers the inventory of Critical Materials Stock Piling Act, excess materials in the national machine tools and industrial manufacturing equipment stockpile established pursuant to that Act, shall be available, with

established under the National Industrial Reserve Act of out reimbursement, for transfer at fair market value to contractors as payment for expenses of refining, processing, or otherwise bene

1948. The Department of Defense makes selections for ficiating materials, pursuant to section 3(c) of the Strategic and the reserve and provides program guidance. Critical Materials Stock Piling Act, into a form best suitable for The 1964 obligational program of $28.1 million is to stockpiling. (Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1969.)

provide $1.2 million for new material acquisition and Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

upgrading of existing materials required to meet stock

piling objectives, $22.2 million for inventory management actual

and rotation of material subject to deterioration, $1.5 estimate estimate

million for national industrial equipment reserve activities, Program by activities:

and $3.2 million operating expenses. Increases in 1964 are 1. Acquisition of materials:

provided for all activities except National industrial (a) New materials..

889 1,600 1,400 equipment reserve. (b) Upgrading materials.

3,329 300 400

In arriving at requirements to meet stockpile objecTotal, acquisition of materials..

4,218 1,900 1,800

tives, all U.S. Government inventories of strategic materials in GSA custody are taken into account. Data below





AU Government proframs


ment programs




DEFENSE MATERIALS ACTIVITIES—Con. Payment for all processing costs will be made by transfer General and special funds-Continued

of excess materials to contractors. The estimate covers

only transportation and handling cost involved in STRATEGIC AND CRITICAL MATERIALS—Continued


2. Inventory management.--Covers cost of maintaining reflect the extent to which national stockpile objectives materials in the national and supplemental stockpiles so as of June 30, 1962, are provided: (a) from financing that they will be available for immediate use in an emerunder the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling gency, including rotation, storage, special preservation, Act, and (b) under all U.S. Government programs in and disposal of materials no longer required for stockpile volving strategic materials.

objectives. Maximum objectives are valued at $4,299 million. The acquisition cost of these inventories is as follows June 30, 1962, prices have been used.

(in millions of dollars):

1962 actual 1964 estimele STATUS OF ACQUISITION—MATERIAL IN INVENTORY AND ON ORDER National stockpile.

6,049.6 5,700.2 [In millions of dollars) U.S. supplemental stockpile.

1,141.1 1,427.6 1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate

Total national and supplemental..

7,190.7 7,127.8 AN


Na Govern Na. Govern-

(a) Rotation of materials.—Perishable materials in the stockstock

stockpile pile

national stockpile are rotated when their usability beIn inventory: Maximum objectives.--- 3,909.9 4,266.0 3,912.5 4,275.0 3,913.2 4,293.6 Cordage fibers are the only materials to be rotated in

comes impaired for essential emergency requirements. On order: Maximum objectives. 1.9 8.3 17.9

1964. Rotation costs and sales are as follows (in thousands Total maximum ob

of dollars): jectives... 3,911.8 4,274.3 3,912.5 4,292.9 3,913.2 4,293.6 Balance to be acquired:

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate Maximum objectives. 387.2 24.7 386.5 6.1 385.8 5.4

Gross replacement costs of materials rotated. 13,411

7,096 Rotation sales.


5,860 1. Acquisition of materialsa) New materials.-Costs

Net cost to Government.


1,236 of direct acquisition of materials, including transportation and handling expenses, are as follows (in thousands of dollars):

(b) Storage of materials.-Strategic and critical materials 1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate

were stored at 208 locations as of June 30, 1962, utilizing New materials......

1,049 750


approximately 24 million square feet of closed storage;

66 million square feet of open storage; and 2 million barrels Based on national stockpile objectives and the proposed of tank storage. The number of storage locations was budget, the status of the 76 materials now on the stock- reduced to 173 as of August 1, 1962, due to the transfer piling list is as follows:

of surplus cotton to the Department of Agriculture.

Materials in the national and supplemental stockpiles MATERIALS ON HAND AND ON ORDER

totaled approximately 40.7 million tons on June 30, 1962, (June 30, 1962. actual]

and it is expected that approximately 3.5 million tons á National All Government year will be added to the supplemental stockpile in 1963 stockpile,


and 1964. Distribution of storage costs is as follows (in

objectives objectives Percent completed:

thousands of dollars): 100..


