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Enacted or recommended in this document:
Revision of the Consumer Price Index, Bureau of Labor

Manpower development and training activities..
Payment to the Federal extended compensation account,

Bureau of Employment Security
Other ----

Balance of pay increase supplemental included above..

Total, appropriations
Revolving and management funds:
Advancements and reimbursements, Bureau of Labor

Advances to employment security administration account,

Unemployment trust fund, Bureau of Employment Secu

Farm labor supply revolving fund, Bureau of Employment

Security -
Working capital fund, Office of the Secretary-
Other ----

Total, revolving and management funds.
Proposed for separate transmittal:
Appropriations other than pay increase supplementals:
Trade adjustment activities...

Youth employment opportunities.
Anticipated supplemental pay increase appropriations.

Total, proposed for separate transmittal.
Total, Department of Labor...

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Mail volume.-The budget estimates for 1964 are based | title I) and have recently been amended by the Postal on expected volume of 70.8 billion pieces of mail, com Service and Federal Employees Salary Act of 1962 (Public pared to 68.4 billion anticipated for 1963 and 66.5 billion Law 87-793, part I). The law provides that postal rates in 1962. The increase in mail volume for 1964 of 3.5% is and fees be adjusted as required to produce the amount of equivalent to the 2.9% increase anticipated for 1963 after revenue approximately equal to the total cost of operating adjusting for the two additional workdays in 1964.

the Postal Establishment less the amount determined to be The 1964 forecast includes 37.3 billion first-class letters attributable to the performance of public services (39 and cards; 1.8 billion airmail items; 8.6 billion magazines, U.S.C. 2302(c)(4) as amended). Public Law 87-793 also newspapers, and other publications; 19.4 billion pieces of redefined and expanded the items comprising public servprinted matter and small parcels; and 1.1 billion zone-rate ices, and, effective 1963, made the determination of parcels, catalogs, and other fourth-class matter. Com amounts a matter of accounting rather than congressional parisons of these and other items of postal workload and appropriation. The Department is engaged in making related 1964 revenues with corresponding 1963 estimates cost determinations of public services required by the new and 1962 results appear in the table on page 624.

law. In the present budget it has been necessary to use Financing. Six separate limitations are enacted for the preliminary estimates of such amounts for 1963 and 1964. Post Office Department for operation of the postal service Following is a summary of fund transactions and estiand other assigned responsibilities. The limitations apply mated revenue objectives (in millions of dollars): to the postal fund which is financed by the deposit therein

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate of postal revenues and other receipts and by an appro- Obligations under limitation.

4,331 4,657 4,977 priation from the general fund of the Treasury for the

Net revenues..

13,494 3,851 4,412 balance.

New obligational authority used or Only the appropriation from the general fund to the



565 postal fund (being equal to the excess of obligational Net change in selected working capital and authority over revenues and other receipts) is considered prior year adjustments.-

-12 new obligational authority for purposes of the Federal


Budget expenditures... budget.

553 Further, only the excess of the Department's Conversion to accrued costs.


-24 disbursements over its receipts (exclusive of the general fund appropriation) are considered as budget expenditures. Net operating loss..



-63 -400 -425 The six individual limitations control obligations in- Attributable to public services.. curred by the Department and are therefore requested and

Deficiency in postal rates and fees. 749


104 accounted for in terms of obligations. However, the Department's accounting system provides financial data in 1 For purposes of comparability. $63 million appropriated to the postal fund terms of accrued costs which distinguish between funded from the general fund for public services has been excluded from postal revenues,

thereby including this appropriation in new obligational authority, and expendioperating expense and capital outlay and disclose all re tures. This appropriation was discontinued by Public Law 87–793 commencing

in 1963. sources on hand, unfunded liabilities, and total costs consumed in postal operations regardless of when and how Transactions outside the postal fund.-Postal money funded. These data are shown in the budget schedules orders issued and cashed, postal savings system, and deand reveal more clearly than obligations alone the manner posits resulting from U.S. savings bond sales are excluded in which the Department is administering all the resources from the tables of this chapter. The postal money orders entrusted to it.

outstanding are included in the figure for checks outThe accrual accounts are now also being used as the standing for the Government in Table 5 of tbe Budget, basis for measuring the overall revenue objectives of the and a corresponding sum is included in Treasury cash. postal service. These objectives were first expressed in Balances for the postal savings system and savings bond law by the Postal Policy Act of 1958 (Public Law 85-426, sales are included in Part II of this document.





Volume of Mail and Special Services, and Postal Revenue for 1962, 1963, and 1964

1962 actual

1963 estimate

1964 estimate


Percent of increase

Percent of increase or decrease (-)

or decrease (-)
Pieces or Postal

over 1961
Pieces or Postal

over 1962

Pieces or

transactions revenue
transactions revenue

transactions revenue
(thousands) |(thousands)
(thousands) (thousands)

(thousands) (thousands)
Units Reve-

Units Revenue


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Domestic mail:
First class.

