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1962 actual

1963 estimate


INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND organizations; and printing and binding without regard to section 11 CONFERENCES Continued

of the Act of March 1, 1919 (44 U.S.C. 111);[$1,943,000] $2,170,000, of which not to exceed a total of ($75,000] $100,000 may be ex

pended for representation allowances as authorized by section 901(3) General and special funds--Continued

of the Act of August 13, 1946 (22 U.S.C. 1131) and for official


[For an additional amount for "International conferences and

contingencies", $849,000.), (Department of State Appropriation Personnel Summary

Act, 1963; Foreign Aid and Related Agencies Appropriation Act,

1963.) 1964

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars) estimate

1962 1963 1964 Total number of permanent positions.. 158 169 179

actual estimate estimate Full-time equivalent of other positions.


2 Average number of all employees...

146 153


Program by activities: Number of employees at end of year.

149 159 173 1. Participation in international conferences: Average grade and salary established by the

(a) Meetings of international organizations.-- 1,187


1,739 Foreign Service Act of 1946 (22 U.S.C.

(b) Other international conferences..

427 27 36 801-1158): Average grade:

Total participation in international conForeign Service officer...

2.9 2.9 2.8


1,614 1,572 1,775 Foreign Service reserve officer.

1.9 1.9 1.9 Foreign Service staff..

10.5 10.5 10.4 2. Contributions to new or provisional organizations: Average salary:

Central Treaty Organization -

66 100 100 Foreign Service officer --

$13,736 $14,929 $15,343

(b) Central Commission for the Rhine River - 14 14 14 Foreign Service reserve officer

$16, 120 $17,130 $17,407
(c) Coffee Study Group ---

24 25 25 Foreign Service staff

$5,624 $6,130 $6,291

(d) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. 188 195 219 Average grade and salary established by the

(e) International Cotton Advisory Committee. 23

23 Secretary of State (equivalent to general

(f) International Rubber Study Group

6 6

6 schedule):

(g) International Seed Testing Association... 1


1 Average GS grade

8.0 7.8 8.1
(h) Lead and Zinc Study Group-

7 7

7 Average GS salary $6,917 $7,100 $7,339 (i) International Control Commission, Laos.


Total, contributions to new or proviProposed for separate transmittal:

sional organizations.



Total obligations

1,943 2,792 2,170 Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

New obligational authority (appropriation).

1,943 2,792 2,170 1962

1963 1964
estimate estimate

This appropriation is largely for official U.S. partici-
Program by activities:
Delegations to Interparliamentary Union

pation in multilateral international conferences and (obligations)


meetings and for contributions to new or provisional interFinancing:

national organizations. The appropriation request proNew obligational authority (proposed sup

vides only for regularly planned conferences and for plemental appropriation).


predictable U.S. contributions to provisional organizations and contains no amounts for unforeseen con

tingencies. The amount requested is to assist in meeting the ex A supplemental appropriation for 1963 is anticipated penses of the American Group of the Interparliamentary for separate transmittal. Union. This is in addition to the $15 thousand authorized by the act of June 28, 1935, as amended by Public

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)
Law 400, approved February 6, 1948 (22 U.S.C. 276).
The Congress recently included in Part IV—"Amend-

1962 1963 1964 ments to Other Laws”, of the Foreign Assistance Act of


estimate 1962, a provision which authorized an annual appropria

11 Personnel compensation: tion of $27 thousand to assist in meeting the expenses of Positions other than permanent..

101 110 110 the American Group of the Interparliamentary Union.

Other personnel compensation...


24 Total personnel compensation.

122 134 134 12 Personnel benefits.-



21 Travel and transportation of persons. 1,189 1,110 1,282
22 Transportation of things.---


10 For necessary expenses of participation by the United States 23 Rent, communications, and utilities.


94 upon approval by the Secretary of State, in international activities 24 Printing and reproduction...


7 which arise from time to time in the conduct of foreign affairs and

25 Other services.

114 117 for which specific appropriations have not been provided pursuant Representation and entertainment.


91 to treaties, conventions, or special Acts of Congress, including per

26 Supplies and materials..


15 sonal services without regard to civil service and classification laws;

31 Equipment.


14 salaries, expenses, and allowances of personnel and dependents as

41 Grants, subsidies, and contributions..

1,220 395 authorized by the Foreign Service Act of 1946, as amended (22 U.S.C. 801-1158); hire of passenger motor vehicles; contributions Total obligations...

