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Subject-Numeric Classification Scheme for the General Records of the

News and Intelligence Division (Entry 85)

i London correspondence
2 Cables received from London

Cables sent to London
San Francisco correspondence
Teletype messages sent to San Francisco

Tele type messages received from San Francisco 7 Portland Office correspondence

Tele type messages received from Portland
Teletype messages sent to Portland
Tele type messages sent to Kingsville

Teletype messages received from Kingsville 14 Puerto Rican correspondence

Istanbul monitoring 17 Stockholm monitoring 18 Algiers Bureau copy 19 "A" Wire 20 "B" Wire 21 "C" Wire 22 "D" Wire 22A "PM" Wire 22B "X" Wire 23 New Delhi Bureau 24 Transmission delays

Wordage data 27 Miscellaneous correspondence 28 FBIS copy to Archives 29 Inquiries received and answered--use of FBIS service 30 Interoffice correspondence 31 Cairo monitoring 32 Simla monitoring 33 Miscellaneous memoranda received daily from editorial and monitoring

sections 38 FBIS communications 39 Chunking monitoring 40 Reception reports 41 Supplies 45 Interference, FBIS monitoring 46 FBIS intercepts quoted by CAP, UP, INS, or papers 49 Hawaii monitoring 52 Morse reception schedules 53 Programs cancelled 54 Monitoring schedule changes 55 FBIS--OWI London


63 Canadian monitoring
64 Bureau schedules
68 Possible recruits
71 Melbourne monitoring
73 Material from Peter Rhodes
76 Censorship problems

Washington monitoring and translation
85 Propaganda themes

Personnel policies
OWI communications

Middle East monitoring 95 Incoming domestic telegrams 96 Outgoing domestic telegrams 97 Mechanical reports 98 Memoranda to multiplex operators 99 Editorial research 100 Returned memoranda from wires 102 OWI, New York 105 Bari 106 (Tokyo in Romanized Japanese-Ramaji transcriptions] 107 [Basic monitoring material potentially useful to the Psychological

Warfare. Branch)

WASH DC 60-385

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