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tificates of indebtedness, as well as most of the minor (d) Commissions, certificates, etc. The estimated reevidences of a financial character issued by the United quirements of the various agencies in 1963 and 1964 for States, such as postage, internal revenue, customs and this type work indicate a substantial decrease in the savings stamps. In addition, the Bureau prints bonds, number of units to be produced primarily as a result of commissions, certificates, etc. The Bureau also prints completion of a special project performed for the Departpostage and internal revenue stamps for the various terri ment of Defense during 1962. The production cost for tories administered by the United States.

these miscellaneous type items to be produced during the The Bureau finances its operations out of reimburse current and budget years represents a very small portion ments received from other agencies for all direct and of the overall engraving and printing program. indirect costs, including administrative expenses (31 U.S.C. 2. Operation and maintenance of the incinerator and 181-181e).

space utilized by other agencies. Charges are made to other DELIVERIES AND COSTS

agencies on an actual cost basis for use of the incinerator (Units and costs in thousands

and maintenance services provided for the space they

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate occupy in the Bureau's buildings. 1. Engraving and Printing:

3. Other direct charges for miscellaneous services.(a) Currency: United States. units.. 1,030,072 939,820 990,984

Charges for a wide variety of miscellaneous services Cost...

$9,456 $8,886 $9,563 performed by Bureau personnel are made to the agencies
$9.18 $9.455 $9.65

concerned on an actual cost basis.
Federal Reserve notes.units.. 526,352 758,920 600,000
$4,854 $7,219 $5,823

Operating results and financial condition.—Bureau opera-
Rate per thousand.

$9.22 $9.512 $9.705 tions during 1962 resulted in a profit of $24 thousand. (b) Stamps:

This amount will be retained to partially offset an accumu-
United States postage units.. 23,654,284 24,685,300 23,231,600
$7,198 $7,675 $7,611

lative loss of $88 thousand incurred in prior years. The
Rate per thousand.. $0.304 $0.311 $0.328 remaining deficit of $64 thousand will be recovered from
Internal revenue...--units.. 2,047,491 1,888,682 1,881,656
$931 $963 $977

any profits accruing in subsequent years, in accordance Rate per thousand.. $0.455 $0.510 $0.519 with provisions of 31 U.S.C. 181-181e. Budget expendiOther. units. 385,409 382,518 380, 105

tures are expected to be below receipts in the amount of Cost..

$472 $632 $638 Rate thousand... $1.225 $1.651 $1.679

$500 thousand in 1963 and to exceed receipts by $1,751 (c) Securities...

units.. 6.788 6,554 6,654 thousand in 1964.
$1,125 $1,279 $1,350

The capital of the fund is expected to remain at $25.3
Rate per thousand.

$165.79 $195.10 $202.85 (d) Commissions, certificates, etc.

million represented by an appropriation of $3.3 million
units.. 65,617 4,646 4,530 and donated assets of $22 million.

$621 $358 $362
Rate per thousand
$9.46 $77.05 $79.85

Revenue, Expense, and Retained Earnings (in thousands of dollars) 2. Cost of operation and maintenance of

incinerator and space utilized by
other agencies.

$387 $391

estimate estimate 3. Other direct charges for miscellaneous services.

$44 $44

Engraving and printing:
Total cost.
$25, 108 $27,441 $26,759 Revenue

24,682 27,074 26,324 Expense.

24,601 26,990 26,321 Budget program.--The anticipated work volume is based Net operating income, engraving and

printing -


3 estimates of requirements submitted by agencies served. The program comprises the following activities: Operation and maintenance of incinerator and 1. Engraving and printing-(a) Currency. The antici space utilized by other agencies:


386 387 391 pated deliveries reflect an overall increase of 9.1% in


386 387 391 1963 and 2.2% in 1964 as compared with deliveries made in 1962. Analysis of this increase by type of currency Net operating income, operation and reflects a reduction in requirements for U.S. currency of maintenance of incinerator and space 8.8% in 1963 and a decrease of 3.8% in 1964. Require

utilized by other agencies... ments for Federal Reserve notes increase 44.2% in the

Other direct charges for miscellaneous services: current year and 14% in the budget year.



44 (b) Stamps.-Estimated requirements for this class of Expense..


44 work which comprises primarily postage and internal revenue stamps reflect an increase of 3.3% in 1963 and

Net operating income, other direct

charges for miscellaneous services.a decrease of 2.3% in 1964 over 1962. The rise in the requirements for the current year and the drop in the Nonoperating income or loss (-):

3 budget year is due principally to changes in the demand

Proceeds from sale of equipment..

Net book value of disposed assets (-)-- -60 -20 for postage stamps in those years. (c) Securities. This program encompasses the pro Net nonoperating loss (-)--

-57 -20 -3 duction of a wide variety of bonds, notes, and debentures for the Bureau of the Public Debt and certain other

Net income for the year.


64 Deficit (-), start of year...

-88 -64 agencies of the Government. The anticipated requirements of the agencies reflect a decrease of 3.4% in 1963 Deficit (-), end of year..

