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The functions of the Federal Aviation Agency include

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)--Continued (a) encouraging and fostering the development of civil aeronautics and air commerce in the United States and

1962 1963 1964

actual estimate abroad, (b) management of the use of navigable airspace and the regulation of both civil and military operations New obligational authority: in such airspace, (c) installation and operation of aids to Appropriation

434,300 480,000 545,500 air navigation and traffic control for civil and military Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public aircraft, (d) the conduct of research to develop facilities

Buildings Service," General Services Ad

ministration (75 Stat. 353 and 76 Stat. required to modernize the systems and devices used in

728) (-).

-914 -850 assuring safety in aviation, (e) the conduct of medical research relating to the human factors affecting safety in Appropriation (adjusted).

433,386 479,150 545,500 civil aviation, (f) certification as to the competency of

Proposed supplemental due to pay inairmen and the airworthiness of aircraft, (g) development

9,400 of standards and rules designed to promote safety, and (h) the administration of grants for airport construction.

1. Traffic management.—This activity covers the operation on a daily 24-hour basis of a national system of air

traffic management in the United States and its possesGeneral and special funds:

sions. With the aid of radar, communications, and other OPERATIONS

facilities, traffic management personnel at 33 centers

monitor and control enroute flights of civil and military For necessary expenses of the Federal Aviation Agency, not other aircraft conducted under instrument conditions to assure wise provided for, including administrative expenses for research and

safety and to expedite the flow of traffic. Control towers develnpment and for establishment of air navigation facilities, and carrying out the provisions of the Federal Airport Act; not to exceed

are operated at 273 major civil airports to guide traffic $10,000 for representation allowances and for official entertainment; movements on and in the vicinity of the airports. Some purchase of [three) fourteen passenger motor vehicles, of which 348 domestic and international flight service stations Thirteen are for replacement only; and purchase and repair of transmit weather and other essential information to skis and snowshoes; [$480,000,000 $5,45,500,000men Provided pilots and relay traffic control data between ground [That total costs of aviation medicine, including equipment, for the Federal Aviation Agency, whether provided in the foregoing appro controllers and pilots. Major increases in 1964 are for priation or elsewhere in this Act, shall not exceed $5,100,000 or in (a) operating newly commissioned air traffic control clude in excess of 315 positions: Provided further] That there may be credited to this appropriation, funds received from States, counties; under Facilities and equipment, (b) funding of certain

facilities procured and installed with funds appropriated expenses incurred in the maintenance and operation of air naviga aircraft movement information services formerly budgeted Aviation, 61 Stat. 1180; Convention on International Recognition of facilities and services operated on a part-year basis in U.S.C. a-c and App. 1622(9); Convention on International

Crimin by the

Department of Defense, and (c) full-year cost of Rights in Aircraft, 4 U.S.T. 1830, 1953; Executive Order 11,048 and


related regulations (27 F.R. 8887; 8855), and 10 U.S.C. 4655; Inde-
pendent Offices Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Landings and operations

takeoffs at at airports
Program and Financing in thousands of dollars)

airports with FAA General Revenue with FAA traffic con adiation

towers trol service hours flown

(in millions) (in millions) (in millions) (in billions) actual estimate estimate




31.5 1959



33.3 Program by activities:




38.1 1. Traffic management..

210,359 1961



38.8 2. Facilities maintenance.





42.5 3. Administration of flight standards program. 65,539 81, 189 88,865 1963 estimate.



45.9 4. Administration of medical standards.. 3,173 3,950 4,002 1964 estimate



49.1 5. Research direction....


10,651 10,955 6. Administration of airport program.

6,583 7,692 8,507 2. Facilities maintenance.—This activity covers the

technical operations and maintenance of a national netTotal obligations

429,396 488,550 545,650

work of air navigation and traffic control aids in the United Financing:

States and its possessions, and the supply support of all Reimbursements for emergency preparedness

Agency programs. Major increases in 1964 are for (a) functions...

- 150

maintenance of newly commissioned air traffic control Unobligated balance lapsing


and navigation aids, (b) new and improved traffic control New obligational authority..

433,386 488,550 545,500 communications services, and (c) full-year cost of facil

ities and services operated on a part-year basis in 1963.




