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HOUSE OFFICE BUILDINGS—continued Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

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1962 actual


1963 1964 estimate estimate

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Program by activities:
Maintenance and operation of the House

Office Buildings (obligations).

Unobligated balance lapsing

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Program by activities: 1. Acquisition of property, protection, main

tenance, and demolition of structures,

and miscellaneous incidental expenses.-2. Construction and equipment of an addi

tional office building for the House of

Representatives.---3. Subway and subway transportation system. 4. Underground garages, squares 637 and 6915. Changes, alterations and remodeling, Old

House Office Building-6. Changes, alterations and remodeling, New

House Office Building--7. Administration, miscellaneous, contingen

cies, and appurtenances.

Total obligations Financing: Unobligated balance brought forward: Con

tract authorization (-).... Unobligated balance carried forward: Contract authorization..-New obligational authority (contract


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Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

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Status of Unfunded Contract Authorization (in thousands of dollars)

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30,500 24,500

18,000 -24,500–34,000

11 Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions.-
Positions other than permanent.
Other personnel compensation..

Total personnel compensation
12 Personnel benefits...
25 Other services:

Annual painting-
Elevator repairs.
Maintenance, air-conditioning systems.--
General annual repairs..
Insect and pest control. -
Replacement of marble balustrade on

roof, old building
Replacement of terrace landing, 1st and

C Sts. approach, Cannon House Office


26 Supplies and materials.
31 Equipment:

Special equipment.
Storage boxes...

Unfunded balance brought forward..
Contract authorization..
Unfunded balance carried forward (-)

Appropriation to liquidate contract



56 4 8 28

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25 Other services:

Changes, alterations, and remodeling,

Old House Office Building-
Changes, alterations, and remodeling,

New House Office Building32 Lands and structures:

Acquisition of property, protection,

maintenance, and demolition of structures and miscellaneous incidental

expenses. Construction and equipment of an addi

tional office building for the House of

Subway and subway transportation sys-

Underground garages, squares 637 and

691.. Administration, miscellaneous, contingencies, and appurtenances..

Total obligations

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To enable the Architect of the Capitol, under the direction of the House Office Building Commission, to continue to provide for the acquisition of property, construction, and equipment of an additional fireproof office building for the use of the House of Representatives, and other changes and improvements, authorized by the Additional House Office Building Act of 1955 (69 Stat. 41, 42), ($8,500,000] $16,500,000. (Legislative Branch Appropriation ct, 1963.)

CAPITOL POWER PLANT For lighting, heating, and power (including the purchase of electrical energy) for the Capitol, Senate and House Office Buildings, Supreme Court Building, Congressional Library Buildings, and the grounds about the same, Botanic Garden, legislative garage, and for air-conditioning refrigeration not supplied from plants in any of such

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buildings; for heating the Government Printing Office, Washington City Post Office, and Folger Shakespeare Library, reimbursement for which shall be made and covered into the Treasury; personal and other services, fuel, oil, materials, waterproof wearing apparel, and all other necessary expenses in connection with the maintenance and operation of the plant: [$2,052,000] $2,230,000. (40 U.S.C. 185; 42 Stat. 767; 46 Stat. 51, 589; 50 Stat. 10; 52 Stat. 392; 68 Stat. 803; Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

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735 750

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Program by activities:
Operation and maintenance of the Capitol
Power Plant, its steam and chilled water

distribution systems (obligations)---
Unobligated balance lapsing ---

New obligational authority (appropriation)

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Object Classification (in thousands of dollai

349 92

441 28

19 22

30 22




1963 estimate

1964 estimate



11 Personnel compensation: Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

Permanent positions..

Other personnel compensation...

actual estimate estimate

Total personnel compensation..

12 Personnel benefits.. Program by activities:

22 Transportation of things .. Furniture and furnishings for additional

25 Other services: Senate Office Building (obligations) (object

General annual repairs. class 31) -

19 114

Annual painting.

