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Comment by Tripartite and Other Radios on President Roosevelt's Message

to the 78th Congress: (A) Chronology of Comment, (B) German Radio, (C) Italian Radio, (D) Japanese Radio, (E) Miscellaneous Radios.

[Jan. 7-8, 1943. ] Excerpts From General Dittmar's Review on the Eastern Situation at "The

Turn of the Year," as Broadcast by the German Radios on Jan. 11, 1943. Report of the Vote in the Chilean Senate Approving President Rio's Sug

gestion That Chile Break Relations With Axis Powers, Together With

Related Comment. (Jan. 19, 1943.) Speech By President Rios of Chile Outlining His Reasons for Breaking Re

lations with the Axis Nations. [Jan. 20, 1943.) General Dittmar's Speech on the Russian Front Situation, Together With

Broadcasts on Dr. Funk's Speech and Dr. Schmidt's Press Conference.

[Jan. 25, 1943.) Premier Tojo's Speech in the Japanese Diet, Together With English Trans

lation of Parts of the Speech as Broadcast in Japanese to the Home

Audience. [Jan. 27, 1943.]
Enemy Propaganda Reactions to the Casablanca Conference: (A) German

Radio, (B) German-Organized Radios, (c) Italian Radio, (D) Japanese

Radio. (Jan. 27, 1943. ]
Hitler's Proclamation and Speeches on the 10th Anniversary of Nazi

Power: (A) Hitler's Proclamation, (B) Goering's Speech, (c) Goebbels'
Presentation, (D) Miscellaneous Broadcasts. [Jan. 30, 1943. ] (In

English and German.) Comments by Axis and Other Radios on Churchill-Inonu Conference at Adana:

(A) Turkish Radio, (B) German Radio, (c) Italian Radio, (D) Other

Radios. (Feb. 2, 1943.) Announcement of Changes in Italian Cabinet With Early Comment by Berlin

and London, and a Talk by Japanese Foreign Minister Tani Telling

Diet That Italy Will Not Quit Axis. [Feb. 5, 1943. ] Admiral Nomura's Speech, Broadcast by the Tokyo Radio on Feb. 9, 1943,

on the Treatment of Japanese Interned Abroad, Address by Admiral Luetzow on "Direct and Indirect Commerce Protection,"

Broadcast by the German Radio, Feb. 17, 1943. Address by German Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels in Berlin's Sportpalast,

Together with a Number of Deletions the German Press Was Ordered to Make, as Broadcast by the German Radio on Feb. 18, 1943. (In English

and German. Order of the Day Issued by Joseph Stalin for the 25th Anniversary of

the Foundation of the Red Army, Feb. 23, 1943. Excerpts From Hitler's Proclamation to the old Guard of the Nazi Party,

Read at Meeting in Munich on the 23d Anniversary of Its Foundation,

Feb. 24, 1943.
Berlin Press Version of Hitler's Proclamation Read at the Anniversary

Meeting of the Nazi Party in Munich on Feb. 24, 1943.
Text of Proclamation by the Puppet Government of the Protectorate of

Bohemia and Moravia, Together With Excerpts From Speeches by Protector K. H. Frank Relative to Resettlement of German Farmers as Reprisal for Sabotage by Czechs. (Feb. 26, 1943.)

Excerpts From Ex-Ambassador Kurusu's Address on Japanese-American Rela

tions Before Pearl Harbor, as Broadcast by the Tokyo Radio in English

on Feb. 27, 1943. Berlin Broadcast of an Alleged Dispatch From Vatican City Reporting That

Archbishop Spellman, as Roosevelt's Emissary, Was. Told That the Casablanca Declaration Was Incompatible with Christian Doctrine and That Order in Europe Can Be Guaranteed Only by the Fascist-Nazi Regimes.

[Mar. 3, 1943.] Introduction to the "Gray Book" of the Independent Croatian State, an

Account of Guerrilla Movements in Croatia From April 1941 to May 1942. Translated From Croatian-Language Broadcast on Radio Rakovica.

(Mar. 4, 1943. ] Review of Book "China's Destiny" by Chiang Kai-Shek, Who Proposes for

Immediate Consideration a 10-Year Plan of Post-War Reconstruction.

(Mar. 6, 1943. ] Broadcasts From Occupied France Giving Evidence of a New Anti-Axis

Campaign Under the Slogan: "Germans Are at the End of Their Tether."

(Mar. 7, 1943.) Address by Lt. Gen. Kurt Dittmar on Russian Front Developments, Broad

cast by the German Radio on Mar. 8, 1943. Talk by Hans Fritzsche, Political Organizer of German Broadcasting, on

the Eastern Front and Other Aspects of the War. [Mar. 9, 1943. ] Address by General Henri Giraud to the Alsace-Lorraine Society, Broadcast in French by Radio France (Algiers), Mar. 14, 1943.