-64 and 2% in 1964 over 1962.


1962 actual

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COAST GUARD General and special funds:

OPERATING EXPENSES For necessary expenses for the operation and maintenance of the Coast Guard, not otherwise provided for, including hire of passenger motor vehicles; services as authorized by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946' (5 U.S.C. 55a); purchase of not to exceed thirty-two passenger motor vehicles for replacement only; maintenance, operation, and repair of aircraft; recreation and welfare; and uniforms or allowances therefor, as authorized by the Act of September 1, 1954, as amended (5 U.S.C. 2131); [$220,000,000] $251,100,000: Provided, That the number of aircraft on hand at any one time shall not exceed one hundred and [thirty-eight] forty-six exclusive of planes and parts stored to meet future attrition: Provided further, That amounts equal to the obligated balances against the appropriations for "Operating expenses” for the two preceding years, shall be transferred to and merged with this appropriation, and such merged appropriation shall be available as one fund, except for accounting purposes of the Coast Guard, for the payment of obligations properly incurred against such prior year appropriations and against this appropriation: Provided further, That except as otherwise authorized by the Act of September 30, 1950 (20 U.S.C. 236-244), this appropriation shall be available for expenses of primary and secondary schooling for dependents of Coast Guard personnel stationed outside the continental United States in amounts not exceeding an average of ($275] $285 per student, when it is determined by the Secretary that the schools, if any, available in the locality are unable to provide adequately for the education of such dependents, and the Coast Guard may provide for the transportation of said dependents between such schools and their places of residence when the schools are not accessible to such dependents by regular means of transportation (14 U.S.C.; 5 U.S.C. 150, 209406); 10 U.S.C. 1475; 26 U.S.C. 3111; 33 U.S.C. 243, 472, 748, 7480, 763c; 87 U.S.C. 111a; 42 U.S.C. 159.4 b, c, d; 46 U.S.C. 1 note, 140(12), 1706, 239(1), 362, 364, 366, 367, 369, 372, 375, 8826, 390a-f, 391, 392, 395, 404, 405, 408, 435, 455, 526, 527, 545, 660a, 672, 689, 738a; 50 U.S.C. 191, 194, 2254; Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

1962 actual

1964 estimate











5 126




1963 estimate

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) --Continued

3. Shore stations and aids operations.-Bases, moorings,

and lifeboat stations are strategically situated for search, 1963 estimate

rescue, and law enforcement, and for maintaining aids to

navigation. Port Security units control anchorage areas; New obligational authority:

supervise the loading and unloading of dangerous cargoes; Appropriation..

212,000 220,000 251,100 and screen merchant seamen and longshoremen to bar Transferred to "Operating expenses, Public

subversive elements from merchant vessels and critical Buildings Service," General Services Administration (75 Stat. 353 and 76 Stat.

waterfront areas. 728) (-)......

-122 —38

Buoys, lightships, lighthouses, fog signal stations, light

attendant stations, radiobeacons, and loran stations are Appropriation (adjusted)

211,878 219,962 251, 100 Proposed supplemental due to pay in

maintained as navigational aids in the waters of the 400

United States, its possessions, and military bases overseas.

Radio stations provide rapid communication inci1 Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows:

dent to all Coast Guard operations. They also maintain

a guard on the international maritime distress frequencies. adjust1961

1962 Direct program:

Marine inspection offices and detachments administer 36,587

42, 908 46, 842 47,831 laws and issue regulations on safety equipment and inUnpaid undelivered orders. 17, 304 -1,124 17,987 18,599 19, 211 Advances.

2, 684

2, 619
2, 803

spection of merchant vessels, and on licensing and certifiUncompleted work orders. 564


cation of Merchant Marine officers and crews. They reTotal.---57, 139 -1. 124 64,098 68,902 70, 761

view plans for construction or alteration of merchant vesReimbursable program: Unpaid undelivered orders. 793

sels, investigate marine accidents, and handle disciplinary -115 515

Uncompleted work orders.

cases. These offices also administer the small-boat safety

126 Total...

- 115 646 646

1962 actual

1964 estimate The Coast Guard enforces maritime law, provides Shore stations and aids operations: limited security of ports and waterfront facilities, saves

Lives saved or persons rescued.

1,590 1,750 1,820 Vessels towed to port.

10,928 10,000 14,500 life and property, provides navigational aids to maritime Search and rescue missions..

22,148 24,200 26,200 commerce in navigable waters, promotes the safety of the

Law enforcement and port security misAmerican Merchant Marine, and maintains a state of


19,682 19,750 20,000 military readiness to serve as a part of the Navy in time

Aids to navigation missions.

10,176 10,380 10,584 of war or national emergency.

Vessels boarded and papers examined.. 140, 128 148.000 156,000
Port security cards issued..

21,859 22,000 20,000 Direct program-1. Vessel operations.-Multifunctional

Inspection of hazardous cargo

7,314 8,175 8.800 vessels are strategically stationed along the coast and

Navigational aids operated (manned)..