1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimale 90 to 99.


Recurring storage costs.---

10,031 9,582 9,806 75 to 89.

Non-recurring storage costs...

1,673 1.098 2,000 50 to 74.


3 Relocation transportation and handling--- 37 340 1,071 25 to 49.


0 Under 25.

Total cost or estimate..

11,741 11,020 12.877 Total.....


(c) Disposal of materials.-Covers handling and transMATERIALS ON HAND AND ON ORDER

portation expenses incurred in connection with the IJune 30, 1964, estimated)

disposal of materials no longer required for stockpile National All Government


[In thousands of dollars)

maximum objectives objectives

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate Percent completed:

Total cost or estimate...

688 1,382 2,300 100...


71 90 to 99.


Disposals on a commitment basis from the national 75 to 89.



stockpile in 1962 totaled approximately $47.7 million for 50 to 74.

5 25 to 49.



about 150,000 short tons of materials, including rubber, Under 25.


0 coconut oil, magnesium scrap, quinine, palm oil, and

silk waste. Total.-.



As of June 30, 1962, a total of over 700,000 short tons

of excess materials in the national stockpile was available (b) Upgrading materials.Stockpile materials are up- for disposal under approved disposal plans. The estimates graded to more usable forms in order to provide a mini- for transportation and handling expenses incurred in mum readiness inventory of materials in forms suitable effecting disposals are based upon projected disposals of for immediate use to meet the initial surge of demand $113 million in 1963 and $138 million in 1964. They do and abnormal conditions of intensive omobilization. not, of necessity, take into consideration changes in stock



I wanna


1962 actual

1963 estimate

1964 estimate



1964 estimate

pile policy which may result from studies currently being

Personnel Summary-Continued made by the executive branch and the Congress.

3. National industrial equipment reserve. The reserve of Government-owned machine tools and other industrial manufacturing equipment authorized by the National Average GS grade....

7.9 8.1 8.2 Industrial Reserve Act of 1948 consists entirely of items Average GS salary..

$7, 174 $7,888 $7.987 selected by the Secretary of Defense from lists of such Average salary of ungraded positions

$5,866 $5,849 $5,844 property declared excess to the needs of the three military departments and other executive agencies.

Items in the national industrial equipment reserve are intended primarily for expansion in an emergency of

ALLOCATION RECEIVED FROM OTHER ACCOUNT defense-supporting industries such as manufacturers of Note:- Obligations incurred under allocation from another appropriation are ball bearings, gears, tools, and dies, and machine tools. shown in the schedules of Interior, "Lead and zinc stabilization program.' Each of the military departments also maintains a reserve of production equipment for current and mobilization requirements of direct military contractors and producers

Proposed for separate transmittal: specifically designated as mobilization suppliers.

IMPROVEMENTS, NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL RESERVE Plant In accordance with Department of Defense estimates

NUMBERED 485 for total selections for the national industrial equipment

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) reserve from excess declarations of production equipment, budget estimates are based on selection rates of 1,000 items in 1963 and 800 items in 1964.

actual estimate
During 1961 and 1962, the Department of Defense
authorized and General Services Administration entered

Program by activities:
1. Modernization and expansion of structures.

577 into 12 and 38 loan agreements, respectively, with voca 2. Acquisition of operating equipment.

573 tional schools for equipment in the national industrial equipment reserve where such loans are in the interest of Total program costs, funded-obligations.

1,150 national defense.

Financing: 4. Operating expenses.-Covers all expenses at the cen New obligational authority (proposed suppletral and regional office levels for administering programs mental appropriation)...

1,150 financed under this appropriation head including the Defense Materials Service and the integrated staff offices of General Services Administration. The change in total

Under existing legislation, 1969:- This proposed suppleworkload in 1964 from 1963 will be limited, with staffing mental appropriation is to provide for certain improveand related expenses holding at minimum requirements. ments in National Industrial Reserve Plant Numbered

Fair value of personal property received from other 485 to assure the continued production of components
appropriations or funds without cost for use by General deemed essential to national defense requirements.
Services Administration is as follows: 1962, $78 thousand;
1963, $262 thousand; 1964, $242 thousand.

Public enterprise funds:
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)


Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) estimate estimate

1962 actual


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