1,943 2,792 2,170 for the share of the United States in expenses of international




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1962 actual

1963 estimate


1964 Program by activities:

estimate Participation in international conference (obligations).


Program by activities:

Loan to the United Nations (obligations) Financing:

(object class 33).

100,000 New obligational authority (appropriation) -- 171


New obligational authority (appropriation)-

100,000 This appropriation provides for U.S. preparation for and participation in multilateral tariff negotiations within the framework of the General Agreement on Tariffs and This appropriation is to help the United Nations Trade (GATT). It is expected that a sixth round of tariff through a period of financial difficulty, occasioned largely negotiations will convene at Geneva in April 1964 and by the non-payment of assessments levied to finance continue through at least the first half of 1965. This is peace-keeping operations in the Middle East and in the the means whereby the President will carry out the au- Congo. Loan authority is limited to matching bond thority of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to enter into purchases up to $100 million by other countries on a trade agreements.

dollar for dollar basis.



General and special funds-Continued


Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

operation and maintenance and protection during construction). Rio Grande emergency flood protection; expenditures for the pur poses set forth in sections 101 through 104 of the Act of September 13, 1950 (22 U.S.C. 277d-1—277d-4); purchase of four passenger motor vehicles for replacement only; purchase of planographs and lithographs; uniforms or allowances therefor, as authorized by the Act of September 1, 1954, as amended (5 U.S.C. 2131); and leasing of private property to remove therefrom sand, gravel, stone, and other materials, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, as amended (41 U.S.C. 5); as follows: (Department of State Appropriation Act, 1963.)

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1963 estimate


1962 New obligataional authority:

1964 actual

estimate Appropriation...

150 Reappropriation...


Program by activities:

Operating costs:
Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

1. General administration..


368 2. General engineering.

200 227 248 3. Project investigations.

56 102 104 11 Personnel compensation: Permanent positions..

Total operating costs...

600 697 733 Positions other than permanent..


Unfunded adjustment to total operating
costs: Depreciation included above (-). -5


-5 Total personnel compensation

50 12 Personnel benefits.--

Total operating costs, funded..

595 692 728 21 Travel and transportation of persons.


Capital outlay: 23 Rent, communications, and utilities.

4. Operating program...-


1 24 Printing and reproduction.---25 Other Services: Official entertainment and

Total program costs, funded..

598 696 729 representation

Change in selected resources 1.

4 -3 26 Supplies and materials.

1 41 Grants, subsidies, and contributions..

Total obligations.....

604 693 729 Total obligations...


New obligational authority..

604 693 729 Personnel Summary

New obligational authority: 5 Appropriation..--

604 670 Total number of permanent positions.-

729 4 Average number of employees


Proposed supplemental due to pay increases Number of employees at end of year.

3 Average salary of ungraded positions


1 Selected resources as of June 30 are as follows: Unpaid undelivered orders, 1961, $4 thousand; 1962, $8 thousand; 1963, $5 thousand; 1964. $5 thousand.

1. General administration.-Activities include negotiaINTERNATIONAL COMMISSIONS

tions and supervision of joint projects with Mexico to

solve international problems, over-all control of the General and special funds:

operations of the United States section of the Commission,

formulation of policies and procedures, and financial INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY AND WATER COMMISSION, UNITED STATES AND MEXICO

management to carry out international obligations of the

United States, pursuant to treaty and congressional The Commission consists of a U.S. section, with head- authorization. quarters at El Paso, Tex., and a Mexican section, with 2. General engineering.--This provides for: (a) superheadquarters at Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, and has the vision of measurement and determination of the national status of an international body. It was created in 1889 ownership of boundary waters; (b) technical engineering by the United States and Mexico to provide a practical guidance and supervision of the planning, construction, means for solving mutual boundary problems.

and operation of international projects; and (c) studies relating to international problems of a continuing nature.

3. Project investigations.---Preliminary investigations are For expenses necessary to enable the United States to meet its made to determine the feasibility of joint projects for the 1944 between the United States and Mexico,

and to comply with solution of international problems arising along the the other laws applicable to the United States Section, International boundary. The proposed program for 1964 includes Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, investigations of the following projects: (a) Settlement of including operation and maintenance of the Rio Grande rectifica- boundary disputes; (b) Tijuana River development; power, irrigation, boundary demarcation, and sanitation projects; (c) Rio Grande-Fort Quitman to Upper Presidio; (d) detailed plan preparation and construction (including surveys and I Santa Cruz River development; (e) Lower Rio Grande

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11 Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions...
Positions other than permanent.-
Other personnel compensation.

