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12,556 124-13 | 123.

Obligations (from program and financing) 126,531 124,136 123,995 Assets:
Increase (-) in gross unpaid obligations..

Treasury balance....

10,118 7,523 7,959 8,077 Accounts receivable, net.

12,487 | 14,327 13, 144 12,694 Gross expenditures.

122,674 123,837 123,789 Selected assets: 1
Work in process.

13,565 | 17, 190 17,390 17,590 Revenues and other receipts (from program

Commodities for sale...

3,108 3,375 3,577 3,679 and financing) --127,113 128,860 129,257 Supplies, deferred charges, etc.

6,243 7,535 7,586 7,676 Increase (-) or decrease in accounts receiv

Fixed assets, net..

9,882 10,201 | 10,770 11,065 able, net. -1,839 1,182 450 Work to be capitalized.

7 36 Applicable receipts... 125,274 130,043 129,707 Total assets...

55,410 60,187 60,427 60,782 Budget expenditures

-2,600 -6,206 -5,918 Liabilities:

9,937 11,811 12,021 | 12,176

Government equity: The Government Printing Office executes orders for Non-interest-bearing capital: Start and printing, binding, and blankbook work, placed by Congress end of year.

34,815 34,815 34,815 34,815 and the various departments and independent establish

Retained earnings

10,658 13,560 | 13,590 13,790 ments of the Federal Government, and furnishes on order, Total Government equity..

45,474 48,376 48, 406 48,606 blank paper, inks, and similar supplies. Operations are subject to the authority of the Joint Committee on

Analysis of Government Equity (in thousands of dollars)
Printing (44 U.S.C.).
A separate appropriation has been established for
established for Unobligated balance -

16,897 15,910 15,064 14,726 authorized printing and binding for the Congress; for Unpaid undelivered orders

9,336 11,319 11,408 11,459

19,24021,147 21,934 22,421 printing, binding, and distribution of the Federal Register; Invested capital and earnings and printing and binding of Government publications Total Government equity..

45,474 48,376 48,406 48,606 authorized by law to be distributed without charge to the recipients (76 Stat. 693).

1 The changes in these items are reflected on the program and financing schedule All work for Government agencies is done on a reim

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars) bursable basis and financed through the Government Printing Office revolving fund.

1963 Receipts from sales of publications by the Superintend

actual estimate estimate ent of Documents are deposited to the revolving fund

11 Personnel compensation: and cost of publications paid therefrom. All profits Permanent positions.---

35,025 36,890 36,760 accruing from these transactions are transferred to the Other personnel compensation...

7,611 7,335 7,693 Treasury general fund (44 U.S.C. 63).

Add excess of annual leave earned over

leave taken.. Revenue, Expense, and Retained Earnings (in thousands of dollars)

Total personnel compensation

42,711 44,225 44,453 12 Personnel benefits.....

2,860 2,988 3,000 21 Travel and transportation of persons.


actual estimate estimate
22 Transportation of things...-

893 890 901 23 Rent, communications, and utilities

1,010 1,057 1,087

41,380 24 Printing and reproduction..

42,000 42,000 Operating revenue and expense:

25 Other services...

128 130 135 Revenue.. 127,054 128,860 129,257

30,480 32,275 32,275 Expense..


26 Supplies and materials..
123,060 123,257
31 Equipment.-----

1,396 1,564 1,335 Less: Intragovernmental expense..

1,507 1,549 5,800

1,649 Net operating income.


Total costs...

119,364 123,594 123,552 Nonoperating income or loss (-):

7,167 Change in selected resources.

542 443 Proceeds from sale of equipment.

59 Net book value of assets sold (-).

Total obligations.-.-

126,531 124,136 123,995 Net nonoperating income.--33

Personnel Summary Net income for the year.

8,097 5,800 6,000 Analysis of retained earnings: Retained earnings, start of year. 10,658 13,560 13,590 Total number of permanent positions.

6,111 6,194 6,194 Payment of earnings (-)--5,195 -5,770 -5,800 Average number of all employees.

5,863 6,005 5,984 Number of employees at end of year.

6,125 6,237 6,237 Retained earnings, end of year. 13,560 13,590 13,790 Average salary of ungraded positions.


$6,143 $6,143







Sec. 102. No part of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be used for the maintenance or care of private vehicles.

Sec. 103. Whenever any office or position not specifically established by the Legislative Pay Act of 1929 is appropriated for herein or whenever the rate of compensation or designation of any position appropriated for herein is different from that specifically established for such position by such Act, the rate of compensation and the designation of the position, or either, appropriated for or provided herein, shall be the permanent law with respect thereto: Provided, That the provisions herein for the various items of official expenses of Members, officers, and committees of the Senate and House, and clerk hire for Senators and Members shall be the permanent law with respect thereto: Provided further, That the provisions relating to positions and salaries thereof carried in House Resolutions (331, 341, 348, 402, 449, 487, 509, and 560] of the Eighty-seventh Congress shall be the permanent law with respect thereto[: Provided further, That the provisions of House Resolution 476 of the Eightyseventh Congress shall be the permanent law with respect thereto].

Sec. 104. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be paid as compensation to any person appointed after June 30, 1935, as an officer or member of the Capitol Police who does not meet the standards to be prescribed for such appointees by the Capitol Police Board: Provided, That the Capitol Police Board is hereby authorized to detail police from the House Office, Senate Office, and Capitol Buildings for police duty on the Capitol Grounds.

