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purpose. And temperance would not be a virtue, if the benefit it does us' by preserving us from distempers, were repugnant to the designs of God in our

old age.

In short, if all religious people were strictly temperate and holy, how beautiful, how glorious a scene fhould we then behold! Such numbers of venerable old men as would create surprise. How many wise and holy teachers to edify the people by their wholesome preaching and good examples ! How many sinners might receive benefit by their fervent intercessions! How many blessings might they shower upon the earth! and not as now, eating and drinking so intemperately, as to inflame the blood and excite worldly passions, pride, ambition, and concupiscence, soiling the purity of their minds, checking their growth in holiness, and in some unguarded moment, betraying them into fins disgraceful to religion, and ruinous to their peace for life.Would they but feed temperately, and that chiefly on vegetable food, they would as I do, foon find it the most agreeable, (by the cool temperate humours it affords) the best friend to vir. tuous improvement, begetting gentle manners, mild affections, purity of thought, heavenly mindedness, quick relish of virtue, and delight in God. This was the life led by the holy fathers of old, who fubfisted entirely on vegetables, drinking nothing but pure water, and yet lived to an extreme old age, in good health and spirits, and always happy within themselves. And so may all in our days live, provided they would but mortify the lusts of a corruptible body, and devote themselves entirely to the exalted service of God; for this is indeed the privilege of every faithful christian as Jesus Christ left it, when he came down upon earth to shed his precious blood, in order to deliver us from the tyrannical servitude of the devil ; and all through his immense goodness.



To conclude, since length of days abounds with so many blessings, and I am so happy as to have arrived at that state, I find myself bound (in charity) to give testimony in favour of it, and folemnly assure all mankind, that I really enjoy a great deal more than what I now mention; and that I have no other motive in writing on this subject, than to engage them to practise, all their lives, those excellent virtues of temperance and fobriety, which will bring them, like me, to a happy old age. And therefore I never cease to raise crying out to you, my friends, may your days be many, that you may long serve God, and be fitter for the glory which he prepares for his children!


my voice,

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F all the people on the face of the

earth, the Americans are under the greatest obligations to live temperatly. Formed for commerce, our country abounds with bays, rivers and creeks, the exhalations from which, give the air a dampness unfriendly to the springs of life. To counteract this infelicity of climate, reason teaches us to adopt every measure that may give tone and vigor to the constitution. This precaution, at all times necessary, is peculiarly so in autumn, for then the body is relaxed by the intense heat of the dog-days, the air is filled with noxious vapours from putrid vegetables ; Nature herself wears a fickly, drooping aspect ; the most robust feel a disagreeable weariness and soreness of their flesh, a heaviness and fluggishness in motion, quick feverish fushings, and sudden chills darting along their nerves, (all plain proofs of a fickly atmosphere, and tottering health). Now, if ever, we need the aid of allinvigorating temperance, now keep the stomach light and vigorous by moderate feeding, the veins well stored with healthy blood, and the nerves full braced by manly exercise and comely chearfulness. Be choice of your diet, fruit perfectly ripe, vegetables thoroughly done, and

mate, meats

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