Total personnel compensation 12 Personnel benefits..-21 Travel and transportation of persons. 23 Rent, communications, and utilities.. 24 Printing and reproduction...25 Other services..

Services of other agencies. 26 Supplies and materials. 31 Equipment.

Total obligations.--

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8 1

8 1

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[blocks in formation]


This appropriation finances the operation and maintenance of food control dams and other structures, a powerplant, and stream gaging stations on the international rivers and tributaries.

The following table summarizes the major maintenance work load: PROGRAM WORKLOAD SUMMARY

Quantities Quantities Quantities

performed proposed proposed Item


1963 1964 1. River channel: (a) Clearing


673 700 1,450 (b) Excavation... Cubic yard.. 599,802 586,200 698,000 2. Levees: (a) Clearing


5,960 5,960 5,960 (b) Surfacing




20 (c) Road maintenance.. Mile..


490 (d) Embankment.. Cubic yard.. 25,843 23,125 23,125 (e) Rodent control. Acre.

1,186 1,200 1,200 (f) Reconditioning Mile.



55 (8) Road surfacing Mile.

11.7 3. Floodways: (a) Clearing


15,160 15,160 15,160 (b) Leveling


860 700 700 (c) Rodent control. Acre..

5,926 9,200 9,200 4. Pilot channel: (a) Excavation.

Cubic yard..

31,450 30,000 30,000 (b) Earthwork.

Cubic yard.. 15,215 12,000 12,000 (c) Road maintenance. Mile..


40 (d) Rock riprap. Cubic yard.. 956 250 250 5. Canal: Maintenance. Mile.


15 6. Arroyo control: Earthwork. Cubic yard.. 175,888 148,500 148,500 7. Replacement of equipment-Provides for necessary replacement of heavy duty maintenance equipment.

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

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[blocks in formation]
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22 1,413

99 6 6 30


Program by activities: Operating costs: 1. El Paso projects. 2. Lower Rio Grande flood control project. 3. Falcon dam and powerplant. 4. International gaging stations. 5. Douglas-Agua Prieta sanitation.

Total operating costs.Unfunded adjustment to total operating costs: Depreciation included above (-)

Total operating costs, funded..
Capital outlay:

6. Replacement of equipment
Unfunded adjustment to capital outlay:

Property transferred in without charge
(-) ------

Total capital outlay.---

Total program costs, funded. Change in selected resources 1

Total obligations.



31 1,457 100

6 6 30

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22 1,278 101

6 6 38

2 16

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11. Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions.
Positions other than permanent
Other personnel compensation..

Total personnel compensation 12 Personnel benefits..... 21 Travel and transportation of persons. 22 Transportation of things.... 23 Rent, communications, and utilities. 24 Printing and reproduction... 25 Other services..

Services of other agencies. 26 Supplies and materials. 31 Equipment 32 Lands and structures..

Subtotal.. Deduct quarters and subsistence charges.

Total obligations...


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239 179

102 1,966

17 1,949

[blocks in formation]




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For detailed plan preparation and construction of projects authorized by the convention concluded February 1, 1933, between the United States and Mexico, the Acts approved August 19, 1935, as amended (22 U.S.C. 277–277f), August 29, 1935 (49 Stat. 961), June 4, 1936 (49 Stat. 1463), June 28, 1941 (22 U.S.C. 2778), September 13, 1950 (22 U.S.C. 277d-1-9), and the projects stipulated in the treaty between the United States and Mexico signed at Washington on February 3, 1944, [$11,000,000] $8,354,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That no expenditures shall be made for the Lower Rio Grande flood-control project for construction on any land, site, or easement in connection with this project except such as has been acquired by donation and the title thereto has been approved by the Attorney General of the United States: Provided further, That the Anzalduas diversion dam shall not be operated for irrigation or water supply purposes in the United States unless suitable arrangements have been made with the prospective water users for repayment to the Government of such portions of the costs of said dam as shall have been allocated to such purposes by the Secretary of State. (Department of State Appropriation Act, 1963.)

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