186,938 222.963


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3. Administration of flight standards program. This

ALLOCATION TO GENERAL SERVICES activity covers the establishment and enforcement of the civil air regulations which are designed to assure high standards of safety in aviation. Inspections are made

25 Other services...

35 and certificates issued for aircraft, airmen, aircraft opera Total obligations....

429,396 488,550 545,650 tors, and air agencies that meet safety or competency requirements. Certain civil and military facility flight inspection functions are also included in this activity.

Personnel Summary Increases in 1964 are primarily for (a) strengthening enforcement of air safety regulations and (b) full-year Total number of permanent positions. 39,944 42,668 43,624 cost of services financed on a part-year basis in 1963.

Full-time equivalent of other positions.



Average number of all employees: 4. Administration of medical standards. This activity Civilian..

38,522 40,517 42,777 covers the development of regulations governing the physi Military.


65 66 cal and mental fitness of airmen and other persons whose Number of employees at end of year: health affects safety in flight; the development and super


39,574 42,546 43,520 Military


66 vision of a health and medical program for Agency per- Average GS grade.

9.4 9.9 10.0 sonnel; the administration of an aviation medical research Average GS salary.

$7,594 $8,281 $8,452 program, the project costs of which are financed under Average salary of ungraded positions


$6,247 Research and development; and the operation of the Civil Aeromedical Research Institute building. 5. Research direction. This activity covers (a) the

FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT direction and administration of the research and development program, the direct project costs of which are fi

For an additional amount for the acquisition, establishment, and nanced under the Research and development appropria experimental facilities, including the initial acquisition of necessary

improvement by contract or purchase and hire of air navigation and tion and (b) administrative support for the operation of sites by lease or grant; the construction and furnishing of quarters the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center at and related accommodations for officers and employees of the FedAtlantic City, N.J.

eral Aviation Agency stationed at remote localities where such 6. Administration of airport program.--This activity

accommodations are not available [(at a total cost of construction

of not to exceed $50,000 per housing unit in Alaska)]; and purchase includes costs of preparing the annual National airport of [six] four aircraft ($125,000,000] $127,000,000, to remain plan; development of airport planning, design and con available until expended: Provided, That there may be credited to struction standards; planning and engineering advisory ities, other public authorities, and private sources, for expenses

this appropriation funds received from States, counties, municipalservices; administration of the Federal-aid airport program; assuring compliance of public agencies with the further, That no part of the foregoing appropriation shall be avail


incurred in the establishment of air navigation facilities: Provided provisions of agreements relating to airports

, and promot-able for the construction of a new wind tunnel. (49 U.S.C. 1301 ing safety at the Nation's airports. Increases in 1964 et seq.; 49 U.S.C. 1507, 1151-1160; Independent Offices Appropriaexpand the civil airport ground safety program,

tion Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

1962 actual

1963 estimate

1964 estimate

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Program by activities:
1. Air traffic control centers:

(a) Long-range radar...
(b) Automation equipment.

(c) Other center facilities.
2. Airport traffic control towers:

(a) Terminal area radar.

(b) Other tower facilities 3. Flight service stations:

(a) Domestic

(b) International.
4. Air navigation facilities:

(a) VORTAC..
(b) Low/medium frequency facilities...-
(c) Instrument landing systems..
(d) Approach lighting systems...

(e) Intermediate fields..
5. Aircraft and related equipment:

(a) Facility fight inspection..
(b) Training-
(c) Research support.

(d) Logistic and administrative.
6. Research, test, and evaluation facilities:
(a) Buildings, construction and im-

(b) Equipment
(c) Prototype equipment.

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in 1964

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)--Continued

5. Aircraft and related equipment.-(a) Facility flight

inspection covers aircraft and avionics equipment to flight 1962 1963

1964 actual

inspect the accuracy and other characteristics of navigaestimate estimate

tion and traffic control aids; (b) Training covers aircraft Program by activities-- Continued

used to provide flight training and to maintain the pro7. Housing, utilities, and miscellaneous fa

ficiency of operations inspectors; (c) Research support cilities.

6,212 8,200 5,000 covers aircraft used in research, experimentation, developTotal obligations....