Navigational aids operated (unmanned): inland waterways for search and rescue; tending aids to Unmanned aids ashore: navigation; operating an international ice observation and

Radiobeacons and sound signals... 301


305 Lighted fixed aids

10,337 patrol service in the North Atlantic Ocean; performing

10,350 10,500 Daybeacons...

6,639 6,800 6,900 limited icebreaking in navigable lakes, rivers, canals, and

Unmanned aids afloat: harbors; for law enforcement; and, beginning in 1964, for

Lighted buoys.

3,326 3,421 3,493 Unlighted buoys'

19,509 19,800 20,100 operating the ocean station program.

Sound buoys.


Loran transmitting and monitor sta-

tions operated.


75 Marine officer licenses issued.

21,351 28,000 29,000 1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate

Seamen documents and certificates Lives saved or persons rescued.



issued. 725

39,057 38,000 38.000
Vessels inspected for certification..

4,218 5.500

5,000 Search and rescue missions.. 5,675 5,850 Vessel inspections.

36,693 36,900 37,500

6,025 Law enforcement and port security mis

Vessel plans and blueprints reviewed... 35,915 38,500 41,000 2,440 2,400 2,400

Vessels numbered by Coast Guard (lieu Aids to navigation missions..

7,095 7,237

of documentation)


95,000 Vessels boarded and papers examined.. 31,022 30,200 29,300

Structures inspected (Outer Continental
Shelf Lands Act)


500 2. Aviation operations.-Aircraft are maintained at air I Includes the past 5-year average of 6,758 maximum buoy stations in the 2d

Coast Guard District. stations and detachments for search and rescue; Federal

The number of buoys required to properly mark the rivers

is directly related to their water levels. law enforcement; aerial reconnaissance for the International Ice Patrol; and logistic support in isolated areas.

4. Repair and supply facilities.—Thirteen repair and 11 supply facilities are maintained at strategic points for

support of Coast Guard operating units. Also, 2 facilities WORKLOAD DATA

are maintained for testing, developing, and adapting mate1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate rial for safer and more effective Coast Guard use. Lives saved or persons rescued..


350 5. Training and recruiting facilities.—This activity inSearch and rescue missions...

8,877 Law enforcement and port security mis

10,000 11,000 cludes the Coast Guard Academy for the training of cadets, 1,006 1,035 1,065

recruiting stations, training units for recruits and petty Logistics missions, Coast Guard.,

9,509 10.000 11,000 officers, and outside training programs.

Vessel operations:

Vessels towed to port.


Aviation operations:


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

6. Administration and operational control.- This activity provides for administrative_services performed by Headquarters at Washington, D.C., district and area offices, regional inspection offices and liaison activities with other agencies.

7. Oiher military personnel expense.—This activity provides for certain military personnel expenses such as social security, the pay of personnel in hospitals, and in transit, expense of permanent changes of stations, including travel of dependents and transportation of household goods; and expenses of military separation, training, and recreation.

8. Supporting programs. This activity consists of procurement of ammunition and small arms; replacement of vehicles, boats, and electronic equipment; transportation of materials; and printing. These programs have such general applicability that they cannot properly be charged to specific units.

A supplemental appropriation for 1963 is anticipated for separate transmittal.

Reimbursable program-9. Operation of ocean stations.The operation of 6 ocean stations (4 in the Atlantic and 2 in the Pacific), on the basis of 3 cutters per station, is financed by the Department of Defense as defense quirement. These vessels perform the dual function of ocean station duty and search and rescue. This item will be discontinued in 1964 as a reimbursable program and will be a direct charge to Coast Guard.

10. Miscellaneous services to other accounts.---Various activities of the Coast Guard are financed by other agencies. They include, in part, operation of 1 vessel for the U.S. Information Agency.

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

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[blocks in formation]

OPERATING EXPENSES Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Direct obligations:

11 Personnel compensation 12 Personnel benefits:


Civilian 21. Travel and transportation of persons 22 Transportation of things23 Rent, communications, and utilities 24 Printing and reproduction.. 25 Other services..

Services of other agencies
26 Supplies and materials.
31 Equipment..

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Under existing legislation, 1963.-A supplemental_ap

ACQUISITION, CONSTRUCTION, AND IMPROVEMENTS propriation is anticipated to cover the costs of Public Law

For necessary expenses of acquisition, construction, rebuilding, 87–509, approved June 26, 1962, which amended the and improvement of aids to navigation, shore facilities, vessels, and Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952 by entitling reservists aircraft, including, equipment related thereto; and services as involuntarily released from active duty to increased lump 55a); [$33,330,000] $60,000,000, to remain available until expended: sum readjustment payment, and Public Law 87–531,

Provided, That repayment may be made to other Coast Guard approved July 10, 1962, which amended the Career Com- appropriations for expenses incurred in support of activities carried pensation Act of 1949 and the Dependents Assistance Act out under this appropriation. (14 U.S.C.; Treasury Department of 1950 by increasing basic allowances for quarters for Appropriation Act, 1963.) both officers and enlisted men.

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