Mar. 14, 1943. (In English and French.) Address by Maj. Gen. Nakao Yahagi, Marking Japan's Army Day, as Broad

cast by the Tokyo Radio in Japanese to the Home Audience on Mar. 10,

1943. Speech by Caudillo Francisco Franco at the Opening of the Courts in

Madrid, Mar. 17, 1943. (In English and Spanish.) Hitler's Speech as Broadcast From Berlin in German to the World on the

Occasion of Heroes' Memorial Day, Mar. 21, 1943, Toge ther With Notes on Treatment Given to It by the German and Other Radios. (In English

and German. ) Broadcasts From German, French (Occupied), and Other Radios Relating to

the Shake-Up of the Vichy Cabinet. [Mar. 26-27, 1943.) Speech by Marshal Petain Asking the French to Trust Him Rather Than Those

Who "Fled the Country," Broadcast by Vichy Home Service, Apr. 4, 1943. Broadcasts Covering the Meeting of Hitler and Mussolini, Apr. 7-10 (1943)

to Discuss Political and Military Affairs and "Peace Aims. Speech by Maj. Gen. Kenryo Sato in Which He States That Japan, Germany,

and Italy Are Planning Air Attacks on the U. S. (Apr. 14, 1943. ] Broadcasts From Rome and Berlin Announcing Changes in the Fascist Party

Leadership and the German Foreign Office, Together With Biographical

Sketches of the New Appointees. [Apr. 17-18, 1943.) Speech by Dr. Goebbels, Broadcast in German From Berlin on the Eve of

Hitler's 54th Birthday, Apr. 19, 1943. (In English and German.) Speech by Yusuke Tsurumi, Japanese Politician and Writer, "On the

Characteristics of the American People," Broadcast in Japanese to the Home Audience on Apr. 18, 1943.



Severance of Russian-Polish Diplomatic Relations: Official Soviet Note, Together With Comment From Allied, Axis, and Other Sources. (Apr. 26,

) Translation of Partial Text of a Speech by Premier Sikorski, in Celebra

tion of Poland's National Holiday, Broadcast in Polish From London

on May 4, 1943. Speech by Reich Ministers Albert Speer and Joseph Goebbels, With Intro

ductory Announcements at Armament Workers' Rally in Berlin's Sport

palast, June 6, 1943. (In English and German.) An Outline of the Organization in Manila of the Central Pacification

Committee of the Philippine Islands, as Broadcast by Manila. [June 8,

1943.) Speech by Reich Minister Goebbels at the Funeral for Bombing Victims at

Wuppertal-Barmen, as Broadcast on June 18, 1943. (In English and

Prime Minister Churchill's Speech at the Guildhall, London, June 30,

1943, as Rebroadcast by BBC. Speech by Carlo Scorza, General Secretary of the Fascist Party, Broad

cast by Rome Radio in Italian, July 18, 1943. Selected Broadcasts by Rome Radio to Home and Foreign Audiences on the

First Bombing of Rome. (July 19-20, 1943.) Resignation of Mussolini and the Resumption by King Victor Emmanuel of

the Command of the Italian Armed Forces, With Marshal Badoglio as

Head of the Government. (July 25-26, 1943. ] Axis and Neutral Radios During the First Day Following the Invasion of

Italy's Mainland: (A) Radio Roundup, (B) Radio Reactions. (Sept. 3,

1943.) Italy's Capitulation: (A) Chronology, (B) Badoglio Proclamation, (c)

Allied Instructions for Europe, (D) Comunent and Reaction, (E) Last

Minute Developments. (Sept. 3-9, 1943. ) Changing Italy: A Radio Survey: (A) Chronology of Developments, (B)

How the Radios Behaved, (c) Special German Communique. (Sept. 10,

1943. ] Hitler's Speech: Section A--English Translation, Section B--German

Text. (Sept. 10, 1943. ] Speech by Alessandro 'Pavolini Over the German-Controlled Italian Home

Service Radio on Sept. 17, 1943, Together With Text of Mussolini's Order of the Day No. 7, and Notes on the Behavior of the Italian

Radio. The Mussolini Speech: (A) English Text, (B) Italian Text, (c) Notes on

Broadcasts, (D) Radio Reactions. (Sept. 18, 1943.) Prime Minister Tojo's Radio Speech on Japan's Total Mobilization, Sept.