91.236 127,529 170,612

ment and test of navigation aids and other airways

equipment; and (d) Logistic and administrative aircraft Financing:

are used to provide logistic support for remote facilities Unobligated balance brought forward (-)----115,274 - 144,024 -141, 495 and for use by Agency officials. Unobligated balance carried forward... 144,024 141,495 97,883

6. Research, test, and evaluation facilities. This activity New obligational authority.

119,986 125,000 127,000 supports the acquisition of equipment for general purpose

use in the research and development program, construc

tion and improvement of facilities at the National AviaNew obligational authority:

tion Facilities Experimental Center, and purchase of Appropriation

120,000 125,000 127,000 Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public

pre-production prototype models of equipment for operaBuildings Service," General Services Ad

tional evaluation. The 1964 program includes funds to ministration (75 Stat. 353) (-).


begin construction of permanent facilities to house oper

ations at the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Appropriation (adjusted).....

119,986 125,000 127,000

Center which is located at Atlantic City, N.J.

7. Housing, utilities, and miscellaneous facilities. --Under this appropriation, the Federal airways system

This includes support facilities and items not covered is being improved by the installation of new equipment

elsewhere. and the construction and modernization of facilities. In

The following table lists the major facilities funded addition, the appropriation finances major capital items and those budgeted in 1964: required by other agency programs. These items include

Number of facilities aircraft for facility flight inspection and experimental

Funded Proposed facilities for the research and development program. The


through 1963


Long-range radar 1964 estimate will carry forward the program to increase

6 ATC towers.


5 the capacity of the airways system and to make its oper Common IFR room

5 ations more efficient and safe. Operating costs of facili- Construct and equip control centers


1 711

90 ties procured under this appropriation are financed by TACAN air navigation facilities

913 Radio omni-ranges (VOR)-

30 the appropriation entitled Operations,

Standard approach lighting systems..


13 1. Air traffic control centers.--(a) Long-range radar aids enroute air traffic control by displaying aircraft positions

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars) at distances up to 185 miles. (b) Automation equipment covers computers and other devices which aid controllers in handling air traffic. (c) Other center facilities cover the

actual estimate estimate installation of equipment to provide the required communications and additional services.

11 Personnel compensation: 2. Airport traffic control towers.--(a) Terminal area

Permanent positions

11,854 14,581 15,214 Positions other than permanent.

440 512 545 radar aids traffic control near airports by displaying Other personnel compensation

768 932 1,144 aircraft positions at distances up to 60 miles. (b) Other tower facilities covers the establishment, improvement,

Total personnel compensation.


16,025 16,903 12 Personnel benefits....


1,132 1,206 and relocation of airport traffic control tower facilities. 21 Travel and transportation of persons.

4,010 5,200 5,400 3. Flight service stations.--(a) Domestic flight service Payment to interagency motor pools.


150 160 stations include the structures, communications, and other 22 Transportation of things...

2,129 2,512 2,995 equipment used to relay traffic control information and 23 Rent, communications, and utilities.

366 462 436 24 Printing and reproduction..


117 126 to provide other flight assistance to pilots. (b) Interna

25 Other services..

10,051 15,763 12,836 tional flight service stations include structures, long Services of other agencies..


90 distance communications, and other equipment for pro 26 Supplies and materials..

3,356 3,455 5,228 viding flight assistance and controlling traffic over trans

31 Equipment.

34,834 56,160 91,009 32 Lands and structures..

21,918 oceanic international routes.


34,223 42 Insurance claims and indemnities.

272 4. Air navigation facilities.-(a) VORTAC covers the installation of standard short-range navigation aids which Subtotal...

91,241 127,529 170,612 define airways and routes and provide pilots distance and

Deduct quarters and subsistence charges.

5 direction. (b) Low/medium frequency facilities include Total obligations.....

91,236 127,529 170,612 radio beacons and ranges which provide pilots with direction information and define certain airways. (c) Instrument landing systems covers the installation of electronic

Personnel Summary devices which provide pilots with direction, distance, and glide slope information for making approaches to runways

Total number of permanent positions..


2,194 2,194 under poor visibility conditions. (d) Approach lighting Full-time equivalent of other positions.


77 systems covers the installation of lighting to assist the pilot Average number of all employees...

1,788 2,119 2,115 making final approaches to airport runways. (e) Inter

Number of employees at end of year.