SEC. 105. No part of any amount appropriated in this Act shall be available to finance, under authority of section 4167(a) of title 39, United States Code, the mailing and delivering of mail matter sent through the mails with a simplified form of address under the franking privilege by any Member or Member-elect of Congress to postal patrons, including those patrons on rural or star routes.

[Sec. 106. (a) This section shall apply to--)

E(1) Each employee of the Senate whose compensation is paid from the appropriation for Salaries, Officers and Employees under the heading "Office of the Secretary”, except the Assistant to the Majority, and the Assistant to the Minority]

[(2) Each employee of the Senate whose compensation is paid from such appropriation under the heading "Office of Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper", except employees designated on the rolls as "special employees".)

[(3) Each employee of the Senate whose compensation is paid from such appropriation under the heading "Official Reporters of Debates”.)

[(4) Each employee of the Senate whose compensation is paid from such appropriation under the heading "Offices of the Secretaries for the Majority and the Minority”.]

[(5) Each employee of the Senate authorized by Senate resolution to be appointed by the Secretary or Sergeant at Arms, except employees designated on the rolls as “special employees”.]

[(6) Telephone operators, including the chief operator and assistant chief operators, on the United States Capitol telephone exchange.]

[(7) Members of the Capitol Police.]

[(b) An employee to whom this section applies shall be paid during any period of continuous service as such an employee additional

basic compensation (hereinafter referred to as “longevity compensation") at the rate of $120 per annum if at the time of such payment the annual rate of basic compensation (exclusive of longevity compensation) of the position in which employed is less than $1,800, or $180 per annum if at such time such rate is $1,800 or more, for each five years of service performed as such an employee during such period. No employee shall receive more than four such increases upon the basis of any period of continuous service, and nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the payment to any employee of total compensation, including longevity, compensation, in excess of the maximum amount prescribed by law for Senate employees generally: Notwithstanding the first sentence of this subsection, the first increase under this section for telephone operators (exclusive of the chief operator and assistant chief operators), who on September 1, 1962, have more than 25 years of service as a telephone operator on the United States Capitol telephone exchange shall be $240 basic per annum. In computing length of continuous service for the purposes of this section only service performed subsequent to August 31, 1957, shall be credited, and in the case of employees of the Official Reporters of Debates of the Senate there shall be credited any service as such an employee performed during the period beginning on September 1, 1957, and ending on June 30, 1960, whether or not compensated from the appropriation referred to in subsection (a). Continuity of service for the purpose of this subsection shall not be deemed to be broken by separations from service of not more than thirty days, by the performance of service as an employee, other than an employee subject to the provisions of this section, whose compensation is disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House of Representatives, or by the performance of active military service in the armed forces of the United States, but such separations and service shall not be credited for the purposes of this section. Longevity compensation under this section shall be payable on and after the first day of the first month following completion of the five-year period upon which such compensation is based.]

[(c) The Act of February 13, 1945 (Public Law 2, 79th Cong.; 2 U.S.C. 60i), is repealed, and no longevity increase payable under authority of such Act prior to the effective date of this section shall be payable on or after such date.]

[(d) Section 105 of the Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1959 (Public Law 85-570) is repealed. Any member of the Capitol Police who prior to the effective date of this section completed service entitling him to be paid at a rate specified in such section 105 shall be entitled, so long as he continues to serve without break in service of more than thirty days as a member of the Capitol Police, to continue to be paid at such rate and, in addition, to receive any longevity increases for which he may become qualified under subsection (b) of this section, except that while receiving compensation at a rate specified in such section 105(1) no such member shall receive more than three longevity increases under subsection (b) based upon any period of continuous service, and (2) in computing length of service for the purpose of such longevity increases, only service performed subsequent to the date on which such member began receiving compensation at a rate prescribed by such section 105 shall be counted.]

[(e) This section shall become effective on September 1, 1962.] (Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1968.)

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Enacted or recommended in this document:
House of Representatives...
Extension of the Capitol..
Senate Office Buildings.-
Acquisition of property, construction, and equipment, ad-

ditional House Office Building -
Expansion of facilities, Capitol Power Plant.
Extension of additional Senate Office Building site-
Additional office building for the United States Senate.
Changes and improvements, Capitol Power Plant..
Furniture and furnishings, additional Senate Office Building--
Remodeling Senate Office Building --
Structural and mechanical care, library buildings and grounds.
Additional library building-
Salaries and expenses, Botanic Garden..
Relocation of greenhouses, Botanic Garden..
Books for the general collections, Library of Congress.
Books for the law library, Library of Congress...
Organizing and microfilming the papers of the Presidents,

Library of Congress.
Revision of Annotated Constitution, Library of Congress.
Oliver Wendell Holmes devise fund..
Printing and binding, Government Printing Office.
Acquisition of site and construction of annex, Government

Printing Office...
Other ----

Subtotal... Balances of anticipated pay increase supplementals included above.--

Total, appropriations...
Contract authorizations:

Extension of the Capitol, Architect of the Capitol..---
Acquisition of property, construction, and equipment, addi-

tional House Office Building, Architect of the Capitol.--Expansion of facilities, Capitol Power Plant, Architect of the Capitol...

Total, contract authorizations.--
Revolving and management funds:

Advances and reimbursements, Library of Congress...
Government Printing Office revolving fund.....

Total, revolving and management funds..---
Proposed for separate transmittal:
Anticipated pay increase supplemental appropriations.

Total, Legislative Branch....

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