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In addition to the unpublished records of the House of Representatives described in this preliminary inventory, the following publications contain useful information on the House and its records. The av thoritative nature of the printed legislative journals makes them of particular valle as a key to the transactions and records of each session of Congress.

Ceneral References

Alexander, De Alva Starloca. History and Procedure of the House of

liepresentatives. Boston and New York, 191. xv, 435 p.

Bailey, Stephen kenp. Congress lakes a Ial; the Story Behind the

Emplcyn.ent Act of 1946. ier: York, 1950. xii, 2.2 p.

Bates, Ernest Sutherland. The Story of Congress, 1789-1935. New York

and Iondon, 1936. xvii, 168 p.

Boyd, Anne vorris. United States Government Publications. 3d ed.,

rev. by Rae Elizabeth Rips. New York, 191,9 (i•e. 1950). xx, 627 p.

Gal!cway, George Barnes. The Legislative Process in Congress. New

York, 1953. xii, 689 p.

Harlow, Ralnh Volney. The History of Legislative Nethods in the Period

Before 1825. New Haven, 1917. X, 21.9 p.

Haynes, George Henry. The Senate of the United States, Its History ano

Practice. Boston, 1938. 2 vols.

Riddick, Floyd Millard. The United States Congress; Orçanization and

Procedure. Banessas, Va., (1949). xi, 159 p.


Schumeckebier, Laurer ce F. Governrient Publications and Their Use.

rev. ed. Vashin:ton, 1939. XV, 479 p.

Watkins, Charles I. Enactment of a Law; Frocedure on a Senate Bill.

1953. 12 p. (83d Cong., Ist sess., S. Doc. 55; seria? 11675.)

Gilson, Woodrow. Concrescicnal Government; a Study in American Folitics.

Boston, 1925. xxiv, 3411 po

Zinn, Charles jo llou Our Luis lire lade:

Ist sess., H. Doc. 216; seria] l1689.)


30 p.

(83d Conf.,

The Constitution of the United States

Documentary History of the Constitution of the United States of America,

1786-1870. Issued by the Dept. of State. 18914-1900. 3 vols. (56th Cong., 2d sess., H. Doc. 529; serial 4184-4:186.)

Vols. I and II were published in 1894, and Vol. III in 1900. TWO additional vols. (IV and V) were issued in the Dept. of State edition, in 1905.

The Constitution of the United States of America, Analysis and Interpre

tation, Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 30, 1952. Prepared by the Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress. 1953. 1,361 p. (82d Cong., 2d sess., S. Loc. 170; serial 11592.)

The annotated text of the Constitution and its amencuents are also contained in the House and Senate manuals.

The Laws of the United States

United States Statutes at Large. (1789- .)

Although the statutes had been published earlier, citations are commonly made to the 3d edition, of which Vols. 1-17, covering the first 42 Congresses (1789-1873), were published hy Little, Brown, and Co.; Vol. 18, covering the 13d Congress (1873-75), and succeeding volumes were published by the Governmenti. Vols. 1-2:9 cover varying periods, but beginning with. Vol. 50 (1937) each volume usually contains laws enacted at a single session. Volumes are often issued in 2 or more parts.

United States Code, 1952 Edition. 1953. 6 vols.

Contains a consolidation and codification of the general and permanent laws of the United States in force on Jan. 2, 1953. Cur:ulatise supplements are issued following each session of Congress. Supp. V (in 3 vols.) contains laws enacted during the 83d and 8L th. Congresses and the 85th Congress, Ist session.

A Synoptical Indox to the Laws and Treaties of the United States of

America, From March 1, 1789, to larch 3, 1851. Prepared under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate. Boston, Little and Brown, 1852. 7447 p.

This index contains citations to laws relating to specific localities, temporary statutes, anci private acts, as well as to public laws.

[Scott and Beaman) Index Analysis of the Federal Statutes. 1908-1l. 2 vols.

This is an index to only the general and permanent laws. Vol. I, by George W. Scott and liddleton G. Deanan, covers 1873-1907. The 2d vol., unnumbered, by Middleton G. Beanan and A. K. icllar ara, covers 1789-1873.

Index to the Federal Statutes, 1872-1931. By Walter H. McClenon and
Wilfred C. Gilbert. 1933. 1,4:32 p.

A revision of the Scott and Beaman Index Analysis.

How to Find the Law; a Comprehensive Treatment of the Problems of Legal

Research With Illustrations From Various Publications, Torether With a Legal Bibliography for Each State and the Federal Government. By Carlton B. Putnam. 4th ed. St. Paul, 1989. xviii, 740 p.

A legal reference handbook.


Manuals, Precedents, and Rules of the House and the Senate
Hinds' Precedents of the House of Representatives of the United States.

By Asher C. Hinds. 1907-8. 8 vols. (59th Congo, 2d sess., H. Doc. 355; serial 5182-5188.)

Vols. I-V, published in 1907, contain the text, and Vols. VI-VIII, published in 1908, contain an index-digest.

Cannon's Precedents of the House of Representatives of the United States. By Clarence Cannon. 1935-41. 6 vols.

Vols. VI-VIII, published in 1935, cover the period 1907-35, ccntinuing Hinds' Precedents, Vols. I-V, which were reprinted in 1935 from the original plates. IX-XI, published in 1911, are an index-digest to the complete work, si perseding Vols. VI-VIII of Hinds' Precedents.

