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This volume is one of a group of three documents which and funds. The contents of this volume are further extogether constitute the official budget of the United States plained at the beginning of each of its three parts. Government. The Budget of the United States Government, The Budget of the United States Government, 1964The 1964, is a compact volume in a page size similar to that District of Columbia is a volume which relates specifically of an ordinary book. It contains the Budget Message to the estimates for the municipal government of the of the President, summary tables and statistical informa- District of Columbia. tion, and various special analyses.

The Budget of the United States Government, 1964-Ap In addition, a pamphlet type of publication, The Federal pendix cont the text of appropriation estimates pro- Budget in Brief, 1964, is available for those who wish a posed for the consideration of the Congress together with much more brief presentation than any of the three official specific reference materials on the various appropriations | volumes.

NOTE.—Unless otherwise indicated, all references to years in this volume are to fiscal years ending June 30. Financial

tables in Parts I and II are nearly always stated in thousands of dollars; details may not add to the totals because of rounding.





979 980


Explanation of Personnel Compensation Schedules.
Federal Funds:

Legislative Branch
The Judiciary.....
Executive Office of the President.
Funds Appropriated to the President.
Department of Agriculture...
Department of Commerce.
Department of Defense - Military Functions..
Department of Defense-Civil Functions....
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
Department of the Interior.
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Post Office Department.
Department of State.
Treasury Department..
Atomic Energy Commission.
Federal Aviation Agency.
General Services Administration....
Housing and Home Finance Agency.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration..
Veterans Administration.
Other Independent Agencies.
: funds:
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
Department of the Interior...
Department of Justice..
Department of Labor.
reasury Department..
eneral Services Administration...

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