35,332,707 $1,614,628 3.04 Airmail...

1,544,735 184,574

6.34 Second class.

8,089,869 94,107

1.56 Controlled circulation publications...

165,086 8,758 8.20 Third class...

17,836,510 510,162 1.52 Fourth class..

1,023,865 634,188 4.66 Penalty and official mail. 1,876,828 88,854 0.88 Franked mail..

110.944 3,986 29.51 Free-for-the-blind mail.


13.15 Total domestic mail and revenue.

65,986,523 3,139,257 2.53 Proposed reformations to fourth-class mail (net)Total domestic mail and

revenue adjusted... 65,986,523 3,139,257 2.53 International mail (originating): Surface mail..

287,176 48,431 -21.11 Airmail.

219,491 56,975 4.42 Mail transit revenue.

15,134 Total international mail and revenue..

506,667 120,540 -11.77

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Total volume and revenue
from mail.

66,493, 190 3,259,797
Special services:
Mail connected special services. 367,599 139,867
Money order revenue...

251,843 64,251
Outstanding money orders
taken into revenue.-

1,531 Postal savings revenue.

4,445 Box rent..

31,302 Total special services revenue...

241,396 Unassignable revenue.

7,664 Total revenue from mail and special services...

3,508,857 Deduct expenditures not subject

to appropriationsJudgments.

318 Stamp-embossed envelope

6,724 Indemnities, claims, etc..

7,474 Total expenditures not subject to appropriations.

14,516 Net revenue from mail and services..

3,494,341 Add receipts from public services.

62,700 Total net postal revenue...


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1 Excess of additional revenues over additional costs estimated to result from proposed fourth-class mail reformations submitted to Interstate Commerce Commission for approval, if made effective July 1, 1963.

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)




1962 actual

1983 1964 estimate estimate

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The Postal Policy Act of 1958 (Public Law 85-426) authorized an annual appropriation to the revenues of the Post Office Department of an amount deemed attributable to public services as defined in that act. Public Law 87--793, approved October 11, 1962, eliminated the authorization for such appropriations, and provided that the Postmaster General furnish Congress by February 1 of each year an estimate of the public service costs and losses for that year computed in accordance with a new formula. The exact amounts will subsequently be determined by customary cost ascertainment procedures after the close of the year and are to be deducted from the total costs of the Department for purposes of adjusting postal rates and fees. The first estimate will be for the year ending June 30, 1963.

Program by activities Continued
Operating costs, funded:-Continued
By advances and reimbursements:
1. Administration and regional opera-

18 17 17
2. Research, development, and engi-
neering -


2 3. Operations.

2.238 2,187

2,162 4. Transportation

43,370 49,051 55,257 5. Facilities.

771 891 846 Total advances and reimbursements --

46,399 52,148 58,284 Not subject to annual appropriation: 7. Stamped envelopes...

6,724 7,125 7,125 8. Indemnities.

7,474 7,500 7,500 9. Judgments

318 375 375 Total not subject to annual appropriation --

14,516 15,000 15,000 1

Total operating costs, funded... 4,287,931 4,627,355 4,929,216 Change in selected operating resources, net! -4,130 -3,673 -1,878 Total operating obligations..

4,283,801 4,623,682 4.927,338 Capital outlay, funded: By annual appropriation (limitation): 1. Administration and regional operation..


250 5. Facilities.

12,481 4,720 15,220 6. Plant and equipment...

67,767 98,376 109,653 Total by annual appropriation (limitation)

80,388 103,216 125, 123 By advances and reimbursements: 5. Facilities...

2.461 2,857 10,301 6. Plant and equipment.

679 891

908 Total advances and reimbursements. 3,140 3,748 11,209

Total capital outlay, funded.. 83,528 106,964 136,332 Change in selected capital resources, net ? 27,301 -2,289 -2,213 Adjustment in selected resources.

1,042 Total capital outlay obligations .... 111.871 104,675 134,119 Total obligations...

4,395,672 4,728,357 5,061, 457 Financing: New obligational authority: Appropriation ---

811,460 653, 100 564,964 Proposed supplemental due to pay increases.

153,361 Unobligated balance of current year lapsing (-)--

-36,883 Appropriation used..

774,577 806, 461 564,964 Revenues and other receipts: Revenue from mail and services:

Sale of postage stamps and stamped paper. 1,262,316 1,396,394 1,609,020
Postage paid under permit:

Metered (after refunds of postage). 1,552,540 1,716,401 1,990,774

475,370 523,648 584,107 Receipts from other Government agencies

for mail and other postal services. 93,017 103,805 116,376 Box rents..

31,302 32,500 34,000 Money order fees and related revenue. 65,781 65,359 65,358 Income from postal savings system.-

4,420 3,528 2,822 International mail transit service.