1953. 505 p.

Cannon's Procedure in the House of Representatives. (82d Congo, 2d sess., H• Doc• 562; serial 11612.)

An abbreviated manual.

Constitution, Jefferson's lanual, and Rules of the House of Representa

tives of the United States. By Lewis Deschler. 1953. 719 p. (82d Cong., 2d sess., H. Doc. 564; serial 11613.)

Generally known as the House Nanual..

Senate Manual Containing the Standing Rules, Orders, Laws, and Resclu

tions Affecting the Business of the United States Senate. Prerared by W. F. Bookwalter and Darrell St. Claire. 1953. 732 p. (83d Cony., 1st sess., S. Doc. 10; serial 11669.)

Rules and Orders for Conducting Business in the House of Representatives of the United States, January 7, 1802, appear in the House Journal for the 7th Cong., lst sess. (p. 38-42). A few years later it became House practice to print its contemporary rules in the appendix to the Journal for each session.

Individual Members of the House and Senate

Official Congressional Directory.

Generally issued for each session of Congress. A list of early directories, from 12:09 to 1909, is given in the Checklist of United States Public Documents, p. 1616-1621.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949. 1950.

2,057 p. (81st Cong., 2d sess., H. Doc. 607; serial 11414.)

A Historical and Legal Digest of All the contested Election Cases in

the House of Representatives of the United States From the 1st to the 56th Congress, 1789-1901. By Chester H. Rowell. 1901. 864 p. (56th Cong., 2d sess., H. Doc. 510; serial 4172.)

This review of cases was continued under the same title for the 57th through the 64th Congress, 1901-17. Collated by Merrill Moores. 1917. 133 p. (64th Congo, 2d sess., H. Doc. 2052; serial 7240.)

Records of Congress in Published Form

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States.

Journals of the first 13 Congresses (1789-1815) reprinted in 9 vols. by Gales and Seaton, 1826, are the only copies generally available for those Congresses. For later years there is, as a rule, a separate volume of the journal for each session.

Journal of the Senate of the United States.

Journals of the first 13 Congresses (1789-1815) reprinted in 5 vols. by Gales and Seaton, 1820-21, are the only copies generally available for these Congresses. For later years there is, as a rule, a separate volume of the journal for each session.

Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States. 1828- .

Executive proceedings are not included in the Senate Journal, but are held until the injunction of secrecy has been removed by order of the Senate. Vols. cover varying periods of time.

Abridgment of the Debates of Congress, From 1789-1856. By Thomas Hart

Benton J. New York [etc.] 1857-61. 16 vols.

The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States.
Washington, Gales and Seaton, 1834-56. 42 vols.

From 1st Congo, to 18th Conç., Ist sess., 1789-1824. This series is generally known as the Annals of Congress, following the halftitle.

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Register of Debates in Congress. Washington, Gales and Seaton, 1825-37. 14 vols. in 29.

From 18th Cons., 2d sess., to 25th Cons•, 1st sess., 18244-37.

The Congressional Globe. Washington, printed at the Globe office for the editors [etc.] 1834-73. 46 vols. in lll.

From 23d to 42d Congo, 1833-73.

Congressional Record. 1874- .

Published continuously beginning with 43d Cong., 1873. In the permanent bound Record, proceedings for each session generally constitute a numbered volume, which is divided into parts of approximately equal size. The index for each session (or volume) generally forms a separate part, although it may be bound with the appendix.

American State Papers. Selected and edited under the authority of

Congress. Washington, Gales and Seaton, 1832-61. 38 vols. Serial 01-038.

In 10 classes: Class I, Foreign Relations, 1789-1828, 6 vols.; Class II, Indian Affairs, 1789-1827, 2 vols.; Class III, Finance, 1789-1828, 5 vols.; Class IV, Commerce and Navigation, 1789-1823, 2 vols.; Class V, Military Affairs, 1789-1838, 7 vols.; Class VI, Naval Affairs, 1794-1836, 4 vols.; Class VII, Post Office Department, 1790-1833, 1 vol.; Class VIII, Public Lands, 1789-1837, 8 vols.; Class IX, Claims, 1790-1823, 1 vol.; Class X, Miscellaneous, 17891823, 2 vols.

Finding Aids

Checklist of United States Public Documents, 1789-1909. Compiled under

direction of the Superintendent of Documents. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 1911. xxi, 1,707 p.

The introduction, p• vii-xxi, provides background information concerning congressional publications. Committee publications issued before 1910 are listed by committee, p. 1532-1652.

A Descriptive Catalog of the Government Publications of the United States,

September 5, 17724-March 4, 1881. Compiled by Ben Perley Poore. 1885. 1,392 p. (43th Cons., 2d sess., S. Misc. Doc. 67; serial 2268.)

Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the United States Government,

1881-93. By John G. Ames. 1905. 2 vols. (58th Cong., 2d sess., H. Doc. 754; serial 4745-47446.)

Catalog of the Public Documents. Prepared under supervision of the
Superintendent of Documents. 1896-1945. 25 vols.

Each volume covers an entire Congress from the 53d to the 76th, 1893-1940, except for separate volumes for each session of the 54th Cong. Publication is generally referred to as the Document Catalog.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. Issued by the Superintendent of Documents. 1895- .

A volume index has been issued since the end of the first year. Later vols. cover varying periods.

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