Maintenance and repair, air-conditioning Financing:

and refrigeration systems. Unobligated balance brought forward (-).. -133 -114

Maintenance and repairs, elevators.. Unobligated balance carried forward..


Equip part of bookstacks with map cases,

New obligational authority.

Equip part of deck for bookshelving,
Installation of floor tile, both buildings.
Repairs to mosaic ceilings and door tile

and marble floor tile, main building -

Plaster repairs and renewals, both build-
Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

Acoustical treatment, second floor read-

ing room, main building

Roof repairs and replacements, main actual


Fire protection system, both buildings. Program by activities:

Replacement of electric tram, main Enlargement and remodeling of Senators'

building suites and structural, mechanical, and other

Replacement of wooden plan file cases changes and improvements in the Old

with steel cases, annex Senate Office Building, to provide improved

Repairs and improvements to space for accommodations for the United States

relocation of Tabulating Section, main Senate (obligations) (object class 25)..


building ---

Replacement of message tube systems Financing:

servicing bookstacks and other areas, Unobligated balance brought forward (-)... -52 -2

main building -Unobligated balance carried forward.....


Lighting improvements, main reading

room, main building -New obligational authority.

Lighting improvements. Copyright Sec

tion in annex, and Card Index Section,

main building

Replacement of city water distribution

system and sewer and drainage sys

tems serving the main building and STRUCTURAL AND MECHANICAL CARE


Installation of heating and cooling sysFor necessary expenditures for mechanical and structural mainte

tem, main buildingnance, including improvements, equipment, supplies, waterproof Replacement of book conveyors, north wearing apparel, and personal and other services,' [$844,500] and south stacks, main building. $3,522,000, of which not to exceed $20,000 shall be available for Clean and restore ceiling decorations, expenditure without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes,

main buildingas amended [: Provided, That the unobligated balance of the appro Elevator modernization and improvepriation under this head for the fiscal year 1962 is hereby continued

ments, annex available until June 30, 1963), (2, U.S.C. 141; 40° Stat. 583; Improved lighting. Coolidge Auditorium, Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1963.)

main building





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15 2 4



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4 29

22 11

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25 Other services Continued

Improved lighting, bookstack, main

building-Installation of guard rails, driveway,

main buildingReplacement of flagstone terrace, west

front, main building-Restore and repair decorated plaster

ceilings, second floor Exhibit Hall, main buildingCleaning exterior stonework, main

building. Birdproofing upper areas of main build

ing, including courtyards.. Expansion of cafeteria, main buildingAdjustable loading dock, receiving unit,

main building. 26 Supplies and materials.31 Equipment:

Fire extinguishers and fog nozzles for fire

hoses, both buildings Materials handling and cleaning equip

ment. Additional booster pump for city water

supply, main building -Dust collector for carpenter shop, main

building ---

Stairway scaffolds. 32 Lands and structures:

Care of grounds.
Installation of 3 fire hydrants, grounds,

main building.
Repairs and replacements, sidewalks sur-

rounding main buildingInstallation of underground sprinkler sys

tem, grounds, main building Cleaning granite walls and other stonework, grounds, main building

Total obligations...


25 Other services:

Repairs to office machines and equip

ment. 31 Equipment:

Furniture and equipment...
Typewriter replacements..
Movable partitions -
Calculating machines..
Electric adding machines...
Miscellaneous office equipment.
Microfilm reading machines and editing

Recording equipment, music division.
File cabinets prints and photographs

Card catalog cases, processing depart-

Card catalog cases, Copyright Office...
File cabinets, legislative reference service.
Card file sections, stack and reader divi-

Bookracks, stack and reader division...
Charging desk, loan division....
Automatic writing equipment, Secre-

tary's Office.
Collating machine, legislative reference

Electric document sorter, Copyright

Carpeting, legislative reference service.
Type for Printasign machine.
Visible file cases.
Bookcases, legislative reference service..
Sign printing machine..
Steel trays for card division.
Card catalog cases, card division.-
Multilith machine, Office of Secretary..
Posting machine, accounts section,

Copyright Division..
Folding and inserting machine, card


2 4 3





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6 2 2

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Program by activities:

Preparation of preliminary plans and esti

mates of cost for an additional building for For furniture, partitions, screens, shelving, and electrical work the Library of Congress (obligations) pertaining thereto and repairs thereof, office and library equip (object class 25) -ment, apparatus, and labor-saving devices, [$225,000) $189,000. (2 U.S.C. 141; 46 Stat. 583; Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, Financing: 1963.)