1,880 2,237 2,207

8.6 Average GS grade...

7.2 8.7 mediate fields are emergency landing areas provided on

Average GS salary.

$6,817 $7,389 $7,417 certain air routes in areas where public airports are not Average salary of ungraded positions.

$6,308 $6,248

$6,314 available.




[blocks in formation]

Program by activities:
Grants for construction of airports (obliga-
tions) (object class 41).-

4,567 10.000

Under the Federal Airport Act, grants are made to 3,370

public agencies to aid the development and improvement Financing:

of public airports. These grants generally cover 50% of Unobligated balance brought forward (contract authorization) (-).

- 17,937 -13,370 -3,370

project costs and are limited to facilities deemed essential Unobligated balance carried forward (con

under criteria of safety, convenience, and efficiency. tract authorization)...

13,370 3,370

Contract authorizations were provided for this program

through 1961. These authorizations together with the New obligational authority

appropriations to liquidate obligations incurred under the

authorizations are reflected in the schedules for Grants-inStatus of Unfunded Contract Authorization (in thousands of dollars) aid for airports (liquidation of contract authorization).

Public Law 87-255 amended the Federal Airport Act Unfunded balance brought forward.

117,000 47,000 27,000 to provide appropriation authorization of $75 million for Unfunded balance carried forward (-). -- --47,000 -27,000 -7,000 each of the years 1962, 1963, and 1964. This account Appropriation to liquidate contract au

covers those appropriations. thorization

70,000 20,000 20,000

The following table summarizes activity under both the contract authority and the new program which is funded

by direct appropriations (dollars in millions): The Federal Airport Act, as amended in 1955, provided

1947 for contract authorization of $42.5 million for 1956 and



1964 $63 million for each of the succeeding years 1957 through

1962 aclual estimate estimate Airports having projects in program. 1,655

425 1961. These authorizations continued a program of

430 Projects completed.



400 grants to public agencies to assist them in the develop Grant funds..

$665.1 $75.0 $75.0 ment and improvement of a national system of airports to Grant obligations

$618.6 $85.0 $85.4 $501.1

$80.1 $70.0 serve civil aviation. It is estimated that an appropriation Federal expenditures. of $20 million will be required for 1964 to liquidate obligations incurred under these contract authorizations.

The Second Supplemental Appropriation Act of 1962 Public Law 87-255, approved September 20, 1961, fur- appropriated $75 million for 1962 and also 1963. The ther amended the Federal Airport Act to provide for

1963 Îndependent Offices Appropriation Act appropriated funding of grants through direct appropriations rather

$75 million to become available at the beginning of 1964 than contract authority. Appropriations proposed pursu

to fully finance the present three year authorization. ant to these authorizations are shown under heading

Legislation will be proposed to extend this program. Grants-in-aid for airports. The narrative statement for that account includes data on the total airport grant pro

Proposed for separate transmittal: gram financed by both contract authorization and direct

Legislation is recommended to continue the program of appropriations.

grants-in-aid for the construction and improvement of

public airports. Appropriation authorizations of $75 [GRANTS-IN-AID FOR AIRPORTS]

million are recommended for each of the years 1965, 1966,

and 1967. In line with the procedure contemplated by [For an additional amount for grants-in-aid for airports pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Airport Act, as amended,

the 1961 Federal Airport Act amendments, an advance $75,000,000, to remain available until expended,' as follows: for appropriation of $75 million for 1965 is proposed for the purposes of section 5(d)(1) of such Act, $66,500,000 for the

separate transmittal in order to give local communities fiscal year 1964; for the purposes of section 5(d) (2) of such Act, $1,500,000 for the fiscal year 1964; and for the purposes of section

adequate time to plan airport improvement projects. 5(d)(3) of such Act, $7,000,000 for the fiscal year 1964.] (49 U.S.C. 1101-1106, 1108-1119; Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

For expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary for research,

development, and service testing in accordance with the provisions estimate estimate

of the Federal Aviation Act (49 U.S.C. 1301-1542), including con

struction of experimental facilities and acquisition of necessary sites Program by activities:

by lease or grant, [$35,000,000] $50,000,000 to remain available Grants for construction of airports (obliga

until expended. (49 U.S.C. 1301 et seq.; Independent Offices Approtions) (object class 41).