22, 1943. Speech by Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, Minister of Defense of the "National

Fascist Government," to Italian Officers and Soldiers, Broadcast on

Sept. 25, 1943. Tripartite Pact Anniversary: (A) Von Ribbentrop's Speech in English,

(B) Von Ribbentrop's Speech in German, (c) Mussolini's Speech in English, (D) Mussolini's Speech in Italian, (E) Excerpts From Speeches by Satellite Leaders. (Sept. 27-28, 1943. ] ]

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Speech by Joseph Goebbels at Harvest Thanksgiving Festival in Berlin's

Sportpalast, Oct. 3, 1943. (In German and English, with certain

omissions in the latter.) Radio Reaction to Italian Declaration of War on Germany, Oct. 13, 1943. Radio Reaction to Anglo-Portuguese Agreement Ceding Bases in the Azores

to Great Britain: (A) German, (B) Italian, (C) Japanese, (D) Portu

guese, (E) Other Radios. (Oct. 13-14, 1943.] Speeches by Tojo and Shimada at Extraordinary Session of the Japanese

Diet, Broadcast by Tokyo Radio on Oct. 26, 1943. Translated from the original Japanese: (A) Tojo's Speech as Premier, (B) Tojo's

Speech as War Minister, (c) Speech of Navy Minister Shimada. Enemy Radio Reactions to the Four-Power Declaration of Moscow, Together

With a Note on Radio Treatment of the News. (Nov. 1-2, 1943. ) Speech by Adolf Hitler as Broadcast by Berlin to the World, Nov. 8,

1943, Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Birth of the Nazi Party.

(In German.) Radio Address by Premier Hideki Tojo on Second Anniversary of Pearl

Harbor. Translated from the original Japanese. [Dec. 8, 1943.) Speech By Reich Foreign Minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop on the Second

Anniversary of the Tripartite Military Pact. (Dec. 13, 1943.) German Leaders' New Year Messages: (A) Hitler's Proclamation, (B)

Hitler's Order of the Day, (c) Goebbels' Speech to the Nation, (D) Goering's Order of the Day, (E) Himmler's Order of the Day and Mess

ages of Sauckel, Speer, Backe. (Dec. 31, 1963.] "Pravda" Report on British-German "Secret" Peace Negotiations, Together

With Early Radio Reaction. [Jan. 17-18, 1944.)
Texts of Mussolini's Decree for the Socialization of Industry in the

"Italian Social Republic" and of a Bill Establishing the Institute

of Management and Financing. (Feb. 12, 1944. ] V-J Day Statement by Chiang Kai-Shek. (Aug. 13, 1946. )

(Aug. 13, 1946.) (Special Release prepared by the Far Eastern Section, FBIS, Central Intelligence Group.) Draft of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, Broadcast

Over the Bulgarian Home Service by Radio Sofia, in Bulgarian, Oct. 4, 1946. Special Release prepared by the European Section, FBIŚ, Central Intelligence Group.)


List of Special Reports Appearing in the Radio Reports on the Far East

Entry 342

Radio Report No.

Subject of Special Report


Nov. 10, 1942
Dec. 8, 1942

25 31 34 34 35 37 40

June 22, 1943
July 21, 1943
Oct. 12, 1943
Nov. 24, 1943
Nov. 24, 1943
Dec. 8, 1943
Jan. 13, 1944

Mar. 2, 1944

Mar. 30, 1944


Mar. 30, 1944
May 11, 1944
June 9, 1944

The Greater East Asia Ministry
First Anniversary Celebrations
The Imperial Rule Assistance

Japan's Religious Policy in Asia
Peace Rumors
Japan's Wartime Slogans
Japanese Education--a Review
War Prisoners
Religion Under Japan
Japan Answers the Atrocity

Japan Speaks to the Middle

Industrial and Military

Boy Soldiers
Japan's Religious Techniques
The Kyushu Raid and Japanese

Air Defenses
Wartime Changes in Japan
Indian Independence League

in East Asia
The Philippines
Collapse of Tojo Cabinet
Japan's Local Administrative

Notes on Far Eastern Populations
Governmental Changes Under Koiso
Recent Air Defense Activities in

Japan and Occupied Asia
Japanese Youth
Japanese Morale
Exploitation and Resistance in

The Domei News Agency
Japanese Civilians in Occupied

Home Front Morale
Japan's Imperial Rule Assist-

ance Movement
Japan's Race Propaganda

June 23, 1944
July 7, 1944

July 7, 1944
July 10, 1944
July 21, 1944

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July 21, 1944
Aug. 9, 1944
Aug. 18, 1944

Aug. 18, 1944
Sept. 15, 19444
Sept. 30, 1944


Oct. 13, 1944
Oct. 13, 1944

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Oct. 27, 1944
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