Unobligated balance brought forward (-) -Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

Unobligated balance carried forward..

New obligational authority.--.
1962 1963 1964
actual estimate estimate

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General and special funds-Continued

SALARIES AND EXPENSES-Continued including personal services; waterproof wearing apparel; not to exceed $25 for emergency medical supplies; traveling expenses, including bus fares, not to exceed $275; the prevention and eradication of insect and other pests and plant diseases by purchase of materials and procurement of personal services by contract without regard to the provisions of any other Act; purchase and exchange of motor trucks; purchase and exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of a passenger motor vehicle; purchase of botanical books, periodicals, and books of reference, not to exceed $100; all under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library; [$452,000: Provided, That not to exceed $62,000 of the unobligated balance of the appropriation under this head for the fiscal year 1962 is hereby continued available until June 30, 1964] $483,000. (40 U.S.C. 216; Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1963.)

Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

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11 Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions ---
Positions other than permanent.
Other personnel compensation...

Total personnel compensation
12 Personnel benefits...
23 Rent, communications, and utilities
25 Other services:

General annual repairs..
Cleaning exterior and interior walls of

Enlarging toilet facilities in conservatory-
Replacement of boilers, Poplar Point

Nursery ---
26 Supplies and materials.
31 Equipment:

Botanic Garden stock..
Plant material for Poplar Point Nursery -
Topsoil for Poplar Point Nursery --

New truck
32 Lands and structures:

Surfacing roads in nursery with bitumi

nous concrete paving-Installation of lawn sprinkler system in

grounds of conservatory-

The Library of Congress, established in 1800, is not 514 only the library of the Congress itself, but is also the

principal general library of the Government of the United

States. Its collections are comprehensive and varied, and -31

include outstanding collections of books, periodicals, newspapers, documents of the national governments of

the world, literature in the Oriental languages, etc., and 483

manuscripts, maps, music, motion picture films, sound recordings, prints, and photographs. In addition to maintenance of the collections and the rendering of the general and basic services connected therewith, including the Legislative Reference Service, certain specialized functions are performed: registration of copyrights, catalog card distribution, and the service of books in raised characters and talking books to the blind. In terms of

these broad fields of activity comparative obligations 307

(including only those chargeable to annual appropriations) 5

for 1962 and estimated 1963 and 1964 are in thousands 54 of dollars):

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate 366 General and basic services: 22 Acquisition of library materials.

1,061 1,276

1,392 4 Organization of the collections

2,601 2,774

3,528 Reader and reference services.

3,165 3,535

3,781 6 Maintenance and protective services.. 1,053 1,091

1,136 Executive direction and general ad12 ministrative services.

1,104 2,394

1,522 5

Total general and basic services -- 8,984 11,070 11.359 12 Special service to the Congress: Legislative Reference Service....

1,798 1,972 2,143 20 Revision of Annotated Constitution...



Total special service to Congress... 1,806 1,989 2,143
Specialized services:

1,594 1,682

1,794 28 Catalog card distribution service. 2,342 2,762 2,977 Books for the blind..

1,760 1,895 1,903 7 Collection and distribution of library

materials (special foreign currency
514 program)


978 Total specialized services.

6,085 7,019 7,652 Total obligations--

16,875 20.078 21,154 52 52

The Library's first obligation is to the Congress; the 7.8 $6,946 second, to other agencies of the Government; and the $5,776 third, to other libraries, scholars, investigators, and the

general public.

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