41,814 75,000 82,000 priation Act, 1963.)



1962 actual

[blocks in formation]

the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, to

study, research, develop and evaluate devices to enhance 1964 estimate

the safety of aircraft by providing a sound basis for airworthiness standards and safety regulations.

4. Airports.--This provides for research and experi41,629 mentation to establish criteria for designing airports. 4,285 Development and test of equipment located on the airport 5,900

will also be continued.

5. Aviation medicine. This provides for conducting an

aeromedical research effort directed toward the identifica55,000 tion and elimination of those physical, physiological, and

psychological factors which may jeopardize safety in flight. -5,000

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

New obligational authority:

11 Personnel compensation: Appropriation..

60,000 35,000 50,000
Permanent positions.

8,222 9,793 10,979 Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public

Positions other than permanent

771 855 848 Buildings Service," General Services Ad

Other personnel compensation

262 303 390 ministration (75 Stat. 353) (-).

Total personnel compensation..

9,255 10,951 12,217 Appropriation (adjusted)

59,990 35,000 50,000
12 Personnel benefits...

634 790 877 21 Travel and transportation of persons.

467 617 663 22 Transportation of things...

52 148

154 23 Rent, communications, and utilities.

3,458 2,516 2,854 The Federal Aviation Agency carries out a program to 24 Printing and reproduction..-


19 improve and modernize the national system of aviation 25 Other services...

30,852 39,649 33,627 facilities through the development of new systems, pro

Services of other agencies.


4 cedures, and devices. The Agency also carries out a pro

26 Supplies and materials.

2,113 1,713

1,842 31 Equipment.

3,315 1,617 2,728 gram of medical research to aid in the development of 32 Lands and structures

2,650 138 15 rules and regulations governing the certification of airmen and to assure aviation safety.

Total obligations

52,817 58,159 55,000 Research and development is conducted through contracts with qualified firms, universities, and individuals,

Personnel Summary or by agency staff or other governmental agencies. The data, procedures, or equipment resulting from this pro- Total number of permanent positions.

1,044 1,273 1,273 gram are tested and evaluated to determine their potential Full-time equivalent of other positions

228 259 259 value in meeting air traffic control and navigation needs.

Average number of all employees:

1,124 Supervision and administrative support costs for the

1,358 1,439 Military


24 research and development program financed by this ap- Number of employees at end of year: propriation are covered by the Operations appropriation. Civilian..

1,296 1,508 1,508 Costs of acquiring experimental facilities and major equip



23 Average GS grade.

10.4 10.4 10.4 ment for the research program are included in the Facili

Average GS salary.

$8,673 $8,952 $9,288 ties and equipment appropriation.

Average salary of ungraded positions.

$6,032 $6,123 $6.189 1. Air traffic control and navigation.— This provides for improving the airways system by applying existing technology to air traffic control and navigation problems and by long-range research and development to meet future OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE, [WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT] needs. Studies of present airways system operations

NATIONAL CAPITAL AIRPORTS and future requirements and work in the fields of data For expenses incident to the care, operation, maintenance, processing and display, data acquisition, communications, improvement and protection of the Washington National Airport navigation, and landing systems are included.

and the Dulles International Airport, including purchase of [two] 2. Aviation weather. This provides for a program, co

six passenger motor vehicles, of which five are for replacement only,

for police type use, which may exceed by $300 each the general ordinated with the Departments of Defense and Com purchase price limitation for the current fiscal year; purchase, merce, to develop devices and improve techniques for the cleaning and repair of uniforms; and arms and ammunition; communication and display of weather information to [$3,475,000] $8,000,000. (49 U.S.C. 1348(b); 54 Stat. 686 and aviation users. The effects of weather on air traffic man

1030; 61 Stat. 94; 64 Stat. 770; Independent Offices Appropriation

Act, 1963.) agement techniques and systems are also analyzed.

Note.-Includes $4,337 thousand for activities previously carried under the 3. Aircraft safety. This activity provides for a pro appropriation "Operation and maintenance, Dulles International Airport." The gram, coordinated with the Department of Defense and

amounts obligated in 1962 and 1963 are shown in the schedules as comparative transfers.

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