15,125 15,350 15,350 Miscellaneous revenue. -

8,985 9,015 9,193 Total revenue from mail and services - 3,508,856 3,866,000 4,427,000 Receipts from appropriation "Payment for public services" (revenue)..

62,700 Total revenue.

3,571,556 3,866,000 4,427,000

Public enterprise funds:


For administration and operation of the Post Office Department and the postal service, there is hereby appropriated the aggregate amount of postal revenues for the current fiscal year, as authorized by law (39 U.S.C. 2201-2202), together with an amount equal to the difference between such revenues and the total of the appropriations hereinafter specified and the sum needed may be advanced to the Post Office Department upon requisition of the Postmaster General, for the following purposes, namely: (Post Office Department Appropriation Act, 1963.)

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? Changes in selected resources are identified on the statement of financial condition.


[blocks in formation]


Total advances and reimbursements.- 49,539 55,896 69,493
Total revenue, receipts and reimburse-
ments, current year.

3,621,095 3,921,896 4,496,493 Adjustments to prior year revenue, net

194 Unobligated balance brought forward, Air carriers revolving fund (-) ---

-7,000 -7,000 -7,000 Unobligated balance carried forward, Air carriers revolving fund...--

7,000 7,000 7,000 Total revenue, receipts and reimbursements.-

3,621,289 13,921,896 4,496,493 Recovery of prior year obligations.

644 Returned to Treasury (net prior year adjustments) --

-838 Financing applied to program... 4,395,672 4,728,357 5,061,457

Summary of Sources and Application of Funds (in thousands of dollars)

Obligations (from program and financing) 4,395,672 4,728,357 5,061,457
Increase (-) in gross unpaid obligations -40,685 -6,071 -11,940
Adjustment for recovery of prior year obliga-

Gross expenditures.

4,354,343 4,722,286 5.049,517 Revenues and other receipts (from program and financing).

3,621,289 3,921,896 4.496,493 Increase (-) in advances and accounts receivable, net.

-1,122 -2,071 -500 Applicable receipts.

3,620,167 3,919,825 4,495,993 Budget expenditures..

734,176 802,461 553,524

Mail and services revenue.

3,508,856 3,866,000 4,427,000 Receipts from appropriation "Payment for public services

62,700 Reimbursement for nonpostal services and operating expenses.

46,399 52,148
Total revenue and operating receipts...-3,617,955 3,918,148 4,485,284
Operating expense:
Postal installations:
Funded costs:

Administration of postal installations... 441,050 476,655 509,141
Mail handling and window service.. 1,526,979 1,642,921 |1,749,068
Collection and delivery service.. 1,290, 231 1,403,214 1,507,413
Facilities. -----

133,565 156,016 168,421 Other expenses.

184,868 199,720 215,754 Total funded costs, postal installations. 3,576,693 3,878,526 4,149,797 Nonfund costs: Workmen's compensation in excess of amount funded..

6,765 5,512 2,580 Depreciation and amortization...

44,125 48,300 52,300 Maintenance and repair-General Serv. ices Administration...

18,509 19,600 21,100 Unemployment insurance.

8,400 8,000 8,000 Total nonfund costs, postal installations...--

77,799 81,412 83,980 Total postal installations...- 3,654, 492 3,959,938 4,233,777 Transportation of mail, funded cost.

618,910 641,551 667,007 Research, development and engineering: Funded costs..

10,197 15,370 14,545 Nonfund costs.

29 11

12 Total research, development and engineering

10,226 15,381 14,557 Regional and headquarters offices: Funded costs: Administration and regional operation...

68,747 76,748 82,507 Facilities...---

10,132 11,800 12,000 Total funded costs, regional and headquarters offices

78,879 88,548 94,507 Nonfund costs...

816 894 963 Total regional and headquarters offices.- 79,695 89,442 95, 470 Other general expenses: Funded costs...

3,252 3,360 3,360 Nonfund costs, net of discounts.

617 600

600 Total general expenses, net.

3,869 3,960 3,960 Total funded costs.

4,287,931 4,627,355 4,929,216 Total nonfund costs.

79,261 82,917 85,555 Total expense.

4,367,192 4,710,272 5,014,771

Revenue from mail and other services of the Post Office Department is placed in the postal fund, which was established as a revolving fund in 1950 (39 U.S.C. 2202). The fund is available for obligation and expenditure by the Post Office Department in accordance with limitations enacted in annual appropriation acts. The fund is also used without annual action by Congress for the purchase of stamp-embossed envelopes and for payment of certain indemnities, claims, and judgments.

Postal revenue comes primarily from private postal patrons. Postal revenue also includes receipts from various Federal agencies for the handling of official mail and the payment by the Congress for franked mail. Reimbursements received for nonpostal services and other recoveries are likewise deposited in the postal fund.

The aggregate of postal revenues is less than the obligations authorized for payment from the postal fund. An indefinite appropriation is made from the general fund of the Treasury to make up the difference. It is estimated that the recently enacted postal rate increases and

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